Thursday, 28 April 2016

Untainted family values in an era of decadent hedonism

By Stanley Collymore

Only inveterate queers, testosterone-pushy dykes,
the puerile and lasciviously promiscuous who
vulgarly and outlandishly take to breeding
like rampantly fecund rabbits and then
most irresponsibly and unashamedly
expect others to fully support their
bastard progeny in conjunction
with sick perverts, predatory
paedophiles, their equally
marauding supporters, other like-minded scum
who evilly and collectively profit immensely
from familial dissonance and its attendant
dysfunctionality absolutely and absurdly
delude themselves this isn’t or cannot
be the case, and therefore the rest of
us shouldn’t be told or encouraged
to consider that it is; misguided
propaganda they call it. While
in total contrast all sane and mindful people
appropriately instilled with cultural and
religious morality are prudently well
aware and have consistently been
erudite in this acknowledgement
that the just announced family
report deductions couldn’t in
these truly gruelling times
where family morality is
concerned be any more
welcome, germane or
to a mammoth extent
hugely appropriate!

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 April 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
Family life in Britain has over the centuries effectively undergone a 360 degree turn and currently is in the worst state of affairs it has ever been. Initially people formed relationships that could themselves have been affected by recurrent circumstances like war or pestilence forcing those involved to make the most of the time that they had together before the Grim Reaper wielded his scythe and dispatched them to the other world. Even so marriage wasn’t all that commonplace among the lower classes and was an institution that the rich and aspiring upper classes indulged in so they could legitimize their offspring, or supposed ones as cuckolding was just as rampant then among these wealthy and upper class “elites”, and therefore able in their minds at least to leave their wealth and property to these offspring when they personally died; mortality rates being pretty low overall among all sections of the population at the time.

However, as marriage became more fashionable among the rich and upper classes the lower class British Plebs and peasants began emulating their social betters. They had no wealth or property to pass on to their progeny but as is still current in class entrenched Britain they just toadying liked to replicate in their fashion the ways of their perceived social betters and often became even more hard-line in their social and moral observances than those whom they were looking up to on a class basis and endeavouring in social norms to emulate.

So marriage actively encouraged by the church became rather commonplace and saw Britain go through a number of puritan stages moralistically, on the surface that is and publicly so but privately it was invariably something a whole lot different. Anyway these pretences were religiously maintained and those who fell foul of them in the eyes of these hypocritical masses were summarily and publicly dealt with, ostracism and even death being the dire consequences for their perceived anti-social, immoral and irreligious conduct. And although modified over the ensuring years and centuries these strict public observances were nevertheless rigidly maintained.

One such situation was bastardy now codified as illegitimacy. Previously acknowledged without the bat of an eyelid among the wealthy, upper classes the aristocracy and even royalty illegitimacy was now publicly shunned and among Britain’s lower classes was severely ostracised and penalized. Consequently girls or women, who got pregnant without the benefit of being churched, namely married, or who couldn’t persuade or con some poor sod into marrying them whether the expectant child was his or not or in several cases this chosen and duped mug not even knowing that his intended bride was pregnant, was summarily dispatched to one of the plethora of homes for unmarried mothers that had mushroomed across Britain for the specific purpose of keeping these categorized fallen females out of the public spotlight and well away from their home neighbourhoods and the palpable public embarrassment and consternation of their close family members and friends and of course the female in question own public ostracism.

Sometimes though as frequently happened in Wales an already married family member: an older sibling for example or a young uncle or aunt, would take on the child and bring it up as their own supposed biological offspring and not uncommonly with the child itself totally unaware of let alone ever being told confidentially or otherwise of its biological parentage in terms of its real mother or father assuming that he was known. But customarily the pregnant and unmarried mother was surreptitiously dispatched to one of these unmarried mothers home well away from her neighbourhood and community where she was often patronizingly treated by supercilious staff members and steamrolled into having her child fostered or adopted; a measure embarked on it was told to her in her “best interests”.

Often with no moral, physical or financial support behind her and expecting none a situation compounded by the fact and her knowledge that none of these things would be forthcoming if she were to stupidly or ill-advisedly she was reminded keep her child the vast majority of these mothers predictably caved in and did what was demanded of them, namely agreeing to the relinquishment of their children to others knowing full well that when this act was completed mother and child would in all possibility never see each other again. And in exchange for doing so the fallen mother, daughter or female relative would occasionally be warily welcomed back among her own family on condition that she kept her mouth firmly shut about what had happened to her and so didn’t publicly embarrass or humiliate these “loving” family members of hers who couldn’t be any more non-supportive of her even if they had theoretically acquired a PhD in the subject.

But there was a group of females who fared ever far worse; white women or girls over the legal age of consent who’d consensually had sexual relationships with Black men or youths their own age and had gotten pregnant, even voluntarily so. And in such circumstances if her family members of the authorities who were racially horrified by what they saw as a carnal and despicable relationship were unable to coerce the female in question that she’d been “raped” by this Black man or he had coerced her into having sex with him obviously against her will and consequently had involuntarily got her pregnant and thus making that Black man unjustifiably but in racist terms none the less on their part and therefore acceptable from their point of view a moral degenerate and a criminal of the worst kind whose rightful place was in jail and for a very lengthy stretch of prison time and have this female go along with this abominable lie, then these endeavouring to get her do so if they failed in persuading her to do as they wished would then get pliable, unprofessional and equally racist psychiatrists, others in the medical fraternity and all other applicable like-minded “professionals”: social workers and the like, to section this allegedly “disgusting”, from their collective perspective, white female to a lunatic asylum as a severe danger to herself and additionally a corruptive influence as regards her community and from which, as with other such communities, she must be kept away from permanently for their own moral good. And imbued with this sick mindset those who were proscribing these unfortunate women then had them callously carted off to these lunatic asylums where they spent the rest of their natural lives as “psychiatric patients” when there was absolutely nothing wrong with them, while their children obviously taken from them and who they never saw again were confined to children’s homes and a life of childhood and subsequently because of how they were treated in these homes adult misery.

Then came the advent of the female contraceptive pill and with it a boundless sexual revolution with women rapturously ripping up the restrictive moral regulations they were supposed to adhere to and in their place instituting their own sexual codes of conduct which became a truly liberating influence, and without needing to employ any hyperbole in this matter, in the private and public lives of significant numbers and probably even the overwhelming majority of women. The era of the bra-burning, mini-skirts, free and non-committed sexual relationships with multiple partners often taking place simultaneously and conjoined with the voluntary jettisoning of previously held and society-enforced moral precepts like the advised retention of a female’s virginity until and after the attainment of marriage had arrived with a striking and effervescent panache all of its own, as was in noticeable contrast all the former publicly revered, uneasily accepted, grudgingly tolerated but always obligingly indulged in moral code of behaviour which was now massively and excitedly relinquished and likewise jubilantly discarded.

The ethics or otherwise surrounding British family life had done a 360 degree turn and from the ubiquitous extended family environment with all its varied characteristics to the nuclear family, then the single parent one and now to the thoroughly dysfunctional one of dykes, queers, so-called transgenders and what have you becoming “parents” what now exists does in my very honest opinion make a bloody mockery of what family and family values should be all about.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

You’re nothing but an unknowingly cuckolded and azoospermia moron Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

By Stanley Collymore

You’re nothing Recep Tayyip Erdogan and, temporarily
putting your alleged and avid proclivity for sexually
abusing defences goats aside, you are definitely a
most odious, egotistic self-indulgent, graspingly
greedy, intuitively delinquent and a noticeably
incorrigibly sickening and a detestable bully
genuinely lacking self-worth and in every
respect quite obviously analogous to all those feral,
enormously congenitally and mentally impaired
schoolboys and evidently substandard alleged
human beings, and to whom commonsense,
good judgement and intellectual acumen
are unmistakably non-existent in their
DNA structure, and who sadistically
receive their ghoulish gratification
by barbarously pulling the wings
off ensnared, hapless and very
clearly alive butterflies, you
RecepTayyip Erdogan fall
explicitly and markedly
without question quite
clearly among them!

Callous torturers of the worst kind who abysmally
fail to recognize much less so ever accept that
what they’re contemptibly and barbarically
doing can possibly in any way be vaguely
considered as obnoxious, illegal or just
plain morally wrong; and who as the
years inexorably for all of us press
on and physiologically though in
effect rather involuntarily and
outwardly so they seem to be adults, in actuality
they’ve neither acquired the capability, moral
integrity nor the trustworthy confidence to
either sensibly or logically grow up and
abandon their puerile and troublesome
past as genuine adults do, and in the
process intelligently and positively
move on; marked inabilities that
classically most correctly and
quite evilly sum you up and
exemplify your repugnant
behavioural traits: tyrant,
terrorist and facilitator
of beheaders, Recep
Tayyip Erdogan.

For you yourself are a loathsome terrorist Recep
Tayyip Erdogan as well as a decisive lowlife
specimen of conjectural humanity, and in
addition to all that a blood-stained mass
murderer, rapacious profiteer of other
people’s misery, a pathological liar
and an utterly obsessive attention
seeker haughtily grandstanding
but even so rather unimpressively as an eyesore
scarecrow or nuisance strawman who despite
their self-important stance the more savvy
raptorial or cleverer birds of prey pay no
regard to or any approving attention of
at all; in relation to theirs or yours in
specific human terms ostentatious,
enormously pretentious, entirely
disingenuous and devious self-
advertisement shenanigans
Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

And in the same way that these shrewd creatures of the
air have skilfully acquired the ability to be absolutely
discerning in their judgement and know precisely
how to judiciously apply this advantageous info
appropriately, why then shouldn’t every truly
sagacious human being: whether they be a
child, woman or man and who fervently
feel so inclined, likewise sensibly and
just as perceptively do the same in your particular
case Recep Tayyip Erdogan by obviating your
crass and distracting pretences while smartly
lampooning your patently stupid and very
delusional obsession of resurrecting the
dead Ottoman Empire and thereafter
having yourself fittingly installed
as its unquestionable Head and
for everyone you delusionally
presume in your ludicrous
state of erroneous belief
to quite obviously and
worshipfully admire.

Fantasy grossly and exaggeratedly conflated with reality; for
in your ineffectual and pathetic private life you’re nothing
more than an outright grotesque azoospermiac, Turkish
moron unwittingly the father of children whom you
could not possibly have sired, and certainly not
with you shooting spermatic blanks as your
coital ammunition. Yet evidently incapable it’s apparent
of effectively controlling your patently clever, publicly
unassuming but privately cuckolding woman Recep
Tayyip Erdogan you nevertheless as the undeniably
chauvinistic monster but manifestly unknowingly
cuckolded buffoon that you plainly are, rather
idiotically and quite laughably to those of us
who’re in the know, wish more than a wee
bit belatedly to now callously blackmail
as well as fiendishly venture to crudely
subjugate the world as a recalcitrant
measure and furthermore as a rapt
compensation for your torturous
and acute sexual shortcomings.

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 April 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
First Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t like the satirical song about him sung by a German singer and done so in Germany it must be remembered; not in Turkey! Nevertheless, this brain-dead egotist had the German ambassador to Turkey summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry where he was given a severe dressing down about the song that he had nothing to do with and was possibly even unaware of it until told about it by the Turks but all the same with Recep Erdogan demanding that the German song be banned.

Next when the German satirical poet in response to the blatant interference in artistic freedom within Germany by a man who routinely silences in every way that he can anyone who dares say something Erdogan doesn’t like or considers to be insulting to him irrespective of how trivial the supposedly offending matter or material is, this ultra paranoid asshole that rigged his party’s political election “victory”, changed the Turkish constitution which enshrined the secular nature of that country and instead made himself the president and sole arbiter of what is now a religiously ideological cesspit that is also unquestionably undemocratic and very much a dictatorial state, Erdogan fuming at what Jan Boehmermann the poet referred to earlier had written demanded that Angela Merkel the German Chancellor have Boehmermann arrested and prosecuted for insulting him, Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the “offensive” poem he’d written and performed in his line of work on television and significantly in Boehmermann’s own country of Germany. Toadyingly Angela Merkel has caved in to Erdogan’s demands; and done so most duplicitously under Section 103 of an antiquated German law going back centuries under the criminal code of “insulting a representative of a foreign state.”

Now how more bloody selective and toadying can one get in response to the dictatorial bullying of a despot, and profoundly narcissistic with it, who despite his murderous, terrorist and massively ongoing human rights and other calamitous and premeditated abuses in Turkey Angela Merkel consciously turning a blind eye to all this nevertheless warmly embraces Erdogan because Turkey is a member of NATO and Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened that if he doesn’t get his way in what he selfishly demands he’ll open the floodgates and deluge Europe and specifically Germany with refugees, migrants: economic or otherwise, and worrisomely for Europe and Merkel terrorists too. But rather than challenge Erdogan on all of this and with her political career and position as Chancellor of Germany more important to her than principles, integrity or Germany’s hard won human rights post World War II, Merkel has self-servingly surrendered Germany’s dignity and its people’s pride to blatant opportunism at the hands of a terrorist, terrorist-sponsor and murderous dictator, Turkey’s despotic ruler and wannabe emperor of a resurrected Turkish Ottoman Empire.

But the informed ones among you out there and who’re sensible with it know as well as I do that Angela Markel’s stance apart from being utterly self-serving stinks of hypocrisy, double standards and disingenuousness at its worst. For there are a number of current heads of states of several countries and past ones too and their officials who if a similar poem or song was written about them by German artistes there’s bugger all Merkel would have done to appease these people if they had complained to her and wanted as Erdogan in marked contrast has succeeded in doing and quite easily so; and instead if she hadn’t ignored the complainants outright would have conceitedly and categorically stated that these German artistes were performing in their home country Germany where the rule of law applied and where individuals were guaranteed freedom of expression and the right to free speech, and no one would ever have heard of this antiquated German law that the overwhelming majority of Germans weren’t themselves aware of until Angela Merkel conveniently had her prosecutor search the archives and dragged it up, for Angela Merkel was herself ignorant of it.

And just for argument sake could you ever envisage Angela Merkel using this antiquated German law in favour of Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Winnie Mandela of South Africa, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran or Kim Jan-Un of North Korea? I shan’t hold my breath for your answer for you know perfectly well she would not. But if any of these aforementioned persons had used their political powers in government or the office they held to prosecute a citizen of their own country who wrote a song or poem praising any westerner however distasteful that westerner was not only would the western corporate media be up in arms and jumping to the defence of these prosecuted artistes, the likes of Angela Merkel would likewise be in the vanguard of those western politicians castigating the very same actions that she, Angela Merkel is now engaged in. So it’s not principles, the rule of law or any of that disingenuous shit that Angela Merkel is concerned about here but rather upholding imperialistic, colonialist and the hegemonic interests, policies and practices of the west, and very much akin to the Berlin Conference of 1884 in its mindset. And if you don’t know what happened at the Berlin Conference of 1884 then I suggest you go and check it out!

After the Jan Boehmermann incident I began work on the draft of a castigatory poem directed personally at Recep Erdogan but before I could add the finishing touches, properly proof read the work and prepare it for publication, a process I methodically carry out with all my work, a number of far more important issues intervened and finding it more relevant to deal with these I did just that and instead put the Erdogan poem on the back burner where it stayed and would have continued to until I’d completed the other work I earlier referred to.

Then my German partner who takes a keen interest in my work as I reciprocally do with hers and was therefore fully au fait with the Erdogan poem drew my attention one evening to the fact that the Spectator Journal was offering a prize for the poem that could worst insult Recep Erdogan. My response was immediate. I would instantly destroy the handwritten drafts as well as delete from my memory sticks and my computer’s hard drive every aspect of the Erdogan poem I’d written and totally forget all about it. For the last thing I wanted was for the plethora of idiots out there thinking that my poem about Recep Tayyip Erdogan was financially motivated or that I was jumping at some journal’s behest onto their particular bandwagon; since what I do and write come from within me and no outsider.

Knowing precisely how I would react once she’d told me of the Spectator’s competition my darling partner before she did so had scrupulously and unbeknown to me at the time photocopied the handwritten drafts of my Erdogan poem, downloaded from our computer and onto her memory sticks the draft versions that I had there and essentially made sure that every iota of information I’d transcribed in relation to that poem she’d now secretly safeguarded. She was even present when I physically and electronically destroyed the Erdogan poem but this beautiful love of my life never batted an eyelid nor said a single word of what she’d done. So as far as I was concerned after my thrashing the Erdogan poem it was no more and had all gone.

Then I heard from sources in Holland that Erdogan had instructed his crony and the Turkish ambassador in Holland to have their spies there unlawfully put under surveillance anyone: Dutch citizens or whoever they considered should be targeted it didn’t matter to these barbaric clowns of Erdogan, who they thought was actually or likely to be “insulting” Erdogan in Holland and pass this subjective information on to their boss Recep Erdogan in Ankara who would then determine what to do with these suspects. News of this however got out and caused out of embarrassment more than any real desire to tackle the matter seriously, as Holland is also a member of NATO and tows its line as does Germany, the Dutch PM Mark Rutte apologetically rather than forcefully politely asked Ankara for “answers” but with Turkey adamantly and dismissively denying the allegations against it Holland did nothing more.

Then when the head of the Berlin branch of Germany’s Pirate Party Bruno Kramm was also arrested on Friday 22 April 2016 for quoting a line from Jan Boehmermann’s satirical poem I decided to rescind my previous decision and write a new poem as I thought it would be on Recep Erdogan and informed my German partner what I planned on doing. She smiled and said: “Das ist gut!” Then immediately broke into that infectious and endearing laughter of hers and pointed out shortly afterwards that unless I specifically wanted to there would be no need for me to write a new poem explaining in the process what she had done. What happened after that? Mind your own bloody business it’s private; suffice to say though that we did manage eventually to find the time to work on the poem as well. And here it is!

Tu tiştek lê nezanî cuckolded û ehmeq azoospermia Recep Tayyip Erdogan in!

By Stanley Collymore

Tu tiştek Recep Tayyip Erdogan û, ji bo demekê î diceribînin medvetande îdîaya û Delal, te ji bo cinsî birine ser parêznameya min, bizinan bide aliyekî, tu ne teqez a pîstir, egotistic self-indulgent, graspingly, çavbirçî, wę dizanîbű Delinquent û a hev incorrigibly sickening û sir'tûk lewitî ne, sûceke de kêmahiya we self-hêjayî û li her rêz pir eşkere analogous ji bo hemû kesên feral, pir congenitally û derûnî nexweşin schoolboys û lîsan substandard îdîaya mirovan, û ji kê re ragiahndibû, dîwanê baş û acumen rewşenbîr in berdim, non-dbînît li wan avahiya DNA, û ku sadistically bistîne razîkirin û têrkirina cebanîya xwe destê barbarin dibirim baskên off çeendîn, Pîhava, û pir Perperikên zelal sax, hûn ketina RecepTayyip Erdogan eşkere û dianî, bê pirs pir bi awayekî zelal di nav wan de!

îşkenceyên pêhesîn ên herî xerab ên ku abysmally têk nas gelek kêmtir, da her û her qebûl dikin, ku çi ew contemptibly û barbarically î dikarin çi belkî di tu tiştî de çękirî be wek obnoxious, neqanûnî yan jî bi tenê nirxandin deşta exlaqî xelet; û ku wek salan ramanxane ji bo me hemûyan çapemeniyê li ser û physiologically ku ew di bandora bêtir koçkirin û ji derve, da ku ew xuya bibe mezinan, di rastiyê de ew ne giştine kiriye taybetiya, exlaqî yekitîya ne jî bawerî dilsoz ji bo yan jî bi awayekî mentiqî an jî bi awayekî mantiqî, mezin dibin û dev ji wan puerile û problemên wan borî mezinan wek durûtî bikin, û di Pêvajoya bi aqilmendî û bi awayekî erênî berdewam bike; inabilities marked ku klasîk de herî zêde bi awayekî rast û pir nebêje hûn kurtebêj kirin û xisletên Schily xwe karakterî halwestê: zilmkar, terorîst û Dezgehên ji beheaders, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ji bo te bi xwe terorîst bi kul Recep in Tayyip Erdogan û her weha weke lowlife diyarker tahlîla xwe yên mirovahiyê konjokturel, û li Ji bilî vê ji bo hemû tiştên ku a komî-xwîn ji çentê mêrkuj, profiteer nêçîrxwaz yên din rebenî gel, derewker Êrişkirin û bala bi tevahî elaqedarê Penaxwaz bi beratên me grandstanding lê bi vî awayî bêtir unimpressively wek eyesore scarecrow an strawman mehkûmkirî ku tevî helwesta self-giring xwe ya bi hostatî more teyrên raptorial an cleverer ji nêçîra bidin tune warî de ji bo an jî bi ti çalakiyên pesendkirin û yên qet; di têkiliyên bi xweserî yan jî te li mercên taybetî mirovan di heman bajarî, pir maldariyê, bi temamî dîqetkirin, qisûrê û KT shenanigans agehdarî Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

Û bi heman awayî ji bo ku ev afirîdên jîr û yên hewayî bi zanebûn kirîbû ku mirov bikaribe bi teqez be hêre di dîwana xwe û bi teqezî dizanin çawa ji bo têkra serî ev info fêde baş, hingê çima ne divê her rastî, bi rastî mirov sagacious: gelo ew be zarok, jin an mêr, û ku bi gurahî hîs da meyldarê, wusa jî bi awayekî mentiqî û Çawa ku perceptively usa di serî de xwe di doza Recep Tayyip Erdogan ji aliyê hiquq te pretenses crass û distracting dema smartly lampooning xwe dişixulin ehmaq û pir dildariyên xeyalî ya vejandina Împaratoriya Osmanî de mirî û paşê Piştî ku wî bi xwe fittingly sazkirin weke Serokê hera xwe û ji bo her kesî, tu delusionally Îxwanê li nerêkî te dewletê yên bawerî, sube ji bo pir eşkere û worshipfully heyranîya xwe.

Fantasy, suce û exaggeratedly bi rastiya hesibandin; bo di jiyana taybet temamê û komîk te tu tiştek î zêdetir an azoospermiac, milletê watedar e, Turkish ehmeq zanibin ku bavê zarokên ku hûn belkî nehat sired kirine, û bi rastî ne bi we re gule mirdal mirovî weke xwe cebilxane coital. Lê dîsa jî bi awayekî aflkera nikare ev diyar yên bi bandor kontrolkirina xwe dişixulin jêhatî ye, bi eşkereyî unassuming di heman demê de bi taybetî cuckolding jin Recep Tayyip Erdogan hûn dîsa jî wek ku bi cîh monster şovenîzma di heman demê de bi eşkere bi nezanî buffoon cuckolded ku bi eşkereyî ji we ne, lêbelê idiotically û pir laughably ji bo kesên ji me re ku li dizanin î, dixwazin zêdetir ji wee hinekî dereng ji bo niha callously şantajkirina û herweha fiendishly wêribe bi crudely stûxwarkirina ji dinyayê wek serkêş bipîvin û herweha wek gerandin tezmînatê ji bo Torturous te û kêmasiyên akût cinsî.

First Recep Tayyip Erdogan kir song gotaręn xwe hez ne li ser wî ji aliyê stranbêj German sung û li Almanyayê divê ev anîn bîra xwe bê kirin, da; li Tirkiyeyê ne! Lê dîsa jî, ev egotist mejî-mirî bû balyozê German bo Tirkiyeyê xwestin ku wezareta derve ya tirk ku, ew ji giran û kinc xwarê ser song, ku ew tiştekî bi hebûn û belkî jî ji hay bû, heta ku li ser ew ji aliyê re got hate dayîn Tirkan di heman demê de hemû di eynî bi Recep Erdogan doza ku song German bê qedexe kirin.

Next gava ku helbestvan gotaręn German li bersiveke ji bo destwerdana sansasyonel li azadiya hunerî di nav Germany destê wî mirovê ku rutînî di her awayî bêdengiyên ku ew dikarin her kesê ku biwêre tiştekî Erdogan hez nake ku dibêjin, an jî dibîne ku bibe bêfihêt jê re şidetê re çawa ne hêsan wê mijarê qaşo devavêtinê an maddî e, ev submarine ultra paranoîd ku hilbijartinan siyasî ya partiya xwe "serkeftin", kerestên guherand destûra Turkish ku çespandin ku xwezaya laîk yên ku welat û di şûna xwe de ji serok û hakîmê yekane tiştê ku niha a olî îdeolojîk pêk cesspit e ku bi guman nedemokratîk û gelek dewlet diktatorî, Erdogan dişê li çi Jan Boehnke helbestvan sewqî zûtir nivîsî xwest ku Angela Merkel bi serokwezîra German heye Boehnke girtin û doz ji bo heqaretê li wî, Recep Tayyip Erdogan ji bo "êrîşker" helbesta wî hatiye nivîsîn kiribû û di xeta xwe ya kar li ser televizyonê çêkir û bi girîngî li welatê xwe Boehnke ya Almanya. Toadyingly Angela Merkel hatiye li ber daxwazên Erdogan kiraltiyê; û di bin Beþ 103 yên qanûna û kevnetorên German dîsa vegere sedsalan di bin qanûna tawanan ji kiriye, da herî duplicitously "heqaretê li nûnerê dewleteke biyanî".

Niha çawa bi xwîn zêdetir bijartî û toadying yek dikare di bersiveke ji bo bullying diktatorî yên zalim bistînin, û bi awayekî kûr, xweperest, bi wê re ku tevî kujer, terorîst û zêrandina mafên mirovan xwe û yên din, binpêkirina şertê û tehrîkê li Tirkiyeyê Angela Merkel bi zanebûn zivirî a çavê kor ev hemû dîsa bi germî hembêz Erdogan ji ber ku Tirkiye endama NATO û Recep Tayyip Erdogan e gef kir ku eger ew ne di riya xwe di çi ew xweperest û daxwazên ew ê dê derikên bi penaberan vekin û deluge Ewropa û bi taybetî Elmanya get ne, koçber: aborî an na, û worrisomely ji bo Ewropa û Merkel terorîst jî. Lê belê di şûna dijwarîya Erdogan li ser hemû ji vê û bi kariyera xwe ya siyasî û helwesta xwe wek serokwezîra Almanyayê ji ji wê zêdetir girîng e ji bingehên, yekitîya an hard mafên mirovan ketin Almanyayê binivîse Şerê Cîhanê yê Duyemîn, Merkel self-servingly rûmet Almanyayê û gelê wê yê radestî serbilindî ji bo oportunîzm sansasyonel li ser destê terorîst, terorîst-sponsor û dîktator kujer, bi seroktî û wannabe darbeker Tirkiyê împarator of a Turkish Împeratoriya Osmanî ve zindîkirin.

Lê belê, kesên ku agahdar di nav we de ji wê derê û ku mantiqî û bi wê re û her weha ez dizanim in ku ji helwesta Angela Markel ya ji bilî ku bêhnên bi tevahî self-xizmetê ji durûtî, standartên cot û disingenuousness at herî xirab wê. Ji bo hejmara zêde ya serê niha ya dewletên ji gelek welatan û yên berê jî û rayedarên xwe, ku eger helbesta an song manend ên di derbarê wan de ji aliyê artistes German hatibû nivîsîn li wir e bugger hemû Merkel dê çi kiriye tatmîn bikin, ev kes eger ew bi gazin li wir xwe û wek ku Erdogan li berevajî xwest hatiye li kirina serkeftî û gelekî bi hêsanî da; û li şûna ko ew kiribû li complainants neyên paşguhkirin, milletê dê conceitedly û kategorîk diyar kir ku ev artistes German li welatê xwe Almanyayê, stran bûn ku serweriya qanûnê serî û li wir kesên azadiya ramanê û mafê axaftina azad misoger kirin, û tu kes dê ji vê qanûnê û kevnetorên German ku piranîya pir ji Almanan bûn bi xwe ne yên dizanin, heta ku Angela Merkel bi hêsanî hebû, dozger wê lêgerîn arşîvên û ew kaş up, ji bo Angela Merkel bi xwe ji ew nezan bû, bihîst.

Û tenê ji bo xatirê argumana we nikaribû hûn her tevdêrê Angela Merkel bi bikaranîna vê qanûnê û kevnetorên German alîgirê Beşar el-Esed li Sûriyê, Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe, Winnie Mandela ji Afrîkaya Başûr, Mehmûd Ehmedînejad li Îranê an Kim Jan-Un li ser Koreya Bakur? Ez wê bi nefes, min ji bo bersiva te bigirin ne ji bo ku hûn baş dizanin ku ew dê ne. Lê eger yek ji van kesên jorîn hêzên xwe yên siyasî di hikûmetê de an jî daîra kar anîbû ew jî dadgehkirina welatiyekî ji welatê xwe yê ku song an helbest nivîsand pesnê tu westerner lê belê radighîne ku westerner bû ne bi tenê dikarî wê di medyayê de şîrketan rojava up be di çek û jumping ji bo parastina van artistes doz, li likes ya Angela Merkel bi vî awayî dê di pêşengiya siyasetmedarên rojava exlaqparêz çalakiyên pir eynî ku ew, Angela Merkel niha çalak be. bi vî awayî ev prensîbên ne, ji hukumranîya qanûn an jî yên ku shit qisûrê ku Angela Merkel li ser here, lê belê tiştî berjewendîyên emperyalîst, mêtinger û hegemonîk, polîtîka û pratîkên li rojava, û gelek akin ji bo konferansa Berlînê ya 1884 di zîhniyeta xwe ya bi fikar e. Û eger hûn nizanin ku di Konferansa Berlînê of 1884 piştre qewimî ez pêşnîyarî we bixwînin, û kontrol derket!

Piştî bûyerê Jan Boehnke ez kar li ser reşnivîsa helbesta castigatory xwe li Recep Erdogan derhêneriya dest pê kir lê li ber min nikaribû de heyema nû bînim lê zêde bike, baş delîl xwendin, kar û amadekirina ji bo weşan, pêvajoya ez methodically neynin, bi hemû karên min , hejmarek ji pirsên niha zêdetir girîng e, û bi dîtina ew têkildar zêdetir ji bo ku bi van ez çawa kir ku û li şûna ku vê helbestê Erdogan bixêrahtine li ku derê ma û dê ji bo heta ku ez karê min ên din zûtir temam kiribû berdewam kirin sewqî.

Hingê hevkarê German min ê ku digre dixwaze li karê xwe wek ku min kompozîsyoneke bi însyatîfeke bikin û ji ber vê yekê bi temamî au fait bû bi helbestê Erdogan bala min yek êvar, ji bo çaresiya ku Journal espectador bû sihik xelata ji bo helbesta ku nikaribû herî xirab nizim Recep Erdogan. bersiva min nêzîk bû. Ez di şevekê de dê pêşnûmeya me destnivîskî helak bike û herweha delete ji daran bîra min û di dîska kompîtura min ji her layî helbest Erdogan ez nivîsîn kiribû û bi temamî ji hemû li ser vê ji bîr neke. Ji bo cara tişt Min xwest ez ji bo komek ji helwêsta xwe li wir fikra ku helbesta min di derbarê Recep Tayyip Erdogan ji ber armancine diravî an ku ez ji nêz ve dişûpînin hin kovara ya tikandinê de bandwagon taybetî wan jumping bû bû; ji ber ku ez çi û nivîsandinê ji di nava min û no xerîb bêm.

Bi naskirina di anketê de çawa Ez dixwazim bertek cih de ew ê ji min re ji pêşbirkê temaşevanê da got: partner kevoka min li ber wê hat, da taqîbkirin û unbeknown ji min re hebû di wê demê de kopî pêşnûmeya me destnivîskî yên helbesta Erdogan min, daxistin ji komputera me û tikandinê de daran bîra xwe pêşnûma versions, ku ez li wir û di bingeh de dabû çêkirin û bizanibin ku her iota ji agahiyên min li ser mijara ku helbesta wê niha dixwazin bi dizî parastin (transkrîpsîyon) kiribû. Ew jî amade bû, dema ku min fizîkî û elektronîk rûxandin helbest Erdogan di heman demê de vê hezkirina xweş yên jiyana min qet kêzînê batted û ne jî diyar kir û peyvek jî negot ji tiştê ku ew ê bê kirin. Bi vî awayî bi qasî ku ez piştî sîlê min helbest Erdogan ev zêdetir bû têkildar bû û hemû çûbûn.

Paşê ez ji çavkaniyên li Holland bihîst ku Erdogan destbirakê xwe û balyozê Tirkiyê li Holland hatibû perwerdekirin, da ku nêrevan * bi xwe li wir di heramîyê de di bin kesî çavderî kirin: welatî Dutch an jî kesê ku ew nirxandin, divê hedef bê wê ew ji bo van clowns ên hovane yên Erdogan ne girîng , yê ku ew difikirîn, di rastiyê de an muhtemel e ku bibin "heqaret" Erdogan li Holland û derbas ev agahî subjektîf li ser bi patronê xwe Recep Erdogan li Enqereyê ku hingê dê diyar bike ka ji bo ku ez bi van gumanbaran bû. News of this lê belê derket û ji şermizar sedema zêdetir ji bixwaze rast ji bo mijûlbûna bi cidî, wek Holland jî endamê NATO ye û tows line xwe wek nizane Almanyayê, bi Dutch PM Mark Rutte lêborînê û bêtir ji zorî û dûvre pirsî Enqereyê ji bo "bersivên" di heman demê de bi Tirkiyeyê kuştibû û dismissively înkar dike, îdîayên li dijî wê Holland tiştekî zêdetir kir.

Îcar dema ku serokê şaxê Berlin Partiya Bruno Kramm Almanyayê jî li ser Roja Înê 22 April 2016 ji bo balê dikşîne a xeta ji helbesta gotaręn Jan Boehnke hatibû girtin, min biryar da ku şoriş û biryara berê min û nivîsandina bi helbesta nû ku min digot qey ew li ser wê be Recep Erdogan û hevjîna German min tiştê ku ez li ser çi plan agahdarkirin. Ew bişirî û got: "! Das ist gut" Piştre di cih de şikand nav ku kenê enfeksiyonê û dilgîr ên însyatîfeke û bal kişand piştî demeke kurt ku, eger ez bi taybetî xwest ku wê li wê derê be hewcedarî ji bo min ji bo nivîsandina bi helbesta nû re şîrove kir ku di pêvajoya ku çi wê kiriye. piştî ku çi qewimî? Mind business bi xwîn xwe bi xwe ev taybet; têrê bike ji bo dibêjin, tevî ku em îdare kir di dawiyê de ji bo dema ji bo xebatê li ser helbest û herweha. Û li wê derê ye!

Sie sind nichts anderes als ein unwissentlich cuckolded und Azoospermie Trottel Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

Von Stanley Collymore

Du bist nichts Recep Tayyip Erdogan und vorübergehend Ihre angeblichen und eifrige proclivity setzen für sexuell Verteidigung Ziegen missbrauchen beiseite, sind Sie auf jeden Fall ein abscheulichsten, egoistische zügellos, fassend gierig, intuitiv säumig und eine merklich unverbesserlich widerlich und ein abscheulicher Tyrann wirklich fehlt, Selbstwertgefühl und in jeder Respekt ganz offensichtlich analog für alle diejenigen, wild, enorm angeboren und geistig behinderte Gymnasiasten und offenbar minderwertige angeblichen Menschen, und an wen Vernunft, Augenmaß und intellektuellen Scharfsinn unmißverständlich inexistent sind in ihrer DNA-Struktur und die sadistisch erhalten ihre gruseligen Befriedigung von barbarisch die Flügel ziehen off verstrickt, glücklos und sehr klar lebendig Schmetterlinge, Sie RecepTayyip Erdogan Herbst explizit und merklich ohne Frage ganz deutlich unter ihnen!

Callous Folterer der schlimmsten Art, die abgründig nicht weniger zu erkennen, sehr, das jemals akzeptieren was sie sind verachtenswert und barbarisch Dadurch kann möglicherweise in irgendeiner Weise vage sein gilt als anstößig, illegal oder nur Ebene moralisch falsch; und der als Jahre unerbittlich für uns alle Presse on und physiologisch obwohl in Effekt eher unfreiwillig und nach außen, so scheinen sie erwachsen zu sein, in Wirklichkeit sie haben weder die Fähigkeit erworben, moralische Integrität noch die vertrauenswürdige Vertrauen entweder vernünftig oder logisch aufwachsen und verlassen ihre kindischen und lästig Vergangenheit als echte Erwachsene tun, und in der verarbeiten intelligent und positiv mach weiter; deutliche Unfähigkeiten, dass klassisch am richtigsten und ganz bösartig Sie summieren und exemplifizieren Ihre abstoßend Verhaltensmerkmale: Tyrann, Terroristen und Moderator von beheaders, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Für Sie selbst sind eine abscheuliche Terror Recep Tayyip Erdogan sowie ein entscheidender lowlife Probe von conjectural Menschheit, und in Zusätzlich zu, dass alle eine blutbefleckte Masse Mörder, räuberische profiteer anderer Menschen Elend, ein pathologischer Lügner und ein völlig obsessive Aufmerksamkeit Sucher hochmütig Effekthascherei aber auch so ziemlich unimpressively als ein Dorn im Auge Vogelscheuche oder belästigende strawman, die trotz ihre Selbst wichtige Haltung der versierte raptorial oder gescheiter Raubvögel zahlen nicht Hinsichtlich oder jede Genehmigung Aufmerksamkeit überhaupt; in Bezug auf ihre oder bei Ihnen in spezifische menschliche Begriffe protzig, enorm anspruchsvoll, ganz unaufrichtig und hinterhältig Selbst Werbung Spielereien Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

Und in der gleichen Art und Weise, dass diese klugen Geschöpfe der Luft erworben haben geschickt die Fähigkeit, absolut zu sein Gerade anspruchsvolle in ihrem Urteil und wissen wie umsichtig diese vorteilhafte Informationen gelten angemessen, warum sollte dann nicht wirklich jeder sagacious Mensch: ob sie eine sein Kind, Frau oder Mann und die inbrünstig fühle mich so geneigt, ebenfalls sinnvoll und genauso tun einfühlsam das gleiche in Ihrem speziellen case Recep Tayyip Erdogan durch die Beseitigung von Ihrer krass und ablenkend Vorwänden während intelligent verspotten Ihre offensichtlich dumm und sehr wahnhafte Obsession der wiederzubeleben Tote Osmanischen Reich und danach passend zu haben selbst installiert wie seine unbestreitbaren Kopf und für alle, die ihr wahnhaft davon ausgehen, in Ihrem lächerlich Zustand der Irrglaube auf ganz offensichtlich und verehrend bewundern.

Fantasie grob und übertrieben mit der Realität verschmelzt; für in Ihrem ineffektiv und pathetisch Privatleben du bist nichts mehr als eine geradezu groteske azoospermiac, Türkisch Trottel unwissentlich der Vater von Kindern, die Sie unmöglich gezeugt haben könnte, und schon gar nicht mit Ihnen spermatic Rohlingen als Schießen coital Munition. Doch offenbar unfähig es ist offensichtlich, effektiv steuern Ihre offenkundig klug, öffentlich bescheiden, aber privat Frau Recep cuckolding Tayyip Erdogan Sie dennoch als unbestreitbar chauvinistisch Monster aber offensichtlich unwissentlich cuckolded Possenreißer, die Sie klar sind, eher idiotisch und ziemlich lächerlich zu denen von uns die sind in der wissen, wollen mehr als ein wee Bit verspätet jetzt kaltschnäuzig Erpressung sowie teuflisch wagen plump zu unterjochen die Welt als widerspenstig messen und darüber hinaus als rapt Entschädigung für Ihre quälenden und akute sexuelle Unzulänglichkeiten.

Erste Recep Tayyip Erdogan mochte den Spottlied nicht um ihn von einem deutschen Sänger gesungen und so in Deutschland getan daran erinnert werden müssen; nicht in der Türkei! Dennoch ist diese hirntoten Egoist hatte der deutsche Botschafter in der Türkei in die türkische Außenministerium vorgeladen, wo er einen schweren Standpauke über das Lied gegeben wurde, dass er nichts mit dem zu tun hatte, und war vielleicht sogar nicht bewusst, bis über sie erzählt von der Türken aber trotzdem mit Recep Erdogan fordert, dass das deutsche Lied verboten werden.

Als nächstes, wenn der deutsche satirische Dichter in Reaktion auf die eklatante Einmischung in die künstlerische Freiheit in Deutschland von einem Mann, der routinemäßig in jeder Hinsicht zum Schweigen bringt, dass er kann jeder, der etwas wagt sagen Erdogan nicht oder nicht mag hält ihm sein beleidigend unabhängig davon, wie trivial die angeblich säumige Materie oder Material, das extrem paranoid Arschloch, dass seine Partei die politische Wahl "Sieg" in Ordnung gebracht, änderte sich die türkische Verfassung, die den säkularen Charakter des Landes verankert und stattdessen machte sich der Präsident und der alleinige Schiedsrichter, was jetzt eine religiös ideologische cesspit, die fraglos auch undemokratisch und sehr viel ein diktatorischer Staat ist, rauchender Erdogan an, was Jan Böhmermann der Dichter genannt früher gefordert hatte geschrieben, dass Angela Merkel die deutsche Kanzlerin wegen Beleidigung ihn, Recep Tayyip Erdogan für die "Offensive" Boehmermann verhaftet und verfolgt haben Gedicht, das er geschrieben hatte und in seiner Linie der Arbeit im Fernsehen und deutlich in Boehmermann eigenen Land von Deutschland durchgeführt. Toadyingly hat Angela Merkel nachgegeben zu Erdogans Forderungen; und so die meisten duplicitously unter § 103 eines veralteten deutschen Recht zurück Jahrhunderte unter dem Strafgesetzbuch getan "Beleidigung eines Vertreters eines fremden Staates."

Nun, wie blutiger selektive und Speichelleckerei kann man als Antwort auf das diktatorische Mobbing eines Despoten zu bekommen, und zutiefst narzisstisch mit ihm, der trotz seiner mörderischen Terroristen und massiv laufenden Menschenrechte und andere katastrophal und vorsätzlicher Verletzungen in der Türkei Angela Merkel bewusst ein Wende Auge zudrücken, um das alles dennoch umarmt herzlich Erdogan, weil die Türkei ein Mitglied der NATO und Recep Tayyip Erdogan ist hat damit gedroht, dass, wenn er seinen Weg nicht bekommen, was er verlangt, egoistisch werde er die Tür und Tor öffnen und Europa und speziell Deutschland mit Flüchtlingen überschwemmen Migranten: wirtschaftlicher oder sonstiger und besorgniserregend für Europa und Merkel zu Terroristen. Aber anstatt Herausforderung Erdogan auf all dies und mit ihrer politischen Karriere und die Position als Kanzler von Deutschland ihr wichtiger als Prinzipien, Integrität oder in Deutschland hart erkämpften Menschenrechte dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zu veröffentlichen, Merkel hat sich selbst servingly kapitulierte Deutschland die Würde und seine Menschen Terroristen-Sponsor und mörderischen Diktator, der Türkei despotischen Herrscher und wannabe Kaiser eines auferstandenen türkischen osmanischen Reich Stolz zu eklatanten Opportunismus in den Händen eines Terroristen.

Aber die informiert unter euch da draußen, und die vernünftig sind mit ihr auch wissen, wie ich, dass Angela Markel Haltung abgesehen davon, dass völlig eigennützigen stinkt nach Heuchelei, Doppelmoral und Unaufrichtigkeit in seiner schlimmsten Form. Denn es gibt eine Reihe von aktuellen Staatsoberhäupter mehrerer Länder und hinter einen zu und ihre Beamten sind, die, wenn ein ähnliches Gedicht oder ein Lied über sie von deutschen artistes geschrieben wurde es bugger all Merkel getan hätte, um diese Leute zu besänftigen, wenn sie beschwert hatten ihr und wollte als Erdogan in deutlichem Kontrast hat das gelungen und ganz einfach so; und statt dessen, wenn sie die Beschwerdeführer nicht außer Acht gelassen hatte, geradezu hätte conceitedly und kategorisch festgestellt, dass diese deutschen artistes in ihrem Heimatland leisteten Deutschland, wo die Herrschaft des Rechts angewendet und wo Individuen wurden die Meinungsfreiheit und das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung garantiert, und niemand hätte je von dieser veralteten deutschen Recht gehört, dass die überwältigende Mehrheit der deutschen nicht selbst bewusst waren, bis Angela Merkel bequem ihre Ankläger Suche im Archiv hatte und zog sie auf, für Angela Merkel selbst davon unwissend war.

mit dieser veralteten deutschen Recht zugunsten von Bashar al-Assad von Syrien, Robert Mugabe von Simbabwe, Winnie Mandela Südafrika, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad im Iran oder Kim Jan-Un von Nordkorea Und nur für Argument willen könnten Sie jemals Angela Merkel vorstellen? Ich werde mir den Atem für deine Antwort nicht halten für Sie ganz genau wissen, sie wollte nicht. Aber wenn eine dieser oben genannten Personen ihre politischen Kräfte in der Regierung oder im Büro benutzt hatte, hielten sie ein Bürger ihres eigenen Landes zu verfolgen, die alle Westler ein Lied oder ein Gedicht preist schrieb aber geschmacklos, dass Westler war nicht nur würde die westliche Medienkonzerne werden in den Armen und auf die Verteidigung dieser verfolgt artistes springen, können die gleichen von Angela Merkel ebenfalls an der Spitze jener westlichen Politiker würden die gleichen Aktionen zu geißeln, die sie, Angela Merkel jetzt in Eingriff ist. So ist es nicht Prinzipien ist, die Rechts Gesetz oder jede dieser unaufrichtig Scheiße, dass Angela Merkel hier besorgt über, sondern Aufrechterhaltung imperialistisch, kolonialistischen und die hegemoniale Interessen, Strategien und Praktiken des Westens ist, und sehr ähnlich der Berliner Konferenz von 1884 in seiner Haltung. Und wenn Sie nicht wissen, was auf der Berliner Konferenz von 1884 geschah dann empfehle ich Ihnen gehen und check it out!

Nach dem Jan Böhmermann Vorfall begann ich mit der Arbeit an dem Entwurf eines castigatory Gedicht persönlich an Recep Erdogan gerichtet, aber bevor ich den letzten Schliff hinzufügen könnte, richtig Beweis die Arbeit und bereiten sie für die Veröffentlichung, ein Prozess, den ich methodisch durchführen mit all meiner Arbeit lesen eine Reihe von weit wichtigere Themen interveniert und finden es mehr relevant diese ich gerade tat, zu beschäftigen und stattdessen die Erdogan Gedicht setzen auf Sparflamme, wo es geblieben und fortgesetzt hätte, bis ich die andere Arbeit, die ich früher abgeschlossen hatte bezogen auf.

Dann ist mein deutscher Partner, die ein großes Interesse an meiner Arbeit nimmt, wie ich mit ihr hin und her zu tun und war deshalb völlig au fait mit der Erdogan Gedicht zog meine Aufmerksamkeit an einem Abend auf die Tatsache, dass der Zuschauer Journal wurde mit einem Preis für das Gedicht Angebot, das könnte schlimmste beleidigen Recep Erdogan. Meine Antwort kam sofort. Ich würde die handschriftlichen Entwürfe sowie löschen von meinem Memory-Sticks und meine Festplatte des Computers jeden Aspekt des Erdogan Gedicht sofort zerstören ich geschrieben hatte und völlig vergessen, alles darüber. Für das letzte, was ich war dort für die Fülle von Idioten wollte denken, dass mein Gedicht über Recep Tayyip Erdogan finanziell motiviert war oder dass ich irgend Journal Geheiß auf ihre besonderen fahrenden Zug sprang; da das, was ich tue und schreibe aus mir und kein Außenseiter kommen.

Zu wissen genau, wie ich reagieren würde, wenn sie mich der Wettbewerb Zuschauer gesagt hatte, mein Liebling Partner, bevor sie gewissenhaft und ohne Wissen mir so hatte hatte zu der Zeit, die handschriftlichen Entwürfe meines Erdogan Gedicht fotokopiert, von unserem Computer heruntergeladen und auf ihre Memory-Sticks die Entwürfe, die ich dort war, und im wesentlichen darauf geachtet, dass jedes Jota von Informationen, die ich zu diesem Gedicht in Bezug transkribiert hatte würde sie jetzt heimlich gesichert. Sie war auch dabei, als ich körperlich und elektronisch die Erdogan Gedicht zerstört, aber diese schöne Liebe meines Lebens geschlagener nie ein Augenlid noch sagte ein einziges Wort von dem, was sie getan hatte. Also soweit ich das nach meinem Dreschen Gedicht die Erdogan betroffen war es nicht mehr war und alles weg.

Dann hörte ich von den Quellen in Holland, dass Erdogan seinen Kumpan und den türkischen Botschafter in Holland angewiesen hatte, ihre Spione zu haben dort rechtswidrig überwacht jedermann: niederländische Bürger oder wer auch immer sie betrachtet angesprochen werden sollen, es nicht auf diese barbarische Clowns von Erdogan Rolle spielte , die sie dachten, war tatsächlich oder wahrscheinlich "Beleidigung" Erdogan in Holland und geben diese subjektive Informationen zu ihrem Chef Recep Erdogan in Ankara zu sein, dann würde bestimmen, was mit diesen Verdächtigen zu tun. Nachrichten von dieser jedoch stieg aus und verursacht aus Verlegenheit mehr als jede echte Wunsch, die Sache ernst zu bekämpfen, wie Holland auch ein Mitglied der NATO ist und schleppt seine Linie wie auch Deutschland, die niederländische PM Mark Rutte eher entschuldigend als eindringlich fragte höflich Ankara für "Antworten", aber mit der Türkei unnachgiebig und abweisend, die Vorwürfe gegen sie zu leugnen, Holland tat nichts mehr.

Dann, wenn der Leiter der Berliner Niederlassung der Deutschland Piratenpartei Bruno Kramm auch am Freitag, 22. April 2016 verhaftet wurde, eine Linie von Jan Böhmermann satirischen Gedicht zitiert habe ich beschlossen, meine frühere Entscheidung rückgängig zu machen und ein neues Gedicht schreiben, wie ich es dachte an wäre Recep Erdogan und informierte meinen deutschen Partner, was ich tun geplant. Sie lächelte und sagte: "Das ist gut" Dann brach sofort in diese ansteckende und liebenswerte Lachen von ihr und wies darauf hin, kurz darauf, dass, wenn ich speziell dort wollte keine Notwendigkeit für mich wäre, ein neues Gedicht zu schreiben, in dem Prozess zu erklären, was sie getan hatte. Was ist danach passiert? Mind your own blutige Geschäft es ist privat; genügen jedoch zu sagen, dass wir irgendwann die Zeit finden, habe es geschafft, auf dem Gedicht zu arbeiten, wie gut. Und hier ist es!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Good riddance Archie Lloyd. Now rot in Hell!

By Stanley Collymore

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say; so totally delighted
that you’re no longer here amongst us to shove your
egotistical and class ingrained contemptuousness
unwarrantedly into the faces of others who dim-
wittedly and incredibly you considered were
inferiorly beneath you and your kind even
though they were from the same country
as yourself; or in addition and bizarrely
in your utterly sick mind identified as
foreigners of all things in their own
cherished country, which as it also happened you
were there simply because you were on vacation.
Well your Harrow roots evidently didn’t stand
you in any good stead, for quite unimpressed
by your agonizing insults and mindboggling
and sickening disdain for him your rudely
picked on sufferer did not for an isolated
second cowardly refrain, and justly so
in the appropriate opinion of all sane
observers and likewise his delighted
exponents, from intuitively, angrily
and rather fittingly responding to
your hounding confrontation by
pummelling you, Archie Lloyd
vehemently across your head
and most celebratedly in the
process happily killed you
Archie, stone cold dead!

Leaving humanity thankfully with one less
and now fortunately late and supposedly
upper class English twit to pollute our
common planet through this suitably
applied action by your unceasingly
and intensely provoked attacker;
a functioning procedure which
I genuinely hope that others
who might be placed in any
equivalent situation in the
future from your clearly
hideous kind will also
and just as forcefully,
unhesitatingly and
severely emulate
each and every
blessed time!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 April 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
The fortunate death of Archie Lloyd the feral Harrow School twit absolutely full of himself, and quite arrogantly as is so very commonplace of his lowlife kind who delude themselves that the possession of money to effectively buy everything that they asininely they think they should automatically and unthinkingly have coupled with the so-called superior class which patently the vast majority of them are totally lacking and congenitally deprived of, is in my personal opinion to be gratefully welcomed; and the fact that he died at an age when he hadn’t, as far as I know, produced any more of his kind is a most heartening relief not only for Britain but also the rest of mankind, which allegedly lowlife scum like him conceitedly but oh so risibly to the rest of us presume they belong to?

We all of us have to die at some time or other, it’s an inevitability of life; however despite that obvious fact when truly worthy and commendable individuals pass away we naturally and quite understandably mourn their passing as we fondly remember and cherish not only the fantastically wonderful memories of these dearly departed persons but also the amazing and in every instance enduring contributions that have become an altruistic part of the noteworthy legacies that they’ve made not only to society generally but also the positive enhancement of the lives of the rest of us. Manifestly nothing of the kind can, and I very much doubt if unfortunately he’d continued to live, could remotely ever have been said of Archie Lloyd, for at the age he was when he got his justifiable comeuppance all the self-evident manifestations of what he intrinsically was and would even more loathsomely have become were already there and both conspicuously and perniciously conceitedly on rampant display.

Don’t speak ill of the dead we quite often and idiotically hear simpletons say; but my question is: why not when everything they characteristically represented and that could only have gotten worst coming from them was at its mildest abysmally bad and like the patently feral morons that they were only have become worst. So I shan’t be shedding any tears for the demise of Archie Lloyd much less so be mourning his laudable death! And for those of you that disagree with my sentiments, and I’m pretty certain that in ultra class-driven, markedly brain-dead and discernibly toadying to your idiotically perceived but profoundly ingrained and much sycophantically adored “social betters,” class-oriented Britain and of whom there are unquestionably plenty of you out there, let me unequivocally and unapologetically say that I honestly couldn’t give a toss what you think; in the same way that you are perfectly at liberty to adopt the same point of view in relation to me and what I’ve said; but I’ll say my piece nevertheless because it’s what I do truthfully feel and passionately believe.

Winston Churchill who was a eugenicist all of his life, and for those of you in dumbed down and depressingly intellectually challenged Britain and of whom there are clearly incalculable numbers of you out there and who would evidently have no idea what that terminology means so I suggest you look it up, was all in favour of having the lower species within the general British population compulsory sterilized so they would be totally incapable of reproducing themselves or, even worst still in his skewed opinion, contaminating the “upper class” elements of the United Kingdom’s populace through inappropriately inter-breeding with them; a situation that’s analogous to having all the mongrel dogs on your average working class council estate compulsorily neutered or forcibly sterilized so as to preclude the undesirable prospect of them mating with any “pedigree” and immensely pampered bitches - I’m essentially referring to the canine variety here although with that privileged lot one can never be 100% sure what they immorally get up to behind closed doors - from the neighbouring gated, lavishly posh and privileged upper class housing communities. What Churchill, someone for whom I’ve never had any regard, great or small and for a diversity of especially compelling reasons, immeasurably and stupidly overlooked from the apex of his similarly self-aggrandizing, supercilious, delusional and evidently societally-fabricated mountain top was that it should have been his kind and de facto in 2016 obviously the likes of Archie Lloyd that would have best served the needs of the United Kingdom, and manifestly not its illusory wants, if they were the ones who were obligatorily sterilized, methodically neutered or far more preferably for all concerned I would have imagined in their exact circumstances, never have been permitted to see the light of day by being permitted to be born in the first place!

And I could easily cite numerous instances of these supposedly social and upper class elites who kid themselves that they have an inalienable right not only to rule Britain but the rest of the world as well and to whom the rest of us Plebeians and peasants alike, as they perceive us to be, must promptly, willingly, deferentially, obediently and moreover at all times pay fulsome obeisance to; but who derisively in stark reality are themselves effectively nothing more than noxious, cancerous and iniquitous scum that should be uncompromisingly eradicated from the face of this earth. But why should I pointlessly spend more of my valuable time than is really necessary concentrating on consummate lowlife of whom Archie Lloyd now assuredly and thankfully dead was one of them?

And unless he’s cremated will most certainly after his burial be accompanied days later by his grotesquely bloated and then noiselessly exploding body – predictably so to the ears of those of us still alive since he’ll be encased in that coffin of his at the customary and legally regulatory six feet under burial requirement – providing ravishingly good nourishment to both unchallenged and voraciously be consumed by the worms, the very lowliest among our earthly species of creatures; and how bloody and I must truthfully confess delightfully ironic and at the same time quite appropriately so that this now late and feral element of supposed humanity that like the rest of his ilk intuitively and rather hubristically saw himself and them as the preordained rulers of the universe and all that it contains, starting of course with Britain, is now nothing more precious than stinking carrion for the lowly worms to devour.

How the supposedly “Mighty” have fallen! And evidently much food for thought for those who still idiotically with their unwarranted notions of superiority in class-fixated Britain think like dead Archie Lloyd obviously did. And I’ll let you vile dunderheads into some factual experiences of mine. I’ve observed a number of exhumations of dead bodies in my time, all in the line of my professional work, and I can candidly tell you that were Archie Lloyd to be dug up in a few weeks time, like the rest of them he won’t look a pretty sight. And my obvious and quite pertinent question is: “What the bloody hell good is it to any of you or anyone else for that matter all this bogus superiority crap that you unrelentingly keep shoving down the throats of the purblind idiots who infect Britain?” In the meantime have a Feast Day of it worms!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Nina Simone: Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

Poland its scum population and vile Diaspora have forfeited all rights to exist!

By Stanley Collymore

So the brain-dead, psychopathic, utterly sociopathic, discernibly narcissistically inclined and brazen moronic scum Polack Witold Waszczykowski ludicrously masquerading as a legitimate foreign minister for that east European fascist cesspit known to the rest of the world as Poland and that passes itself off as a country, which neither logically nor historically it was or isn’t nor should it have been permitted to become one, asininely thinks in his defective mind that Russia is more dangerous than, in his sick words, the “non-existential ISIS threat” is or is ever likely to be to the world generally or his warped concept of Europe specifically. Never mind the facts as they actually are and not the fanciful notions of this congenital Polish idiot!

So all the millions of displaced persons and families: Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and others that ISIS, its terrorist associates and murderous franchises have premeditatedly and concertedly facilitated and are still aggressively engaged in doing so as I write; have callously tortured, massacred, beheaded, incredibly and sickeningly turned mere kids into child soldiers, executioners and suicide bombers; have characteristically kidnapped and forced underage girls and young women into unwillingly becoming sex slaves; gratuitously destroyed the homes and entire communities of many people that have continuously existed for several millennia against the backdrop of cunts like Witold Waszczykowski laughingly looking on and purposely doing nothing positive about or to effectively deter any of this as they secretly applaud and support the actions and agenda of these like-minded and diabolical barbarians.

Utter savages that detest and enthusiastically embark on eradicating those who don’t share or personally wish to be forcibly converted to the barbaric cultism that these thoroughly deranged fuckers vaingloriously, emphatically and villainously pass off as a religion, which patently it is not, and in the process of all this calculatedly force hundreds of thousands of ordinary, decent but also and quite understandably terrified citizens in the aforementioned countries I’ve stated, as well as elsewhere, to give up their worthwhile livelihoods, vacate their homes, customarily peaceful and often longstanding traditional ways of life and despairingly through any possible means available to them, including mortally dangerous ones, reluctantly flee their countries for, or in the desperate and often forlorn hope of securing that possibility, life-saving security and a the likelihood of sanctuary elsewhere; and the further away the better!

Actions that unquestionably were precipitated by ISIS, its collaborators and equally nefarious and criminal franchises but which in the clearly sick mind of Witold Waszczykowski and other scum Poles not only have nothing to do with ISIS, it’s western, Arab and Turkish sponsors or its associates in terrorism but rather breathtakingly from the perspective of these lame-brained, perniciously evil and verminous east European, fascist scumbags collectively known as Poles are essentially nothing more than the figment of the imaginations of the rest of us, never mind we’ve eyes to properly see for ourselves what’s palpably going and significantly as well who it is that is characteristically behind it all. But, of course, Witold Waszczykowski and his Polish scum would rather have us idiotically and dishonestly join forces with them and thinking quite differently and like them blame it all on Russia whom they have a psychotic fixation with!

And to utterly debunk this complete travesty of alleged human thinking and forestall a nuclear Armageddon that stupidly and dishonestly would be the outcome if the rest of the world, and particularly so the influential and most powerful elements within it, were to listen to and take any heed of what these barbaric and demented fascist Poles are concertedly seeking to instigate but because they’re so brain-dead can’t fully grasp or appreciate the imbecilic consequences of their wished for actions against Russia that they keep subscribing to and unsurprisingly as well unintelligently continue to push for from the assumed safety of NATO they asininely believe, here’s my solution first to directly dealing with Witold Waszczykowski and subsequently the rest of his regime, military and the entire sewer community of Polacks, wherever they are, that quite ludicrously pass themselves off as a nation.

Left entirely up to me Witold Waszczykowski would be stripped completely naked of all attire and firmly strapped to a massive tree but in a location where all who essentially cared to could unhampered see what precisely was about to happen to him. Then with that initial action done Witold Waszczykowski would then be subjected to having his legs extensively spread-eagled and like his arms rigidly maintained in their enforced position by being fastened securely with physical restraints tightly and efficiently held in place behind the back of that tree. Now with this task keenly and uncompromisingly affected Witold Waszczykowski having substantially had his groin area intensely subjected to multiple and very severe electric shocks would then have his penis and scrotum totally sliced off with a blunt knife the better and more effectively to occasion the maximum amount of pain to him and directly after that with a highly sensitive suicide vest of the kind that his mentors ISIS regularly use and in his case firmly strapped to his chest and carefully position over his heart area, and additionally with the area where he was pinioned and this protracted lynching of him was being carried out meticulously booby trapped and also mined so that no bleeding heart morons or purblind idiots thinking of saving him from his destined fate could even remotely rescue this human detritus without blowing him and also themselves to smithereens in the process of their vain attempt at doing so, have all those with a mind to gleefully watch as this Polack prat Witold Waszczykowski  gruesomely bled to death.

And yes, you’ve surmised it correctly Witold – I hope you don’t mind my informally calling you by your first name now as I feel I know you so well – I like many others would happily and unhesitatingly like to see you dead and for which I make no apology, certainly on my part, for having quite openly and honestly stated how I unrepentantly feel, and using my right to free speech and freedom of expression to say to, I don’t intend to retract a single word of what I’ve said. Besides incidences not uncommon to this purported one that I’ve graphically outlined and hypothesized in your case Witold routinely took place in the United States a country that you and your Polack lot readily suck up to and see as your protectors, and became very much a part of the American way of life. They called these social and cultural activities lynchings that were jamboree spectacles for the white, redneck trash, similar to yourself and your fellow Poles to feast their congenital barbarism on, as multiple numbers of likeminded, white scumbags and their families gathered to cheer on, observe and promote more of the same of this sort of thing in their characteristic and allegedly white supremacist fashion. The hapless victims, of course, were always Black, which transparently was their only crime, while the avid perpetrators and supporters of these heinous atrocities who perceived them as entirely natural and in fixatedly keeping with their chauvinistic beliefs were naturally always white. Now isn’t that a thing!

So I hope you don’t mind if I fill you in with what I regard as some relevant information of just where I’m coming from.  It’s pretty self-explanatory so I’ll let you work it out for yourself. It began life as a poem written by Abel Meeropol, a teacher, who penned the poem in response to the lynching of two Black Americans: Tom Shipp and Abe Smith in 1930 in Marrion, Indiana. A poem that exposed America’s racism and particularly the lynching of African-Americans of the kind who risked their lives and even died as they helped saved the Polacks’ asses during World War II. Such lynchings occurred chiefly in the American South but took place in other regions of the United States as well.

Anyway Abel Meeropol’s poem was made into a very iconic song sung by the famed Black American female singer Billie Holiday; and I’d like to include the lyrics of both that song and the original poem here for your elucidation Witold.

Strange Fruit:

Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is the fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck;
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop.
Here is a strange and bitter crop!

© Abel Meeropol

Yet here you are Witold advocating and even quite narcissistically propagandizing what could easily turn nasty and become a nuclear Armageddon as Russia sure as hell under Putin won’t take it lying down; all  this crap that you, your brain-dead regime and dim-witted cunts like the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and your counterpart keep highly opinionatedly and dishonestly throwing at it in the most provocative manner; and despite intentionally doing so nevertheless still expect to carry on living no less when as the consummately odious and evil politicians that you evidently are the very best way you can serve your respective country is either dying at your own hands or being brutally put to death.

So in a glowing tribute to your mentors ISIS, al-Nustra and the rest of them that you Witold and the likes of Philip Hammond worship because they serve as the foot soldiers for NATO, which you Witold, your Polish regime and Philip Hammond along with his Tory one and most undoubtedly significant numbers of other puerile Brits are wedded to, here’s wishing from me the very worst in terms of your continued life expectancy. For I’m completely aware of all the barbarous mayhem that the rest of the world has also witnessed and that you’ve intentionally, greedily, graspingly and imperialistically occasioned and carry on nurturing in the Middle East and North Africa, notably Libya. So there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that death and of the most horrific kind appropriately becomes all of you.

So resorting specifically to you Witold Waszczykowski and your idiotic comments in relation to Russia and ISIS what can one really expect from a purported country, Poland, of brain-dead fascist cunts unmistakably led by detritus elements of so-called humanity? Creatures far worst than virulent vermin! The major error the UK and its empire did in 1939 was to go to war with Germany on behalf of Poland and it’s the one thing I hold against my Dad who was an altruistic volunteer that fought in that war as were several other relatives of mine on both sides of my family that like my Dad acted in the same commendable way he did. I know now and have for some considerable time realized exactly how they all felt post World War II about going to the assistance of Poland and how terribly ashamed they were afterwards and still are, those who’re still thankfully alive, for having done so and regrettably saving Poland’s ass, as well as those of the scum it routinely then and in the 21st century still pass off as a so-called populace. None of whom, these relatives and friends of mine and I wholeheartedly concur with their point of view, think that Poland should exist!

So sensibly let’s forget and hear no more about Poland or its lowlife population unless and until some country or utterly demented terrorist group of the sort which Poland and its scum inhabitants fanatically support methodically wipe these mother-fucking Polish slime balls and manic white trash completely off the face of the earth by effectively doing what we so stupidly and massively counterproductively stopped the Germans from judiciously doing in 1939, and that several veterans and others I’ve spoken to, objectively discussed the matter with or have interviewed on this subject quite ardently like me sincerely wish that Germany wasn’t impeded in any way regarding its plans for Poland in 1939.For the loathsome scum who infest and infect that place have long forfeited in my opinion any tenuous right they ever debatably had to belong to the rest of humanity much less so any sort of civilized society or corresponding union. Any realistic prospect then that I most eagerly would welcome, as I confidently know that I shan’t be alone in embracing and championing such a proposition, of a total, uninterrupted and absolutely calamitous Europe Mark II and this time a thermonuclear holocaust unyieldingly carried out to its deadly conclusion being remorselessly, singularly and exclusively visited upon Poland and all the human detritus living there, and that in marked contrast would make the events involving Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined look palely like a 5th November English village bonfire.

And you know what Witold Waszczykowski and all the others who think and act like you? I don’t feel any sense of regret nor will I make any apologies to anyone for having voiced those adamant statements. For it’s exactly how I feel; as to be totally honest with you I’m thoroughly sick to the back teeth and tired of these mother-fucking, utterly dim-witted, barbaric and fascist Polish morons with their scurrilous, crying wolf all the time and conniving goings-on and who have no rightful place in my opinion or that I can possibly envisage to be on this earth or come to it anywhere else for that matter other than since they’re unwontedly here  and most fittingly so in purpose-built crematoria located in Auschwitz. And not least so because these murderous bastards singly carried out more horrendous World War II massacres of innocent people than the much maligned Germans ever did!

So my sound advice to all you scheming and iniquitous Polack twats is this: stop being so fucking narcissistic; persistently fond of the sound of your own bloody ignorant voices; cease your egomaniacal grandstanding, permanently shut up; and damned well go to hell!