Friday, 27 May 2016

Sovereign most certainly but only in terms of massive stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore

He’s white, British, sixty two years old and lives in Abingdon,
Oxfordshire England with his female partner and their one-
year-old daughter; oh and in case you’re wondering his
name is Kevin Sheehan. Kevin to those who know him
well is what you might call a fish fanatic; in simple
terms that means he’s crazy about them and so in
the back garden of his Abingdon residence he’s
built a small fish pond which is scenic in nature, isn’t
out of place with, but on the contrary attractively
blends in with and moreover artistically and
structurally considerably enhances the
housing environment where he and
his family are happily residing.

An intended and loving decision that vitally provides
Kevin Sheehan’s chosen aquatic companions with
an impeccably suitable, thoroughly welcoming,
absolutely fortuitous for them all and a most
sheltered location surpassed by none and
where these specifically fortunate fish
can certainly in conformity with their
altruistically-minded benefactor’s
wish enjoyably and unrivalled live out the
remainder of their now pampered lives
evidently devoid of the customary
dangers they might otherwise
be usually faced with were
they residing in the wild.

A highly commendable solution you might have thought
that no sensible, intelligent, caring or logical person
could possibly find fault with but nevertheless is a
most suitable and prime candidate it would seem
in terms of a bandwagon category for patently
brain-dead morons or an inveterately stupid
organization ludicrously and vaingloriously
jump on; and one such organization that
has swallowed the bait on this one is a
body calling itself Sovereign that has
strongly taken great exception to what Kevin Sheehan
has done and accordingly ordered him to affect the
immediate demolition of what is essentially an
outdoor aquarium, since its very existence
comprises Sovereign irrationally argues
a mammoth impediment coupled with
a massive life-threatening situation
to of all people, burglar who having illegally
broken into Kevin Sheenan’s property and
with the clear intention of robbing him,
or worst still occasioning him and his
family harm, and therefore possibly
ignorant of the existence or even
location of his fish pond could
conceivable and accidentally,
is Sovereign’s daft position,
of their own volition fall
into it and get drowned!

© Stanley V. Collymore
26 May 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
Rank stupidity is for any intelligent person hard to understand; however when it comes with the kind of rife intensity shown by sovereign it’s frankly beyond all imagination unless, of course, you’re in the same category of stupendously engrained foolhardiness as has been exemplified by Sovereign. And it begs the very obvious question to anyone, who can think logically that is, how on earth did evidently brain-dead morons come to be in possession of the jobs that they’ve somehow incredibly acquired in the first?

For using, just for argument sake, the ludicrous premise that Sovereign is using what next is this family or any other for that matter going to find itself subjected to? Being forced before they go to bed at nights to have their intended and much deserved sleep to make absolutely certain that they leave the lights on in their home just in case a burglar or any number of them come calling after having opted to illegally break into their victims’ home and were those summarily picked on NOT in Sovereign stipulated consideration for these burglars criminality, fail to leave all appropriate lights on to irrationally and according to the warped thinking of the likes of Sovereign will find themselves culpable for whatever unfortunate incident happens to these burglars if in the dark those burgling intruders who uninvited invaded their victims’ homes and in what is to them the unfamiliar environment of these residence coupled with the darkness they encountered there because the legal owner or resident in occupation inconsiderably either refused or omitted to leave the lights in their home, and as a consequence of which, poor things, one or more of these burglars tripped over something or other and either injured or, God forbid, accidentally killed themselves?

Guess what? It’s not their fault but that of the legal occupant of that residence! What madness is this, eh?

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