Tuesday, 26 April 2016

You’re nothing but an unknowingly cuckolded and azoospermia moron Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

By Stanley Collymore

You’re nothing Recep Tayyip Erdogan and, temporarily
putting your alleged and avid proclivity for sexually
abusing defences goats aside, you are definitely a
most odious, egotistic self-indulgent, graspingly
greedy, intuitively delinquent and a noticeably
incorrigibly sickening and a detestable bully
genuinely lacking self-worth and in every
respect quite obviously analogous to all those feral,
enormously congenitally and mentally impaired
schoolboys and evidently substandard alleged
human beings, and to whom commonsense,
good judgement and intellectual acumen
are unmistakably non-existent in their
DNA structure, and who sadistically
receive their ghoulish gratification
by barbarously pulling the wings
off ensnared, hapless and very
clearly alive butterflies, you
RecepTayyip Erdogan fall
explicitly and markedly
without question quite
clearly among them!

Callous torturers of the worst kind who abysmally
fail to recognize much less so ever accept that
what they’re contemptibly and barbarically
doing can possibly in any way be vaguely
considered as obnoxious, illegal or just
plain morally wrong; and who as the
years inexorably for all of us press
on and physiologically though in
effect rather involuntarily and
outwardly so they seem to be adults, in actuality
they’ve neither acquired the capability, moral
integrity nor the trustworthy confidence to
either sensibly or logically grow up and
abandon their puerile and troublesome
past as genuine adults do, and in the
process intelligently and positively
move on; marked inabilities that
classically most correctly and
quite evilly sum you up and
exemplify your repugnant
behavioural traits: tyrant,
terrorist and facilitator
of beheaders, Recep
Tayyip Erdogan.

For you yourself are a loathsome terrorist Recep
Tayyip Erdogan as well as a decisive lowlife
specimen of conjectural humanity, and in
addition to all that a blood-stained mass
murderer, rapacious profiteer of other
people’s misery, a pathological liar
and an utterly obsessive attention
seeker haughtily grandstanding
but even so rather unimpressively as an eyesore
scarecrow or nuisance strawman who despite
their self-important stance the more savvy
raptorial or cleverer birds of prey pay no
regard to or any approving attention of
at all; in relation to theirs or yours in
specific human terms ostentatious,
enormously pretentious, entirely
disingenuous and devious self-
advertisement shenanigans
Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

And in the same way that these shrewd creatures of the
air have skilfully acquired the ability to be absolutely
discerning in their judgement and know precisely
how to judiciously apply this advantageous info
appropriately, why then shouldn’t every truly
sagacious human being: whether they be a
child, woman or man and who fervently
feel so inclined, likewise sensibly and
just as perceptively do the same in your particular
case Recep Tayyip Erdogan by obviating your
crass and distracting pretences while smartly
lampooning your patently stupid and very
delusional obsession of resurrecting the
dead Ottoman Empire and thereafter
having yourself fittingly installed
as its unquestionable Head and
for everyone you delusionally
presume in your ludicrous
state of erroneous belief
to quite obviously and
worshipfully admire.

Fantasy grossly and exaggeratedly conflated with reality; for
in your ineffectual and pathetic private life you’re nothing
more than an outright grotesque azoospermiac, Turkish
moron unwittingly the father of children whom you
could not possibly have sired, and certainly not
with you shooting spermatic blanks as your
coital ammunition. Yet evidently incapable it’s apparent
of effectively controlling your patently clever, publicly
unassuming but privately cuckolding woman Recep
Tayyip Erdogan you nevertheless as the undeniably
chauvinistic monster but manifestly unknowingly
cuckolded buffoon that you plainly are, rather
idiotically and quite laughably to those of us
who’re in the know, wish more than a wee
bit belatedly to now callously blackmail
as well as fiendishly venture to crudely
subjugate the world as a recalcitrant
measure and furthermore as a rapt
compensation for your torturous
and acute sexual shortcomings.

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 April 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
First Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t like the satirical song about him sung by a German singer and done so in Germany it must be remembered; not in Turkey! Nevertheless, this brain-dead egotist had the German ambassador to Turkey summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry where he was given a severe dressing down about the song that he had nothing to do with and was possibly even unaware of it until told about it by the Turks but all the same with Recep Erdogan demanding that the German song be banned.

Next when the German satirical poet in response to the blatant interference in artistic freedom within Germany by a man who routinely silences in every way that he can anyone who dares say something Erdogan doesn’t like or considers to be insulting to him irrespective of how trivial the supposedly offending matter or material is, this ultra paranoid asshole that rigged his party’s political election “victory”, changed the Turkish constitution which enshrined the secular nature of that country and instead made himself the president and sole arbiter of what is now a religiously ideological cesspit that is also unquestionably undemocratic and very much a dictatorial state, Erdogan fuming at what Jan Boehmermann the poet referred to earlier had written demanded that Angela Merkel the German Chancellor have Boehmermann arrested and prosecuted for insulting him, Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the “offensive” poem he’d written and performed in his line of work on television and significantly in Boehmermann’s own country of Germany. Toadyingly Angela Merkel has caved in to Erdogan’s demands; and done so most duplicitously under Section 103 of an antiquated German law going back centuries under the criminal code of “insulting a representative of a foreign state.”

Now how more bloody selective and toadying can one get in response to the dictatorial bullying of a despot, and profoundly narcissistic with it, who despite his murderous, terrorist and massively ongoing human rights and other calamitous and premeditated abuses in Turkey Angela Merkel consciously turning a blind eye to all this nevertheless warmly embraces Erdogan because Turkey is a member of NATO and Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened that if he doesn’t get his way in what he selfishly demands he’ll open the floodgates and deluge Europe and specifically Germany with refugees, migrants: economic or otherwise, and worrisomely for Europe and Merkel terrorists too. But rather than challenge Erdogan on all of this and with her political career and position as Chancellor of Germany more important to her than principles, integrity or Germany’s hard won human rights post World War II, Merkel has self-servingly surrendered Germany’s dignity and its people’s pride to blatant opportunism at the hands of a terrorist, terrorist-sponsor and murderous dictator, Turkey’s despotic ruler and wannabe emperor of a resurrected Turkish Ottoman Empire.

But the informed ones among you out there and who’re sensible with it know as well as I do that Angela Markel’s stance apart from being utterly self-serving stinks of hypocrisy, double standards and disingenuousness at its worst. For there are a number of current heads of states of several countries and past ones too and their officials who if a similar poem or song was written about them by German artistes there’s bugger all Merkel would have done to appease these people if they had complained to her and wanted as Erdogan in marked contrast has succeeded in doing and quite easily so; and instead if she hadn’t ignored the complainants outright would have conceitedly and categorically stated that these German artistes were performing in their home country Germany where the rule of law applied and where individuals were guaranteed freedom of expression and the right to free speech, and no one would ever have heard of this antiquated German law that the overwhelming majority of Germans weren’t themselves aware of until Angela Merkel conveniently had her prosecutor search the archives and dragged it up, for Angela Merkel was herself ignorant of it.

And just for argument sake could you ever envisage Angela Merkel using this antiquated German law in favour of Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Winnie Mandela of South Africa, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran or Kim Jan-Un of North Korea? I shan’t hold my breath for your answer for you know perfectly well she would not. But if any of these aforementioned persons had used their political powers in government or the office they held to prosecute a citizen of their own country who wrote a song or poem praising any westerner however distasteful that westerner was not only would the western corporate media be up in arms and jumping to the defence of these prosecuted artistes, the likes of Angela Merkel would likewise be in the vanguard of those western politicians castigating the very same actions that she, Angela Merkel is now engaged in. So it’s not principles, the rule of law or any of that disingenuous shit that Angela Merkel is concerned about here but rather upholding imperialistic, colonialist and the hegemonic interests, policies and practices of the west, and very much akin to the Berlin Conference of 1884 in its mindset. And if you don’t know what happened at the Berlin Conference of 1884 then I suggest you go and check it out!

After the Jan Boehmermann incident I began work on the draft of a castigatory poem directed personally at Recep Erdogan but before I could add the finishing touches, properly proof read the work and prepare it for publication, a process I methodically carry out with all my work, a number of far more important issues intervened and finding it more relevant to deal with these I did just that and instead put the Erdogan poem on the back burner where it stayed and would have continued to until I’d completed the other work I earlier referred to.

Then my German partner who takes a keen interest in my work as I reciprocally do with hers and was therefore fully au fait with the Erdogan poem drew my attention one evening to the fact that the Spectator Journal was offering a prize for the poem that could worst insult Recep Erdogan. My response was immediate. I would instantly destroy the handwritten drafts as well as delete from my memory sticks and my computer’s hard drive every aspect of the Erdogan poem I’d written and totally forget all about it. For the last thing I wanted was for the plethora of idiots out there thinking that my poem about Recep Tayyip Erdogan was financially motivated or that I was jumping at some journal’s behest onto their particular bandwagon; since what I do and write come from within me and no outsider.

Knowing precisely how I would react once she’d told me of the Spectator’s competition my darling partner before she did so had scrupulously and unbeknown to me at the time photocopied the handwritten drafts of my Erdogan poem, downloaded from our computer and onto her memory sticks the draft versions that I had there and essentially made sure that every iota of information I’d transcribed in relation to that poem she’d now secretly safeguarded. She was even present when I physically and electronically destroyed the Erdogan poem but this beautiful love of my life never batted an eyelid nor said a single word of what she’d done. So as far as I was concerned after my thrashing the Erdogan poem it was no more and had all gone.

Then I heard from sources in Holland that Erdogan had instructed his crony and the Turkish ambassador in Holland to have their spies there unlawfully put under surveillance anyone: Dutch citizens or whoever they considered should be targeted it didn’t matter to these barbaric clowns of Erdogan, who they thought was actually or likely to be “insulting” Erdogan in Holland and pass this subjective information on to their boss Recep Erdogan in Ankara who would then determine what to do with these suspects. News of this however got out and caused out of embarrassment more than any real desire to tackle the matter seriously, as Holland is also a member of NATO and tows its line as does Germany, the Dutch PM Mark Rutte apologetically rather than forcefully politely asked Ankara for “answers” but with Turkey adamantly and dismissively denying the allegations against it Holland did nothing more.

Then when the head of the Berlin branch of Germany’s Pirate Party Bruno Kramm was also arrested on Friday 22 April 2016 for quoting a line from Jan Boehmermann’s satirical poem I decided to rescind my previous decision and write a new poem as I thought it would be on Recep Erdogan and informed my German partner what I planned on doing. She smiled and said: “Das ist gut!” Then immediately broke into that infectious and endearing laughter of hers and pointed out shortly afterwards that unless I specifically wanted to there would be no need for me to write a new poem explaining in the process what she had done. What happened after that? Mind your own bloody business it’s private; suffice to say though that we did manage eventually to find the time to work on the poem as well. And here it is!

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