Monday, 16 May 2016

There’s more to life Peter Kyle than just being a white British, Zionist Queer!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m disturbed at how Palestinians and their Authority
stupidly rely on their narrative of unjust victimhood,
alienation and historical grievances which unnecessarily
and frustratingly can and do put a damper on a clear
ambition and lust for 21st Century life on behalf of
the Palestinians themselves. So says loathsome
Queer Ass Peter Kyle: rookie Hove parliamentarian
since May 2015 in the British House of Commons;
Yid aficionado, staunch Sussex member and
an inveterate supporter of Yidland, as he
spews out on manipulated cue, as all similar
repugnant Zionist Yids do, his contagious
bile and vitriolic calumny against the
ineffectual Palestinian Authority
generally and the amazingly
long suffering Palestinian
people whom the PA badly
and even treacherously
serves, specifically.

While either intentionally or else dimwittedly unaware,
these loquacious queers – for it’s hard sometimes for
rational and intelligent persons to accurately assess
or be absolutely clear in one’s mind when forced
to deal, as in Peter Kyle’s situation, with utterly
pathetic and pathologically demented queer
blockheads whose limited brains, assuming
of course that there are any there in the
first place to speak of, will most certainly be
found, one is unquestionably convinced,
not in their heads but quite assuredly up the foul
asses of these queer morons – that what these
pathological liars are dishonestly bitching
about in relation to the Palestinians is
essentially and undeniably a classic
situation and one acutely pertaining to
their acerbic opponents of why
don’t you just piss off you ass-
fixated cretins and following that
worthy biblical injunction,
first treat and thereafter
heal yourselves of
your underlining
illnesses, you
manifestly sick
and fraudulent

For these gratuitous smears and calculated lies
purposely and maliciously directed at the
Palestinians together with the fictitious
conduct that’s being schemingly
characterized of and also ascribed to them is,
to put it mildly, a comprehensive summation
of exactly what these patently repugnant
and Zionist Yids that Peter Kyle and
the entire panoply of British House
of Commons, other parliamentarians,
retired politicians, media stenographers and so-
called pundits alike Dykes, Queers and Paedophiles
are so fanatically supporting and defending, have
themselves consistently and hypocritically been
publicly turning a Nelsonian blind eye to while
clandestinely encouraging and vigorously
supporting Yidland’s fullest utilization
of the same odious procedures. Yet
this prized Queer Ass Pillock Peter
Kyle, defecating in diarrhoea
fashion his rectal bile, has got
the bloody nerve to label
Jeremy Corbyn: the massively
democratically elected
Labour Party Leader and a life-
long advocate of justice for
the Palestinians, a “loser?
What a sick tosser! Get
fucking real you dense
and Queer Ass Man!

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 May 2016.

Author’s remarks:
Hands up those of you who before reading this poem/article of mine had ever heard of Peter Kyle whether you live in the south of England where he’s the MP for Hove; all of England or stretching the imagination even further afield anywhere across the regions that comprise the rest of the United Kingdom or further beyond. I thought as much – none of you, for as I’ve discovered, and I always meticulously do my vital homework before embarking on writing anything, this moron Peter Kyle is even a nonentity in the parliamentary constituency that he “represents:” a victory there on his part that was significantly occasioned by virtue of the political party he belongs to, but in my opinion shouldn’t be in, and in reality has absolutely very little if anything at all to do with this queer specimen of alleged humanity winning.

But like the bombastic and odious Queer that he is this rectum-fixated Pillock Peter Kyle sees things differently; and therefore like all the other loathsome queers, dykes and paedophiles, one and the same that hideously infect the British Houses of Parliament: Lords and the Commons; the Westminster Bubble; and the privileged “elites” within British society they all happily genuflect to and pay their fulsome obeisance to the Bantu-Saudi allied Mecca of these repugnant abominations embodied in the form of the Rothschild dynastically established, owned, comprehensively controlled and currently administered by Benjamin Netanyahu and his likewise mentally unhinged cohorts Zionist, Nazi and apartheid Yidland! And how very nice for all of you imbecilic British prats out there that you too as Goy plebeians and peasants can all be a part of this!

And what inveterate Zionist and Useful Idiots like Queer Ass Peter Kyle want specifically for the Palestinians amidst their fake concern for them is to have them consistently kicked in the crutch and as they convulsively write on the ground in pain for abhorrent pillocks like him to arrogate to themselves the inalienable and salient right as well to not only tell but also demand how their victims should respond to these barbaric and gratuitous assaults being unleashed on them; while not daring to do anything whatever to protect themselves.

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