Saturday, 14 May 2016

Are stupidity and toadying to Yiddish lobbies the only benchmark of Scottish policing?

By Stanley Collymore

Madeleine Albright the ironically fascist and Nazi-mindset nerd and her likewise familial lot who made it to the United States rather than the more appropriate for scum like her, them and their sort locations of Auschwitz, Dachau or Belsen Bergen for example, as Secretary of State for the US, a position solely attained through her Yidishness and Yid connections rather than any appropriateness, suitability for or competence in on her part for that job, having explicitly and publicly advocated for and attained swingeing sanctions against the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein that specifically targeted the most vulnerable inhabitants of that country: the sick, elderly, pregnant mothers, hospitalized children, those needing live-saving medicines and treatment and, of course, the requisite drugs and technical and surgical apparatuses necessary to carry out essential and immensely critical operations and treatment of all those involved –a brutal most barbaric and utterly sadistic victimization of them instituted and callously directed by her fellow Yids in Yidland and the US and particularly among the Yiddish lobbies there and not forgetting that thoroughly repugnant body referred to as the United States Congress, which they’ve not only comprehensively bought and paid for, assuredly have in their pockets but also absolutely control, and doing so chiefly to ensure that the pathological and immensely paranoid entities that administer Yidland: an interloping, foreign, barbarous, colonialist and a most white Caucasian, European originated  and markedly aggressive and monstrous beast in the Middle East  didn’t have in their sick and deranged mindset any plausible opponents to their barbarous usurpation of Palestine and the ongoing for several decades now and particularly so since the conclusion of World War II the genocide of its indigenous Palestinian people.

And therefore stopping the Iraqis from lawfully having access to on the international markets through the venomous bullying of these countries compounded by an orchestrated western and US led vile sanctions against Iraq acquiring these vital medicines and equipment and resulting within Iraq itself of the needless and traumatically painful suffering and deaths of around two million Iraqi babies and other young children while the world cynically coerced by the United States  could only stand by and watch; Madeleine Albright gloatingly like the sick and utterly demented Yid cunt that she is boastfully and sickeningly had this to say when a few brave and conscionable journalists asked her about this loathsome insanity on her part, that the palpably scandalous and wilful murder of all these children and others in their premeditatedly created situation “was a price worth paying.”

One doubtlessly so in order to facilitate what was patently and in effect the illegal removal of Saddam Hussein; forcibly ensuring that the population of his country and the accompanying illegal regime change that would soon afterwards follow in a country that was an established member of the UN and all these various activities on the part of the United States and its allies did not only contravene international law but also and indisputably too all other established civilized, recognized and ratified international norms and conventions including the Charter of the UN itself. Saddam Hussein as we all know was subsequently and inevitably ousted on a deliberate lie fabricated by Britain and the United States and his country completely militarily as well as socially devastated by the ostentatious barbarity of both these white controlled countries while Saddam Hussein himself after an obviously and insultingly charade to anyone that is with even a modicum of commonsense or intellectual acumen knew was a show trail with a preordained outcome that contravened every aspect of civilized behaviour was publicly and humiliatingly hanged to the delirious gratification of Madeleine Albright and her panoply of global Yids in the US, Britain, the rest of the EU and naturally as one would expect in Yidland.

And even more sickeningly in all this Madeleine Albright even after the entire world became fully aware of the wilful lies, misinformation, deceit and all the rest of it to the savagely killed and some would say execution of all those Iraqi children and the attendant consequences that were intentionally designed to turn Iraq into the discernibly fractured and failed state that it has become Madeleine Albright with her mind-blogging audacity still had this to say, that given the opportunity once more she would readily and avidly do what she did all over again and that furthermore she had nothing whatever in relation to Iraq or her evil and criminal actions there, as assessed by many observers, to apologize for.

In other words that those two million Iraqi babies and children didn’t matter in the least or subsequently the other two million innocent Iraqi civilians slaughtered in the US and UK’s illegal war and lengthy invasion of Iraq. Nor for that matter the five million Iraqis externally displaced and the four million internally subjected to the same unforgivable fate because of western imperialism instigated by Zionist Yidland and compliantly carried out as usual by its stooges – a classic case of the tail wagging the dog – the United States and Britain. And when one factors in this comprehensively disturbing equation the ongoing, highly orchestrated and demonic turmoil going on in the Middle East and neighbouring north and east Africa and with Yidland very much in the driving seat of all this, plus as the world already knows yet either as a direct consequence of western bullying or else plain stupidity does nothing concrete or even remotely positive about it, the genocide of the Palestinians by these odious and barbaric Yids carries on apace. So how given all that can anyone with an ounce of integrity, morality or any conscience be expected to have any sympathy for let alone empathize with these lowlife, white trash colonialist Europeans?

And drawing on an analogy that directly fits yourself would you seeing yourself as a decent and conscionable person discovering that you had a serial rapist and paedophile living among you in your neighbourhood or even an adjacent one but who has a family of his or her own that they evidently and dotingly cherish while not extending those same sentiments to other people or families anywhere, if this paedophile or any of their family members should come a cropper in whatever way, sustains a serious or incurable illness or even a bereavement openly extend your sorrow or condolences to this family? Of course you bloody well won’t and most likely would be secretly wishing that more or even far worst of the same things happen to these scum, and most certainly would at best be specifically miffed and at worst bloody outraged if idiotic assholes in this privileged and cosseted family’s pay – as the Scottish cops and other UK ones are corruptly so in the pay as well as under the absolute control of highly influential Yids and their lobbies in the UK just as their counterparts are in the rest of Europe and conspicuously so across the Atlantic in the US and Canada – brazenly seek to dictate to you that you should have some sympathy for or even worst still empathize with this absolutely repellent family and then adding insult to injury caution you that in not doing so and by gloating at their misfortune or by involving yourself in activities that are patently send-up ones and therefore puerile in context but which they and this family take offence to that you and others who behave in this way are insensitively occasioning this revolting family deep offence? And which is exactly the type of brain-dead conduct being perversely adopted by these tartan cunts in blue and which couldn’t be any more manifestly idiotic and clearly orchestrated actions relative to this allegedly Nazi-saluting and Adolf Hitler aficionada dog that one could possibly imagine. But of course these are YIDS and their paranoid sensitivities must be catered for under the full force of the law. And besides, no one else must have sensitivities; not even the Palestinians or those who support them in their just cause!

That last remark is specifically made and employed most intentionally in the context in which it’s unapologetically used because here in the west and in countries like Britain especially significant numbers of people are either blissfully in their mind-boggling ignorance or mischievous sycophancy living with idiotic and perniciously embedded double standards and a comprehensively hypocritical set of sickening acts of behaviour in which an intentionally fraudulent state of affairs is created where only things ludicrously perceived to be offensive to Yids and none others are deemed to be abusive, provocative or criminal and consequently should automatically be outlawed or categorized as a hate penalties.

An utterly iniquitous situation as well as a hugely bigoted and subjected one whereby a unilateral state of affairs is created in which there’s a toadying and arbitrarily handing over lock stock and barrel to a sub-group of European people, effectively the Yids, the unique initiative, advantage and monopoly to whinge at will like the puerile and feral assholes that they selfishly and dementedly are in order to psychologically blackmail in whatever way they desire: financially, politically, through societal influence or whatever, fellow idiotic and grossly ill-informed white Caucasians like themselves, and I’m speaking here in the context solely of a racial group as this has bugger all to do with religion as these purported Judaist Yids are unquestionably white and Caucasian, who’re abysmally ignorant of the barbarously committed calamitous atrocities that these Yids have individually as well as collectively and furthermore quite intentionally over the past few centuries and are still currently responsible for in various demonic guises in the 21st Century.

And only two of multitudinous examples of these wilful acts of barbarity on their part are more than sufficient to suffice in terms of outlining these monumental, never apologized for while these odious pieces of white Yiddish shit continue to wilfully live in their sickening state of denial and at the same time even barefacedly and dishonestly portray themselves as the victims of the very crimes against humanity that they’ve barbarically and sadistically carried out and massively profited from; and the Transatlantic Slave Trade which they initiated in my ancestral homeland of Barbados is first among these monstrous barbarities of theirs while the second and still ongoing one is the usurpation of Palestine and the accompanying genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their indigenous and ancestral homeland, and doing the latter under the ludicrous and lying pretext and with the active collaboration in this of fellow Zionists in the west that they’re the direct descendants of ancient Jews, a Semitic people in effect and therefore the rightful and lawful heirs of the land they call Israel, and which I’ve dubbed Yidland, and are even entitled to expand their usurpation of Palestine to encompass other Middle Eastern territories and thus achieve their deluded and demented aspirations of a Greater Israel; one ironically not dissimilar in nature from that of the Third Reich ambitions, which these Yids have obviously copied in their equally delusional quest, of a Greater Germany!

And the sickening thing about the behaviour of these Yids and the grotesque pandering to their every whim by western regimes and ill-informed idiots like you too lazy or bone idle to get off your white obese asses and properly fact check information for yourselves and in doing so assist in destroying all the lying myths that these pathological Yid liars, who even believe their own lies, promulgate about themselves and get pillocks and numbskull morons like you to believe and even defend is that genuine acts of racism against non-white British minorities carry on apace and with nothing concrete, if anything at all, ever done by these same government, law enforcement and judicial authorities, who bend over backwards to accommodate Yids, to counteract these authentic instances of racism.

And very often the patronizing and contemptuous response to such complaints from these non-white communities who document, speak out about and request that something positive be done to stem the tide of genuine acts of racism that they’re routinely subjected to and on a daily basis , and not the bogus type of anti-Semitism that these Yids  have trademarked and handsomely profit from in a diversity of ways and not least of them financially, is to arrogantly tell these non-white Brits, and especially if they’re Blacks, that they have a chip on their shoulder, must stop whingeing and grow up, and significantly and insultingly should get a life. No such advice to Yids however!

And with such a contemptuous attitude towards non-white Brits and Black ones in particular is it any wonder then that everyone from David Cameron to Turkish ancestry, US born and Eton “educated” Boris Kamal aka Boris Johnson and former Mayor of London to Theresa May, Philip Hammond and all the other Tory jerks and their bedfellow Labtory scum in the Labour Party – notably your prized Scottish git and mass murderer Gordon Brown - as well as the Lib-Dem assholes that infect the House of Common fell that it’s always grouse shooting time where Blacks are concerned and they can bloody well do whatever they like in terms of racism and packages of discrimination against them; and furthermore employ and fulsomely use their dog-whistles as they please to promote this racism.

Boris Kamal for example referring to Black British born children as piccaninies with watermelon smiles; and yes I can well remember the Chairman of the British Police Federation openly and proudly saying on TV that he saw nothing wrong in members of the police forces in the UK or the public for that matter referring to Blacks as NIGGERS. Yet the cunt contingent of the UK police comprising the Scottish Police Force wants to prosecute a Scotsman for allegedly teaching his girlfriend’s dog the Nazi salute, as doing so was highly offensive these tartan assholes in blue claim to their precious Yids. Yes, we’re in the 21st Century but nothing has changed except the century and the date, and what has, has only been for the worst. For it’s now the Era of the Yids, yet again!

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