Saturday, 11 June 2016

In no small measure we’re forever indebted to you and your family Muhammad Ali!

By Stanley Collymore

Courageously Muhammad Ali you were formerly a solitary,
irrationally discriminatorily and a much assailed beacon
of inspirational hope purposely and illuminatingly
shining undauntedly for those who were either
similarly oppressed like you, or else rather
consciously aware of the unjust societal
inequalities that did abundantly exist
but personally were either greatly
afraid or otherwise far too indifferent to step out of
the bounds of enforced or perhaps the contentedly
enjoyed benefits of expected conformity they
were gladly enjoying to wish to take notice
of let alone do anything about what you
were really doing; a responsible light
shining most welcomingly and also
motivatingly into the opaque and
stationary darkness against the
joint, intrinsic and extremely
malevolent and human transgressions of racism,
segregation, Jim Crowism, ingrained bigotry,
invasive hatred, astonishing ignorance and
entrenched intolerance; and surprisingly
for them, although not for you, you
outstandingly and most incredibly
against all the odds, importantly
and quite commendably won!
And to which all your ardent
and dependable supporters
along with the bounteous
recipients of your good-
will loyally and with
aplomb openly state:
admirably done our
own incomparable
Muhammad Ali!

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 June 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
Words and even actions are insufficient to adequately sum up our indebtedness to Muhammad Ali and his family for what they’ve jointly done for the betterment of all humanity; so accordingly I’ll leave you all to reflect on your own memories of him and the accompanying role that his beloved family have thankfully played in helping to make all this possible.

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