Friday, 22 July 2016

Great leaders like Corbyn have always been derided by diehard forces of privileged elitism

By Stanley Collymore

A prophet is not without honour save in his own country the Biblical mantra expressly states; and while basically there’s an arguably strong element of truth to this aged-old statement it certainly doesn’t cover or explain distinctly phenomenal exceptions neither like Jeremy Corbyn nor for that matter the exceedingly and incredibly massive appetite of spontaneous support engendered for him and what he honourably stands for and does genuinely believe in by manifestly and discernibly undeniably significant numbers of people within the very domain of his own country for the noble exposition by him of several of life’s problems.

Whether these are strictly accidentally occasioned through acts of gross incompetence or negligence, avariciously motivated and clearly self-serving actions of politicians or other public service officials spurred on by acts of public service malfeasance or else, and more likely than not, are intentionally man-made through the instigated, spurious and fraudulent shenanigans of intrinsically criminally corrupt, wantonly immoral but privileged elites all the same, rapturously and brainlessly cheer led by a dissolute and highly propagandistic mindset and extremely unethical amalgamation, and most critically in equal measure, of equally mainstream corporate and likewise obligatorily publicly financed as is unmistakably the case with the BBC state media players.

Collaboratively comprising delinquent activities that are resolutely and intentionally meant to misinform, distort and deceive the general public in relation to what is really going on as well as manufacture stories that aren’t only immoral in their creation but profoundly, dishonestly and most illegally abrogate all the rules that the so-called Fourth Estate are meant to uphold and Ofcom is supposed to monitor and see that they are scrupulously maintained; but in Ofcom’s case never occurs since with that equally corrupt statutory body, its nepotistic and unaccountable to the general public members are all part of the same revolving door.

So on behalf of myself, my German Partner, our many friends our numerous relatives here in Barbados and the several officials on this idyllic Caribbean island where we’re currently ensconced and with whom among many others that I’ve been discussing you Jeremy Corbyn and the political situation in Britain, they all as do I send our very best wishes to you for your success in the upcoming repeat Labour leadership contest and commend you on your unsurprising to us imaginative speech given at your campaign launch on Thursday 21 July 2016. Additionally, I’m assiduously following what goes on tremendously carefully, and as I promised my Partner and I will be back in time to physically campaign for you. Meanwhile, I’ll carry on online as I routinely do in your specific regard.

And as those who’re deeply involved in their obscene and sycophantic acquiescence, and I’m distinctly referring to the commensurately bought and paid for Tory, Labtory and Lib-Dem “politicians” asininely persist with the antics of those we already know about in the NEC, media and elsewhere among these reactionary forces against you, I was immensely pleased to learn that when you win AGAIN there will be measures in place to ensure that there’s a statutory re-selection process for all those who want to run as Labour Party MPs and which will in future eradicate the traitors we’ve seen in action these past couple of months coupled with the unquestionably self-absorbed and self-serving villains who think that they can use the Labour Party as a convenient and a rather contemptuous in their eyes vehicle for their own selfish ends. This has to stop and promptly so. And if as they and essentially their unequivocally ignorant standard bearers that without fail and to the exclusion of all others and any other point of view appear on Sky News Press Preview delude themselves that these treacherous MPs are so incredibly  popular with their constituents and don’t need to pay any cognizance to a duly elected Labour Party leader that they unwarrantedly dislike and hold the same disdain for their constituency Labour Party why one must sensibly and pertinently ask don’t they stand as independent parliamentary candidates or join another party?

And the reason, as any sensible person knows, is that the votes which they receive in these constituencies at general elections are generated not as personal tributes to them but significantly so because of the party, in our case, the Labour Party they belong to and on whose ticket and platform they stood.

In conclusion and from a sunny Barbados – I understand there’s now a heat wave in the UK as well but here we have the Atlantic Trade Winds to temper the heat – take care Jeremy, God Bless and keep fighting for what you and every conscionable person on this planet and not just Britain honestly believes in.

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