Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Emphatically and idiotically strident for Trident!

By Stanley Collymore

We must have Trident as it’s our inalienable right as white, British, exceptionalist Caucasians and wannabe again global colonialists and imperialists to have it by any means regardless of the expense or how utterly useless it is in fighting more likely than not conventional wars of our own choosing or the scourge of false flag and other horrendous acts of terrorism that consecutive United Kingdom regimes through their Persian Gulf Bantustan satrapies are Erdogan’s autocratic Turkey are deeply implicated in.

And just think of all the jobs we’ll be creating as well as safeguarding by carrying on with this lethally destructive nuclear capability – well not many actually as that declaration is just a figment of our twisted imagination to keep the warmongers in the political parties and overall in the country happy; for although there are jobs associated with this vainglorious, obscene and asinine absurdity they’re specialized ones, few in number and in cost terms work out at one million Pounds Sterling per person. But what the heck? What we’re doing keeps the military industrial complex, the US neo-cons and our Zionist lobbyists and paymasters happy; and financially, for graspingly avaricious, snouts in the troughs and self-serving MPs like us, having Trident in those circumstances alone is an absolute must!

Then there’s the crucial matter of Britain’s position on the world stage, our permanent seat on the UN’s Security Council to at all costs maintain, and our white Caucasian and expected of us exceptionalism role to consider and quite relevantly fulfil; while at the same time studiously and assiduously ensuring that we the white elites of this world not only have but will also rigidly maintain the absolute right to keep a nuclear deterrent while scrupulously denying that same national obligation to countries we utterly despise like communist North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran that prefer not to be our toadying allies but instead opt for their own sovereign and cherished independence. And delusional though it is to any sensible or rational person what we’re doing, it’s vital none the less to us: the privileged and the elites of Britain, that you the unthinking Plebeians fully understand and unquestioningly accept our stated explanation, and not least so because this planet Earth that we control and live on rightfully and forever belongs to none other but our indisputably superior race of white men and women!

This quite intentionally conceived work of mine is in fulsome and unapologetic praise of an inextricably coupled with my utmost and profoundly unquestionable admiration for my deeply cherished  hero and astoundingly amazing British political figure and leader Jeremy Corbyn who is undoubtedly to any reasonable and objective person and myself foremost among such persons, and of whom they’re countless numbers of them out here, the most consistently principled, consummately decent and genuinely thoughtful and caring human being one could possibly image or conceivably expect to encounter in real life.

So much so that in physical and psychological embodiment Jeremy Corby is in actuality trillions of light years removed, and in every constructive aspect one can possibly imagine, from the plethora of loathsomely self-serving and regrettably but accurately so one must say the overwhelming majority of those who currently infest and infect contemporary British politics. And all of this in a delusionally driven country headed by privileged nerds that hubristically perceive themselves as omnipotent elites, as they oversee in the most incompetent manner conceivable a has-been imperialistic and colonialist entity that having lost an empire, and quite rightly so, persists nevertheless in its self-delusional and collective mindset that it’s still a great world power whose outdated and lamentably idiotic views wholly out of sync with the realities of the 21st Century must be fully taken cognizance of  and what’s more in a markedly changed world must also unquestioningly be accepted and completely implemented by the still perceived by these white British idiots as subject races  whose lives, future and governance have to be, and forever so, the sole prerogative of the white man to do with as he pleases.

This rather ridiculous and ironic posture in a self-professed and supposedly civilized democracy called Britain that is discernibly without a written, legal or enforceable constitution and where the rules running, for lack of a better expression, the United Kingdom are manifestly archaic and a discernibly and pathetic hand me down from an era of autocratic dispensation stemming from the divine rights of kings or queens that have themselves, the rules I’m referring to, through spurious means been passed on to whoever is the incumbent Prime Minister at the time and consequently serves as the monarch’s first minister. So there’s no clear-cut constitutionality nor any authentic democracy as to how Britain or politics in it are properly conducted and the best that one can honestly say is that those who find themselves in charge make it up on the hoof as they ineptly go along, and more often than not add in the most incompetent fashion to the burgeoning calamities that are already there.

All of which is further exacerbated by the obvious fact, so utterly risible if at the same time it wasn’t that bloody pathetic and serious, that significant elements of the British public are so poorly informed about what generally goes on in their country let alone the rest of the world that it’s pathetically easy for these political charlatans and other so-called elites perniciously supported by a Nazi Zionist right wing media to not only easily dupe these apathetic, brainless and idiotic buggers who happily relinquish what minimal brain power they may have to enable them however enfeebly so to think for themselves, quite happily it’s patently clear, willingly and in the most puerile manner surrender this distinctly limited capability that they have to the very same people who don’t give a damn about them but most infuriatingly to all sensible and rational people who observe what is going on, watch these often lowlife morons gang up at the very behest of those abusing and exploiting them against persons like Jeremy Corbyn that have their true interests at heart. Now you really can’t get any more idiotic than that can you?

Then along comes testosterone-driven and closet Dyke Theresa May: manifestly racist, xenophobic and warmongering in the most extreme and trying her hardest to display her butch credentials, saying that she’ll have no compunction in instantly pushing the proverbial nuclear button, conveniently forgetting to add the phrase the United States permitting as Britain can’t or wouldn’t dare do so without the US say so, and happily and indiscriminately incinerate hundreds of thousands and even millions of innocent men, women and children – obviously not white ones of course and who’d simply as usual be labelled as collateral damage – and chillingly not give a Dyke’s fanny about the consequences that befell them. Is that why Britain like the bully it is doesn’t want for non-white countries to have nuclear weapons, since it’s easy to pick on those who don’t have WMDs nor ever possessed them at any time like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia etc and other targeted countries in the Global South; while with the energetic cooperation and assistance of the same Britain, a rogue state like Yidland, aka Israel, can have them and furthermore in conjunction with the rank hypocritical and double standards blessing of western immunity accorded to it and particularly so by Britain and the United States the IAEA isn’t even allowed to lawfully carry out its statutory inspections of Yidland’s nuclear facilities let alone impose the strict conditions of the non-proliferation treaty on it.

So who does Dyke May intend on attacking? Countries that don’t have the capability to strike back with nuclear arsenals as they would have none. No different at all from a pretty loathsome mugger with a gun pointed at you and your family who are totally defenceless against that person as his or her victims can’t retaliate in kind. And does this closet Dyke now installed as our PM really think that she can attack Russia or China with nuclear weapons and their governments will simply sit back, do nothing and say to their surviving populations: “Don’t worry; pay no heed to what’s happened as it’s just Britain playing at silly buggers?”

Unlike Theresa May I served in the British military, the Royal Air Force to be precise, and I know what the realistic as apart from the propagandistic and delusional assumptions of those like Dyke May and the male equivalent Queers who are always willing to defend their bogus patriotism to the last drop of somebody else’s blood and never their own, actually is. And there is no conceivable way, for all her nonsensical bluster, that Britain could survive a nuclear attack or any responsive action to Britain initiating one. For the realistic outcome for all concerned would be a Nuclear Winter! And in his rational response to Theresa May’s hubris Jeremy Corbyn is undeniably right and she’s absolutely and incontrovertibly wrong!

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