Saturday, 4 June 2016

Murder a fitting retribution for the Zionist lowlife deniers of the Caribbean Slave Trade Holocaust!

By Stanley Collymore

The sparkly and razor sharp blade of the skilfully wielded
Machete slashed purposefully and remorselessly into the
bared left shoulder of the Labtory adversary of Jeremy
Corbyn and vile Tory insider traitor of the genuine
British Labour Party; the wound inflicted causing
the blood now liberated to rush unimpeded from
the surgical cut expertly created; sparked palpable fear
in the heart of and visible consternation on the face of
the white, lowlife scum trash and designated victim
but in a pre-arranged fight to the death  there was
absolutely nowhere that this dross element of
human kind could run to without causing
maximum humiliation to himself and
even greater opprobrium on his
fateful and impending doom.

A teasing pre-slaughtering action as this Bajan
Brit determinedly and decisively geared up
for the piecemeal dissection and complete
annihilation of this piece of white trash,
lowlife scum shit that he’d calculatedly
challenged and with all the officially
stipulated, assiduously accorded
and legally guaranteed Barbadian immunities
granted for a fight to the death – no quarter
agreed nor expected – in the environs of
a Bajan sugar cane field and under the
same broiling sun, and as close to as
achievable the particular inhuman
situation that the two sets of my
grandparents enslaved grand
parents were savagely and
barbarically obligated to
consistently subsist in
during their enforced
duration in slavery.

All this, you Labtory Zionist scum, brought about
premeditatedly and exclusively at the hands of
your instigating, massively profiteering and
now concertedly, mind-bogglingly corrupt,
lying and barbaric Yids; notwithstanding
the surfeit of meticulously detailed and
the contemporaneously and copiously
written down evidence, lots of it and
quite boastingly at the time written by these
same Yids whom you’re now fraudulently
protecting, that indisputably shows and
similarly unquestionably proves that
the Transatlantic Slave Trade which
began in my Barbadian, ancestral
homeland was intentionally the
actions, and furthermore was
also emphatically and quite
demonically these rather
repulsive Yids sole and
odious premeditatedly
implemented doing!

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 June 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Jeremy Corbyn who I unreservedly respect and committedly support with every fibre of my being and all the devoted personal resolve at my command is most gratifyingly in humanity and political terms the complete antithesis of Tony Blair: a former leader of the Labour Party which with Gordon Brown his compliant and complicit Tonto figure they both arbitrarily changed for the very worst, who is an undisputed mass murderer, utilizer of crimes against humanity, consummate profiteer from his premeditated acts of criminality, an inveterate sociopath with pronounced psychopathic tendencies, a demented and overbearing control freak and all this in tandem with being an utterly loathsome pathological liar – patently and collectively his most amiable characteristics – that should be permanently ensconced in an appropriate prison cell or maximum security lunatic asylum without any chance of parole or release if only for the multifaceted and horrendous crimes he’s directly responsible for after his dishonest authorization of Britain’s illegal attack of and invasion of Iraq on a pack of lies that he knew were lies, rather than to still have the capability and freedom to walk the streets of the United kingdom at will.

And while Tony Blair lied regularly in the past and consistently does so even now Jeremy Corbyn in marked contrast says what he genuinely thinks and believes; and unsurprisingly for such a highly principled person as he undoubtedly is he’s always right! But the tragedy of the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown legacy and their hideous transformation of the Labour Party and its dramatic lurch to the far-right of the British political spectrum is that currently in Britain the three major English based political parties in the House of Commons: the Tories, the Labour Party’s parliamentary wing and the Lib-Dems are all now either Nazi or fascist Zionist in character and very much pro-Yidland entities in their entire structure and proselytizing beliefs.

Consequently we have in the present Labour Party’s case a national membership having decisively eschewed what Blair, Brown and their rightwing Labtory cohorts disastrously stood for and perniciously represent massively taking their beloved party back to its original roots and significantly in that process elected Jeremy Corbyn, a socialist and decades duration, longstanding and committed Labour Party and labour movement man as their indisputable and popular leader.

An emphatic democratic assertion by them that however the composite brotherhood and sisterhood of Dykes, Queers and practising paedophiles that manifestly and overwhelmingly comprise the current 2016 House of Commons parliamentary MP membership of the Labour Party, are themselves to every Dyke, Queer and paedophile one of them fully paid up Nazi or fascist Zionists, together with being instinctive and stalwart supporters of Yidalnd and doing so in spite of the heinous crimes and barbaric acts of genocide routinely perpetrated against the indigenous Palestinians whose country this colonialist, ultra-racist, Nazi-mindset imbued, interloping Middle Eastern and fraudulent “Jewish” entity has brutally and barbarically purloined; but totally uncaring of all this, these Blairite and Labtory aficionados absolutely self-serving and career-motivated in their self-centred aspirations as MPs and therefore aren’t respecters of democratic ideals but nevertheless have no compunction whatsoever in dishonestly using the terms properly and genuinely associated with democracy to feather their political and financial nests while serving as well their iniquitous ends, happily and unequivocally carry on with their undiluted and undivided support for the oppressive and sham democratic Yidland construct while at the same time assiduously and contemptuously employing every nefarious means at their disposal to undermine, humiliate, denigrate, betray and reprehensibly essay to undemocratically oust from his elected position the enormously democratic choice for leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

The sickening truth and deadly ironic situation in all this is that Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t killed anyone nor has any intention in his political role of doing so; quite the opposite as a matter of fact, and his policies will both dramatically and drastically reverse NOT exacerbate more global wars with their attendant horrendous deaths caused by western hegemonic and illegal regime changes in Global South countries; exploitative natural resources quests and wars waged on an imperialistic and colonialist perspective to satisfy the vile and obsessive greed of Zionist bankers and western multinational corporations; while in knowingly and marked contrast Tony Blair has directly contributed to the unwarranted and illegal deaths of millions of innocent civilians combined with the mammoth creation of total chaos in these peoples’ countries; disharmony within and the wilful implementation of failed states on purely ideological grounds but where previously none of this incomprehensible situations existed. Yet it’s Tony Blair who has the sheer audacity and temerity to tell the British public and the world at large that election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and his perspective prime-ministership of Britain are both virulent and incalculably looming dangers for the United Kingdom and those who live there, as well as the rest of the world. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Predictably Blair’s acolytes in the parliamentary Labour Party have deceitfully taken up this mantra and like the repugnant and blatant liars they equally are have with the speed and determination of Usain Bolt taken to running with it; for in their case they’re brain-dead pillocks and pathological liars that risibly to the rest of us intelligent folk even believe their barefaced lies and pathetic fantasies, and if they could would in a heartbeat have Tony Blair back as their leader – but believe me it won’t happen, NOT in the Labour Party – or failing that someone like Tony Blair with the same criminal and sociopathic murdering mindset.

And even knowing the massive support that Jeremy Corbyn has and enjoys among the Labour Party’s membership and the general rank and file Labour supporters like me these detritus and queer specimens of supposed humanity will even so still persist with their fiendish antics until the long-suffering among us quite understandably get thoroughly sick and tired of them and both fittingly and systematically begin to wipe them out. Hence my Barbadian challenge in tweets published on the 31st May 2016 to these bullying but underneath their arrogant exterior cowardly morons using their residual power and influence in the Labour Party administration to suggest quite idiotically that the Caribbean Slave Trade didn’t exist as the initial and main part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and in the process of doing so grotesquely and unforgivably insulting the memories of these enforced slaves, several of whom were my direct ancestors, by JEWS who were instrumental in starting this barbarous enterprise in my ancestral homeland of Barbados, that they monopolistically controlled and profited hugely from had nothing whatsoever to do with the slave trade and to suggest otherwise, is in the sick minds of these ignorant and historical revisionists “anti-Semitic” and consequently Labour Party members like JACKIE WALKER who speaks the truth on this matter must be banned or suspended from the Labour Party as “anti-Semites.”

Well I bloody well take exception to that. Use this fraudulent anti-Semitic scam all you want to but when you start employing it to traduce the memories of my direct ancestors and other Blacks who were horrendously treated victims of the Barbadian and the whole extensive and utterly iniquitous Transatlantic Slave Trade enterprise, that’s one of a number of specific REDLINES that I’ll happily KILL or DIE for! So if you still asininely feel as you do, you Zionist Labtory assholes, then meet me in Barbados as I suggested!

In Germany, France, Austria and some other European countries it’s a criminal offence with the defendant if found guilty subject to a term of imprisonment for suggesting let alone asserting that Europe’s holocaust didn’t happen. No such punishment though were anyone within the legal jurisdiction of these same European countries to deny the existence of Germany’s two holocausts carried out in its then African colony of Southwest Africa, now present day and independent Namibia, at the start of the 20th century and some two decades before the European one.

This despite the Germans having later confessed that the Namibian holocaust were a bench mark for their European one and furthermore that in 1985 the United Nations Whitaker Report classified these African holocausts as a deliberate attempt to exterminate the Herero and Nama peoples of Southwest Africa on the part of the German government and its variously involved authorities then and therefore constitutes the earliest acts of genocide in the 20th Century.

In 2004 the German government recognized somewhat reluctantly and belatedly and in the same vein apologized for these Namibian “events” as they were called but ruled out financial compensation for the victims’ descendants. Then eleven years on from 2014 in July 2015 the German government and parliament officially called these Southwest Africa “events” a “genocide” and “part of a race war” but both the Government of Germany and its parliament persisted in refusing to even consider reparations and also did not officially label the Southwest Africa Holocaust as genocide.

Contrast, if you will, that vile attitude of the German government and its parliament to the Namibians with their entirely different and obsequious one to the Jew victims, wholly and subjectively, of Europe’s holocaust. Not only reparations paid exclusively to those who survived and are also their descendants to the present day, 3 June 2016 and 71 years after World War II ended while blatantly ignoring the obvious and known fact, and to of all people the Germans, that millions of Gypsies and others far greater in total than the supposed six million touted ad nauseum in respect of these Jews also dies as a direct consequence of Germany and its European allies concerted acts of genocide carried out in Europe circa 1939-45; but additionally it’s a criminal offence to deny Europe’s holocaust and specifically so in relation to the Jews and no one else – never mind the Gypsies and others who were also slaughtered.

Similarly it’s also a criminal and imprisonable offence to involve one’s self in any activity perceived by these Zionist thought police that now constitute the German authorities who happily abide by the arbitrary rules of their Zionist puppet masters to say or do anything that they unilaterally consider to be offensive to Jews or more realistically to those who know the truth that they fraudulently consider to be anti-Semitic to a people that ludicrously aren’t Semites, or even proper practising Jews but are unquestionably bogus ones. So against that backdrop of such ingrained bigotry: racial and otherwise, it’s hardly surprising that the overt display of Germany’s rank hypocrisy and pernicious double standards in relation to the Herero and Nama peoples of Namibia as well as the Gypsy victims of Germany’s initiated and ruthlessly executed along with its European holocaust allies is as it still currently stands – absolutely loathsome!

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