Thursday, 9 June 2016

My personal and heartfelt tributes to Muhammad Ali

Those of you who genuinely love and cared for Muhammad Ali will undoubtedly have your own cherished and enduring memories of him, and quite rightly so.

In my case that's very much as it is and furthermore will constantly remain. And as such I've devised this compilation of tributes in the form of tweets, poems and appropriate music to the great man to physically demonstrate my own deep and abiding feelings for someone whom I profoundly respected, love tremendously and hugely regarded as an inspirational mentor and friend.

And as the Angels prepare to transport you to your Heavenly Home with tear-filled eyes, terrible sadness but a heart filled with immense pride at what you've done and the inspiration you've imbued in the hearts and minds of many who were so fortunate to have been around while you too were on this earth, I'll say FAREWELL until we meet again in the After Life. So God Bless and Rest in Enternal Peace Muhammad Ali, my Black brother, mentor and friend.

Stanley V. Collymore
8 June 2016.

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