Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fools and their follies are inextricably linked; no reason though to accept either or both of them!

By Stanley Collymore

Rather interesting isn’t it how those who have no concept
of civility towards other people and seemingly whose
only raison d’être for living is sheer selfishness and
unbridled greed, who sinisterly sow and in ample
reproductive conditions propagate the seeds of
disenchantment, enmity, needless suffering,
poverty and pointed resentment attached
to intense hostility from their multiple
victims wherever they go; and who,
although customarily unasked for,
have no problem whatever in telling others whom
they disdain the price of everything yet markedly
to anybody with even a half-functioning brain
in his or her head are blissfully ignorant of
all discernible acumen when it comes to
the value of anything; yet remiss of all
that none the less arrogate to happily
themselves the entirely delusional
conviction that they come what
may have the inalienable right
to barge into the tranquillity
of other peoples’ everyday
lives, recklessly ruining
the serenity that formerly was present, without
even a moment’s thought or hesitation, and
in such a cavalier and roughshod fashion
that has all the damaging hallmarks of
a thorough and rampaging tropical
hurricane! Yet despite the clearly
massive damage they’ve done
still expect or demand to be
treated lightly and what’s
more with paramount
immunity as if they
were in some way
chosen daughters
or our favoured
sons. Well live
all you care to
with your hypocritical
and contaminating
insanity, just as
long as you do
that none
of it will
be of any
to me!

© Stanley V. Collymore
10 August 2016.

Author’s Comments:
There are those who’re born fools: the products of either careless or incestuous breeding – village idiots to give them their correct name; those who brainlessly are conditioned to becoming fools: assiduously groomed in other words to produce that desired outcome by those who’ve been grooming them; and then there are those who foolishly think that because they can manipulatively control either through their financial power, political status, social standing or privileged situations – none of these classifications with their unwarranted and grossly disproportionate power and influence not even remotely acquired through any intellectual acumen, fundamental commonsense, genuine suitability, natural ability or basic competition but invariably are privileges derived by means of cronyism, nepotism or incestuous blood unions – other sections of the UK’s population far too dim-witted to perceive let alone comprehend what these manipulators are doing, that on this basis alone everyone else must automatically or should coercively be in the same sycophantic and deleterious situation, these odious and utterly evil perpetrators of every conceivable criminality known to man are therefore perfectly entitled, they delusionally assume, to carry on unhindered in their activities and in like manner as their predecessors, and usually the precursors of their blood line, have remorselessly for generations selfishly and exploitatively done!

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