Friday, 19 August 2016

Damned Lies and media inventions conjoined with British gullibility and rank stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore

If someone whom you’d never met, previously had no knowledge whatsoever of their existence and in the general scheme of things and how you normally lived your life you were unlikely even to come across in your daily activities, suddenly, intriguingly, scarily and unexpectedly out of the blue  in either a public location or even more astoundingly brazenly showed up at your home, knocked on the front door, or if you were a trifle more posh rang your doorbell and when you responded to that summons in both these hypothetical situations declared their undying love for you.

Then immediately afterwards neither giving you time to think a response nor make any sense of what they were doing, or genuinely why, insisted in the aftermath of this bizarre declaration of love for you that you unhesitatingly and unthinkingly as well marry them, and what’s more seriously expected you to say yes to this most eccentric of requests on their part, there would be no doubt in any sensible or logical mind  anywhere, and most specifically not your own, fully au fait with this most peculiar of situations that wouldn’t at best consider this outlandish request a sick joke no less or more likely in all probability adjudge it at worst as the antics of an individual who was completely insane.

So why then when an equally manipulative and obsessively coercive BBC and the corporate British media conjoined with each other and spearheaded by their grossly overpaid and markedly untalented, nepotistic and cronyism indebted bosses, controllers, programme directors, editors and an absolutely abhorrent collective of media spivs that comprehensively consist of their frontline men and women that together are comprised of toadying presenters and brainless so-called news reporters regimentally both physically and in their patently ingrained mindset totally in line with their inured practices of news falsification, the calculated misrepresentation of what has in fact knowingly occurred in reality, and this quite concertedly and premeditatedly infused with the most deleteriously inducted and outright propagandistic agendas coupled with the a virulently injurious and malevolent programme of outright and barefaced lies one can conceivably imagine in any medium of broadcasting or reporting there’s absolutely nothing at all done about this, no obvious condemnation nor even the mildest of criticisms?

And as a consequence of this one could be justly forgiven for sensibly thinking that the very people who wouldn’t have fallen for that hypothetical situation I mooted earlier and most certainly not in the least so were it to ever happen in reality whether the supposedly amorous stranger was genuinely though quite undoubtedly very misguidedly infatuated by the object of their emotional or sexual interest or rather more likely than not basically someone in dire need of the help of a good psychiatrist; in other words a complete nutter to have cavalierly and unconcernedly taken to turning up outside their victim’s home in such  unwelcomed, acutely disquieting and unanticipated circumstances.

Yet, and most incredibly so, these are the very same British citizens and residents who consistently and most idiotically swallow and even more astonishingly unquestioningly believe all the premeditated and lying garbage routinely churned out to them by the BBC, Rupert Murdoch’s misnomer Sky News in tandem with the same approach of his several print gutter rags that in common with the other collective of these evidently loathsome companies personal media rags, one if so desperately inclined and in lieu of proper toilet paper to wipe one’s ass with after a good crap can see to it that they alternatively suffice as a makeshift substitute!

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