Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A proud Corbyn Fan and my retort to the fetid stench of British politics!

By Stanley Collymore

Theresa May cynically sat on her closet Dyke ass straddling
the fence of studied indecision claiming when she bothered
to say anything vaguely of significance, which wasn’t
often or much, that she was in Camp Remain relative
that is to the EU Referendum campaign. Jeremy
Corbyn meanwhile voluntarily toured the
United Kingdom robustly taking in
extensive areas of the country,
and in doing so openly and quite honestly
gave to those whom he met and amicably
spoke with his frank evaluation of
the benefits and demerits of
the European Union.

Suggesting in his refreshingly candid and immensely
enlightening discourse with them that with much
needed sensible and constructive reforms the
clearly deleterious status of the European
Union could be formally, revolutionarily
and significantly beneficially moulded
into something far more positively
 tangible and enduring than what it basically
is, namely an economic operation – by
thoughtfully becoming in addition a
genuinely democratic and to its
multiple and diverse populations
a creditably accountable
political institution.

Now no one remotely deemed to be
either an intelligent or impartial
person with even the mildest
awareness of how the
European Union currently
functions could seriously
or impartially in any of
the aforementioned
circumstances find
any fault with what Jeremy
Corbyn had honourably done; for in
terms of any acts of prevarication,
misrepresentation, fabrication,
the falsification of facts or
any evidence of outright
or even disingenuous
lying by him, there
is evidently none!

But of course if you’re mentally as well as
physiologically someone who not only
intrinsically belongs to a throng of
demented troglodytes and
accordingly behave like
what you actually are:
a proselytizing Nazi-Zionist, Yid
Queer like Peter Mandelson,
a facile, lacking in self-worth
and overcompensating for
that by being an inveterate
psychopath of the odious
calibre of Alastair Campbell;
a testosterone driven salacious Dyke like
Angela Eagle conjoined with inured and
menopausal paedophiles like Tessa
Jewell, Margaret Beckett, Patricia
Hewitt, Margaret Hodge and
Harriet Harman among a
loathsome consortium of other white low
life scum and all of them in addition
barbaric war criminals and quite
contemptible mass murderers,
it’s scarcely surprising then
that these evidently tenebrous
blood sucking vampires are
shit scared of and therefore
can’t stand the dazzling
illumination, political
as well as otherwise,
which is morally as
well as physically
illustrated by our
Jeremy Corbyn.

© StanleyV.Collymore
8 August 2016.

Author’s Comments:
It’s an undeniable fact that’s glaring obvious and moreover one that ought to be urgently and satisfactorily addressed for the salutary benefit of Britain and all those who reside in it but which, however, is either conveniently overlooked in the vain hope it’ll become dormant or otherwise simply disappear of its own accord; brainlessly dismissed as a leftist and intentionally detrimentally construed conspiracy theory to harm the good name of the United Kingdom; asininely accepted as the transformational birth pangs of a vibrantly new but wholly unorthodox society; or just as idiotically unthinkingly dismissed as just the fertile figment of other peoples’ fanciful imaginings.

The stark reality though, regardless of what illusory or diversionary spin is put on it by an inured coterie of debauched spin doctors of the odious calibre of the likes of Alastair Campbell, Britain is nevertheless a decadently sick society, analogous in real life terms to a terminally ill cancer patient on life support, and the incredibly preposterous thing is that the powers that be are either too narcissistically wrapped up in their graspingly avaricious, gaudy and licentious way of life: Queerism, Dykeism and Paedophilia among these specific aspects of it that need to be mentioned, to really bother about anyone else other than themselves, or else are too dense in both intellectual and basic commonsensical terms and thus in every regard possible wholly incapable of even running the proverbial bath!

And it’s these lowlife and utterly contemptible specimens of so-called humanity in deleterious cahoots with verminous, perniciously evil and rapaciously blood-sucking vampires like lecherous octogenarian and arch-Zionist Rupert Murdoch assiduously accompanied by similarly vile octogenarian and massive tax evaders David and Frederick Barclay who between them, but unfortunately from the objective and genuinely professional perspective of the Fourth Estate, control huge chunks of the British media and consequently like the intransigent, noxious and repulsive stewards that they are gleefully oversee, while at the same time avidly and commercially promoting in the most manipulatively espousal fashion among the untutored and cap-doffing to their alleged social betters in Britain sycophantic masses the rampant degeneracy that’s now characteristic of the United Kingdom.

An onerous and absolutely debilitating decadence that is undeniably every bit as harmful societally as it is pervasively and consequently is unremorsefully no respecter of persons whether they’re old or young. The kind of dastardly and sickeningly stomach-churning situation abhorred by ordinary decent folk but thoroughly beloved and enthusiastically embraced by the Labtory interlopers inside the British Parliamentary Labour Party, their likeminded and repulsive so-called party grandees – in short a bunch of old farts who ought long for all the harm they’ve consistently done over the years to have been pushing up daisies in some vandalized cemetery – and in actual effect the whole array of antediluvian slime balls liberally ensconced within the privileged confines of both the main and also the fringe UK political parties.

And this as I’m pretty sure you’re all well aware my fellow Corbynistas is the stark reality that our principled, morally unimpeachable and almost saintly leader Jeremy Corbyn, nevertheless unwarrantedly, implausibly, incessantly and fraudulently under attack by an unbridled posse of culpably debased and pathologically lying detractors and antagonists with their own sick agenda to fulfil has to confront. Pointless hurdles unquestionably for him to surmount but well within the full grasp and capability of our Jeremy – an absolutely amazing and unique man! For as sure as the threatening and disturbing darkness of night is eventually eclipsed by the dazzling brightness of the rising dawn our political, social and economic doom will likewise be obliterated by Jeremy Corbyn!

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