Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What on earth would the rest of us do without you, eh?

By Stanley Collymore

You’re here, you declare! And enormously proud to be
a man you say; and furthermore for as long as you
live and are physically capable of doing so will
consistently flaunt that fact of life that you so
assiduously and obsessively cling on to in
every way that you can. And the reason?
Obvious can’t you see? It’s so that the
entire world and particularly every
desirable woman, from your personal perspective
that is, is left in no doubt that unquestionably
you are, and moreover if you have anything
to do with it, will constantly remain what
God in His infinite wisdom, and, most
positively where you are concerned,
always did unconditionally intend from the very
moment of your sanctified conception, your
delivery into this world and progressively
onwards into your adulthood that you
would not only emerge but also fully
develop into the best embodiment
of His incredibly proficient and
creative plan of meticulously fine tuning
you into the full personification of the
idyllic, white Master Race icon and
Zionist, Caucasian man! So well
done! That said however, even
sociopathic morons in flawed
western democracies are I
guess charitably entitled
to their far-fetched but
intensely embedded,
blinkered delusions,
wouldn’t you say?

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 March 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
This poem was inspired by the recurrent idiotic actions of those in power on both sides of the Atlantic and who also equally and collectively together with their utterly likeminded kith and kin who’re firmly ensconced in their stolen, inhabited and completely controlled by them states arrogantly continue with their venomous political, economic, military and so-called cultural poisons to infect not only the countries they live in but also the rest of the world.

Obviously they can’t all be named here or in any article I were to later embark on as they are far too numerous to be so enumerated. But it’d be very remiss of me if I did not mention a few of them that I class as being some of the vilest among this already odious lot. There is no classification in terms of their pecking order as far s I concerned, since to me they’re all useless vermin and I’ve simply written down their names as they came into my head.

Here goes then: Alastair Campbell, Michael Howard, Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Liz Kendall, Simon Danczuk, Frank Field, the clowns at the MoD and those in the Home Office; Theresa May, Michael Fallon, Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson, Neil Kinnock, Hiliary Benn, Margaret Beckett; those who run Serco and G4S – nice one boys you give a new meaning and dimension to criminality and how to get away with it with impunity; the BBC in all its guises and specifically its Yid plutocrats; and the list goes on. I haven’t mentioned Tony Blair as it’d take the rest of my life to say what I really thought of him and as for David Cameron I’ve wilfully left him out. Why? Because I really do feel sorry for him; I’m not going soft or anything like that just that I don’t like seeing people being stabbed in the back as he currently is by his Yiddish, Zionist Nazi Gestapo and Waffen SS. Perhaps he’ll stop and reflect on how abominably Jeremy Corbyn has been treated and the part he played in this. I’m not holding my breath on that one though.

Across the Atlantic the list of scum is also enormous and ranges from the Supreme Court all the way down to the White House, Congress, Wall Street and what ludicrously passes for the media there. And that’s exactly why I’m rooting for Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. No I’m NOT mad. And I do have my reasons. Firstly he’s not a politician and secondly he literally genuinely speaks his mind; So you know where you are with him and I like that in people whether their views chime with mine or not.

And I’ll give you an idea of what I mean. After Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech several of my UK relatives quit Britain and either migrated to the US, Canada or else the Caribbean. My second sister and her engineer husband left the UK and moved to the US where their skills were very much in demand, and in the process taking their kindergarten age daughter, my niece, with them. Both my sister and brother-in-law have prospered in the US as have my Dad’s youngest sister and her husband who also quit Britain with their three sons but instead went to Canada. They’ve all kept up the family tradition of gaining a superb tertiary education and requisite skills, but it’s my niece I want to tell you about.

A graduate of Yale, Harvard and the University of the West Indies she periodically pops back to the UK to see family and friends and was recently here for a family celebration in Reading. British by birth but now a US citizen we got talking about politics generally and that in the US in particular and I asked her jokingly, knowing that most Blacks in the US are Democrats, if she was all set to put a woman in the White House, a clear reference to Hillary Clinton. She just laughed and tongue in cheek asked me when I was going to join the Tory Party. That out of the way she said that she, her friends and everyone she knew would be voting for Donald Trump.

Being the Devil’s advocate that I can be and like being at times I said to her all the things that the so-called mainstream media have been saying about Donald Trump and how inimical his presidency would be for Black people, as if they bloody well cared. My lovely and adorable niece then turned to me and used some of my own words from the past to make her relevant point. They centred on the fact that I had said to her and other family members that as long as I lived I would never publicly criticize the British Daily Mail, citing the fact that this was supposedly a racist and rightwing newspaper with likeminded readers who hated us Blacks, yet it was the only paper that conscionably and honourably went out on a limb, doing everything it could to get justice for Stephen Lawrence and put his racist killers behind bars, when the other so-called liberal media, pretending that they cared, were in cahoots with the police and others who shielded Stephen’s killers.

The Daily Mail didn’t have to do that but I know that my family, my friends and those I respect were indeed grateful to the Daily Mail for what it did and always will be. Then as she looked me firmly in the eyes my niece said these words: “Donald Trump is our Daily Mail!” I knew what she meant and gave my niece a huge hug and a peck on the cheek, profoundly assured that she was very much a chip off the familial block. And to you Donald Trump, I know you read my work as you’ve tweeted some stuff to me previously, I shall personally, as will my family in the US and the Caribbean Diaspora there, do everything to ensure that you are the next President of the United States. But don’t invite me to the White House if you’ve a mind to unless and until you first thoroughly hygienically fumigate it it of all the filth that has passed through that place!

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