Saturday, 20 August 2016

A presumptuous and delusional little dragon pitted against the Titan Jeremy Corbyn!

By Stanley Collymore

Make the noble leap and instigate a positive decision
that could ably and irrevocably assist you from out
of your wallowing and clearly comforting stupidity
Owen Smith in which you’ve obviously been in
for far too long. For although stupidity is
manifestly and deeply ingrained in the
lives of most of your peers and virtually
all of your current coterie of brain-dead
and convenient companions and therefore
it’s utterly pointless trying to improve them
for it’s simply not only a psychological
condition that is affecting them but
equally as well a physical one too;
I can none the less clearly see
that when it actually comes
down to you Owen Smith
all isn’t exactly lost.

For although in your specific case Herr Pfizer
Owen Smith: committed pharmaceuticals
Public Relations man and expensive drugs
lobbyist, there’s understandably as it’s
quite obvious still much work to be
embarked on and literally do when
it comes to you, and especially
so with you now dishonestly
claiming that your heart and soul have all
along been and together with your thoughts
and best interests were ever with the British
people and our NHS and consequently
were in the right place – which was
a dead give away, for nothing of
the kind ever previously crossed
your mind or was ever the case.
And besides that’s how every
right-minded and intelligent
person would have automatically
assumed it to be without you
Owen Smith evidently
making a meal of it
so grandiloquently
and deceitfully!

Even so Owen unlike your fellow Welsh windbag
compatriot Neil Kinnock, his similarly and rather
prevalently snout in the trough, grasping and
avaricious wife Glenys and their evidently
likeminded and habituated pillock for a
son Stephen along with the several other neo-con Zionists,
Labtory war criminals to a man and woman, performers
of many heinous crimes against humanity, embedded
infiltrators and Blairite entryists into the Labour
Party conjoined with a motley crew of utterly
lowlife scum specimens of purported humanity
and most particularly in this category the
physically and mentally loathsomely
treacherous and demented cunt David
Blunt, you Owen Smith in spite of
all this and although replete with
your patently disingenuous but
markedly propagandistic and
highly varnished political
gloss aren’t yet like the
others the commensurate
dross but still light years
my son from even
being remotely
anywhere near
the Titan that
is Jeremy

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 August 2016.

Author’s comments:
William Shakespeare arguably one of England’s most outstanding playwrights – if one conveniently omits that the vast majority of the stuff he allegedly wrote as scholars are still heatedly undecided as to whether or not he actually penned any of the things accredited to him, if the very name William Shakespeare wasn’t a pseudonym used by personages such as Roger Bacon and others cashing in on a well known celebrity name, or significantly other than in that form of his celebrated name and status William Shakespeare in bodily stature ever existed at all.

I rather fancy that those who quite rightly in my opinion question concerted and rigidly promulgated establishment dogma and often brazen propaganda regardless of whether these are institutionally, politically, socially or academically engineered or the weight attached to them in terms of their merits or demerits one can’t decisively or even honestly attach any significance to them no one will ever know for sure. One thing however is certain whoever it was that was writing under the name of William Shakespeare was a well read person and a brilliant plagiarist, since most of what was written by him (or them) wasn’t original English stuff but was in essence liberally borrowed from other cultures, civilizations and their own literary works and then assiduously re-worked for English audiences.

Nothing at all wrong with that as the process or practice of positively learning from others and also willingly, freely and cooperatively imparting to them in return the very best of what’s our own is a constructive policy that should be actively encouraged and vigorously implemented by all societies. The trouble however with predominantly white Caucasian nations like England, de facto Britain and the rest of them is that in the most delusional fashion everything that they come across, even the stolen, exploitatively usurped or taken ones, in their sick minds never existed previously however long in millennia terms they were impressively and highly successfully there in their indigenous societies in every conceivable regard, until that is the white man or woman either got to hear about or ludicrously “discovered” them.

And what all compos mentis Britons and those in the rest of the world who are bothering to take any notice that is are very much aware of, is that Owen Smith and his repulsive team of inured Dykes, Queers, Paedophiles, war criminals and the rest of it – you’re already quite familiar with the picture I’m sure – are doing is to rather asininely attempt to risibly sequester the moral high ground where they clearly have no right to be for themselves, like a resurrected Jimmy Savile dishonestly asserting that if given the chance again he’ll cleanse Britain of entrenched Establishment paedophilia – in other words analogous to these Owen Smith clowns pathetically in their sick hubris claiming to have invented the wheel!

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