Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Zionist chink in Sadiq Khan’s Muslim armour!

By Stanley Collymore

You are no inspiration worthy of the term to any
genuinely decent and peace loving Christian,
Muslim or religious Jewish adherent Sadiq
Khan; and that is equally true in relation
to conscionable, highly perceptive and
discernibly logical thinking agnostics
and atheists too, who incontestably
are not only capable of but also
take great pride in thinking for
themselves and would be quite shocked and
deeply horrified as well were anyone to
reach the idiotic conclusion, far less
so indulge in the quite manifestly
offensive assertion, that those
things in life that truly and
fundamentally matter to
them should arbitrarily
be left to and entirely
settled on by clearly
senseless and pure
bred morons like
you Sadiq Khan!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 June 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
You may be the culturally incestuous progeny of a Pakistani bus driver Sadiq Khan but millions of people not only in the UK but likewise globally won’t allow themselves to be manipulatively or fraudulently transported to the bizarre but conjoined world of premeditated Nazi-Zionist apartheid and brutally genocidal annihilation of the horribly mistreated but longsuffering Palestinians.

A situation savagely buttressed by Qatari and Bantu-Saudi lavishly sponsored Wahabi distorted Muslim terrorism and itself an existential threat globally to human civilization, and at home in these Persian Gulf Bantustans the kernel support of the dictatorial and entrenched barbarism of a murderously effective medieval mindset lamentably executed, and appallingly western tolerated, actively encouraged and even assisted, in the 21st Century!
Zionism: the invasive and pervasive evil that its demented adherents consistently use to influence, corrupt and employ against those whom they wish to financially and unwarrantedly exploit and then eventually destroy.

Detestable sewer scum who happily, sadistically and ubiquitously dish out their poisonous contagion at will and regardless of the consequence to others however unnecessarily their perniciously sick actions are.

But who when their loathsomely perverse, immoral, barbaric and demonically predatory actions finally catch up with them predictably, like the cowardly Yid bastards, bitches and their surrogates that they are, methodically dodge justice and its inevitable consequences for themselves with every resource and all necessary scheming devices at their disposal.

Incidentally Sadiq Khan this is NOT the obituary that I referred to in my tweets of the 19 June 2016. Just thought I’d let you know as that obituary poem is confidentially under wraps. But trust me it’ll be released at the appropriate time and hopefully soon!

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