Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mein Fuhrer's Greatest Speech

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  1. After their utter humiliation based on lies and disinformation that fomented the First World War and solely instigated by imperialist Britain, culminating in Germany’s defeat and the loathsome degradation of the proud German people and their nation under the Terms of the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans had every right to respond as they did. Delude yourselves all you want to but Britain was no saint and still isn’t in 2016: just look at Iraq, Libya and Syria for example, and there were far more atrocities relentlessly and continuously carried out over centuries in the British Empire than were ever committed by the Third Reich or the German people. And if you’re so squeamish still about concentration camps in Nazi ruled Germany, check out who were the first people in the world to create and utilize concentration and death camps. It was the British!

    And the whatever the Germans subsequently did in their two holocausts in Southwest Africa – check out Shark Island – and subsequently on mainland Europe they owe not 100% but a 1000% to the British. But who among you give a shit about those other victims or even the Gypsy ones of World War II’s holocaust in Europe; and why should you? When with convenient amnesia you can pretend you’re saints while genuflecting at the feet of your Zionist Yiddish masters and controllers; and bloody barbaric and sadistic mass murderers like yourselves!