Saturday, 21 May 2016

The existential fear of terrorism usefully incited by regimes whose business is terrorism!

By Stanley Collymore

The existential fear of terrorism wilfully, cynically
and sadistically created by the very same sponsors
of terrorism who assuredly know that financially
and in numerous other ways they’ll massively
benefit from their murderous and persistently
utilized hegemonic foreign terrorist forays
is a burden that the dim-witted, gullible,
or the easily manipulated and populist
morons of Britain, the remainder of
the European Union and the USA regard as something
that they in their pernicious contagion of rapturous
ignorance must clearly, preparedly and blissfully
unremittingly endure, and notwithstanding the
known consequences of it all, since obviously
they’ve been there before, rather unconscionably
feel that they have to continue with all the same
dishonest and lying shenanigans as the price
they have to pay in the name of western-
style democracy, imperialism and, of
course, the American led, toadying
United Kingdom and European
Union coupled with the bullied
UN’s General Assembly and
Security Council’s backed
United States delusional
perception of its own
and western, white
Caucasian abiding

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 May 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Rank stupidity and an abysmally low personal self-worth most markedly so in the case of significant numbers of Britons among the privileged classes and those who are of an older age in terms of the former’s underlings at having lost an empire and still looking for a role to play; comprehensively ignorant in all their cases of the fact that empires come and they do eventually go. But having deluded themselves individually as well as collectively and for so long that such an inevitability would never happen to their precious Blighty as the sun would never dare set on their priceless empire, when that “impossibility” did actually occur these same morons were quite naturally left stranded and utterly bewildered as they still are at what precisely to do with themselves other than embarrassingly, though left with no other choice, if they still delusionally wanted to portray Britain as a world power than play second fiddle to the incoming upstart and new bully on the block the United States of America, an amalgamation of Britain’s former colonial entities.

And all this coupled with the manifest awareness that many of these contemporary wannabe imperialists and colonialists are completely ill-informed and additionally miserly lack either the foresight or the ability let alone the incentive to alter their psychological and highly debilitating situation; and it’s not rocket science to deduce why so many of them like numerous numbers of their fellow westerners are as pig-ignorant as they evidently are; and correspondingly so easily manipulated by their criminally disposed politicians and terrorist western leaders.

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