Saturday, 9 April 2016

Murder does tend to upset people, you know!

By Stanley Collymore

What truthfully are you playing at my Black brothers
and sisters and particularly those of you who are
young enough to be my sons or daughters?
Have you actually taken leave of your
senses in freely opting to spew out
your pointless and uncontrolled
anger in this murderous way, and as you evidently
have done leaving me personally in the process
and as a fellow Black person myself, and I’ll
gamely venture a guess feeling about this
matter as strongly as I do, that you will
realize I’m not alone on this one and
with no replacement choice nor any
other rational option left me but to honestly,
unambiguously and unapologetically say
it’s absolute insanity and a conflicting
aspiration what you are deliberately
doing by spitefully depleting the
ranks of your own Black kind
by additionally and evilly, to
my mind, engaging in this
reprehensibly depraved,
unlawful and entirely
self-defeating task,
in plainly a most
lethal way I
must say?

This is no pointless criticism or any gratuitous
denunciation of you on my part encouraged
by stereotypical and sinister conceptions
that others take to heart and idiotically
have of you my inherent sisters and
brothers due to the colouration of
your skin and respectively your
racial origins: what they quite
euphemistically and bluntly
derisively refer to as your ethnicity but we all
know perfectly well what they really mean,
and how in these deep-rooted and firmly
held prejudices mutually underpinned
by them they haughtily, falsely and
deceitfully claim in their perverse
opinions of you, individually as
well as generally, that you’re
irrefutably and inescapably what you are,
as it’s unquestionably all consolidated
in your biological genes and equally
obviously sub-standard DNA; and
therefore explicitly making you
inferior to them in every way!
And consequently there’s no
real possibility of you ever
accurately understanding
far less so satisfactorily
or permanently coping
with this unique and
cancerously Black
ongoing malady!

Nothing of course could be that further from the
truth either commonly or specifically where
Black people are principally concerned.
Furthermore, your general attitude to
life itself noticeably reinforced by
your persistently feral, materially
anti-social and disturbingly
worrisome behaviour all of which are markedly
compounded by your accursed disposition
towards committing inexplicably stupid
and ferocious murders which neither
singly nor collaboratively do owt
positive, as is most manifest, to
even minimally suppress the
roaring chorus of justified
vilification aimed at you
but most vexatiously in
that vicious crossfire
indiscriminately too
pursues the broader
Black community
that is in no way
either involved
with or linked
to your illicit
conduct and

So please do hear me out and let me honestly say
that although I’m not in any way insensitive to
the variety of problems that on a daily basis
you’re forced to face and routinely endure
from those who constitute the majority
elements within our population and
by and large collectively with the
official authorities specifically
of the said country in which
you too were born in and is also home to you but
quite disgracefully it’s you who are uniquely
made to feel from birth like strangers who
neither rightfully belong there nor much
less so should ever be conferred with
the common courtesy or more aptly
the equitable opportunity to play
any constructive role in it; and
when detrimental insults like
these are then injuriously reinforced by
perceptibly unequal and excessively
created stop and search crusades,
widespread discrimination in
schooling, higher education
possibilities, standard job
applications and racial
profiling intended to
guarantee that you
more likely than
not deliberately
would be their
select target
to naturally,
and alas
for you
not the
one to

Then additionally as they also conspiratorially planned
to have you instead end up in jail and for much longer
periods of time, unsurprising and routinely so, for
comparable offences perpetrated by their white
Caucasian criminal kind, it’s dreadfully hard
I wholeheartedly accept for you being the
visible and innate legacy of the several
centuries long Transatlantic Slavery,
incessant black male emasculation
and the 21st Century entrenched
mindset of white supremacist racists, coupled with the
horde of empire loyalists and the ongoing ravages
of unchecked pseudo-colonialism to rein in this
subliminal and hugely provoked anger which
you clearly feel. But I do believe that there
are other and more constructive avenues
to remedy these harassing problems;
and turning this pent up anger of
yours, through gratuitous acts
of murder, on your fellow
Blacks is definitely not
one of them, and also
most categorically
not the answer!

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 April 2016.

Author’s Comments:
This is not only personal but is coming from a fellow Black, as you are. So I’m not going to mince my words and will tell you like I see it is! It’s among the easiest things in the world to mindlessly use a knife, take another person’s life and in the process of doing that think you’re actually big for doing so. Well you’re wrong my friend, you aren’t and all it actually does is to show how gullible you really are to the criminal propaganda of the street. How very little or no value at all you place on human life including your own and what a waste you’ve made not only of your victim’s life but your own as well when with some reasonable forethought and a completely different approach to both these lives, yours and the person you chose to kill, could have with basic commonsense combined with critical deliberation been positively turned around in a fashion for the good of yourself, the society you belong to and overall humanity itself. But if you can’t or don’t want to see that then perhaps you’re bound for the right place if you aren’t already there: jail and possibly even on death row.

And if that’s all the recompense you’re going to repay your dear Momma for carrying you those 9 months and 2 weeks and the agonizing pain she experienced giving birth to you combined with all the people who love you and have tirelessly endeavoured to let you know this while you were growing up from the state of babyhood, through your pubescent years and into young adulthood, then with that kind of blatant ingratitude on your part in gratuitously indulging as you are in your criminal behaviour all I can say is that you have a very serious problem to which you must quite urgently attend.

I’m not preaching at you but simply suggesting that you take stock of your life and realize that there are other more constructive ways to conduct your life. So let me be absolutely frank and honest about this and categorically state that I’m not asking you to be the willing target of other people’s wrongdoings whatever these are; nor am I suggesting either that you gratuitously turn the other cheek in relation to what they’re doing; but even so I‘d like to implore you to do what my beloved and wise maternal Grand, and we all know how important and prized grandmothers are in all Black communities, who has played an instrumental role throughout my own life told me.

When you see trouble coming your way she said, give it a wide berth and walk away from it; if it should follow and continue to stalk you in spite of your doing so still keep on walking away from it while intelligently maintaining a keen eye on what it’s up to she advised, and only if the person or persons involved refuse to heed this pragmatic and sensible response of yours, then arrogantly on their part interpret your conciliatory gesture and actions as a sign of cowardice or weakness, or wilfully opt to misinterpret them not as restraint on your part but fear instead and consequently is/are about to attack you, should you act in self-defence with every resource at your command. That way you’ll have a moral right and hopefully even in this discernibly bigoted western society where it’s the white Caucasian man or woman that controls both at home and significantly too in other countries that idiotically let them dictate what happens there, you’ll have the law on your side. Adding astutely that even criminals and especially those with nous don’t pick fights that are utterly pointless since with them it’s all about hubris; and deny them that and they’re like a rudderless boat all at sea. So believe me when I say that their pride alone won’t let them willingly fall into the position. Now my friends it’s entirely up to you!

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