Thursday, 10 March 2016

Exposure of sexual grooming often goads public rage, the immoral guile veiling it however doesn’t!

By Stanley Collymore

So you rationally thought she looked physically attractive
and correspondingly most sexually appealing too, and
what’s more you also doggedly claim that she was
calculatingly egging you on, very conscious all
the time of what she was actually doing and,
furthermore, distinctly and unequivocally
knew what she required from you for
herself; and consequently in those compellingly
enticing circumstances you in your revealing
words: “Simply couldn’t resist her!” even
though from the onset of your obstinate
and illicit sexual association with her
you were fully aware that she was
unquestionably an underage kid,
yet arrogantly concluding that
“You couldn’t help yourself”
which, most ironically, in
her noteworthy situation
is expressly what you
then quite willingly
went on and did!

Hubristically, narcissistically, self-servingly and casually
ignoring the factual and patently obvious explanation
that while in her adult imitating and experimenting
fashion she may have conscientiously and in her
pubescent mind flirtatiously, even intentionally
contrived and daringly essayed to corporeally
improve on what by Nature she was already
liberally endowed with, all the same, and
something that you evidently knew but nevertheless
quite cavalierly chose to overlook determinedly
intent not to brook any such nonsense as the
legal age of consent, she was still a child:
not only in the eyes of the law but also
from a societal point of view, and as
such until she’d physically realized
the age of sixteen and regardless
of whatever adult-mimicking
sexual games she may have
consciously or otherwise
undertaken in between,
ought unalterably to
have so remained!

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 March 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
There’s an old Barbadian saying which has been inculcated into generations of Bajans by those who preceded them and it’s along these lines. There’s nothing at all wrong in taking a casual look at or even thoroughly observing the goods on display but if you’ve a mind to touch or fondle the goods that you’ve so keenly taken an interest in, and particularly so if you’ve no honourable intentions as regards them far less so any actual desire whatever to pay for them once you’ve messed around with them, then don’t be surprised or take the hump if you end up paying in castigatory or legal terms far more than what you foolishly could have bargained for. For while God gave you eyes to see He most certainly did not intend that you use them indiscriminately for your own selfish or illegitimate ends! Very clever these Bajan folk!

A situation born out of the austere and in reality barbaric fact that Caribbean Slavery and most especially so of the kind which was comprehensively British inaugurated, savagely executed and massively profited from and throughout which it was standard practice for every black male to be constantly and methodically emasculated, automatically creating a de facto situation where black women who in turn were completely ignored because they were simply women and consequently not regarded as a threat to these specimens of the Master Race were for the survival of their race very much obliged to step in, pick up the reins of control and between themselves forge a situation where some common order of racial self-esteem, organization and social order among Blacks could be established and maintained. And out of this DIY survival kit as it were the matriarchal role of the Black Woman in Caribbean society became a significant and viable necessity that carries on to this day in the 21st Century and for which everyone of Caribbean ancestry, and that most certainly includes me, locally on the islands or throughout our vast Diaspora, aren’t only deeply indebted but also tremendously proud.

Notwithstanding the sterling work they embarked upon and successfully carried out our Black womenfolk and their daughters regardless of their age were not immune from the loathsome and overpoweringly barbaric sexual proclivities of the white Caucasians who brutally controlled their everyday lives; and it fundamentally accounts for the gruesome reality that all Blacks of Caribbean ancestry significantly and involuntarily carry in their DNA the white male Y chromosome, a direct consequence of the systematic and with the utmost impunity and attendant immunity that was commonly afforded to the vile abusers, and of which they readily availed themselves, of the persistent rape and sexual abuse of Black women throughout the Caribbean by white men, their needed to be “blooded” sons or other young male relatives and their friends and even testosterone-driven, white dykes, and from which these manifestly innocent female victims had no recourse whatsoever but their truly amazing fortitude conjoined with the will to ensure that their communities did survive; and they managed that alright. Proof positive of which is that individuals like me aren’t only here but are absolutely determined come what may to carry on with their noble work.

But Black females weren’t the only victims of these utterly reprehensible whites; young boys were frequent victims too of these white Caucasian sexual predators who were quite open about what they did and for the very obvious reasons that they knew they could get away with it, and with many of them even brazenly noting it all down in their diaries and other personal, contemporaneous records which can be readily examined in the well kept archives meticulously maintained in their pristine state in the Barbadian State Archives at Black Rock a suburb of Barbados’ Capital, Bridgetown. Check them out next time you’re on the island or plan on taking a vacation to this tropical paradise; and you’ll be amazed I assure you at what you’ll discover while debunking all the completely insulting hogwash about how marvellously beneficial white Caucasian slavery and colonialism were for my people.

Consequently one can logically say that what’s happening in Britain today is undoubtedly the classic case of British chickens coming home to roost. And while Caribbean folk and especially Bajans have got their act together and done everything possible in their power to positively guarantee that the evil and profoundly pernicious legacies of British slavery and colonialism – unlike the other Caribbean Islands Barbados never changed hands and from its colonization in 1625 by the English until its independence on the 30 November 1966 was an English colony – didn’t or couldn’t infect Bajan society Britain is definitely reaping, and with a bumper crop, what for centuries it has sowed and still does elsewhere across the world.

I’ve cited Barbados and Bajans in this article not simply because of my proud Barbadian heritage but significantly because of the massive and remarkable successes that this small but magnificent Caribbean nation have accomplished through their own endeavours. The list of these achievements are too numerous to quote in this article but nevertheless I will list a few of them. It was Barbados sugar money that financed the English Industrial Revolution and at a time when no United Kingdom existed. Bajans also not only quickly understood but also promptly recognized the achievements and their consequences of Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. For not only did they willingly put their hands in their pockets to afford the money to pay for a statue of him and purchase the land on which it would be located just outside the Barbadian Parliament which is the 2nd oldest continuous one after the House of Commons; the Lord Nelson Statue and Trafalgar Square where it was placed are the FIRST ever and quite proudly predate those in London by almost 40 YEARS. In fact London’s are the third as Bermuda 15 years after Barbados did the same and thus rank second in this specific matter.

Going on:  Barbados was the first country in the world to appoint a female diplomat to the United Nations who later went on to become the Governor General of the island. Not that surprising if you’re a Bajan or Caribbean person as over 80% of Bajan schoolgirls go into tertiary education – most of them university - which is entirely free to all Barbadians from pre-school nursery, kindergarten and at all other subsequent levels including postgraduate university studies. Additionally some 65% of Bajan diplomats are females and around the same figure hold prominent positions within the Civil Service and other key governmental departments, all of which are on merit. In marked contrast most British schoolgirls aren’t only sexually active long before the lawful age of consent which is 16 but also comprise many of our unmarried mothers; while the abortion rate among that same group is equally quite high. A damning figure on both counts even when contrasted with other developed countries.

And there are multiple reasons for this and far too numerous to annotate here; but really can anyone sensibly explain to me why the hell it is that so-called parents or adults need to sexualize British children at such a tender age? Why on earth must a toddler be dressed up like some mini-adult? Why must a six year old child nowhere near puberty be encased with a “kinder-bra” idiotically strapped to her bosom-less body and with the blouse she’s wearing pulled down over her arm to reveal the bra strap as she ostentatiously mimics the correspondingly stupid but sexual antics of those infantile “adults” who dress her up this way? And so sexualized at such an early age it’s not rocket science to easily comprehend that sex rather than the receipt of a beneficial academic or work related education will be her natural forte. And what do we discover when inevitably she plays her daft sexual games, either comes a cropper or the ridicule of those around her? The very people who did bugger all to put a firm stop to this nonsense readily jumping on the bandwagon of condemnation in relation to the several prats out there who ought to have known better to keep their pricks firmly in their trousers especially where underage girls are concerned even when these said girls are coquettish and exceedingly precocious with it.

I hold no remit for anyone, don’t pretend to, nor do I want to and therefore speak only for myself. And the way I see it the law specifically stipulates that to have sexual intercourse or otherwise engage in any kind of sexual activity with someone knowing that that person is legally under the age of consent is a criminal offence. And put bluntly there are no two ways about it! Having said that, those who institute the law in Britain and are even tasked to uphold it have lifestyles themselves, as they benefit from the general immunity granted to them and which most despicably permits them to habitually get away with their sexual criminality - that candidly would make even the most stinking sewer smell like a perfume parlour. Yet these are the very same bastards that quick as a flash jump on their hubristic and sanctimonious soapboxes and bandwagons in condemnatory mode when some idiotic prat with more money than natural commonsense and likewise full of his own hyped up ego breaks the law. Well that’s their bloody problem not mine. And with my Barbadian slave ancestry background where my ancestors suffered far worst at the hands of these white Caucasian detrital elements of supposed humanity who still see themselves as the “Master Race”, while I’m not going to gloat over your misfortunes I sure as hell am not going to or will I waste my time or the legacy of my Black ancestors empathizing with you. It’s your problem, now centuries later you know how it feels - DEAL WITH IT!

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