Thursday, 19 May 2016

She does really love me!

By Stanley Collymore

To be perfectly honest with you I was truly lost
for words and deeply touched when you told
me how you truthfully felt about me and so
very much wanted to be a part of my life
and similarly share yours with me. And
coming hard on the heels of your truly
enthrallingly wonderful admission,
all I could hear amidst the joyful
commotion erupting within my
heart and the unbridled cheer inside my inspired
brain entranced on its own part in celebratory
fashion as it revealed its very own emotion,
were those beautiful and engaging words
in my head: and themselves reinforced
by the abounding and communicable
reciprocity of my deep love for you
coupled with the profoundly felt
and transparent chemistry that
exists between us two and so
palpably evidently there for
all to see: “She absolutely,
truthfully and assuredly
does honestly love me!”

© Stanley V.Collymore
19 May 2016.

Author’s Comments:
This penned poem is an anniversary commemoration coupled with the profound and enduring remembrances of the incredibly exciting and immensely rewarding onset of the truly fantastic relationship that lovingly and expressively exists between my Partner and me.

An abiding encapsulation of the vigour and compelling enthrallment of a distinctive relationship between two then new lovers, the prescient awareness and pleasurable acknowledgement that existed between us and which emotionally and in every other conceivable and constructive manner we instinctively knew and accepted in the fullest sense, and were likewise very much cognizant of the fact that we unquestionably and consensually belong to each other!

And here’s hoping too that you like us have either realized, or very soon will do so, the same experiences and feelings relative to two very special people mutually and joyfully coming together in your own enduring and most loving relationship.

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