Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Momentum: thoroughly with it and a truly inspirational phenomenon!

By Stanley Collymore

Non-flamboyantly confident, completely devoid
of all traces of propagandistic garbage and
grandstanding, sickeningly in your face
hubris or any veneer of concertedly
engineered and disingenuous
equivocation so very commonplace among
the coterie of today’s self-absorbed and
obsessively self-serving politicians in
both institutions of the UK’s main
parliament: the House of Lords
and the House of Commons, Momentum like
a refreshing breeze on a discernibly muggy
and utterly debilitatingly humid day has
emerged rather welcomingly on the
scene, spontaneously and quite
timely to diligently facilitate
the onset of and crucially
coordinate as well the
dire necessity for a
wholly new kind
of UK politics.

The kind that is mature, all-inclusive, intelligently
thought out and impartially caters not only for
the salient needs of all Britons who require
its assistance but also those who choose
of their own free will to be residents in
our country, while intentionally and
quite unapologetically abhorring as
it purposefully at the same time
distances itself from what has
so consistently been the case
in living memory and over
several generations, as this can rightly be attributed
to as commonplace, the distinctly discernible and
disproportionate advantage, almost to the point
of exclusivity, of absolute partiality in favour
of the already privileged elites constantly
and eagerly fawned upon by brainless
plebeian morons; and why it is that
Momentum in a masterstroke of
sheer genius and open-minded
clarity has vibrantly emerged
to be the prudent voice and
an appreciative vehicular
platform for optimistic
and lasting change in
Britain, as well as a
driving force to be
reckoned with in
absolute support
of the People’s
Champion and
a manifestly
ethical man
and caring

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 July 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Influentially inspired by the inimitable Jeremy Corbyn and powerfully reinforced by the absolutely sterling work and endeavours initiated by and assiduously and collectively as well as personally carried out by the astute, sensible and professional leadership and completely committed membership and grass root supporters of MOMENTUM, it’s my utmost pleasure and great honour to fully dedicate this poem to all of you for what you’re conscionably, conscientiously and appreciatively doing.

Namely, to make this Britain that we all love not only a better, fairer and a more just society for yourselves but equally as well everyone who’s domestically residing in it and additionally and hopefully too enable the same to happen for the rest of the world’s population that so desperately needs our help also.

And to this end and for all of you proudly associated with Momentum I earnestly and gratefully wish to say a wholehearted: “Thank you!” And optimistically implore you to carry on as you’ve begun, while through our individual and collective efforts doing our very best to make it possible to say a deservingly permanent goodbye to the non-empowerment era of yesteryear that regrettably is still fashionable among sections of our society who delusionally assume that they have an inalienable, unchallengeable and undemocratic right to enduringly rule our country as well as the rest of the world.

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