Monday, 1 August 2016

The Labour cheek in the 21st Century shouldn’t be for turning!

By Stanley Collymore

I’ve said on previous occasions but only when it’s vitally important to either stress or reinforce my ethical principles in relation to what I’m actually writing about at the time whether in tweets or articles online that I’m a committed Christian and moreover someone who both assiduously and lovingly has been brought up by my parents, other family members within my extended family relations, the school environment I was educated in as well as the church that the entire community we all belonged to attended regularly as practising Christians, and most certainly so ever since my birth.

However, this induction into the Christian faith nor its wholehearted encouragement by those around me and who were similarly crucial in my life, to be an active participant in Christianity was never a coercive or a religiously oppressive experience, and alongside the facilitation of Christianity in all of our lives, and not just my own, commonsense, pragmatism, the ability and utilization of that means to think for one’s self either on the basis of the information one was supplied with, learnt firsthand from others, or crucially researched for one’s self was absolutely and necessarily consistently imbued in me.

Consequently, I was always encouraged by those closest to me in familial and friendship terms as well as the many markedly responsible and influential mentors that were routinely there throughout my life: at home, church, school, work and even during recreational pursuits for example, to always secure, safeguard and consolidate the ability to think for myself just as I should likewise rely on logic and factual information combined with my intuition and natural gut reaction, rather than bogus or fraudulently alluring hearsay, and therefore never permit myself to ever succumb to the invariably boisterous or propagandistic blandishments of populism. Nor for that matter were I to ever give a sympathetic ear to let alone entertain any insidious or coercive measures, tactics or manipulation, however seemingly appealing they might appear at first glance to be, were these approaches ever directed at me in the hope of swaying my thinking let alone ever formulate, however transitorily so, any aspect that involved or had anything to do with my decision making process.

It’s a philosophy I’ve irreversibly inculcated in my life from childhood, has been steadfastly adhered to throughout the several years I’ve served of this specific life to date and will forever remain unfalteringly within the bounds of my conscience and my consciousness until I die. But in spite of this evidently well-thought out, profoundly ingrained and willingly practised by me philosophy it’s nevertheless unquestionably not one that I ever shove down, or aspire to do so, the throats of others – assuming of course that I’m ever tempted to talk about it to anyone in the first place, which is something I rarely do.

And not least so because my overall principle in life is that once one has presumably attained the discernible capability to think for himself or herself irrespective of whether that person has acquired the legal and generally recognized status of the age of majority or not, or more significantly has become in every respect a bona fide adult – physically, and psychologically as well as legally – then he, she or it – and specifically so in markedly and officially non-gender Britain – ought not only to be able to think for themselves but should also likewise be held wholly responsible for whatever decisions they either sensibly or asininely arrive at; and furthermore there should be no getting away from that on their part!

Now all of us at some time or other make stupid mistakes or involve ourselves in idiotic activities that much later on we deeply regret and even feel embarrassingly ashamed of or considerably mortified by in relation to what we did, and usually the trigger for that change of heart is often, although not always however, the personal conscience within that grievously offending and offensive person providing of course that it’s given a true and realistic chance to kick in, in the hope of making amends. And generally although not exclusively the suggestion that saying sorry and being genuinely contrite for what one has done is an excellent and proper way to begin and hopefully in the process as well mend fences.

However, having regretted something however intensely isn’t the same as convincingly exhibiting or quietly but sincerely expressing an authentic act of contrition for what one has offensively, hurtfully, inexcusably, deliberately and even gleefully, sadistically and particularly mendaciously embarked upon. And therefore unless and until an apparent demarcation either is or can be unquestionably ascribed to the motives and actions as to why the supposedly now “penitent” person is behaving in the contradictory manner to that which he or she previously embarked upon and why they’re now espousing views wholly at odds to what they were most virulently and enthusiastically canvassing before and furthermore are concertedly attempting in this turn around to convince others and even the general public at large, in any way constitutes solid grounds for that person to be viewed and welcomingly regarded sympathetically solely on their declaration that they have changed? Sorry! But it’s my firm conviction that no such overtures towards or any welcoming hand of reconciliation should be extended to persons like that until there is categorical proof that such a recantation on the offender’s part is actually real!

It’s why I honestly take Sarah Champion’s Damascene conversion with a large tub of salt and while it’s entirely up to Jeremy Corbyn, and quite rightly so, to make his own decisions on this matter I will nevertheless sincerely advise him, and after all bearing in mind the grotesque manner in which Ms Champion orchestrated and propagandistically engineered her resignation from his Shadow Cabinet to watch his back. For either Sarah Champion believed that what she was doing then was entirely right and proper, or else she was being a very useful idiot in the pawn of those whom she was more than happy to have herself cajoled, coerced or manipulated into doing what she undertook, and to my mind the latter circumstances are considerably worst than the previous speculation since they lack both conviction and integrity. For doing something because you quite genuinely believe in the action that you’re taking however wrong-headedly that action might be is one thing; jumping on board someone else’s bandwagon for nefarious and unthinking purposes and idiotically going along with those you’re sycophantically and thoughtlessly following simply because someone or persons told you to, and moreover to an individual who is supposedly, or asininely believes that herself in that situation, a thinking and compos mentis person who also happens to be physiologically an adult is a wholly different matter all together in my reckoning.

And as my maternal Grandmother has always impressed upon and imbued in me from my earliest childhood forgiveness is a virtue and forgiving someone who is genuinely contrite and apologetic about the wrong or the calculated harm occasioned to me and solemnly promises not to behave in such or any correspondingly hateful manner to me again is perfectly in order. However, when that so-called change of heart isn’t followed by any realistic contrition or heartfelt apology which can even in the remotest sense be termed as genuine, I should always sensibly and cautiously be exceedingly most beware of their motives. She also went on to say that even when I forgive I should never ever forget what was done to me, although she stressed I must never dwell on it or allow it to eat my heart out.

These weren’t just mere or idle words on her part as she meant them and daily lived by them herself, and so profoundly has she instilled them in me that they are quite literally second nature to me and furthermore constitute a philosophy and way of life that I shall never abandon so long as I draw breath into my body. And additionally as my Gran also wisely pointed out it’s all very well turning the other cheek in Christian forgiveness but one must equally be extremely careful who one turns it to. For there are no end of very loathsome, inveterately treacherous and discernibly evil bastards and bitches residing out there who’d most gleefully take the proffered opportunity if a forgiving person were to graciously offer the other cheek to summarily and indifferently smash that proffered cheek as well.

So do beware Jeremy! You’re a good man but that’s an adjective and whose associated connotations are simply completely alien to the uncouth and uncultured nature of your sickeningly odious opponents, detractors and venomous enemies. Talentless drones that conspicuously lack all motivation, intelligence or ambition and accordingly are entirely bereft of the capability of ever acquiring these things or any corresponding virtues for that matter. The kind of detritus specimen of supposed humanity one with any common sense would briskly cross the road to urgently avoid meeting; assuming, of course, such a discerning person was ever likely to be voluntarily in the same neighbourhood much less so in the identical street, however fleetingly so in the first place, with such totally harebrained scum and inveterate pillocks!

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