Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Eat your hearts out Zionist and Labtory Scum, Jeremy Corbyn is staying put. Period!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m not someone who has ever in my life been given to speculation, much less so that of the fatuous kind, since I’ve always been and categorically remain a pragmatist who staunchly believes in the foundation of reality. I might not necessarily like the eventual outcome of the consequences of this pragmatic approach on my part but nevertheless will graciously accept the decision taken by others that has been arrived at by majority consensus and democratically delivered. Notwithstanding that however the conscionable basis on how I honestly operate and conduct my personal, professional and political lives and will always continue to do so while working assiduously, straightforwardly, persuasively and democratically amidst the backdrop of my deeply entrenched moral principles for commensurate change, if and when necessary, will always remain.

And let me make it unequivocally clear if Jeremy Corbyn of his own free will and with no coercion exerted on him by anyone decides that he freely wants to step down as leader of the Labour Party to which position he was massively elected that must be his decision exclusively to make and no one else’s; and in those circumstances I and assuredly every other committed believer in democracy and who passionately supports the real Labour Party and its genuine membership will courteously accept that decision.

However, if the Labtory traitors within the parliamentary wing of the Labour Party who never wanted Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour Party leader under any circumstances and have both surreptitiously and openly on the part of others of them been doing their very utmost to undermine this most principled of human beings, something that quite self-evidently these loathsome and utterly lowlife morons could never realistically, even in a million light years, aspire to be; certainly currently aren’t; far less so ever become!

Insidiously treacherous and perniciously self-absorbed by every logical definitions of those words and who conspiratorially with their like-minded ilk principally in the Tory, Lib-Dem and other Zionist supportive, Nazi-mindset and proto-fascist supposedly political parties like UKIP together with their frenetic and obsessively racist and xenophobic  supporters embedded as purported journalists or reporters but in effect nothing more than dictated to and overrated stenographers fraudulently spewing out what they’re instructed to by their Zionist, Yid owned, controlled and largely run white British media from the state funded, through the compulsory TV licence fee, to Sky News in terms of the electronic media and mendaciously backed by their print counterparts ranging from the Yi-infected, infested, Zionist-mindset and controlled Guardian “newspaper” – I’ve deliberately inverted-commas newspaper in risible contempt as the Guardian is nothing of the kind currently and has long ceased to be so – to the Daily Mirror.

The latter a labour movement and Labour Party supporter supposedly but with as much authentic credibility to it as saying that the fellowship of paedophiles, Queers and Dykes that liberally ensconce themselves in the perverted environment of the Westminster Bubble and duplicitously living in a delusional world of their own creation far removed from all semblance of reality but who none the less regard themselves as indispensable and genuine lovers of children, something that’s categorically and unquestionably not the case, must anyway be taken at face value. Well in the case of the Daily Mirror that shouldn’t be believed or allowed to happen. Not by anyone that is with the slightest moral concept of what’s genuinely right or wrong.

This coordinated and vitriolic assault on Jeremy Corbyn has nothing whatsoever to do, as his opponents and detractors fraudulently and unconvincingly claim, with his competence or otherwise as a leader and especially so as the leader of the Labour Party, who was quite democratically and massively elected by the Labour party membership throughout Britain but instead has absolutely everything to do with the perfidious Zionist mindset and quite transparently graspingly avaricious aspirations of those who are vehemently opposed to him, knowing perfectly well that Jeremy Corbyn for his part is diametrically opposed to what they immorally and illegally stand for; a state of affairs by them that has sinisterly intensified as despite all that they did to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign it was him and not any of the Labtory scum that the Labour Party membership voted for.

And with their threadbare and spurious claims of being committed democrats shown up for what they really are, in effect non-existent, they instinctively turned and in great desperation on their part to what they actually are at heart: graspingly avaricious scum as I’ve said earlier, comprehensively self-serving and completely self-absorbed; treacherous to the umpteenth degree; supporters and purveyors of multifaceted illegal and criminal activities ranging from deliberately fomenting chaos with its attendant wilful refugee problems, premeditated regime change, mass murder, crimes against humanity and the massive exploitative denudation of Global South countries’ natural resources and national wealth for their own white Caucasian benefit exclusively and carried out under their delusional notion of white supremacist and in their utterly sick world view a rather twisted and unquestionable, as they see it, white exceptionalism whose sole entitlement must be theirs and their own kind alone.

All this against the backdrop of their ingrained racism, xenophobia, pro-fascism and embedded imperialist, colonialist and Little Englander mindset reinforced by the implausible belief that they and their Zionist kind alone have an omnipotent and wholly unchallengeable right not only to rule the rest of the world but also dictate exactly how the populations that live in these Global South Countries predominantly conduct their lives and are permitted to run their own affairs.

These obviously, to any conscionable person that is, selfish, illegal, immoral, obtuse and sickening  views held with an entrenched propensity by these treacherous Labtory scum, and this can’t be emphasized enough, and their fellow and like-minded detrital elements of supposed humanity are and have always been completely anathema to Jeremy Corbyn, and not only is this publicly and universally well known but it’s also similarly recognized by everyone including Jeremy Corbyn’s most hateful, vitriolic and implacable opponents and detractors, that this commendable and principled stance on his part will never change.

But despite being well aware of all of that the wilful and evil mendacity of the coterie of Labtory adherents within the Labour Party and particularly its parliamentary wing is such that they would much prefer to ruin the Labour Party while dishonestly and publicly claiming that they are its saviours rather than acknowledge that they’re wrong, if indeed they have the commonsense to realistically and objectively arrive at that unquestionably correct conclusion, immediately change their mendacious course of action and accept that the Labour Party isn’t their plaything to do with as they will or provide a platform for their graspingly avaricious, self-absorbed and self-serving ends.

And as Diane Abbot has succinctly, sensibly and conscionably put it, it’s all part of the Westminster game for these odious politicians, and while their constituents whom they cynically, prodigiously and rather beneficially use for their own selfish purposes and most loathsomely in a manner not dissimilar to how a discernibly despicable gold-digging slut uses her well-heeled and either docile long-suffering or even idiotic sugar daddy husband, partner or supposed lover with more money than commonsense as rather a convenient convenience that’s precisely how these Labtory scum perceive their constituents who they none the less rely on to get them into parliament.

However realizing on their part that they’re never going to sway Jeremy Corbyn or his many supporters in the Labour Party and across the country to accept their skewed and utterly loathsome approach to life these Labtory scum like the puerile but all the same truculent and immature morons that they are have collaboratively embarked on petulantly seeking to destroy the very same Labour Party, it’s genuine membership and the so-called “working” classes whose deep-seated and longstanding interests they claim aren’t being addressed by Jeremy Corbyn.

How bloody disingenuous and dishonest can anyone, even when they constitute a bunch of odious Labtory nerds as these, brainless in the extreme get with their mind bogglingly stupidity? Jeremy Corbyn was only elected leader of the Labour Party in September 2015 and for all of his exemplary parliamentary life previous to that momentous moment was a backbencher, enforcedly so by those who’d self-servingly usurped the Labour Party, and of which he’s always been and still is a highly conscionable and exceptionally creditable member, but were now running it. And it beggars belief and is most ironic that those who are dishonestly and self-servingly blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the ills of the Labour Party conjoined they vociferously and assertively say with the multiplicity of extremely serious problems that their constituency homelands are currently facing and have being doing for several decades and over many generations are either the same MPs or their like-minded ilk who under the undemocratic first past the post electoral system in Britain, abused and very much taken for granted by all these unquestionably loathsome MPs, thought nothing about exploitatively utilizing the unquestioning trust and unthinking loyalty of these same constituents: principally white, demonstrably uneducated, readily cap-doffing, toadying to their supposedly social betters and essentially used purely as electoral fodder and nothing else, for these career MPs own selfish ends.

And most assuredly certain that they could easily get away with it did and continue to do nothing positive or remotely constructive for these people; and rather than accept that fact and work positively to redress their own miserable failings and shortcomings have instead deliberately, unreasonably, contemptibly, utterly dishonourably and even contemptuously chosen to carry on idiotically existing in their rather delusional and self-absorbed vacuum of uncompromising self-denial; refusing to acknowledge that any of what has and still is evidently transpiring is any of their responsibility and somehow – don’t ask me how they possibly arrived at that transparently idiotic conclusion but that said we’re dealing with a bunch of perverted Queers, Dykes, paedophiles and paedophile advocates so against that background anything is possible with these sick morons – it’s all the fault of one Jeremy Corbyn.

Someone who they apparently but quite idiotically think they can unrealistically, to all thinking minds who see them for what they really are, in their turbulently created sea of like-minded adherents to their Fascist beliefs and failed policies among those comfortably ensconced in the Westminster Bubble and the collaborative right wing, Zionist Nazi and proto-fascist elements embedded in their own relevant corridors of power in the British media, fraudulently lay the blame for all their assiduously but asininely created woes on Jeremy Corbyn who they all know isn’t and doesn’t want to be one of them. And frankly what we’re seeing in England is a repeat of what happened in Scotland where the Labour Party there under its past stewardships, as did the Conservatives, took the Scottish voters for granted and have paid dearly for doing so.

But even among these Labtory numbskulls that catastrophic development on their brain-dead part isn’t their fault? But guess whose fault they regard it as? Right in one – Jeremy Corbyn’s! This notwithstanding the fact that he has had absolutely nothing to do with it and as a longstanding and contemptuously by these same cretins hubristically overlooked backbencher absolutely had no say or anything to do as regards what these brainless and egotistical assholes were criminally and undemocratically engaged in. Yet not in the least content with all the mess which they and their ilk have created over decades they still in their senseless and patently absurd white Caucasian exceptionalism, aided and abetted by their House Nigger and the Asian equivalent in the House of Commons believe it’s their inalienable right to carry on as before and regardless of the consequences for others and particularly those who want to be completely rid of them by any means possible. And in this barefaced and spiteful process of theirs ignoring the massive mandate granted by the Labour Party membership to its new leader Jeremy Corbyn to affect much needed change.

Now moving to the issue of the EU Referendum how can Jeremy Corbyn be held responsible for the chaotic mess which Britain now predictably finds itself in. Like me and everyone else who had a lawful right to vote Jeremy Corbyn had the same one person one vote as each and everyone one of us who either chose to vote or opted not to. Likewise, he also like all of us if we chose to think for ourselves or not the inalienable right to vote or ignore the whole bloody thing. I don’t know how Jeremy Corbyn voted and frankly it isn’t any business of mine to do so any more than he knows how I voted or would demand of me that I tell him, assuming of course that I actually voted. So at the end of the day it was actually a choice, quite needlessly so I think, given to the British people to liberally exercise depending on how clever or mostly brainless or comprehensively brain-dead they were to freely express their supreme stupidity, outright ineptitude, mind-boggling ignorance, deep-seated racism and embedded xenophobia and bugger all really to do with the European Union, which according to Google millions of Britons googled after the referendum vote to belatedly acquaint themselves with what the EU was. How fucking idiotic can one possibly get? That’s like stupidly and impetuously running off to Gretna Green for argument sake euphorically getting married, coming back pregnant in the case of the female concerned, and then these two burks check up to see what marriage is, because previously they hadn’t the foggiest idea what it was. However, that didn’t stop these prized morons from acting as they did and getting married.

And quite bluntly that’s the categorical case with significant sections of the British public; so utterly stupid and ill-informed about politics and much else, so bloody apathetic and entirely ignorant and arrogant with it and so completely pathetic all-round that it’s quite difficult most of the time to have any sympathy for much less so any empathy with them. For this so-called referendum was all about white exceptionalism, greed and racism; not the numbers coming to Britain but what race they were and where in the world even when they were white that they originated from. David Cameron hubristically called it to steal a march on UKIP that his Nazi backbenchers were getting shit scared of and frankly to appease them. The Labtories no real friends of the EU, whatever they may dishonestly say now that the consequences of Brexit is staring them starkly in the face, and which they rather asininely perceive is run by Germany, and donning their tin helmets to psychologically if not physically, because they know that in the latter case they just couldn’t win, fight World War II all over again despite the fact that when it comes to actually donning a British military uniform in earnest these cowardly cunts and their family members are never present although they’re all quite happy to hubristically but oh so fraudulently display their bogus patriotism and fight on Britain’s behalf to the last drop of someone else’s blood, even though its them and their sort that intentionally start these illegal Global South wars with all their attendant and catastrophic consequences.

Even so the EU is a milch cow for many of them. And I’ll give you one example of this. Do you remember Neil Kinnock and his avaricious wife Glenys – I’m sure you do – he was the Labour Party leader at whose risible expense Rupert Murdoch’s Sun rag in the night before that disastrous election thrashing that he led the Labour Party to pertinently said this in its next day headlines: “If Kinnock wins Today will the last person to leave Britain please turn the lights out!” Both Neil and Rupert then moved to Europe as EU commissioner and MEP and couldn’t have asked for a nicer earner. Now their fucking idiotic son Stephen Kinnock in the same mould as his loathsome parents is most ironically having a go at Jeremy Corbyn and in a situation where neither his abhorrent mother or vainglorious father have between them a smidgen of the moral principles that Jeremy Corbyn has in his little finger. Yet with him in the House of Commons less than a year there was this equally contemptible brat still wet around the ears berating Jeremy Corbyn and being tipped by Rupert Murdoch sluts and queers at Sky News as an imminent possible leader of the Labour Party – I didn’t know nor did anyone in authority tell the country that Britain has officially or even unofficially adopted US style dynastic politics - yet in the next breath they say that Jeremy Corbyn’s new Shadow Cabinet is inexperienced. Talk about stupidity, hypocrisy and rank double standards.

The EU Referendum wasn’t about Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, Jeremy’s leadership of it or anything to do with any of these three things. It was in effect a wholly unnecessary and utterly hubristic gesture on the part of David Cameron of a self-indulgent and self-absorbed white Yid kid brought up on the proceeds and riches of Caribbean Slavery and who for all of his pampered life has had whatever it was that he wanted and felt that he had an entitlement to carry on doing so. Always having had his way he didn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t expect the same state of affairs to continue as before. At heart a long time Euro-Sceptic he none the less didn’t want his even more far right Nazi Zionist and pro-fascist backbenchers shit scared of their own kind in UKIP to tell him what he could and should do in relation to his running the Tory Party as he saw fit. So he called this referendum without any great deal of enthusiasm and in markedly unexpected style, an understatement if there’s any such thing he comprehensively lost.

In the meantime the quite loathsome Zionist Labtories who for their own part and with their similar Little Englander mindset were also Euro-Sceptic but on the horns of a dilemma since many of them were making huge amounts of money from it didn’t want to be seen as being a part of the UKIP bandwagon and in those disingenuous circumstances only gave lip service to the campaign, since it’s well known that many of them never left London or the abhorrent Westminster Bubble that they dwell in and therefore weren’t on the campaign trail waiting no doubt to see how the wind blew and then self-servingly exploit it for their own benefit as they do everything else. Consequently if the country voted to remain they could say they were responsible for that decision and if it voted to leave as it has done then they could all blame it on Jeremy Corbyn and then dishonestly use this as an excuse to publicly and quite vitriolically mount their longstanding from the day he was elected leader of the Labour Party campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn. And frankly that’s what this is all about.

So this self-created problem with its own goal situation isn’t Jeremy Corbyn’s doing nor is it his problem. And I’ve a rather pertinent question for all you out there who have brains and routinely use them to think for yourselves. All others it’s not a question for or directed at you as I don’t deal with idiots. So here’s my question. If as these loathsome Labtory plotters and their Nazi Zionist. Pro-Yidland controllers are openly and dishonestly telling you that Jeremy Corbyn has no genuine support in the UK and what support he did once have initially among the Labour Party membership and activists has markedly ebbed away and therefore he would be massively defeated in a re-run of any Labour Party leadership election, why then are they so adamant to illegally keep him, hugely democratically elected and the incumbent leader of the Labour Party off their proposed “ballot” paper?

Surely in the aftermath of all their demonstrably public, hugely concerted and conspicuously orchestrated shenanigans, if what they saying has any credibility about it, wouldn’t the very best thing in those circumstances and for their collective cause be a situation of them publicly and humiliatingly defeating Jeremy Corbyn in an authentic democratically run contest so that not only Britain but also the entire world could see for themselves what the true picture was, instead of these fraudulent and despicable assholes gerrymandering their so-called election to illegally and unconstitutionally exclude the legal and incumbent leader of the Labour Party? And why do you think they’re seeking to opt for the latter? Spot on in your obvious analysis! For these brain-dead, manipulated and manipulating in their turn pillocks know that Jeremy Corbyn will win handsomely and with an increased majority. And clearly knowing this it is quite obvious that they and their Zionist backers want to rig the leadership position of the Labour Party.

But that’s not only a highly dangerous game on their part it’s also a deadly one. For the only way that people like me and avidly staunch supporters of Jeremy Corbyn will ever allow his cessation as leader of the Labour Party is if he voluntarily steps down from his position or is democratically replaced in a fair leadership contest. He’s been in the job just nine months and I personally won’t allow criminal cunts like Jack Straw who should be behind bars for crimes against humanity, war crimes, premeditated chaos in the Global South, illegal regime change in Iraq and other places, complicit in so-called extraordinary rendition, a contemptuously and chillingly underrated euphemistic name for the concerted kidnapping, barbaric torture and a multiplicity of public office malfeasance escapades that this quite odious piece of white shit has been routinely involved in, notably selling influence and favours for considerable sums of money, and who fucked up the Labour Party and its so-called power bases for decades not only in England and Wales but specifically in Scotland to fraudulently off-load their crimes and incompetence on to the shoulders of Jeremy Corbyn who had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this; having been consistently an overlooked and despised backbencher while all this was going on by those Labtories who ran the Labour Party then.

Finally, as I must bring this article to a close, we see all the rampant hypocrisies and double standards surrounding Jeremy Corbyn being trotted out by media outlets like Sky News. Dyke Kezi Dugdale who leads an autonomous Scottish Labour Party that was wiped out in the 2015 general election campaign wants Jeremy Corbyn to step down claiming he’s an ineffective leader notwithstanding what happened under her watch in Scotland when Jeremy wasn’t the leader of the Labour Party and was still a backbencher. Asked by a reporter then if she would stand down she said know as she was elected by the Scottish Party membership and had a mandate to run the party. No such wipe out has happened south of the border in any elections during Jeremy Corbyn’s stewardship. On the contrary he ahs won elections; yet this loathsome Dyke more interesting in rubbing her fanny against another dyke bitch wants Jeremy to go. The we were told by Sky that Turkish, American born Boris Kamal, aka Boris Johnson should be the leader of the Tory Party, no new national elections needed and that Boris though he doesn’t have the support of the majority of Tory parliamentarians none the less has a strong backing among the Tory Party membership, So that’s good!

We all know that from day one of his election the parliamentary Labour Party that contains a stinking remnant of mass murderers didn’t want Jeremy so having a vote of no confidence against him is ridiculous as there was never any there in the first place and in Jeremy’s case you can’t lose what you never had to start with. Anyway Sky insists that Jeremy should step down because he doesn’t have the support of these scum and traitors in the parliamentary Labour Party but when challenged on the fact that he has massive support in the membership and among supporters the same Sky that hails Boris Kamal in those circumstances in quite Rupert Murdoch Zionist Nazi style ignores that and says it doesn’t matter.

As anyone who followed the campaign knows, knows full well that many Labour MPs did not leave London and go to their constituencies to campaign for either Remain or Leave; and if they are as popular as they delude themselves that they are why didn’t they do so to seek to persuade their constituents to toe the official Labour Party line at least? Work that out! And in all reality is it the job of one adult, MP or otherwise, to dictate to another how he or she should behave in any given situation if that other person is similarly adult. Surely all that was needed was to give these voters the facts and let them make up their minds. But the truth is that significant numbers of British voters are as ignorant as shit; for as Google reported there were millions of them googling to find out what the EU was long after the votes were cast. Shouldn’t this have been done before they voted? And do any of you take kindly to your parents or anyone other family member telling you how exactly you should live your adult life?

Yet we had exceptionally intelligent young people denied the right to vote under the spurious claim that they didn’t know what it was all about when they knew full well what the EU is and what it meant for their future. Yet a number of idiotic, purblind racist mother fuckers with a zero minus intelligence given the vote which they know realize they were conned about; as what they thought they were having everyone who didn’t look like them be immediately cast out of Britain hasn’t and won’t materialize, nor will the£350 million a day that was lyingly promised by the Brexiteers of the likes of Ian Duncan Smith but who are now pulling back on these promises or distancing themselves from what they actually said during the campaign. No wonder Boris Kamal doesn’t want an election.

And how about this? Theresa May didn’t campaign vigorously during the referendum debate and in fact was scarcely heard though claiming she was on the Remain side. In fact her stance was even more “lacklustre” than what Jeremy Corbyn’s was supposed to be. Yet Sky again says that she could be a good PM if Boris Kamal fails to get the nod as she would be a unifier of the party. Her stance worst than Jeremy’s makes her a unifier but Jeremy’s according to the assholes at Sky and in the British media generally makes him a divisive element. Work that out too for yourselves!

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