Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Poland its scum population and vile Diaspora have forfeited all rights to exist!

By Stanley Collymore

So the brain-dead, psychopathic, utterly sociopathic, discernibly narcissistically inclined and brazen moronic scum Polack Witold Waszczykowski ludicrously masquerading as a legitimate foreign minister for that east European fascist cesspit known to the rest of the world as Poland and that passes itself off as a country, which neither logically nor historically it was or isn’t nor should it have been permitted to become one, asininely thinks in his defective mind that Russia is more dangerous than, in his sick words, the “non-existential ISIS threat” is or is ever likely to be to the world generally or his warped concept of Europe specifically. Never mind the facts as they actually are and not the fanciful notions of this congenital Polish idiot!

So all the millions of displaced persons and families: Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and others that ISIS, its terrorist associates and murderous franchises have premeditatedly and concertedly facilitated and are still aggressively engaged in doing so as I write; have callously tortured, massacred, beheaded, incredibly and sickeningly turned mere kids into child soldiers, executioners and suicide bombers; have characteristically kidnapped and forced underage girls and young women into unwillingly becoming sex slaves; gratuitously destroyed the homes and entire communities of many people that have continuously existed for several millennia against the backdrop of cunts like Witold Waszczykowski laughingly looking on and purposely doing nothing positive about or to effectively deter any of this as they secretly applaud and support the actions and agenda of these like-minded and diabolical barbarians.

Utter savages that detest and enthusiastically embark on eradicating those who don’t share or personally wish to be forcibly converted to the barbaric cultism that these thoroughly deranged fuckers vaingloriously, emphatically and villainously pass off as a religion, which patently it is not, and in the process of all this calculatedly force hundreds of thousands of ordinary, decent but also and quite understandably terrified citizens in the aforementioned countries I’ve stated, as well as elsewhere, to give up their worthwhile livelihoods, vacate their homes, customarily peaceful and often longstanding traditional ways of life and despairingly through any possible means available to them, including mortally dangerous ones, reluctantly flee their countries for, or in the desperate and often forlorn hope of securing that possibility, life-saving security and a the likelihood of sanctuary elsewhere; and the further away the better!

Actions that unquestionably were precipitated by ISIS, its collaborators and equally nefarious and criminal franchises but which in the clearly sick mind of Witold Waszczykowski and other scum Poles not only have nothing to do with ISIS, it’s western, Arab and Turkish sponsors or its associates in terrorism but rather breathtakingly from the perspective of these lame-brained, perniciously evil and verminous east European, fascist scumbags collectively known as Poles are essentially nothing more than the figment of the imaginations of the rest of us, never mind we’ve eyes to properly see for ourselves what’s palpably going and significantly as well who it is that is characteristically behind it all. But, of course, Witold Waszczykowski and his Polish scum would rather have us idiotically and dishonestly join forces with them and thinking quite differently and like them blame it all on Russia whom they have a psychotic fixation with!

And to utterly debunk this complete travesty of alleged human thinking and forestall a nuclear Armageddon that stupidly and dishonestly would be the outcome if the rest of the world, and particularly so the influential and most powerful elements within it, were to listen to and take any heed of what these barbaric and demented fascist Poles are concertedly seeking to instigate but because they’re so brain-dead can’t fully grasp or appreciate the imbecilic consequences of their wished for actions against Russia that they keep subscribing to and unsurprisingly as well unintelligently continue to push for from the assumed safety of NATO they asininely believe, here’s my solution first to directly dealing with Witold Waszczykowski and subsequently the rest of his regime, military and the entire sewer community of Polacks, wherever they are, that quite ludicrously pass themselves off as a nation.

Left entirely up to me Witold Waszczykowski would be stripped completely naked of all attire and firmly strapped to a massive tree but in a location where all who essentially cared to could unhampered see what precisely was about to happen to him. Then with that initial action done Witold Waszczykowski would then be subjected to having his legs extensively spread-eagled and like his arms rigidly maintained in their enforced position by being fastened securely with physical restraints tightly and efficiently held in place behind the back of that tree. Now with this task keenly and uncompromisingly affected Witold Waszczykowski having substantially had his groin area intensely subjected to multiple and very severe electric shocks would then have his penis and scrotum totally sliced off with a blunt knife the better and more effectively to occasion the maximum amount of pain to him and directly after that with a highly sensitive suicide vest of the kind that his mentors ISIS regularly use and in his case firmly strapped to his chest and carefully position over his heart area, and additionally with the area where he was pinioned and this protracted lynching of him was being carried out meticulously booby trapped and also mined so that no bleeding heart morons or purblind idiots thinking of saving him from his destined fate could even remotely rescue this human detritus without blowing him and also themselves to smithereens in the process of their vain attempt at doing so, have all those with a mind to gleefully watch as this Polack prat Witold Waszczykowski  gruesomely bled to death.

And yes, you’ve surmised it correctly Witold – I hope you don’t mind my informally calling you by your first name now as I feel I know you so well – I like many others would happily and unhesitatingly like to see you dead and for which I make no apology, certainly on my part, for having quite openly and honestly stated how I unrepentantly feel, and using my right to free speech and freedom of expression to say to, I don’t intend to retract a single word of what I’ve said. Besides incidences not uncommon to this purported one that I’ve graphically outlined and hypothesized in your case Witold routinely took place in the United States a country that you and your Polack lot readily suck up to and see as your protectors, and became very much a part of the American way of life. They called these social and cultural activities lynchings that were jamboree spectacles for the white, redneck trash, similar to yourself and your fellow Poles to feast their congenital barbarism on, as multiple numbers of likeminded, white scumbags and their families gathered to cheer on, observe and promote more of the same of this sort of thing in their characteristic and allegedly white supremacist fashion. The hapless victims, of course, were always Black, which transparently was their only crime, while the avid perpetrators and supporters of these heinous atrocities who perceived them as entirely natural and in fixatedly keeping with their chauvinistic beliefs were naturally always white. Now isn’t that a thing!

So I hope you don’t mind if I fill you in with what I regard as some relevant information of just where I’m coming from.  It’s pretty self-explanatory so I’ll let you work it out for yourself. It began life as a poem written by Abel Meeropol, a teacher, who penned the poem in response to the lynching of two Black Americans: Tom Shipp and Abe Smith in 1930 in Marrion, Indiana. A poem that exposed America’s racism and particularly the lynching of African-Americans of the kind who risked their lives and even died as they helped saved the Polacks’ asses during World War II. Such lynchings occurred chiefly in the American South but took place in other regions of the United States as well.

Anyway Abel Meeropol’s poem was made into a very iconic song sung by the famed Black American female singer Billie Holiday; and I’d like to include the lyrics of both that song and the original poem here for your elucidation Witold.

Strange Fruit:

Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is the fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck;
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop.
Here is a strange and bitter crop!

© Abel Meeropol

Yet here you are Witold advocating and even quite narcissistically propagandizing what could easily turn nasty and become a nuclear Armageddon as Russia sure as hell under Putin won’t take it lying down; all  this crap that you, your brain-dead regime and dim-witted cunts like the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and your counterpart keep highly opinionatedly and dishonestly throwing at it in the most provocative manner; and despite intentionally doing so nevertheless still expect to carry on living no less when as the consummately odious and evil politicians that you evidently are the very best way you can serve your respective country is either dying at your own hands or being brutally put to death.

So in a glowing tribute to your mentors ISIS, al-Nustra and the rest of them that you Witold and the likes of Philip Hammond worship because they serve as the foot soldiers for NATO, which you Witold, your Polish regime and Philip Hammond along with his Tory one and most undoubtedly significant numbers of other puerile Brits are wedded to, here’s wishing from me the very worst in terms of your continued life expectancy. For I’m completely aware of all the barbarous mayhem that the rest of the world has also witnessed and that you’ve intentionally, greedily, graspingly and imperialistically occasioned and carry on nurturing in the Middle East and North Africa, notably Libya. So there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that death and of the most horrific kind appropriately becomes all of you.

So resorting specifically to you Witold Waszczykowski and your idiotic comments in relation to Russia and ISIS what can one really expect from a purported country, Poland, of brain-dead fascist cunts unmistakably led by detritus elements of so-called humanity? Creatures far worst than virulent vermin! The major error the UK and its empire did in 1939 was to go to war with Germany on behalf of Poland and it’s the one thing I hold against my Dad who was an altruistic volunteer that fought in that war as were several other relatives of mine on both sides of my family that like my Dad acted in the same commendable way he did. I know now and have for some considerable time realized exactly how they all felt post World War II about going to the assistance of Poland and how terribly ashamed they were afterwards and still are, those who’re still thankfully alive, for having done so and regrettably saving Poland’s ass, as well as those of the scum it routinely then and in the 21st century still pass off as a so-called populace. None of whom, these relatives and friends of mine and I wholeheartedly concur with their point of view, think that Poland should exist!

So sensibly let’s forget and hear no more about Poland or its lowlife population unless and until some country or utterly demented terrorist group of the sort which Poland and its scum inhabitants fanatically support methodically wipe these mother-fucking Polish slime balls and manic white trash completely off the face of the earth by effectively doing what we so stupidly and massively counterproductively stopped the Germans from judiciously doing in 1939, and that several veterans and others I’ve spoken to, objectively discussed the matter with or have interviewed on this subject quite ardently like me sincerely wish that Germany wasn’t impeded in any way regarding its plans for Poland in 1939.For the loathsome scum who infest and infect that place have long forfeited in my opinion any tenuous right they ever debatably had to belong to the rest of humanity much less so any sort of civilized society or corresponding union. Any realistic prospect then that I most eagerly would welcome, as I confidently know that I shan’t be alone in embracing and championing such a proposition, of a total, uninterrupted and absolutely calamitous Europe Mark II and this time a thermonuclear holocaust unyieldingly carried out to its deadly conclusion being remorselessly, singularly and exclusively visited upon Poland and all the human detritus living there, and that in marked contrast would make the events involving Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined look palely like a 5th November English village bonfire.

And you know what Witold Waszczykowski and all the others who think and act like you? I don’t feel any sense of regret nor will I make any apologies to anyone for having voiced those adamant statements. For it’s exactly how I feel; as to be totally honest with you I’m thoroughly sick to the back teeth and tired of these mother-fucking, utterly dim-witted, barbaric and fascist Polish morons with their scurrilous, crying wolf all the time and conniving goings-on and who have no rightful place in my opinion or that I can possibly envisage to be on this earth or come to it anywhere else for that matter other than since they’re unwontedly here  and most fittingly so in purpose-built crematoria located in Auschwitz. And not least so because these murderous bastards singly carried out more horrendous World War II massacres of innocent people than the much maligned Germans ever did!

So my sound advice to all you scheming and iniquitous Polack twats is this: stop being so fucking narcissistic; persistently fond of the sound of your own bloody ignorant voices; cease your egomaniacal grandstanding, permanently shut up; and damned well go to hell!

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