Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Jimmy Cliff - Hypocrites


  1. Tom O’Connor the founder of Paedophile Information Exchange and a close friend of Harriet Harman, Tessa Jewell, Margaret Hodge, Margaret Beckett, Patricia Hewett and Jack Dromey and described by those who knew him well as “sexually predatory” was put on one of the Council for Civil Liberties working groups and even allowed to make a speech at the Council’s spring conference in 1977. And during this period the National Council for Civil Liberties of which Harriet Harman, Tessa Jewell, Jack Dromey, Margaret Beckett, Margaret Hodge, Patricia Hewett and the others were significant figures stepped in aggressively to defend paedophiles against what they ludicrously described as “hysterical and inaccurate” newspaper attacks against these lowlife slime balls; the latter portrayal is my honest description of them.

    And most sickeningly this is the obnoxious philosophy they were defending and that Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Tessa Jowell, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Beckett and the rest of this detestable scum that were each of them principal players in a British government whose members earnestly believed in at the time and still do, and I quote the words of their sick philosophy verbatim: “Paedophiles are ordinary, decent, sensible human beings, no more sexually depraved than yourself, and with a capacity for loving and helping children which is at present being repressed.” Paedophile Information Exchange also brashly submitted a report to MPs in the British House of Commons that was and favourably received by Tony Blair’s cabinet and its paedophile membership claiming and I quote: “girls as young as FOUR MONTHS old can achieve orgasms!” And that “four year old children can communicate verbally their consent to [having] sex!” As conscionable and right-thinking individuals and more especially so as either parents or close biological and caring relatives of clearly significantly underage and evidently innocent children I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on the remarks of as well as this lowlife garbage that masquerade as human beings.

    I have my own unequivocal and well-informed opinion in relation to this loathsome lowlife scum and it’s simply this: they should all of them be summarily and ruthlessly put down as one would sensibly and unhesitatingly do with a rabid dog and no mercy showed to them. For it’s not just the innocents and the disadvantaged in our British society that are quite immeasurably threatened by them but also and equally dangerously the populations and citizens of the Global South who routinely experience at the hands of these lowlife slime balls in their hubristic yet delusional white Caucasian exceptionalism compounded by their arrogant and narcissistic imperialism they exhibit can see absolutely nothing wrong in wreaking their murderously exploitative and unwarranted hegemony on the peoples of these regions. And this has to stop; and by any means possible!

    And while these loathsome scum, principally among them Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Margaret Hodge, Margaret Beckett, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey were vigorously and empathetically pushing the odious objectives of the Paedophile Information Exchange and wanting the British taxpayer to fund these, they evidently had no scruples whatsoever in dismantling the universal students’ grant system knowing full well what the detrimental effects of scrapping it would have on the educational and future prospects of the white working class, Blacks, other ethnic minorities in the UK and overall the already severely disadvantaged and highly marginalized in British society. In other words, and in their thoroughly sick and demented minds, sexual perversion was infinitely more important to them, and still is, than the education of the British masses.

  2. And it accounts for why the UK’s educational system is in such a parlous state today and has been ever since these lowlife scum complicit with their equally despicable Paedophile, Dyke and Queer Tory and Lib-Dem deviant sewer rats respectively found themselves in charge of it. Yet these are the same slime balls complemented by and conjoined with their likeminded Nazi Zionist detritus elements of supposed humanity within the British media and entities like the Blairite Progress, Portland Communications and Labour List to name just a few that quite ludicrously and perniciously but sanctimoniously all the same have the bloody audacity to deceitfully condemn and publicly vilify Jeremy Corbyn for altruistically and nobly seeking to create the kind of Britain that would undoubtedly and demonstrably be significantly better for everyone who resides in it, whether a citizen or a resident, but is something that these sick and odious perverts who disgracefully and without an ounce of credibility to their claims do their level best to traduce his good character to their claims do their level best to traduce Jeremy Corbyn’s good character, name and crucially his endeavours that they are self-servingly diametrically opposed to!

    What short memories the British have!