Wednesday, 17 August 2016

There’s no way that you odious buggers will ever keep Jeremy Corbyn down!

By Stanley Collymore

You sure as Hell Jeremy Corbyn have a characteristic way
of getting up the stinking noses of your opponents and
detractors and that really takes some doing I must
say in a disunited and thoroughly dysfunctional
Britain run by patently inured Dykes, Queers,
Paedophiles, their closet and exceptionally
influential closet supporters and naturally
their panoply of powerfully installed and officially
immune from prosecution bevy of massive tax
dodgers and infatuated money launderers
corporate controllers and their buddy
media operators in partnership with
their skilfully groomed, extremely
propagandistically brainwashed
and manipulatively led Useful
Idiot and Plebeian supporters.

Collectively a smarmy coterie of essentially lowlife,
white trash, delusional exceptionalist, ingrained
white supremacists, thoughtlessly redneck,
Caucasian, imperialist and colonialist
scum fancifully permeated with a
deleterious mindset that would
have been perfectly at home
in the 19th or the earlier part of the 20th
centuries except that regardless of
whether or not these inveterate
morons accept it or not we’re
all physically living in the
21st Century; and that’s
not only how things
should sensibly be
perceived by all
compos mentis
persons but
also must

And no one knows this better and is also
firmly committed to seeing these past
and enduring wrongs energetically
tackled and permanently undone,
and why amongst other things
we his steadfast supporters
are all the way with him,
than the astute, highly
ethical and a most
caring politician and proficient
leader: our much treasured
and will happily defend
in all given situations
the quite unrivalled
Jeremy Corbyn!

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 August 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
How ironic that a thunderous lowlife, windbag and two times prospective PM loser like Neil Kinnock in tandem with another treacherous turncoat slime ball, mass murderer, war criminal and additionally a physically as well as a psychologically blind bastard in the person of David Blunkett who routinely used to fly the red flag over the council offices in Sheffield, where he once held sway as a council leader, are now with their snouts in the corporate troughs as well as the EU one in the case of Neil Kinnock and his equally avaricious wife Glenys are now lecturing Jeremy Corbyn on morality, competence and good government. Couldn’t make up stuff like that could one? And a typical case of irony clearly lost on these two inured morons.

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