Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bette Midler - From a distance (lyrics)

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  1. What Bette Midler is beautifully and empathetically singing about and very positively and most encouragingly reminding us all of as well undeniably represents the inspirational theory and the splendidly worthy and profoundly aspirational concept of those of us who’re either assiduously currently working towards or otherwise for most or all of our lives have been doing so in respect of the admirable and hopeful attainment of a universal: individually and collectively communal, national and regionally so conjoined and lastingly sustainable global peace effort attendant with a common, mutually accepted and a binding fellowship with our fellow human beings, whoever and wherever they are; a world in effect where concord and not strife is our relentless goal.

    Regrettably, however, reality is much different in its achievable aspirations occasioned as this is by egomaniacal and brainless morons of the like of Witold Waszczykowski the Foreign Minister of Poland and Philip Hammond the British Foreign Secretary who don’t see things that way, and to satisfy their marked lack of self-worth and demonstrably calamitous incompetence associated with everything they ever embark upon and coupled with their insatiable and pernicious thirst for attention-seeking through any means possible to them and therefore pose a significant and highly existential danger to every one of us by virtue of the essentially important political positions they unwarrantedly hold in the regimes of their respective country is most distressing news. And that is why this particularly dangerous and fixated penchant of theirs must be stopped by all possible means at our disposal, and relentlessly and efficiently done so for the overall good of every sane, rational thinking and unbiased intelligent person there is, which patently these two perfidious and egotistical pillocks unquestionably aren’t.

    For they and others like them have neither the intellectual acumen nor the basic commonsense to recognize, appreciate or sagaciously accept that enduring, constructive and meaningful change to anything, including world politics and accordingly peoples’ personal attitudes towards them, will only come through honest, responsible and concerted dialogue, itself industriously accompanied by judicious compromise conducted on an equality basis and ably assisted by mutual respect by and for all those who’re involved. A point of view tailored to the realistic acknowledgement that brute force, bullying, exceptionalist beliefs stupidly and illogically held by one side or those that are toadying for them and heartlessly trampling over the moral, legal, cultural, religious or none, physical and other inalienable rights of others achieve nothing positive, however attractive such proposals might look to the bullies vigorously promoting and even murderously executing these tactics or policies; and are all doomed to ultimately fail in the end.

    In the same way as numerous precedents have assured those of us who’re not that way inclined and furthermore are fully cognizant of historical examples of this nature. For the human spirit is quite durable and the salient values of rightness, decency, morality, honesty, truth and even the intrinsically basic principle of and the indestructible urge intensely embedded in human kind to survive will always triumph over the stratagems of malevolence, cruelty and barbarism however long it takes to do so; just as assuredly as evil and repression of all kinds will inevitably fail!