Tuesday, 2 August 2016

No One's Slave, No One's Master - Occupy London - Theo Simon (Seize the...

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  1. I’ve cited these sea creatures for a specific reason as it’s my honest and firm belief that News Corporation, its effective owner Rupert Murdoch and the plethora of like-minded slime balls and odious detritus of supposed humanity that work for that outfit and its subsidiaries are very much like the predatory Atlantic Ocean sharks were during slavery and the deep-sea octopuses still are in the 21st Century. And as any Bajan would tell you and particularly the fishermen that come in contact with the latter the only way to kill them off is to go for the head and the face; never the tentacles which will only grow back. And from my perspective and those who share my point of view the only way to excise the ravenous cancer of News Corporation and all that it stands for on both sides of the Atlantic is, mixing metaphors, to concertedly and remorselessly obliterate the head of its predatory octopus; and we all know who that is!