Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Upcoming and Creditable Murder of Rupert Murdoch!

By Stanley Collymore

A preferably sadistically slow, brutal and calculated death
most fittingly becomes you Rupert Murdoch along with
the coterie of similar and likeminded lowlife detritus
toadies you’ve always surrounded yourself with
and transparently encompass a debilitatingly
repressive environment and one constantly
in situ of pure evil whose tangibly fetid
smell absolutely rampantly apparent
as the constituent elements of that
self-same evil itself, which co-
existently knows no bounds
and truthfully have been
around much too long.

And in the process both permanently and toxically
have uncaringly carried on contaminating as well
as effectively destroying like an invasive and
lingering cancer everything of value around
you that you either personally touch or by
virtue of your corrosive influence and
death like frown invariably put the
curse of Hades upon. That’s why
like every item well past its natural sell by date
you Rupert Murdoch and yours must as such
summarily and wholly uncompromisingly
be ruthlessly removed, not for recycling
but instead comprehensive eradication.
Gun, I.E.D, engineered auto crash,
private plane detonation or the
common-o-garden machete
it  really doesn’t matter in
the least, as long as you
are conclusively gone!

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 August 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
The waters of the Atlantic Ocean and to a lesser extent those of the Caribbean Sea abound with predatory sharks; and during the centuries’ long epoch of white Caucasian, Jewish and Arab assisted sadistically contrived, barbarically enforced and massively financially profited from Trans-Atlantic Black African Slavery the ancestors of what are today’s Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea sharks routinely feasted royally in their aquatic domain on the Black bodies – alive as well as already dead – of kidnapped Africans liberally, sumptuously but quite indifferently at the same time from the perspective of these African captives or those that survived them, served up to these predatory and voraciously devouring sharks from the hellish bowels of the commercial slave ships from which they were now wantonly and unceremoniously discharged.

Often as a means it must be stated of lessening the ships ballast as their captains and crews desperately endeavoured to outrun hostile and dangerously predatory competitors determined to deprive these threatened ships of their valuable human cargo; forestall a similar loss as regards approaching or caught up in Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean hurricanes; dispense with rebellious slaves on board in order to teach the other slaves a crucial lesson; or simply for obvious health reasons by necessarily dispensing with the several dead bodies that had accrued on board among the tightly packed and permanently shackled Black slaves in these ships holds during the four thousand miles Trans-Atlantic sea journey from Africa to the West Indies.

Individuals: Every one of them with their own personal characteristics like you and me, but all of whom were nevertheless categorized and designated simply as cargo, never as human beings, and as such could be and were customarily and expediently dispensed with, without a moment’s consideration or hesitation, through the process of being thrown overboard, dead or alive, as was casually deemed to be appropriate, from the ships they were in to the treacherously dangerous yet paradoxically for many of the slaves a blessed and merciful release, from their point of view, psychological as well as a physiological liberating experience into the waters of the ocean deep; instilling in generations of Black Caribbeans and centuries on both fear and a profound reverence for sharks in equal measure.

And curiously with the abolition of slavery and the complete eradication of the slave ships that supplied this loathsome and barbaric trade in Black human lives the incidences of shark attacks, either in the Atlantic Ocean in the waters off those Caribbean islands like Barbados with an Atlantic coastline or the vast majority of them located in the Caribbean Sea, have drastically declined and to the point that in contemporary times and most certainly at the present time there are virtually unheard of; and have long given rise to a local fable that the spirits of our Black ancestors and those of the sharks that previously devoured them at the behest of white, Jewish and Arab slavers have mutually reached an honourable agreement which entails that the Black descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade be spared all such human traumas in the waters off our islands, and in return our sharks will be conserved, which they certainly are. An excellent relationship all round!

However, there are quite disingenuously deceptive, unquestionably treacherous and predatorily dangerous leviathans relative to the Caribbean marine environment which lurk menacingly, though thankfully far out to sea and well away from the coastlines of these idyllic tropical islands, and with which Black Caribbeans have no empathy whatsoever with or any reverence for and will therefore happily kill if and when they come across them.

One of them is the deep-sea octopus – not to be confused with the rather friendly, totally harmless, basically shy and locally referred to in Barbados as the Sea-Cat, which is a much smaller and variant species of the octopus family that roams freely and wholly unmolested in the in-shore waters principally off the east coast Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea shorelines of Barbados and unsurprisingly is a protected species along with other sea creatures that dwell in the waters around the Barbadian coasts.

I’ve cited these sea creatures for a specific reason as it’s my honest and firm belief that News Corporation, its effective owner Rupert Murdoch and the plethora of like-minded slime balls and odious detritus of supposed humanity that work for that outfit and its subsidiaries are very much like the predatory Atlantic Ocean sharks were during slavery and the deep-sea octopuses still are in the 21st Century. And as any Bajan would tell you and particularly the fishermen that come in contact with the latter the only way to kill them off is to go for the head and the face; never the tentacles which will only grow back. And from my perspective and those who share my point of view the only way to excise the ravenous cancer of News Corporation and all that it stands for on both sides of the Atlantic is, mixing metaphors, to concertedly and remorselessly obliterate the head of its predatory octopus; and we all know who that is!

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