Friday, 5 August 2016

Narcissism is not a mirror image of Love!

By Stanley Collymore

Truly respectful love of one’s self and likewise for
others who’re truly deserving of such love is the
definitive answer of exactly who and what we
individually are or equally simply aren’t;
and any other approach to this evidently
influential matter, or come to that owt
else that’s constructively associated
with it, that’s willingly entertained
by or else selfishly embarked on is quite frankly either
a cynically devised and divisive misnomer at best or
at its menacingly worst a deceptive interpretation
of what love is really all about. And don’t be
taken in by those who recurrently shout or
indifferently wrap up everything they’re
individually mixed up with in an useful
blanket of love; take to extravagantly
wearing this rather precious emotion
on their sleeve as though it were a
fashion icon, and like the standard
narcissist totally determined on
obsessively pushing their own
spurious agenda cleverly sees
love as nothing more than a
spectacular and accessible
wheeze to exploitatively
pull in the very gullible,
stupid, feckless or the
awfully harebrained!

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 August 2016.

Author’s Comments:
No one will ever know for sure how many hearts have been broken, how many dreams were forsaken, heartfelt and positively beneficial ambitions abandoned, lives completely ruined or multiple deaths occasioned in the supposed name of love. Nor conversely, for that matter, how rewardingly satisfactory love has been and stalwartly continues to be the principally redeeming factor as well as the highly motivatory catalyst in the routinely productive lives and accompanying achievements: major as well as small, of millions of people, the overwhelming majority of whom we’ve personally never heard of and the chances are we’re never likely to meet.

But does it really matter in the end if this distinctly precious commodity we variously see, treat and term as love helps assist us in getting to know and understand each other much better so that we are more suitably equipped not only to competently accommodate our acknowledged similarities but likewise having recognized them, accept and similarly deal with our differences too? Of course it does! For in so doing it enables us all as part of the human family to cease being enemies and instead warmly embrace the other and far more constructive option of being friends.

Happy significant birthday on the 5th August 2016 Margaret Doreen!

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