Friday, 15 April 2016

Anal sex and the alarming British fixation with it!

By Stanley Collymore

Well bugger me! Figuratively speaking I hasten to say,
for that sort of thing was never in any way, isn’t or
shan’t ever in a month of Sundays be my cup of
tea as I’m strictly, uncompromisingly, rather
partially, have never been disappointingly
and most assuredly am emphatically an
impenitent Vagina Man myself, you
see! But what the dickens I wonder
possessed these jackal politicians
both in the House of Lords and more especially so
the House of Commons to truthfully expect in
the given circumstances they’ve knowingly
inspired, instigated and rather politically
and self-servingly over several years
assiduously, vaingloriously but oh
so stupidly sought to universally
beget the hollow concept that
seemingly, manifestly and
incredibly dishonestly it
would appear that they
now want the clever
and sane among us
in the population
to welcomingly
and likewise

Their worthless opinion that sticking one’s penis
up another person’s bottom, or in the case of
manifestly butch and testosterone-driven
lesbians, that in their predatory games
do precisely the same to achieve the
identical experience as their queer
men; and that became an almost
compulsory activity that was
fraudulently but all the same laudably portrayed
by all of them and embraced by huge swathes
of the United Kingdom’s population with it
having been manipulatively perceived by
them that this individual recreation was
evidently the very best thing to have
happened since the conception of
sliced bread and for that reason
all this cunning, proselytising
and sexual, propagandistic
engineering which they
previously and avidly
elatedly engaged in;

They now presumably wish instead to firmly
knock on the head this burgeoning and
clearly pandemic sexual recreation
that has gone bottom’s up and
de facto for them become a
core British discomfiture as it’s yet to be
proven that apart from being a highly
contentious sexual recreation for
some pedication, or sodomy as
it’s more commonly known,
to virtually everyone does
do anything to actually
support procreation
or amplify in any
way a nation’s

© Stanley V. Collymore
13 April 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
The much and dishonestly propagandized; blatantly, habitually dumb and disingenuously adhered to at home within the United Kingdom and consequently universally taken on board by simpletons or else downright lying and self-deceiving Britons and even unquestioningly believed by several of them of the ludicrous mantra: “We’re all British so no sex please!” is nothing more than a risible and preposterous myth that ought to be treated either as a bizarre mental aberration that has critically affected the visual and the psychological observation of those who’re directly involved or else find themselves caught up in this spurious attestation and consequently in the process have lost all sense of proportion or logical reasoning or otherwise are patently too daft to recognize let alone sensibly or pragmatically accept, even if they don’t approve of it, what’s noticeably and quite hypocritically going on around them, and therefore in my opinion all instances involving conduct of this kind or associated with any or all of these double-standards shenanigans should vigorously be explicitly dismissed or contemptuously ignored.

Widespread sexual cheating, numerous adulterous liaisons, multiple and pervasive acts of cuckolding and the preponderance of children either intentionally or haphazardly conceived out of wedlock and born within the same status quo or else cunningly and deceitfully palmed onto unsuspecting fiancés or boyfriends that are then clandestinely and shamelessly cited as their biological fathers fully conscious of the fact that they’re not and who are additionally then conned into marrying these heartless cheaters and spurred on either into doing so out of the noble act of chivalry and fatherly responsibility or else result in them bringing forward an already anticipated or planned wedding because the woman concerned had puzzlingly found herself pregnant or had inadvertently, she claimed, become so and wouldn’t it be extremely nice also to preferably lovingly, prudently and responsibly embark on doing the right, proper, thoroughly family-friendly and devotedly oriented as well as the discernibly societallly non-ostracising thing, absolutely dependent of course on the participants social standing, and get married?

That’s, of course, if these kids are lucky to have parents, biologically related to them or not, that are willing and prepared to get married, which is not always the case as more often than not they find themselves as part of a single parent only and transparently maternal led family where although they’re siblings they all don’t share the same father even when no cheating has taken place. And when one realistically adds to that the well-know fact that when abroad Brits, and especially their women folk of all social backgrounds, have no moral compunction whatsoever in licentiously behaving as if there was a closing down sale on sex and therefore they rationally and justifiably had to get their hands on as much of this precious commodity as they possibly could before it was all gone, does put into proper perspective the utter and I feel ridiculous and even worst so the insulting notions that are consistently paraded and also allowed to flourish in relation to Brits generally and their women in particular as regards sex.

And while on a personal level this has absolutely nothing to do with anyone other than those who are directly involved it does however instantly cease to be a strictly personal matter for them when as a direct consequence of their actions others are forced to pick up the financial tabs for their alarming irresponsibility by having to economically maintain their broods. But other than that I personally couldn’t care less what they do with their individual lives; and as far as I’m likewise concerned what other people think or don’t think on this matter is entirely their own business. For in a genuine democracy or one that sells itself as such people should be able to freely conduct their own lives within the framework of the law and as long as their concerted, intentional or irresponsible actions don’t or aren’t ever likely to impact adversely or in any other way, and specifically unwantedly so, on the lives of others.

Which brings me quite determinedly and categorically to the purpose of this poem and article and why I’ve decided to write them. Having stated my opinions unequivocally in the past and as I’m again doing now on the right of every compos mentis and legally adult individual to live and conduct their life as they see fit and this most specifically refers to their private life so long as this is completely carried out within the framework of the democratically instituted and legitimate laws governing that particular country, I’ve always taken strong exception to any government or politicians, whoever or wherever they are, proselytising on how members of their population should actually behave behind close doors and when what they’re doing is strictly a private and legal affair. Pushing one’s ideas down another person’s throat because you hold a position over them and feel you’ve a right to do so is not only repugnant itself but morally wrong; and for far too long and simply because it’s their particular baggage this is precisely what significant numbers of British politicians and other influential members of UK society have been doing.

I don’t buy the baseless crap that some people have homosexual genes in them any more than I buy the similar crap that Blacks have an inbuilt predisposition to crime. However, if those in power want to make homosexuality legal, and they’ve done so as it applies to the male gender, as it was never a crime where women were concerned since Queen Victoria asininely refused to accept that women could be lesbians, don’t know where the hell she got her senseless ideas and ill-informed information from or why she thought that the Greek island had for millennia, even during her reign, been called Lesbos, and her PM at the time didn’t have the balls to contradict her, I can perfectly well live with that and do so; but don’t bloody well dictate to me that because it’s your thing I must go along with it. For to put not too fine a point on it that won’t ever happen and if you think your coercive tactics against the populace per se will have any counterproductive effect on me to sway me that way let me instantly disabuse you of that notion and tell you upfront that you’re fucking well wrong! And to now most disingenuously claim that too many Brits are obsessively preoccupied with sodomy; well what the bloody hell did you queer-minded, dunderheads expect?

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