Saturday, 6 August 2016

"Sputnik" with George Galloway (Episode 136)

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  1. Quite interesting that those who diametrically oppose reparations to the still racially abused descendants of Black Trans-Atlantic slaves including those like David Cameron and his wife Samantha whose families benefited hugely from slavery and are direct beneficiaries themselves and all of them with their glib lame and thoroughly unconvincing excuses for not paying these just reparations don't bat an eyelid about Germany being made to pay reparations to Yidland, aka Israel yet Jews weren't the only victims of Europe's holocaust and those paying these German reparations, like my German partner, her Mum and siblings and friends weren't born during World War II while her Dad was only 5 months old when that war ended. And quite significantly too those receiving these reparations were themselves also not alive and are purportedly descendants of so-called holocaust victims.

    Yet when it comes to the genuine descendants of Black slaves quite contradictorily these institutionalized white racist morons and supremacists ae using the same argument they apply for exclusive Jewish European holocaust reparations to DENY reparations to the descendants of Black slaves.

    Okay it seems among intellectually challenged and dumbed-down Brits for persons like my German partner to pay reparations to Yidland for Jews not born during World War II but wrong for white Brits whose country and themselves benefited immensely from the blood, sweat, labour and tears of Black slaves who weren't compensated to be denied reparations.

    Incidentally the slave owners and people like the Camerons received in todays terms billions of Pounds Sterling for the loss of their "propert" - namely their slaves!