Thursday, 21 April 2016

Good riddance Archie Lloyd. Now rot in Hell!

By Stanley Collymore

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say; so totally delighted
that you’re no longer here amongst us to shove your
egotistical and class ingrained contemptuousness
unwarrantedly into the faces of others who dim-
wittedly and incredibly you considered were
inferiorly beneath you and your kind even
though they were from the same country
as yourself; or in addition and bizarrely
in your utterly sick mind identified as
foreigners of all things in their own
cherished country, which as it also happened you
were there simply because you were on vacation.
Well your Harrow roots evidently didn’t stand
you in any good stead, for quite unimpressed
by your agonizing insults and mindboggling
and sickening disdain for him your rudely
picked on sufferer did not for an isolated
second cowardly refrain, and justly so
in the appropriate opinion of all sane
observers and likewise his delighted
exponents, from intuitively, angrily
and rather fittingly responding to
your hounding confrontation by
pummelling you, Archie Lloyd
vehemently across your head
and most celebratedly in the
process happily killed you
Archie, stone cold dead!

Leaving humanity thankfully with one less
and now fortunately late and supposedly
upper class English twit to pollute our
common planet through this suitably
applied action by your unceasingly
and intensely provoked attacker;
a functioning procedure which
I genuinely hope that others
who might be placed in any
equivalent situation in the
future from your clearly
hideous kind will also
and just as forcefully,
unhesitatingly and
severely emulate
each and every
blessed time!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 April 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
The fortunate death of Archie Lloyd the feral Harrow School twit absolutely full of himself, and quite arrogantly as is so very commonplace of his lowlife kind who delude themselves that the possession of money to effectively buy everything that they asininely they think they should automatically and unthinkingly have coupled with the so-called superior class which patently the vast majority of them are totally lacking and congenitally deprived of, is in my personal opinion to be gratefully welcomed; and the fact that he died at an age when he hadn’t, as far as I know, produced any more of his kind is a most heartening relief not only for Britain but also the rest of mankind, which allegedly lowlife scum like him conceitedly but oh so risibly to the rest of us presume they belong to?

We all of us have to die at some time or other, it’s an inevitability of life; however despite that obvious fact when truly worthy and commendable individuals pass away we naturally and quite understandably mourn their passing as we fondly remember and cherish not only the fantastically wonderful memories of these dearly departed persons but also the amazing and in every instance enduring contributions that have become an altruistic part of the noteworthy legacies that they’ve made not only to society generally but also the positive enhancement of the lives of the rest of us. Manifestly nothing of the kind can, and I very much doubt if unfortunately he’d continued to live, could remotely ever have been said of Archie Lloyd, for at the age he was when he got his justifiable comeuppance all the self-evident manifestations of what he intrinsically was and would even more loathsomely have become were already there and both conspicuously and perniciously conceitedly on rampant display.

Don’t speak ill of the dead we quite often and idiotically hear simpletons say; but my question is: why not when everything they characteristically represented and that could only have gotten worst coming from them was at its mildest abysmally bad and like the patently feral morons that they were only have become worst. So I shan’t be shedding any tears for the demise of Archie Lloyd much less so be mourning his laudable death! And for those of you that disagree with my sentiments, and I’m pretty certain that in ultra class-driven, markedly brain-dead and discernibly toadying to your idiotically perceived but profoundly ingrained and much sycophantically adored “social betters,” class-oriented Britain and of whom there are unquestionably plenty of you out there, let me unequivocally and unapologetically say that I honestly couldn’t give a toss what you think; in the same way that you are perfectly at liberty to adopt the same point of view in relation to me and what I’ve said; but I’ll say my piece nevertheless because it’s what I do truthfully feel and passionately believe.

Winston Churchill who was a eugenicist all of his life, and for those of you in dumbed down and depressingly intellectually challenged Britain and of whom there are clearly incalculable numbers of you out there and who would evidently have no idea what that terminology means so I suggest you look it up, was all in favour of having the lower species within the general British population compulsory sterilized so they would be totally incapable of reproducing themselves or, even worst still in his skewed opinion, contaminating the “upper class” elements of the United Kingdom’s populace through inappropriately inter-breeding with them; a situation that’s analogous to having all the mongrel dogs on your average working class council estate compulsorily neutered or forcibly sterilized so as to preclude the undesirable prospect of them mating with any “pedigree” and immensely pampered bitches - I’m essentially referring to the canine variety here although with that privileged lot one can never be 100% sure what they immorally get up to behind closed doors - from the neighbouring gated, lavishly posh and privileged upper class housing communities. What Churchill, someone for whom I’ve never had any regard, great or small and for a diversity of especially compelling reasons, immeasurably and stupidly overlooked from the apex of his similarly self-aggrandizing, supercilious, delusional and evidently societally-fabricated mountain top was that it should have been his kind and de facto in 2016 obviously the likes of Archie Lloyd that would have best served the needs of the United Kingdom, and manifestly not its illusory wants, if they were the ones who were obligatorily sterilized, methodically neutered or far more preferably for all concerned I would have imagined in their exact circumstances, never have been permitted to see the light of day by being permitted to be born in the first place!

And I could easily cite numerous instances of these supposedly social and upper class elites who kid themselves that they have an inalienable right not only to rule Britain but the rest of the world as well and to whom the rest of us Plebeians and peasants alike, as they perceive us to be, must promptly, willingly, deferentially, obediently and moreover at all times pay fulsome obeisance to; but who derisively in stark reality are themselves effectively nothing more than noxious, cancerous and iniquitous scum that should be uncompromisingly eradicated from the face of this earth. But why should I pointlessly spend more of my valuable time than is really necessary concentrating on consummate lowlife of whom Archie Lloyd now assuredly and thankfully dead was one of them?

And unless he’s cremated will most certainly after his burial be accompanied days later by his grotesquely bloated and then noiselessly exploding body – predictably so to the ears of those of us still alive since he’ll be encased in that coffin of his at the customary and legally regulatory six feet under burial requirement – providing ravishingly good nourishment to both unchallenged and voraciously be consumed by the worms, the very lowliest among our earthly species of creatures; and how bloody and I must truthfully confess delightfully ironic and at the same time quite appropriately so that this now late and feral element of supposed humanity that like the rest of his ilk intuitively and rather hubristically saw himself and them as the preordained rulers of the universe and all that it contains, starting of course with Britain, is now nothing more precious than stinking carrion for the lowly worms to devour.

How the supposedly “Mighty” have fallen! And evidently much food for thought for those who still idiotically with their unwarranted notions of superiority in class-fixated Britain think like dead Archie Lloyd obviously did. And I’ll let you vile dunderheads into some factual experiences of mine. I’ve observed a number of exhumations of dead bodies in my time, all in the line of my professional work, and I can candidly tell you that were Archie Lloyd to be dug up in a few weeks time, like the rest of them he won’t look a pretty sight. And my obvious and quite pertinent question is: “What the bloody hell good is it to any of you or anyone else for that matter all this bogus superiority crap that you unrelentingly keep shoving down the throats of the purblind idiots who infect Britain?” In the meantime have a Feast Day of it worms!

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