Tuesday, 26 July 2016

War Criminals, Dykes, Queers, Paedophiles and Media Scum lecturing Jeremy Corbyn on good manners?

By Stanley Collymore

So Jeremy Corbyn according to his Labtory and Nazi Zionist adversaries who in turn are complicit with an inveterate band of highly delusional, perniciously rabid and consummately idiotic detractors of his and are themselves fervently conjoined with the usual suspects of rightwing Zionist and likeminded scum that both infest and infect the British corporate media as well as the UK’s obligatorily public funded state broadcaster the BBC, all think, or rather for their self-serving and propagandistic purposes, ludicrously and fraudulently but none the less emphatically with lying straight faces and pronouncements of theirs risibly to any sentiment and conscionably right thinking and compos mentis person that Jeremy Corbyn is, wait for it, a hardened and intransigent bully.

An accusation so far-fetched that it has as much credibility to it – in other words absolutely none – as one asininely and incredibly stating and then emphatically going on to reassert their abhorrent and blatantly false claim that Mother Theresa wasn’t really the altruistic Roman Catholic nun she made herself out to be all those years and had “conned” many people globally into falsely believing her calculatedly and misinformative portrayal of herself in this regard to cynically and loathsomely deflect from the scrutinizing gaze of both the local Indian society where she lived and served as well as the wider global one her penchant for paedophilia, and as such odiously employed this bogus caricature of herself to achieve her despicable objectives, coupled with her sexual obsession for Asian victims.

No sensible or conscionable person knowing the impeccable morality, altruistic and social empowerment credentials and saintly nature of Mother Theresa of Calcutta would for a second countenance such a scurrilous denigration or fraudulent characterization of this remarkable lady and nun who for a considerable part of her undeniably worthy and tremendously worthwhile life while on this earth, and now sadly no longer with us, voluntarily did so much to help the poor, needy, marginalized, ignored, brutalized, financially oppressed and exploited and politically disenfranchised. And it’s a fair guess too that any detractors of hers would themselves have been hard-pressed to make a compelling, credible or even a relevant claim however manufactured by them against her.

Yet these odious and would-be detractors of this incredibly lady and now of Jeremy Corbyn and whose only interest in life is to make loads of money and increasingly feather their own illegitimate and ill-gotten gains financial nest at the expense and the meting out of their concerted and barbaric treatment of those whom they delude themselves that they have an inalienable right and necessity to exploit at will and to do so with impunity that is itself fully sanctioned with immunity granted to these spivs, carpetbaggers, charlatans and grubby exploiters by the powers that be who run the UK at the behest of their Zionist string pullers and paymasters, feel within themselves that it’s open season to vent their concocted spleen against Jeremy Corbyn but in their rank stupidity can’t even detect the contradictions of what they’re openly saying and doing.

Which is quite surprising I would think to persons: members of the general public and even voters, who rely on these scumbags in the media for their supposed “elucidation” of what’s going on in the UK and how tremendously dangerous in their skewed and grotesque thinking Jeremy Corbyn is to the entire fabric of British society. One version of this ludicrous and contradictory assertion of theirs, then immediately in their collective breath that is itself contradicted by another assertion from these pathetic and inveterate purblind morons that Jeremy Corbyn is a wanker; someone completely useless, hasn’t a clue about anything of substance and all the rest of it. Well frankly unless you’re one of these things on the part of Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents or detractors, and unquestionably so in my opinion: delusional, sociopathic, psychopathic, a born and pathological liar, a consummate fabricator of so-called facts, utterly brainless or firmly ensconced and unthinkingly living in your reality TV world or a combination of all of these things, you can’t I believe, to any rational and sensible person, have it both ways. Just as you can’t be a biologically proven azoospermiac male – that is permanently shooting semen- blanks - yet openly and unprompted boasting about how many children you’ve biologically sired!

And speaking of which we have Conor McGinn – the MP for St. Helens in the vicinity of the English city of Liverpool – born in Ireland and who has only in the past day prompted no doubt by the Labtory element in the Labour Party whose genuinely bullying tactics have failed to force Jeremy Corbyn , as they expected they would, to quit the leadership of the Labour party, asininely at this incredibly late stage for anyone but a useful village idiot like Conor McGinn stating how some considerable time ago Jeremy Corbyn had persistently “bullied him into submission” by threatening to telephone Conor McGinn’s father who is a Sinn Fein member and supporter about his son Conor.

Conor McGinn is over 31 years old, married and with a purported son, although sources have reliably informed me that although “officially” the child’s “father” as he’s married to his “son’s” mother that the likely chances are Conor is NOT biologically the boy’s dad either through azoospermiac reasons – namely that Conor McGinn shoots semen-blanks – or he has been cuckolded by his wife; not an infrequent occurrence in Britain where official statistics show that some 36% of British women routinely cuckold their husbands, live –in partners and even their boyfriends who on the part of most of these cuckolded men are unwittingly unaware of what’s been done to them by the slags and adulteresses they’ve either married, are paired up with or otherwise involved with and in 99% of these cases go through life very much ignorant of this fact as do the children involved.

And while publicly prepared to fraudulently label Jeremy Corbyn as a “bully” thus supposedly “masculine” man Conor McGinn has resolutely refused to state what form this alleged bullying on the part of Jeremy Corbyn took. And why? Because it’s a categorical lie; and Conor what’s more Conor McGinn is a bloody liar! For if you’re not Conor McGinn please tell the public at large that unasked you’ve involved in this lying of yours along with your entirely squalid and puerile game that would thoroughly and infuriatingly embarrass any intelligent seven year old kid if someone were to ask him or her to behave in this way what form this bullying by Jeremy Corbyn took, and since you can subjectively it seems vividly recall this fictional occurrence of yours, state precisely when it actually happened. Intentionally failing to do both of these things will to all sensible and objective people categorically make you out to be what any one with a functioning brain in his or her already knows that you’re a pathetic and loathsome lying cunt! So here’s’ my challenge to you dimwit first class, Conor McGinn: “Put up or fucking well shut up!”

Then there’s the Zionist media, the BBC and the corporate one, on this fictional tale of Conor McGinn and their subliminal element to it, that Conor McGinn’s father is a member of Sinn Fein, allegedly and categorically in their eyes a “terrorist organization” and consequently Mr McGinn senior MUST also be a supporter of the IRA and all the rest of it; implying as well that Jeremy Corbyn is de facto a terrorist with close links to Sinn Fein and the IRA and taking on board too the ludicrous claim from war criminal David Cameron that Jeremy Corbyn is a firm supporter and accommodator of terrorists and terrorism – a statement that this pig fucker and ex-PM – thank God - made in the House of Commons. So could this subliminal element of the collaborative British media’s story be that Conor McGinn is a patriotic Irish Brit but which according to them and spewed out from their sick minds Jeremy Corbyn isn’t! And therefore with Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged links to Irish “terrorists”: namely Sinn Fein and the IRA, reason these Nazi Zionist assholes that proliferate the British media, Jeremy Corbyn was hell-bent and by all means at his disposal to coerce Conor McGinn into doing his bidding else he would get this useful village idiot’s father to deal with him and possibly the IRA too? Seriously, does any of this make any fucking sense to you? For it sure as hell certainly doesn’t to me, my German Partner, none of my Bajan relatives or our several friends here in Barbados where my Partner and I currently are! Nor did I ever expect it to!

And these same Barbadians couldn’t contain their laughter, nor could I and my Partner come to that, at the very notion of a 31 year old married man with a purported son so shit scared of his own dad that he would willingly submit to coercive treatment from anyone and even a patently mild mannered man like Jeremy Corbyn so his father wouldn’t know what he was supposedly by Jeremy Corbyn, of all people, being blackmailed over; yet incredibly resolutely refuses to say even now what hold Jeremy Corbyn allegedly had over him to make him, Conor McGinn cave in without a modicum of resistance. Utterly nonsensical! And worldly-wise as I am I’m absolutely confident that even a legally of age 16 year old English girl who opts to have sex with her let’s say 18 year old boyfriend and is determined to do so won’t let the prospect of her teacher, head of house, the school principal, her head teacher or GP were they to find out stop her from doing what she wanted to do, even if they threatened to tell her parents; yet a 31 year old cuckolded pillock and someone considerably much older is so shit scare of Jeremy Corbyn telephoning his dad? About what? That we still don’t know! Nor does this bemusing clown I suspect!

Finally, there’s the equally bogus issue of Jeremy Corbyn bullying women or encouraging his supporters to. Forthrightly I’ll just give that the treatment that it deserves and tell these largely nonentity sluts led by their criminal menopausal paedophiles to go jump in the nearby Thames, preferably weighted down with as much scrap iron as they can muster so they won’t resurface again and will consequently drown!

But before I sign off I shall be posting on my twitter site: a number of condemnatory articles pertaining to the paedophile activities of the likes of Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Beckett, Tessa Jowell and others who should be in jail and permanently debarred from ever holding public office and in Harriet Harman’s case prevented from practising law as well. Loathsome scum collectively and individually these Labtories who have no problem or any compunction whatsoever in wielding the knife against Jeremy Corbyn and in the most vitriolic and openly offensive manner have consistently bullied Jeremy Corbyn and who additionally are war criminals and mass murderers all of them as they bear collective responsibility as Cabinet ministers or misters in Tony Blair’s cabinet now have the nerve and the bloody audacity to fraudulently accuse Jeremy Corbyn of what they’ve been doing to him ever since he was democratically elected to his position as Labour Party leader; something that they can’t or won’t countenance. And to add insult to injury want for Jeremy Corbyn to come out and condemn those whom in the most bogus fashion they allege are bullying them? Cunts that can dish it out but can’t take their own medicine? No one is bullying them and people like me are simply telling it like it is; and if they can’t stand the heat in the kitchen having been the ones to start the fire there then my simple advice to them is to just fuck off elsewhere! And put bluntly they are scum who should all be in jail and permanently barred from holding any public office whatsoever; and additionally in paedophile Harriet Harman’s case summarily booted out of the legal profession along with her former boss and fellow mass murderer and war criminal Tony Blair.

For how odious can one get in Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Hodge, and Margaret Beckett’s cases to cite a bare minimum of the activities of these entrenched and intransigently unrepentant lowlife scum, albeit now in their menopausal state of life? For they all of them, especially those who most incredibly in spite of their rank stupidity were given places at university, having fulsomely benefited from what was then the statutory universal students’ grant where regardless of one’s parental or guardianship financial circumstances or social background all eligible students were automatically entitled to and got a full student’s grant to study in further educational institutions or more likely university as they wished, once in parliament and holding elected office as members of the then government these slime balls and others of their ilk and with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Blunkett – seriously talk about the actual blind leading the blind both physically and metaphorically in this specific case – in the vanguard of this intentional travesty of justice and these loathsome Yiddish sluts and ingrained paedophiles comprising Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Beckett and Margaret Hodge in tandem with others of their kind, and all of them hell-bent on purposely disadvantaging the poor, ethnic minorities and the already seriously disadvantaged in society because of their skin colour, racial origin or social background quickly got into step with each other as they callously and treacherously showed, and delightedly so, their true colours.

For these white scum having quite openly benefited immensely from the students grants system now promptly proceeded to forthrightly kick this same ladder of success down, as it were, from beneath them and furthermore in their stubbornly rank sycophancy to the individual interests of the privileged few in British society whom they perceived as the rightfully entitled to and also ruling elites and consequently considered themselves to likewise belong, callously introduced a statutory policy change of immediately replacing the students’ grant and instituting in its place a student’s loan regime which perceptibly massively disadvantaged the poor, ethnic minorities, the working class, the disadvantaged and several others in the same boat irrespective of how educationally gifted they were or the excellent pass grades they got and which entitled them to go into higher education including university.

A vicious, premeditated and purposely ill-conceived measure by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, their advisors of the ilk of Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson and a cabinet of quite hardened paedophiles, Dykes and Queers comprising a consummate fusion of detrital specimens and lowlife exhibitions of supposed humanity who now took to callously preventing virtually all but the well-heeled from going to university, and once there enabling them to pursue an education that would markedly assist them in not only achieving their cherished ambitions but also advantageously provide them with the additional prospect of financially and socially empowering themselves and in unity with that forge an infinitely better life individually for each and every one of them.

But instead of being able to map out and forge a path for their personal; success as students in the past who came from disadvantaged backgrounds were able to do those now forced to live and exist under the harsh and unjust stipulations imposed by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the other hardcore scum in their respective cabinets were horribly reminded that if they aspired to ever having any form of tertiary education at all it would come, for them, at a very exorbitant price; which included being onerously lumbered with oppressive and extended debt from these loans they were forced to take out in order to fulfil their dreams, hopes or aspirations – call it what you will – of acquiring a tertiary education. Debt that would undoubtedly encumber them from making the most of their hard won opportunities as well as financially inhibiting them from becoming truly independent – like prohibitively excluding them from renting their own accommodation and thus forced to carry on living in their parents’ home, or noteworthy in house ownership obsessive Britain, and their preferred choice of living arrangements, unable to get a mortgage to buy their own home.

But against this cynical and emphatic backdrop of premeditated, concerted and callous hardship gleefully imposed on disadvantaged students and with the sole and intransigent purpose of curtailing upward mobility in all its positive definitions among the working class, ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged members of British society while deliberately stymieing every realistic opportunity to create a truly equitable, meritocratic, just and egalitarian society for all concerned – the sort of society that Jeremy Corbyn throughout his entire life has always assiduously striven to achieve and against all the odds, as is transparently obvious now, is still concertedly fighting for – that same UK government of Tony Blair that contemptibly and contemptuously on its part wilfully condemned many bright and promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds on to the scrapheap of disdain and utter despair by scrapping the universal and statutory students’ grant and thus in this arbitrary process uncaringly cutting off their life line support to a better future, exhibited no such indifference however or any reticence on its part in looking favourably on a rather mindboggling and unbelievable request from a coterie of cancerous scum-vermin within the Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Blunkett, as a principal cabinet minister and avid proponent of this utterly disgusting social aberration, administration.

And what was that? Please continue reading! Paedophiles Harriet Harman, her husband Jack Dromey, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Beckett, Tessa Jowell, additionally a criminal money launderer but more of that later, and Margaret Hodge among others had earnestly sought in their capacities as cabinet and government ministers to get the British government to clandestinely fund from the public purse, your taxes and mine, the explicitly paedophile body known as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

A longstanding member and legal officer for decades and going back to the 1960s, of what was then called the Council for Civil Liberties and renamed years later after its public scandals as Liberty, Harriet Paedophile Information Exchange. So much so that she vigorously assisted and implemented its membership as an affiliate of the Council for Civil Liberties and from where with Harriet Harman’s blessing, that of her husband Jack Dromey and others previously mentioned and all of them members of the Council for Civil Liberties, they ably assisted the repugnant activities of PIE to which they also belonged.

Tom O’Connor the founder of Paedophile Information Exchange and a close friend of Harriet Harman, Tessa Jewell, Margaret Hodge, Margaret Beckett, Patricia Hewett and Jack Dromey and described by those who knew him well as “sexually predatory” was put on one of the Council for Civil Liberties working groups and even allowed to make a speech at the Council’s spring conference in 1977. And during this period the National Council for Civil Liberties of which Harriet Harman, Tessa Jewell, Jack Dromey, Margaret Beckett, Margaret Hodge, Patricia Hewett and the others were significant figures stepped in aggressively to defend paedophiles against what they ludicrously described as “hysterical and inaccurate” newspaper attacks against these lowlife slime balls; the latter portrayal is my honest description of them.

And most sickeningly this is the obnoxious philosophy they were defending and that Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Tessa Jowell, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Beckett and the rest of this detestable scum that were each of them principal players in a British government whose members earnestly believed in at the time and still do, and I quote the words of their sick philosophy verbatim: “Paedophiles are ordinary, decent, sensible human beings, no more sexually depraved than yourself, and with a capacity for loving and helping children which is at present being repressed.” Paedophile Information Exchange also brashly submitted a report to MPs in the British House of Commons that was and favourably received by Tony Blair’s cabinet and its paedophile membership claiming and I quote: “girls as young as FOUR MONTHS old can achieve orgasms!” And that “four year old children can communicate verbally their consent to [having] sex!” As conscionable and right-thinking individuals and more especially so as either parents or close biological and caring relatives of clearly significantly underage and evidently innocent children I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on the remarks of as well as this lowlife garbage that masquerade as human beings.

I have my own unequivocal and well-informed opinion in relation to this loathsome lowlife scum and it’s simply this: they should all of them be summarily and ruthlessly put down as one would sensibly and unhesitatingly do with a rabid dog and no mercy showed to them. For it’s not just the innocents and the disadvantaged in our British society that are quite immeasurably threatened by them but also and equally dangerously the populations and citizens of the Global South who routinely experience at the hands of these lowlife slime balls in their hubristic yet delusional white Caucasian exceptionalism compounded by their arrogant and narcissistic imperialism they exhibit can see absolutely nothing wrong in wreaking their murderously exploitative and unwarranted hegemony on the peoples of these regions. And this has to stop; and by any means possible!

And while these loathsome scum, principally among them Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Margaret Hodge, Margaret Beckett, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey were vigorously and empathetically pushing the odious objectives of the Paedophile Information Exchange and wanting the British taxpayer to fund these, they evidently had no scruples whatsoever in dismantling the universal students’ grant system knowing full well what the detrimental effects of scrapping it would have on the educational and future prospects of the white working class, Blacks, other ethnic minorities in the UK and overall the already severely disadvantaged and highly marginalized in British society. In other words, and in their thoroughly sick and demented minds, sexual perversion was infinitely more important to them, and still is, than the education of the British masses.

And it accounts for why the UK’s educational system is in such a parlous state today and has been ever since these lowlife scum complicit with their equally despicable Paedophile, Dyke and Queer Tory and Lib-Dem deviant sewer rats respectively found themselves in charge of it. Yet these are the same slime balls complemented by and conjoined with their likeminded Nazi Zionist detritus elements of supposed humanity within the British media and entities like the Blairite Progress, Portland Communications and Labour List to name just a few that quite ludicrously and perniciously but sanctimoniously all the same have the bloody audacity to deceitfully condemn and publicly vilify Jeremy Corbyn for altruistically and nobly seeking to create the kind of Britain that would undoubtedly and demonstrably be significantly better for everyone who resides in it, whether a citizen or a resident, but is something that these sick and odious perverts who disgracefully and without an ounce of credibility to their claims do their level best to traduce his good character to their claims do their level best to traduce Jeremy Corbyn’s good character, name and crucially his endeavours that they are self-servingly diametrically opposed to!

This article is already detailed as it is and while I wanted to outline and castigate Tessa Jowell’s customary criminality in addition to her penchant for paedophilia and attendant with those the equally crooked and demonstrably criminal actions of her husband David Mills a convicted felon, and moreover a man that Tessa Jowell went out of her way to openly con the morons among the British public that she’d separated from, so disgusted she was by his criminal behaviour she lyingly professed when in effect nothing could have been further from the truth, as it was a calculated and mendacious ploy iniquitously employed by Tessa Jowell to save her own equally criminal ass – not least so the matter of her concerted acts of money laundering that alone should have landed her in jail – from scrutiny while assertively clinging on to her cabinet post in the Labtory regime of which she was a cabinet minister, which with like-minded scum like her ensconced there it was a foregone conclusion that she would – but with my beautiful German partner giving me that knowing look that I’m about to encroach on our quality time, and furthermore with and enduringly brilliant sun drenched beach comprised of crystal white and sugar-like sand immensely empathetic to even the most delicate of touches and scenically bordered by wind tossed and frolicking coconut palm and casuarinas trees my desisting would have been a no-brainer.

For outside too there’s a clear azure sky; an invigorating yet gentle Trade Wind breeze; pulsatingly hypnotic Atlantic rollers streaming in in seemingly co-ordinated unison on the North East coast of Barbados – this in marked contrast to the placid waters of the Caribbean Sea off the west and south coasts of the island and where the less adventurous tourists tend to frequent, but neither my partner nor I are tourists – and where both sets of my biological family tree stem from and their roots are deeply embedded; an area that I know intimately as a location, spent my formative years inculcating the educational, religious, cultural and ethical value systems that I profoundly cherish and attach immense importance to and a locality that I always return to. That is my favourite part of Barbados which I love fulsomely, wholeheartedly and unapologetically, truly blessed and absolutely delighted in the process that my German Partner feels about this island and its people the same way that I do! And with all this seductively beckoning against the backdrop of this idyllic and kaleidoscopic setting, I have every intention at this precise moment in time of willingly and effusively succumbing to the physical and psychologically alluring entreaties of my absolutely gorgeous partner and will therefore bring this article, important though it is, to a close.

However it would be very remiss of me to close this article without pointing out what is patently obvious to me, those around me as well as the several anonymous and reliably proven corps of concerned individuals who conscionably, trustworthily and routinely communicate with and provide me with the invaluable information of what a pathetically and psychologically sick country Britain has largely allowed itself to become. One where considerable numbers among its population and citizenry have quite literally daydreamt themselves and completely oblivious of the unintended consequences associated with the myopic idiocy of doing so allowed a situation to develop where the entire societal fabric of Britain as a civilized, functioning and equitable community is not only detrimentally challenged but also is seriously under imminent threat. For how else can one logically explain these two totally obtuse situations I’m about to outline? One of them risible to the point of insanity and the other damnably pernicious to the body politic of Britain.

On Saturday 23 July 2016 through the excellent satellite transmission systems that we have here in Barbados I watched Sky News Press preview – I also watch it when I’m in Germany or England though never for information far less so to be well informed but principally and as a militarily trained person that I am to see what in Sky’s case the Zionist enemy is up to; and besides it’s the only British electronic news broadcaster that I deign to watch as I don’t much care to have my intelligence gratuitously insulted.

It’s British Summer Time I know in the UK and here in Barbados we’re five hours behind you in time. Anyway I accordingly switched on the TV for the UK’s 23.30 hours Sky’s session of Press Preview. The news presenter was Jeremy Thompson and the so-called pundits that night were Camilla Tominey and Christina Patterson. Cuckolding Camilla – a British female’s name that seems to be inveterately and synonymously linked to lechery and obsessive adultery and is very much characteristically so in Camilla Tominey’s case as well. Appropriately then for her to be the designated and long serving “royal correspondent” for the Daily Express when she’s not moonlighting for Sky News and other Zionist rightwing and even Nazi mindset media organs.

And true to form in her fraudulently cultivated accent attendant with her equally contrived regal posture Camilla Tominey was in her most antediluvian “royal” element as she acerbically yet contradictorily most of the time in her remarks railed at Jeremy Corbyn, prompting my German partner who is a fervent fan of Jeremy Corbyn to sneeringly remark: “"Was ein begehrter Möse! Sieht sie nicht wissen, dass wir im 21. Jahrhundert sind?” Translated into English her words are: “What a prized cunt! Doesn’t she know that we’re in the 21st Century?”

Clearly dissolute Camilla Tominey has some difficulty with that straightforward realization and evidently deludes herself with her royal connections that the population of Britain either is or should be in a medieval situation akin no doubt to the state of affairs that exist in Persian Gulf Bantustans loathsomely exemplified and quite barbarically so in the case of Bantu Saudi where most ironically and transparently beyond any miniscule intellectual grasp that Camilla Tominey might have about anything of the remotest significance or relevance women don’t have any social or democratic rights in these Persian Gulf autocratic Bantustans. Yet here was this upstart and completely demented pillock clearly imbued with her divine rights of kings or queens mindset and its attendant arrant nonsense lambasting Jeremy Corbyn for daring to want to take what would be a fair, just, equitable, meritocratic, well informed, egalitarian and a truly democratic society if he gets his way into the 21st Century and beyond.

Not something however that lecherous slut Camilla Tominey: a mistress of the cuckolding arts and who according to reliable sources has been known from her earliest youth, and well before she attained the statutory age of consent, for indiscriminately spreading her sexual favours around – and with a face like hers who can blame this ghastly looking in feminine terms voluptuary slag for making hay while the sun shines – and probably accounts for her royal “journalistic” assignment given to her by the Daily Express, and fittingly so I suspect because she’s now connected to one of the most licentious and dysfunctional families in the entire United Kingdom and doubtlessly suits this trollop who lives with her rampantly cuckolded husband Dominic in Hertfordshire down to the ground. Meanwhile Christina Patterson who I can never take seriously as she always and instinctively conjures up in my mind an image of someone who has accidentally pissed herself publicly and rather than head for the nearest toilet sits sheepishly where she is in her created mess with that doleful and pathetic look on her face gushingly, an intentional pun I’m afraid, agreeing with everything that society whore Camilla Tominey spewed out from her medieval mindset.

And when all of this arrant nonsense against Jeremy Corbyn is further exacerbated by loathsome lowlife scum consisting of war criminals, mass murderers, perpetrators of crimes against humanity, repellent Dykes, Queers and Paedophiles conjoined with people who are graspingly avaricious and self-serving bastards and bitches that both individually and collectively haven’t the slightest modicum of decency, integrity, common morality or humanity about them and never will – and those are their good points – how dare these sewer rats think that they have some inalienable responsibility to arrogate to themselves the right to even breathe the name of Jeremy Corbyn in criticism let alone embark on a spurious and vitriolic campaign of fraudulently castigating him for things he’s patently NOT done or would ever embark on doing but which undoubtedly are their own despicable modus operandi?

What a load of nauseating scum! And what convenient or short memories the British public have!

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