Saturday, 25 June 2016

Requiem for Julia Hartley-Brewer!

By Stanley Collymore

Death is inevitable to us all; the climax of our personal
journey, lengthily so or short, through this earthly life.
And it’s most humbling yet deeply inspirational to
see how some people making the most of their
time here on Earth constructively, altruistically
and beneficially do so much for others: those
known to them as well as total strangers,
and quite rightly we consciously not
only in response mourn but also
deeply regret their inevitable
but nevertheless, from our
selfish perspective,
unfortunate and

And juxtaposed with these aforementioned
human embodiments of celestial paragons
and veritable mentoring icons who by
all realistic descriptions were quite
accomplishedly worthy of and
justly had accorded to them
these attestations as the
outstanding and meritorious human beings
they were, is the ordinary person who
typically mulls along trying his
or her level best amidst the
regular ups and downs:
ecstatic jubilation or
terrible tribulations, that predictably or not
beset their daily life whether conjoined
cooperatively or otherwise with that
of a family, mutually with another
person or clearly and manifestly
thoughtfully and calculatedly
conducted independently
and completely alone.

Then there are those who’re unquestionably and
consummately odious; perniciously loathsome
and in terms of any rational assessment or
objective adjudication in relation to their
totally evil personalities and patently
non-existent capabilities constitute
a considerable and substantially
detrimental encumbrance to
the customarily congenial
nature, mutual respect,
enlivening solidarity and importantly the vital
cooperation that’s undeniably imperative if
we all of us, both individually and jointly,
sensibly and legitimately endeavour to
fashion an amicable world of equal
nations whose sum total of united
dedication and experience will
perceptibly be advantageous
to everyone and essentially
noticeably devoid of the brainless and relatively
easy to pander to racist uproar of delusional
white Caucasian exceptionalism beloved
of by brain-dead, self-interested and
utterly detestable white sluts like
Julia Hartley Brewer as well as
their sick male equivalents.

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 June 2016.

Author’s remarks:
The inalienable right to genuinely hold personal views and express them, views that are themselves conscionably embedded in the ethical concepts of freedom of expression and the unhindered entitlement to free speech are highly commendable and noble aspects of all actually authentic as well as demonstrably truly aspirant and progressive civilized and democratic societies. Consequently, those who honourably indulge in such worthy conduct should and must be, even if their views aren’t universally or even significantly subscribed to or supported by those to whom they’re dispensed, nevertheless as of right command the full respect of those aforesaid persons if only for the straightforward honesty of those promoting them, as well as actively guaranteed the full protection of that society’s laws.

Not so however, when those who self-servingly and duplicitously rely on such graciously awarded concessions disingenuously, fraudulently or dishonestly make an absolute mockery of this democratically and morally embodied civilized system to perfidiously and most deceitfully undermine that said system with their brazenly instigated hypocrisies and loathsomely flagrant double standards while at the same time openly and deceptively brandishing their insidious and contemptibly bogus moral credentials as proof of their veracity and credibility as they then narcissistically, sanctimoniously and ardently clamour aboard their purposely instigated and self-absorbed bandwagon of lowlife barbarism sinisterly disguised as beneficial aspects or indispensable merits of human civilization.

Something that neither logically, realistically nor in however many light years you or your sort want to calculate it in Julia Hartley-Brewer as it isn’t a feasible likelihood or one that is remotely convincing, not to any astute, well-informed or intelligent person anyway, and especially coming from the likes of people like you who’re proto-fascists to the core of your very existence and conjoined with that are also the evil embodiment and inveterately supportive elements of a society intensely nurtured in white supremacist and xenophobic malevolence and profoundly steeped in colonialist and imperialist ideas.

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