Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sexually Blooded!

By Stanley Collymore

You were man enough to audaciously and most
competently “chaste away” the quite evidently
innocent girl that was there and with your
consummate skill, tenacity and in a most
demonstrably electrifying and totally
compellingly authoritative fashion
at once, erotically, thoroughly
pleasurably conjoined with
supreme manly determination absolutely
gratifyingly elicit the sexually craving
but previously dormant and utterly
unrealized coital woman in me.
So my profoundly indebted,
enduring, and inestimably
steadfast thanks for what
you phenomenally and
so capably pulled off.

Caused me to rapturously achieve not only
orgasmically but also and discernibly in
other unfamiliar feminine terms, and
in the process of all this appreciably
installed a clear marker which as
far as I’m personally concerned
you’re perfectly at liberty and
predictably in the same way,
I must say, most graciously
entitled and with my full
cooperation to entirely
look after, as well as
to explicitly at will
unreservedly keep
going whenever
you favourably
determine that
you’d love to
replicate this
elated tryst
and return.

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 March 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
It’s a long trip back for many of you down memory lane I know and the recollection even as it was happening at the time wasn’t and very much so still isn’t an exciting or by any stretch of the imagination an impressive remembrance.

That said, for others it was an extraordinary and earth shattering experience in your respective life and one which you enduringly look back on with fond memories and great nostalgia. So how was it really for you?

A consummately liberating experience that still wows you to this day even though that special person is no longer in your life or a thoroughly unmitigated disaster that even now makes you ponder why the Hell did you ever bothered in the first place?

Just mischievously thinking out loud! And quite glaringly happy like the cat which naughtily but satisfyingly proverbially licked the cream. And a dedication, this poem, to all of you who’ve come of age and about to tread this same path! Good luck!

And as my Mum told my sisters and my Gran told me, if things don’t go well don’t forget to always maintain your dignity! Unless of course they’re going so well you think, what the bloody hell! Life is about enjoying one’s self and I’m going to make the most of my opportunities.

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