Saturday, 2 April 2016

Witlessly white, wretchedly wicked and wilfully wrong!

By Stanley Collymore

I’ve written in the past and still firmly remain convinced in my opinion that the current UK regime’s conception and the implication of its so-called anti-radicalization programme is not only racist in nature but also as daft as the proverbial lavatory brush, and since all those who are avidly connected with it are among the very worst detrital elements of purportedly Homo sapiens then unsurprisingly as the utterly loathsome and conspicuous sewer rats that they are it’s only natural for them to it operate as they do in the environs of the sewer where mentally and in every other conceivable respect they consistently and intractably reside; but then they would, wouldn’t they as these sorts of thing are distinctly what these evil bastards and bitches: inveterate queers and dykes to every supposedly man and woman of them, who I’m rather charitably using the latter virtuous gender terminologies in direct relation to as persons that in my honest opinion are themselves unwarrantedly and most unworthy of them, patently get their sick and feral, racist kicks from!

I’ve fully and explanatorily commented previously in other tweets and articles on the asinine approach adopted by the brain-dead and like-minded camp followers of this Nazi, Zionist and incompetent Tory regime that runs Britain on the behalf of Tel-Aviv and remarked too on the strikingly idiotic and quite disturbingly police state cases akin to Nazi Germany’s Third Reich informing policy of the Muslin primary school pupil who innocently in a class exercise wrote that he lived in a “terrorist” house when what he meant was a “terraced” house. Interestingly enough in their precipitate resolve to report him and his family to the police the thorough and purblind cunts that did so apart from engaging in any of the sensible measures that I outlined in my tweets and articles and which would have immediately cleared up the ludicrous and racist situation that these perceptible pillocks and so-called teachers who ought never to have been anywhere near a classroom or kids for that matter and accounts for why the ludicrously called British educational system is so patently piss-poor and who are largely quite evidently without any concept of basic child psychology; apart from the commonsensical propositions that I made and which any other capable teacher would straight away have applied, there was also the possibility that the child involved could have been dyslexic, assuming of course that the cunts who avidly reported him and his family to the police know what that word means or the effect that it markedly has on people of any age who are affected by that condition.

It’s the same racist and Nazi type camp following lunacy that pervades the moronic thinking of the nursery head who summoned the police when a class teacher reported a toddler at that nursery school for terrorist activities. I categorically doubt if the poor kid little more than an infant himself even knew what terrorist meant but his horrendous crime was that he’d drawn in his class work exercise what turned out to be a cucumber, having closely and interestedly observed at home his father whom he evidently doted on and who apparently did a lot of the cooking in their house cutting up a cucumber for the family meal. However in the racist eyes of these white trash and absolutely purblind rednecks what this nursery toddler had depicted was unmistakably a missile and unquestionably showed that this kid was not only being very much in their sick minds indoctrinated but likewise radicalized and consequently posed even at his exceedingly tender years a very substantial threat in terroristic terms to the entire United Kingdom. How fucking daft can one get; yet the same dim-witted cunts are still employed in the English educational system! Both of these children, as I’m sure you’re well aware, are from Muslim families.

But in cap-doffing and class ingrained Britain had George the son of Kate and William done the same thing and bearing in mind that the sumptuous houses and palaces that he routinely cavorts around are replete with all sorts of state of the art weaponry and trained killers in the British security services as well as the armed ones guarding these places and notwithstanding the self-evident fact that his dad William and uncle Harry among several others of that family have exceedingly close military connections that George can’t help but observe, it’s patently obvious that had George who is himself also at nursery school drawn a facsimile of what this much vilified commoner did the stupid bitch at this nursery school along with her brainless prat associates that called in the police in relation to this “commoner” wouldn’t have dreamt of doing so let alone behave in the way that they did. And like the proper white trash twerps that they perceptibly are, attendant with the quite sickeningly, sycophantic, class-based and social climbing mindset that they’re profoundly ingrained with these detrital trash elements that perniciously infect decent British society, or rather what’s marginally left of it, would be hailing George’s identical work to that of the boy they unhesitatingly reported to the police as a “brilliant masterpiece” demonstrating the marvellous creativity, imagination and artistic skills, among many other glowing tributes, to this child heir to the British throne. And it wouldn’t have taken that long before this assumed masterpiece – not a missile or any other such implement of the “radicalized mind” of George mark you – was on Ebay and an entire plethora of utter twats with more money than commonsense were outbidding each other to purchase it.

Proof if any were need that the world generally and Britain in particular, or rather the scum who alas infect it and reside here whether they were born in this country or not, have totally gone stark raving mad! Forcing my German partner to perceptively comment and I entirely give my full approval to every word she uttered when she stated: “I really do despair for the future of the human race!”

However unlike my German partner who doesn’t have to unfortunately reside, like so many of you, in Britain and I definitely know wouldn’t want to under any conceivable circumstance and I’ve therefore prudently, realistically and supportively never sought to convince her to nor would I ever logically seek to persuade her do so, I’d like to finish off with the very sagacious and heartfelt comments of someone who does and says in her own words what she honestly thinks of the UK’s Zionist Nazi regime’s self-styled prevent strategy. Her name is Sasha Simic, and she lives in London. These are her uninhibited comments that I wholeheartedly endorse.

“Congratulations to the National Union of Teachers for coming out against the government’s ludicrous Prevent strategy. This is a [severely] paranoid and counterproductive initiative that has traumatized innocent children in the name of “fighting terror.” Prevent is racist nonsense stopping young people doing what they should be doing in school; learning about the world!”

Well said Sasha Simic! A view which will be wholeheartedly embraced and endorsed by all those with functioning and properly utilized brains in their heads.

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