Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Why the Dallas events MUST be replicated on the reactionary elements of the Labour Party’s NEC!

By Stanley Collymore

Having been forced, and even then most reluctantly so, by the overwhelming weight of legal opinion to accept that the incumbent Jeremy Corbyn must automatically be included on the ballot paper of a treacherously engineered Labour Party leadership contest only nine months after he had comprehensively and by a massive landslide victory won an election to become the Leader of the Labour Party an outcome that these odious Labtory traitors have never nor would they ever have accepted under any circumstance, the NEC of the Labour Party bowing ostensibly to the inevitable and knowing full well that it wouldn’t have won any challenge by Jeremy Corbyn and his team in a court of law sensibly and self-servingly agreed to allow him as the incumbent leader to be on the ballot paper as he correctly, morally and lawfully should have been all along and without the utterly despicably displaced machinations of these idiotic morons, their like-minded Labtory conspirators in the Labtory element of the parliamentary Labour Party, their media collaborators and, of course, Zionist backers and controllers. But in typical undemocratic and arrogant fashion and conspicuously in league with their treacherous and back stabbing allies they have also illegally, rather mind-bogglingly and immorally at the same time disenfranchised 150,000 members of the Labour Party.

These 150,00 new Labour Party members that have been intentionally disenfranchised by the NEC constitute in membership terms alone more than the combined membership total of the Tory Party, so that should give you an idea of the figure that I’m talking about here. But it’s not only them; since anyone who joined the Labour Party, and their membership application would have been vetted according to the said NEC rules otherwise they couldn’t or wouldn’t have been allowed to be members of the Labour Party, since the arbitrary and unilateral date that was yesterday, 12 July 2016, and without any party membership consultation let alone any vote on this prescript of theirs, imposed on the Labour party membership applies to all persons who joined the Labour Party after this arbitrary date set by the NEC, and even as the rightwing Russian Yid Metro free rag and no friend of Jeremy Corbyn I assure you cynically but all the truthfully pointed out, 2thousands of his followers [are] excluded from the ballot.” So much for democracy then; and if the boot was on the other foot and a NEC supportive of Jeremy Corbyn had done this to rightwing and Zionist members of the Labour Party we all know what the clamorous and vindictive, and quite rightly so, response would be. But when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn no such moral scruples are applied.

And the dreadful thing, not only for Jeremy Corbyn but also those 150,000 plus new Labour members is that these are ordinary men and women who inspired by what Jeremy Corbyn is justly doing and wants to carry on doing for them and their country, Britain have decided and having after decades of being ignored, sidelined and contemptuously dismissed as not being of importance except only when it comes to actually cynically garnering their much needed votes in elections by career minded and self serving MPs, these self-absorbed MPs who also perceive themselves as the elites of the UK troublesome for them realizing in Jeremy Corbyn someone who not only cares about these ordinary people but also fully identifies with them and is moreover committed to empowering them and consequently have sensible and rather pro-actively taken the decision to positively and vigorously engage in party political politics now find themselves intentionally and barbarously disenfranchised by the NEC of the very party that they willing joined to effect under Jeremy Corbyn the requisite changes which are needed to substantially and positively changed their lives.

And as one prominent and impartial barrister commented on Sky News Sunrise programme this morning, Wednesday 13 July 2016 – go check the interview out for yourselves – this is a blatant attempt by the Labour Party’s NEC to rig the election results against Jeremy Corbyn with their arbitrary cut off date of the 12 January 2016 so as to deprive Corbyn of votes that the NEC well know that would have overwhelmingly gone to Jeremy Corbyn and which it didn’t want to happen. For how on earth can you be a member of any organization and long before any contest is even carried out for positions in that body find yourself excluded from voting; for you’re either in any sensible person’s estimation and analysis either a member or you aren’t. It’s tantamount to you buying in all good faith a lottery ticket and it so happens that the prize money is a whopping great jackpot of several hundreds of millions of Pounds Sterling and the board at Camelot, who controls the UK lottery, tells you that you can buy a lottery ticket but they reserve the right to stop your ticket being entered in the draw because you weren’t a lottery player before and this is your first time in doing so and that you only bought your lottery ticket because you hoped to win that jackpot. Frankly there’s not a single person in the UK or anywhere else who would put up with that shit or consider it to be legal or even reasonable; but the fucking idiotic, Zionist Nazi assholes at Labour’s NEC think that this comprehensively twisted, utterly immoral and quite illegal thinking and actions of theirs is fine. And this must be challenged and those concerned made to pay dearly, and with their lives if necessary, for what they’ve done!

They have also somewhat arbitrarily, unilaterally and without consulting the Labour Party membership, though I’m absolutely sure they got the full backing of the 172 parliamentary MPs and the other Labtory members that knifed Jeremy Corbyn in the back to change the rules that now require that people wishing to join the Labour Party must now fork out £25 to do so; this in the wake that the Labour Party’s massive surge in membership because of the presence of Jeremy Corbyn as leader doesn’t fit comfortably with the wishes of the NEC. A NEC just like the vast majority of Labour Party MPs who have never been in favour and still aren’t of the ordinary man and woman exercising any role or influence in what’s supposed to be a party for the ordinary person and not the privileged few. And this quite asinine move by the NEC really sums up the thinking of these lying, barbaric and unrepresentative nerds who deceitfully keep on lying to the general public that they’re for the ordinary man and woman as they disingenuously wear their fraudulent badges of we’re with you on their arms or chest while behind the scenes doing the complete opposite of what they publicly say. And this too has to be stopped by all means, fair or foul!

And it’s not a Brain of Britain matter to work out why the NEC of the Labour Party has done the latter. Most of these new and quite active members of the Labour Party are working class people that along with their families have consistently and contemptuously for decades been ignored by self-absorbed and self-serving, career politicians while these grotesque users and abusers have purposefully aligned themselves with their Tory allies for their own individual and collective graspingly avaricious purposes. Moreover with all of them vigorously in hawk to and avidly supporting the capitalist inspired and failed austerity measures imposed on all of Britain’s most disadvantaged communities and collectively the lives of ordinary people while in marked contrast beneficially good for themselves, the Labour Party’s NEC which is part and parcel of this same loathsome and inveterately treacherous bunch of scum know all too well that with the burdensome scourge of austerity biting deeply into the financial, social and everyday lives of working class people £25.00 will be a lot of money for these people to fork out ; and lets supposed there’s a mum, dad and two over 18 yer old children living at home and unable to get a place, rented or otherwise, of their own and all of whom decide to join the labour Party to assist Jeremy Corbyn to make a real and meaningful difference to their lives, the lives of others in similar position as theirs, and the country at large; by increasing the new membership fee to £25.00 and doing so unilaterally and without any consultation with the existing Labour Party membership or any ballot by the membership of the party by the membership, the Labour Party’s autocratic NEC – that should be reminded that this is NOT Bantu Saudi which they also support – has wilfully and contemptuously ensured that many of these people will instantaneously and principally by virtue of financial means be politically disenfranchised or prevented from becoming active members and with voting rights of the Labour Party that they consciously want to be an active and participating part of.

And in the case of the not so hypothetical family I’ve cited earlier and myself a Labour Party activist all my life I do personally know several such families and £25.00 times four for them equals £100.00  for one family alone. Not difficult then to work out the disadvantageous and deterrent effect by the Labour Party’s NEC to prospective active member of the Labour Party by ordinary folk across the length and breadth of Britain. That openly and honestly said and in recent times and continuously so it has never been the wish or intention of Labour’s NEC or its parliamentary party in the main to have ordinary people, regardless of what they might dishonestly say for propagandistic public consumption and to garner votes for themselves in all elections, have any say or opportunity to shape the policies that that they need and know to be beneficial for them, other ordinary people within the Labour Party and even the wider interests of those who want to see a fairer and more equitable Britain, and not one set in stone as it were solely for the privileged few; measures that by its decision the NEC of the Labour Party are assiduously and contemptuously preserving.

Furthermore, all this arrant nonsense of entryism into the Labour Party as they would and do claim is nothing more than a red herring on their part, since there are many members past as well as present of the parliamentary Labour Party some of whom even became government ministers and who are now ludicrously and expediently using this bogus argument to exclude those they fearfully suspect of supporting Jeremy Corbyn from being genuinely in the Labour Party that they most conscionably chose and properly want to be a member of; and primarily among these manifestly and quite loathsome turncoats are self-serving scum like Peter Hain, one time Liberal Party member and where he also fulsomely wielded the knife in the backs of colleagues there and seizing a chance for his opportunism joined so-called New Labour. Now this white South African has the bloody gall to fraudulently talk about entryism of the Labour Party by those who support Jeremy Corbyn and not the sickening and vilely hidden apartheid views that he has always adhered to even when publicly pretending in his proselytising antics not to be subscribing to them.

So all this outright deception of supposed entryism is just that; conjoined with propagandistic scaremongering frenziedly aired by a complicit media and deceitfully directed at the gullible, intellectually challenged and the easily manipulated and what’s more with those that are very actively engaged in these practices not actually caring a damn about and just seeing and also using these useful idiots in the most cynical manner possible, knowing full well that they can reliably count on their Zionist media backers and controllers along with their vile coterie of so-called reporters  and presenters fulsomely aided by their rent a mouth senseless “pundits” to ensure that this contemptible propaganda of theirs gets full, unchallenged and interminable coverage; perfectly well aware too of the sick tenet used by them and subscribed to by many like-minded twerps like themselves that the bigger the lie is the louder and more often it must be repeated as that way it’s guaranteed to conscript even more idiots to their specific cause as they’ll all come to regard that lie as the unchallengeable truth and thus believe it as such.

Finally and again on the point of entryism into the Labour Party we had Welsh windbag and a consummate loser if ever there was one, Neil Kinnock openly exhorting people of whatever political persuasion they were or none to join the Labour Party for the sole purpose of voting against and ousting Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party leadership. This crass behaviour of windbag Kinnock was never critically commented on nor was it ever condemned by the NEC and most certainly not the media; nor did any of these other so-called grandees of the Labour Party and all of whom are openly knifing Jeremy Corbyn in the back and front deign to either say or do anything about this flagrant contravention of Labour Party rules. However in direct contrast when ordinary working people, students, ethnic minorities and others who want and have always aspired to realizing an equitable, meritocratic and egalitarian society in Britain and realize that for the first time they have a Labour leader in Jeremy Corbyn who shares the same values as them and what’s more is firmly and honestly on their side and as a result of this genuinely choose to join the Labour Party and help make a difference, we predictably see the Labour Party’s NEC, the corporate media, along with the BBC and the rest of these slime balls literally shouting from the rafters of their stinking hypocrisy and double standards about entryism.

And why? Because genuine democracy and equitable social values and advancement among ordinary British people scare the living daylights out of these selfish, self-serving, privileged and arrogant elites with their deeply ingrained racist, privileged, delusional, white Caucasian exceptionalism and superiority, inextricably and contemptuously united with their numerous other discriminatory and class-based iniquitous beliefs re predictably hard for them to divest themselves from. Well frankly that’s their problem. But looking at it from where I stand and always have done and will continue to these lowlife slime balls and their consciously created problem for folk like me must be forcibly and concertedly challenged and totally eradicated. And while the British media, like-minded scum supporters among the ranks of the Labtories and anyone elsewhere in Britain are perfectly at liberty to eulogize all they want these detrital specimens of so-called humanity I’ll publicly and unapologetically from my own perspective and I’m positive that there are similarly many who think like me, prefer for these eulogies to be delivered with this loathsome scum that comprise the Labtories segment of Labour’s NEC, uncompromisingly DEAD! For as they unremittingly lived: as stalwart supporters of apartheid in South Africa; with a legacy of uncritical mass murder, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and many other and still ongoing Global South atrocities so should they die in the self-same manner in which they horrendously and unapologetically – Tony Blair their loathsome mentor’s mantra that he would do it all over again fits comfortably with this scum – took the lives of many innocent civilian men, women, children, the elderly and the handicapped. And as such I shall robustly be doing everything in my power to facilitate their deaths and for me a cherished goal!

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