Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Evil Zionist delusions combined with inveterate greed!

By Stanley Collymore

It’s unambiguously clear to me and has been for quite some considerable time now that the likes of Michael Gove, their like-minded Nazi-Zionist collaborators and deep-seated mindless supporters conjoined with their toadying plebeian, unthinking and consequently as well dim-witted, English class obeisance and effortlessly manipulated camp followers, and all of them thoroughly ingrained with their impervious and completely irredeemably fascist mindset are in every way distinctly analogous to neighbours from hell who totally aware that in one of the adjacent neighbourhood households the children of the family there are persistently being physically and sexually abused by their parents and other close family members.

Nevertheless, these aforementioned neighbours do absolutely nothing to alleviate, stop or report these heinous and distinctly abusive activities, a situation that was ultimately left to total outsiders who eventually having got wind of what was going on conscionably acted without delay by decisively stepping in, and through their commendable, outstanding and thoroughly altruistic actions had these unfortunate children removed from further harm and in tandem with that had moreover quite resolutely ensured that all appropriate prosecutorial proceedings were immediately and unequivocally brought against the odious sexual offenders of these children.

And with the abovementioned children now safely in official care or otherwise kind-heartedly adopted by loving parents and in each of their respective case readily and fittingly given in the process all the psychological, compassionate, physical and financial support, and much more besides, to ensure as appropriately as was humanly possible that they could forget their past traumas and have a worthwhile and productive life, it was satisfyingly rewarding to observe that no one who was cognizant  of these children’s case thought it advisable or sought in any way to noncompliantly impede this constructive and healing process for them, accordingly guaranteeing as much as was humanly possible that these previously abused children were supportively in every conceivable way encouraged and actively assisted to optimistically and self-confidently become positive and upstanding adult citizens not only within their respective communities but also their country.

However, the complete opposite most inconceivably does occur. And would you believe it, these children, now clearly adults themselves, rather than living up to the achievable and noble aspirations expected of them by all those who had altruistically invested so much of their committed time, personal effort, compassion, psychological reassurance and, of course, a considerable financial expenditure on them and their expected advantageous future somewhat unsurprisingly to everyone of these people’s complete consternation and absolute abhorrence enthusiastically embarked on voluntarily becoming some of the most unspeakable, predatorily paedophilic and consummately evil, sexual abusers imaginable and markedly much worst in every measure than their parents and other abusing relatives ever were.

Yet thoroughly aware of this those who were very instrumental in having these kids’ abusing parents and relatives justly prosecuted and jailed as well as being exceedingly pro-active themselves in endeavouring to psychologically as well as physically rehabilitate the lives of what were then abused children, rather than do anything which was positive to rein in and permanently discontinue what these characteristic examples of Stockholm syndrome aficionadas were now themselves loathsomely doing to others, pointedly instead turned a blind eye, and for a number of totally misguided and downright asinine and unconvincing reasons, to what these evidently now sickeningly repulsive, in their turn, sexual predators and paedophilic abusers were characteristically and furthermore with callous indifference and absolute impunity doing. An attitude that was significantly reinforced and left totally unchallenged by the collective and discernibly irresponsible immunity bestowed on them, and paradoxically so by the same people who had rescued them when they were children from the awful calamities that at the time they were being subjected to.

But this utterly dastardly and palpably sorry tale gets even worse. For in the process of all their consummately effected, paedophilic and sexual abusing atrocities the chief architect, indisputable ringleader and principal perpetrator of these ruinous activities is surprisingly medically informed by his personal and highly trusted physician – for he like his siblings can well afford the best of private medical health care courtesy of the huge compensation they’ve been magnanimously and ceaselessly provided with not only by the state but also selflessly by others for their sexual mistreatment and childhood distress hideously meted out habitually to them at the hands of their odious abusers – during one of his customary and fixated medical check-ups that he has regrettably developed the debilitating physical condition erectile dysfunction: something enormously disturbing and hugely catastrophic for someone like him who, as he does, immensely prided himself on his potent sexuality and how best he could destructively utilize it against his victims while sadistically in the process beneficially reaping the lascivious harvest of sexual rewards which hubristically he has self-centredly earmarked for himself.

Thoroughly traumatized by this unwanted and unexpected occurrence and as he predictably sees it from his totally self-centred, egotistical and arrogant perspective catastrophic development in his personal life and most particularly so his sexual proclivities this serial sexual abuser while having his physician consultant and whoever else that money could buy to best endeavour ways and means to preferably completely reverse his evidently sexually debilitating condition or at the very least alleviate it in such a manner that he wouldn’t be as beneficially effective in sexual terms to a harem of lustful Arab damsels as would a physically emasculated eunuch, this serial sexual abuser quite inevitably from his all-round point of view additionally didn’t want his infirmity to become common knowledge, to which end he vigorously and comprehensively had organized on his behalf an utterly robust and highly effective propagandistic campaign eulogizing his manliness and tales of his exaggerated, legendary  and undiminished sexuality while more clandestinely but similarly forcefully had his loyal and vicious hoodlums threaten or physically terrorize into complete silence anyone whom they thought knew of their boss’ condition and was likely to expose him for what he really was and had become.

But not everyone was involuntarily put into this utterly demeaning and coercive position and quite incredibly there were many in addition to the similarly abusing relatives, siblings and friends of this arch-villain abuser with his erectile dysfunctional complaint who of their own free volition enthusiastically bought into the nauseating and misinformation propaganda of this distinctly evil reprobate and his collaborators or else intentionally through their misguided and irrational loyalties chose to fully align themselves with these Machiavellian criminals. And sad to say among that lot who either took to uncomprehendingly and publicly doing everything that they could to exculpate these villains’ heinous wrongdoings by conjuring up fallacious, wholly unconvincing, lame or unfounded excuses on their behalf or otherwise steadfastly, inexcusably and even shamefully remaining absolutely silent on this matter when instead they should have plucked up the courage and employed what integrity they still had left to condemnatorily have spoken out were the very people who’d initially when these now adult abusers were themselves sexually abused victims ethically rescued them from their own adult abusers.

And the quite interesting but utterly sad thing about that is it wouldn’t have been at any great expense, if any at all, either physically, psychologically or financially to those involved at the time that these kids were prudently, beneficially and successfully removed to safety and those that were responsible for concertedly, sickeningly and ruthlessly repeatedly harming them both mentally and physically to in turn be arrested, properly charged for their crimes, prosecuted in court, found guilty of the several offences levelled against them and jailed accordingly, to have right-mindedly spoken out in relation to the travesty of justice that they evidently knew about, noticeably witnessed with their own eyes and were also perfectly well aware was being rather ruthlessly, cynically, quite cold-bloodedly and with the utmost impunity to boot perpetrated by the very same individuals they’d previously and so publicly gone out on a limb to altruistically help. And because of their public and well-known involvement in this specific affair they were essentially inviolate from any retaliatory retribution from those whom they’d once helped.

For although the latter would undoubtedly have been very offended and thoroughly incensed by what their former helpers and benefactors had done and possibly even have wanted revenge on them they knew perfectly well that if they acted injudiciously against their prior benefactors and word of this ever got out, which it was bound to, such a move would seriously invalidate all the childhood empathy which had been meticulously garnered on their behalf by ordinary members of the public, substantially reinforced and quite substantively at every possible turn regurgitated for their benefit as the unfortunate child victims while raising pertinent questions about what they were now actually up to and why it was that their former benefactors had quite suddenly and collectively turned against them. A state of affairs that these loathsome villains, sexual predators and detrital elements of supposed humanity wouldn’t have wanted themselves to be openly subjected to, and therefore cowardly but cautiously held their fire. Yet knowing all this and concomitant too with the advantage that they held over these degenerate sleazeballs their benefactors none the less resolutely and shockingly refused to act against them.

Then in a rather sickening turn of events on their part completely threw in their lot with these perfidious scumbags and moreover even went as far as to demand that the general public ought not only to be forbearing of these rather odious people but should also bend over backwards to understand their difficulties and do everything in their power to empathize with them in view of the harsh calamities they were brutally subjected to as children and that understandably, one mustn’t forget, did have a most demoralizing and enduringly negative effect on their individual and collective lives. For to do otherwise would be an intolerable and callous negation of their human rights as well as deliberately subjecting them to unjustly re-live the routine and barbaric behaviour that was their ruination as children. Consequently, everyone should try their hardest to get to know these people and learn to love them in the process; for not to do so placed their critics firmly in the camp of these kids’ former abusers.

Sounds familiar? Well it is! And I think you know exactly where I’m coming from and heading to with this one! For it’s the identical repugnant, duplicitous, deceitful, fraudulent, intentionally misleading, outright corrupt, downright debased, fictitious, delusive, delusional, absolutely far-fetched and arrant piece of manufactured nonsense coupled with the most disingenuous, lying and fulminating illustrations of sanctimonious and generously swathed in typically western and white Caucasian exceptionalist mindset hypocrisy and double standards rhetoric as one frankly could possibly get. Since for absolute starters one can’t realistically be anti-Semitic to a people who biologically, DNA proven, as well as ancestrally and culturally aren’t in any way Semites but are very much instead a Yiddish European people closely and biologically related to white Caucasian Europeans and whose ancestral origins are deep-rootedly embedded in the prior and very much in the distant past Kingdom of Khazar now physically an integral part of southern Russia. And that clearly accounts for the preponderance of European Jews in Russia although huge numbers of them ever since the complete collapse of the Soviet Union and restrictions on them leaving their Motherland officially waived have availed themselves of the opportunity to not only migrate to Israel and the United States of America but also the United Kingdom where they can and do even own Premier League football clubs.

But I shan’t waste any more time on that subject as I’ve written many times previously on the matter and there’s a plethora of other reputable and highly enlightening articles that deal both extensively and informatively on this specific subject matter and that you can readily research online if you seriously want to think for yourselves by positively getting hold of independent and verifiable facts instead of somewhat passively allowing yourselves for whatever misguided reasons you may cling to, to have others and most specifically those with their own vested and spurious interests to promote, reinforce and propagandize not only do your thinking for you but also manipulatively dictates as well what you should or shouldn’t believe.

However, it does set off a number of alarm bells for me when I see inveterate Zionists and other brain-dead clowns like Michael Gove publicly state that we the general public should all unconditionally love these Yids and especially those with their Zionist mindset, ludicrously for the reasons I’ve previously outlined stop being allegedly anti-Semitic to them and earnestly in the process too remember that they traumatically went through the horrors of a holocaust. Well so did the Gypsies and others at the same time and I’ve never heard Zionists like Michael Gove or Yids themselves ever promoting the identical interests in respect of these Gypsies who are unquestionably among Europe’s oldest and continuous inhabitants and in 2016 are still being mercilessly persecuted Europe-wide as they’ve always been, and without these hypocrites and double standards purveyors of everything that’s Yiddish and Zionist being good while all else is basically crap and therefore not worthy of wasting time or actually doing something positive about it, doing anything at all to improve the lot of these Gypsies. And besides this was a white Caucasian instigated war as was the inspiration and execution of Europe’s holocaust, and these Yids are white Caucasians. And you may well ask yourself if I decide to liquidate members of my family what is it to do with you; so in the case of these Yids who are your kith and kin and your problems with them are strictly yours and theirs why then should I and others like me not throw that question and your reply back at you where your Yid relatives are concerned? Got it?

Furthermore, Europe’s much lamented holocaust wasn’t the only one that was premeditatedly inspired and executed by whites as the several such other holocausts globally do attest to. And once more I can truthfully say that I’ve likewise exhaustively written about these in numerous previous online articles and in other extra-informative tweets so I shan’t waste additional time and effort pointlessly covering old ground all over again, but the information as indeed that of other reputable and similarly knowledgeable writers is there for anyone who has a mind to and genuinely wants to see and all I shall do in these circumstances is to suggest that you check it out for yourselves. However, it’s well worth noting that two previous holocausts that distinctly were the direct precursors in every detail of what later transpired in Europe circa 1939-1945 did occur in what was then the German colony of Southwest Africa – independent Namibia now – in the first years of the 20th Century and only came to an end just before the outbreak of World War 1 because Germany was now occupied with other things and needed its manpower at home in Europe to fight another blooded white Caucasian war.

Over 80% of the indigenous residents of Southwest Africa were methodically and deliberately wiped out and the horrendous atrocities that took place on Shark Island: a purposely designated death camp where everyone that was sent there was reliably guaranteed to die and did so, made the activities that over two decades later and which occurred at Auschwitz, Dachau and Belsen Bergen for example look in marked contrast as the undertakings of a holiday camp. But unlike the favoured and much eulogized victims of these Europe-wide death and concentration camps who were unquestionably white Caucasian and European and thus perceived as infinitely more valuable as human beings, just as they still are in 2016, a whole new century and 71 years after that barefacedly euphemistically termed Second World War – never just another white man’s needless war – came it its end, those victims of Southwest Africa’s holocaust were Black and de facto as perceived by western leaders and the throng of their racist camp followers as utterly useless individuals that the world could and should well do without. So why should anyone mourn their passing, or more fittingly their extinction, or that of other non-whites globally who were likewise the genocidal victims of European white men, women and even their trained to hate pubescent offspring? Or far less so compensate the survivors of these utterly barbaric and inhumane atrocities for what had either been done to them or their people?

Germany over a century after it had perpetrated its holocausts in Southwest Africa somewhat begrudgingly, and cynically for financial reasons as German companies still largely control the rich diamond industry in its former colony, offered an apology of sorts to independent Namibia but unequivocally stated that neither compensation nor reparations would be paid to the people there for what barbarically happened at the savage hands of the German state and its people at the time. And interestingly enough no pressure of any kind was put on Germany from the west or the EU specifically to do anything more than make meaningless gestures and mouth empty words over its past and heinous record in Southwest Africa.

But even this manifestly inadequate exercise on Germany part was deemed as too much by the German media which publicly and vitriolically criticized its government for what it had done; outrageously claiming and doing so as well somewhat dishonestly that it would instantaneously open up the floodgates for massive amounts of reparations by the Namibians against a German Volk that had nothing whatever to do with what went on in Southwest Africa. Yet these media hacks and purblind assholes couldn’t see the conspicuous irony of their own asinine remarks, namely that the overwhelming majority of Germans likewise had fuck all to do with Europe’s holocaust that ended over seven decades ago yet all that time every new generation of Germans have been forcibly made to pay monumental amounts of compensation, a state of affairs that is still odiously ongoing, for activities that the German state and its people at the time carried out long before the vast majority of those who’re being made to pay were conceived let alone born.

Compensation obsequiously and appallingly shelled out unchallenged not to all the victims of the German instigated European holocaust but specially just the one group – white Caucasian, Yiddish, Ashkenazi Jews who the more they were given from Germany and others in terms of money the more they graspingly and persistently demanded. Yet at no time have the editors of these German newspapers, more appropriately Zionist controlled rags, or their immeasurably stupid stenographers fraudulently masquerading as journalists or reporters even whispered far less so publicly voiced a complaint against this grasping enterprise, for that’s clearly what it is, of these insatiably avaricious Zionist bastards and bitches cynically milking Europe’s holocaust 71 years onwards for everything that they can get and furthermore cheerfully getting away with it by playing on white guilt feelings, outmoded sympathies connected to what happened at the time in Europe, and their own sickening penchant for preposterous santimoniousness and being perennial holocaust victims.

And as my German female partner who is distinctly white and Caucasian – that’s a categorical statement of fact and not a declaration of anything, so make of it whatever you will - and who was born as was her mother years after the white man’s war in Europe ended and whose father was just a few moths old when it did perceptively said to me during a conversation which we once had about how one-sidedly and unfairly Jews only were continuously being compensated for white European atrocities that lasted for a relatively short period of time, 1939-1945 when other people including Black descendants of the odious Transatlantic Slave Trade who suffered far worst and for centuries got nothing and if racist western leaders and their likeminded camp followers have their way the same status quo will remain, how can this possibly be right, just or even remotely fair, she questioned?

Adding that if as they maintain these Zionists apologist’s assertion is in fact right and most of Europe’s Jews were murdered during Europe’s holocaust, and bearing in mind also that the war ended 71 years ago, and factoring into that equation that natural deaths and other components of nature and everyday life would quite naturally have reasonably accounted for the diminution of the overwhelming majority of these post-war Jewish survivors just who the Hell she damned is she paying her compensation Euros for and more significantly to whom?

The descendants of these people like me she went on weren’t born during Europe’s holocaust years and therefore were never or could they ever have been victims or survivors of that event and thus makes an absolute mockery of the whole bloody thing paying compensation to them for their alleged traumas. Does that mean then she questioned that I and other Germans in my position must for the remained of our natural lives finance these people and their future hordes for ever and a day? And if it’s supposedly wrong and also morally unseemly as many whites out there quite idiotically suggest, think and even frenziedly believe to pay compensation to the Namibians and those Blacks who are the descendants of those who were enforcedly kidnapped, callously transported from their African homeland and unjustly incarcerated by the very same white Caucasians as hapless victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade for their own ancestral holocausts, why the hell then are we paying out financially as Germans to white Yids what’s to all intents and purposes by any rational analysis money for old rope – what’s the difference? You tell me!

My female partner was of course absolutely spot on in her insightful analysis of this manifestly bigoted and conspicuously absurdly irrational, on the part of these western regimes and most of their own populace, enterprise that was highly subjective to begin with and furthermore was as well still sickeningly going on. And when one realistically threw into this loathsome equation that these entirely repugnant Yiddish, Zionist, Nazi, apartheid-loving and genocide practising Jews sired exclusively from the semen of white Caucasian European men that was injected into the vaginas of their preferred recipient women who were identically of the same race as their sperm donors it’s comparatively easy to understand, although by no means justifiably condone, why these discernibly Stockholm syndrome affected, Third Reich, Nazi-Zionist imitators have visibly become in the 21st Century and right now in 2016 are the mass murderers, perpetrators of heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity, uncontrolled genociders of the Palestinian people whose country they’ve brutally appropriated and while busily engaged in doing all this and much more carry on fixatedly deluding themselves they’re unquestionably God’s Chosen People with a divine writ to do whatsoever they want irrespective of what other people think or say or how unlawful and pernicious their actions are.

Yet, and I stress, these are the very people that Michael Gove and others want us to soundly empathize with, treat with kids’ gloves and the utmost of respect at all times and on top of all that routinely regard and acclaim them as the most exceptional human beings to have ever, and still do of course, grace the environs of this planet which we call earth, and that the rest of us lowly peasants are indeed truly blessed and highly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to reside alongside them, although naturally not on the same basis of equality or for that matter on the identical terms that they automatically and divinely do.

Now again I’m not going to squander precious time and effort debunking all the crap stuff of theirs about them being God’s Chosen People which they delusionally spread about themselves as I’ve already satisfactorily done so in several previous articles over the years and as a result think it’s pointless repeating myself and furthermore quite needlessly so; and if they are people out there and despite whatever facts are presented to them to the contrary still want to wallow in this nonsense do go ahead, feel free to do so; knock yourself out cold! However, there is one issue that I will tackle head on and with facts as I always do. And it’s this arrant nonsense that Jews above all other people have this natural and absolutely amazing gift to the point of genius acumen when it comes to money. However, before I delve into that particular hornet’s nest let me first relate to you a simple story that equates I think to the Jewish position in relation to the filthy lucre.

When the Italians entered World War II Britain suddenly found itself with number of Italian prisoners of war and when the war ended many of them were reluctant to return home to fascist Italy and instead opted to remain in Britain. But finding through prejudices and understandable resentment against them for Italy having voluntarily joined forces with Adolf Hitler’s Nazis as many Britons saw it jobs weren’t readily available to them or easy to come by. So using their with many of them entrepreneurially set about creating their own employment by becoming self-employed and the ice cream business was one of these entrepreneurial enterprises that they embarked on, conscientiously threw their passion and skills into and eventually, and for many unsurprising so, eventually cornered that particular market niche for themselves and effectively turned it into a highly productive, markedly profitable and major business undertaking that to this very day not only in Britain but also in Germany as I would discover by living there is still such and very much and almost to the point of being monopolistically so in Italian hands. And good on them I say! Consequently, you’ll discover from my upcoming explanation how Jews and money similarly became synonymous with each other and in ways not dissimilar from how Italians and ice cream likewise became intimately associated with each other, and what’s more and significantly so why it is this that their intimate and cherished association with and virtual monopolistic domination of and the tenacious control which they hold in relation to money has bugger all to do with any divine acumen accredited to them by the Almighty and which the rest of us are told or else harangued that we neither have nor will ever attain but realistically and as it happens much more to do with earthly circumstances conjoined with acts of providence and in many ways not dissimilar from the previously stated situation of the Italians and ice cream.

One further thing I’d like to say before I get to the Jews and their virtual monopoly on money and which will be the concluding part of this intentionally and scrupulously worked on article. I said earlier and have always previously upheld that people in my personal opinion are free to believe whatever their want to as freedom of thought and expression are cardinal rules I firmly believe in and passionately adhere to with the vitally essential rider that no one, irrespective of who they are, how powerful they are in actuality or delusively perceive themselves to be, either has or should ever appropriate to themselves the right to immorally, coercively, through threats or in any other fraudulent manner thrust those personal views down the throats of anyone and from a distinctly and unalterable point of view relative to my own case I’ve never or will I ever see my professional role as an educator, writer, journalist or basically as an individual as that of a proselytiser of anything but rather as a perceptive informer will conscientiously lay out the facts of things which fundamentally matter to me, explain why I’ve done so if questioned about them, and let people decide for themselves what they want to believe; and if their conclusion is one that is diametrically opposed to my own then so be it. For then it becomes a case and most certainly so from my perspective of “let’s agree then to disagree!” as I’m not one who neither indulges in nor will I ever promote the unintelligent impulse of ever banging one’s head in any circumstance, metaphorically or literally so, against a brick wall.

And while preparing the draft, handwritten as I always do, for this article my female partner who I’ve previously told you is German and takes a great interest in what I do and is a situation that I reciprocally undertake in her case playfully tease me to include this supposition that I’ve sometimes used in the past and occasionally now to make my point on certain issues and which as it happens she’s rather partial to and not only because she has a remarkable sense of humour contrary to what most white English people idiotically think about Germans but because it also takes a swipe at these same English and anything along similar humorous lines is good natured “revenge” for her.

Anyway, the conjecture is that there are large numbers of British people, the huge majority of them white and English who genuinely believe that if one masturbates too often and regardless of whether that person is male or female – and yes British females do masturbate although they do like to pretend that they don’t and would vigorously deny that they ever do; German women don’t have that problem, freely owning up to them masturbating I mean – that this pleasurable activity if persistently carried on will severely affect the masturbator’s eyesight and eventually if they don’t stop their masturbation or curtail it significantly cause such individuals to become totally blind. To which my spur of the moment riposte to them always is, is that why when I’m in Britain and particularly England I increasingly come across so many people including many pubescent youngsters wearing glasses for bad or poor eyesight? Wow! Well if this premise is correct – and I think you already know what is coming and is the bit that creases my soul-mate up with bouts of uncontrollable laughter when I tell it - “What a load of wankers the English are!” She’s thoroughly fluent in English of course is my partner and has a comprehensive grasp of colloquial and figurative English terminologies so I don’t have to either explain or translate into German for her anything that is distinctly English that might crop up in our many amusing conversations or that she overhears from other sources.

Now as I promised that I would, and I always keep my word, I shall finish off this article as I positively intended from the very outset because my decided and honest aim is to categorically demolish all the bunkum about Jews having a biological – it’s in their DNA it’s often stupidly claimed and unthinkingly said by the morons who irrationally believe this nonsense – as well as a divine predisposition for astutely dealing with money which the rest of us don’t have and therefore according to this dishonest  and improbable rationale can never acquire. Well here are the basic facts; the rest of them I heartily suggest that you exert yourselves intelligently and do check them out personally, as there are plenty of reputable and academic sources online where you can do so; just use your initiative and for once and for your own sake stop being a willing and characteristically manipulated moron tenaciously clinging on to in their case and relative to their imaginary unique expertise with money allegorical Emperor’s New Clothes story. For this is life we’re actually dealing with not fiction! And even in that Emperor’s New Clothes story at least one person: the young boy in his unadulterated innocence and very much contrasting with the absolutely dishonest and toadying actions of the several adults around him, saw the truth of what was happening and honestly spoke out. And the decidedly pertinent question is, have you likewise the courage and moral decency to honestly emulate the behaviour of that young boy? And although you may not like me be of the Christian faith nevertheless the Biblical injunction that out of the mouth of babes and suckling truth does emerge is every bit as applicable now in the 21st Century, and in 2016 as well, as it has always been! And at this Eastertide why not give it a try?

So let’s start with the restrictions that during episodes of the Holy Roman Empire which was neither holy nor Roman and throughout its existence was controlled principally by Germanic or French rulers and ran in direct opposition to the alternative Roman Empire that was controlled from Constantinople. Jews were deliberately restricted to marginal occupations and particularly so in this western and so-called Holy Roman Empire alternative to jobs like tax collecting and money lending. And among socio-economic factors at the time were imposed restrictions by the authorities. Local rulers and church officials closed many professions to Jews pushing them into marginal occupations considered to be socially inferior, such as tax and rent collecting and of course money lending, which was tolerated then by these church and ruling authorities as “a necessary evil.”

Furthermore, Catholic doctrine at the time – and try to remember that there was no such thing as Protestantism then and thus Roman Catholicism ruled supreme in all Christian communities and regions and in the western controlled Holy Roman Empire it was no different and there too lending money for interest was demarcated as a most terrible sin and consequently was strictly forbidden to all Christians. Do you intelligently detect how this story is developing and where it’s actually going? Good! However, there were never any restrictions placed on Jews in any of these regards and consequently they were allowed and even actively encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church, the said local rulers and other authorities where they were to deal exclusively in all matters pertaining to money, a legally unchallenged monopoly in every respect, that quite naturally ensured they completely dominated the entire financial business commercially and in all other respects. And since few other occupations were available to them Jews unsurprisingly were motivated to take up money lending. In other words the monopoly of the money business became solely theirs.

No mean feat that and quite a prosperous enterprise one must bluntly say. For the Holy Roman Empire, do check it out, which stretched from the south of Europe to that continent’s extreme north and from Europe’s eastern boundaries to its western one and included the British Isles was more massive geographically in size than the EU is today in 2016.  So these Jews not only had an unchallenged monopoly where money was concerned but they also had a phenomenally large area too to practice it in. And s even 21st Century contemporary idiots well know he who pays the piper in effect calls the tune. And these Jews have been calling it ever since the days of the Holy Roman Empire that came into being in AD 800 with Charlemagne as its Emperor.

With this Jewish monopoly on their money Christians stupidly brushed aside development by deluding and convincingly telling themselves that this was conduct quite indicative of Jews per se, their Jewish insolence, greed and them being characteristically usurers and together with all that readily took to using other disparaging stereotypes for and which they avidly and routinely saw nothing whatsoever wrong in attaching to all Jews and of course profusely inserted in their virulently aggressive and propagandistic campaigns against them. But for all that Jews were in the driving seat financially and didn’t they know it! Furthermore why should they care? Would you have done in their position then or even now in 206? Of course you bloody well wouldn’t! And instead, human nature being what it was among the likes of many of you, you would have capitalized on it, which is precisely what the Jews did and have consistently made an art form ever since out of carrying on doing so!

Nevertheless as time went on natural tensions did arise between creditors (typically Jews) and debtors (typically Christians) and these were appreciably added to by social, political, religious and of course economic strains. For peasants who were forced to pay their taxes to Jews could personify them s the people taking their money and earnings notwithstanding the irony of it all that these very same peasants and others that were so demonstrably malevolent against all Jews were themselves in marked contrast enthusiastically loyal and uncomplainingly cap-doffing to the lords, aristocracies and other elites on whose behalf these Jews worked! I don’t want to rub it in really but felt it wholly pertinent to raise the matter and so I’ll honestly do so: doesn’t this all sound exceedingly familiar to every one of you out there in 21st Century Britain and the rest of the western world? I shan’t provide an answer to that question but will let your consciences and intelligence, and I’m quite charitably assuming that you have both, determine your answer.

But my parting shot is scrupulously directed at Michael Gove, the plethora of other privileged, narcissistic, egotistical, utterly selfish, graspingly avaricious and comprehensively incompetent morons that have successively run the United Kingdom, still carry on do so regardless of what political party they’re embedded in and their legions of brain-dead British camp followers too thick to even know what time of day it is. According to them and those who consistently pull their chains we, the rest of us sane Brits, must all be nice to Yids; period! Well this is how I see it! Just imagine that one of Tony and Cherie Blair’s kids while prattling about in the kitchen of one of their sumptuous residences derived through shall we euphemistically say their ill-gotten gains and accidentally through a kitchen calamity when in essence they didn’t need to be there, as their mum and dad can adequately afford all the kitchen and household help they require, and the upshot of these kids disastrous venture there is that this particular house accidentally as I earlier inferred burns down to the ground.

But despite the obvious fact that Tony and Cherie would in their evident affluence have more than enough money to rebuild a similar home to the one they’d lost through fire and moreover as successful lawyers would have made quite sure that they carried adequate insurance to cover such eventualities with all their several opulent homes what do we ludicrously discover in the aftermath of this one fire, a group of similarly well-heeled individuals who are also friends and or colleagues of the Blairs together with their dim-witted camp followers launching a concerted online as well as a national financial appeal and not so subtly demanding that everyone should contribute to it to ensure that the Blairs have a new sumptuous home reinstated to them and in addition aren’t financially out of pocket in the process. Well idiotically demanding that people like me and my female German partner should likewise go out on a limb for Jews, and let us face facts that whenever that expression is used within the consciousness and mindset of those employing it, it undoubtedly and always without exception means one thing: white Caucasian, European and specifically Ashkenazi Jews never the authentic Jews of Iran, North Africa, India and most definitely not the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia who are indisputably the oldest religious and continuous genuinely Semite Jewish sect on planet earth.

And to deceitfully say that Adolf Hitler and his alleged loathsome Nazis wanted to wipe Jews off the face of the earth how come that only European Jews were targeted and this identifiable occurrence was exclusive simply to mainland Europe despite the fact that Germany carried out numerous World War II military campaigns in the Middle East and Africa where millions of Jews although not of the fraudulent Ashkenazi kind lived then and still do - Iran is one case in point of this - but not even a hair on the head of any of them was ever touched by the Germans. Yet in marked contrast Falasha Jews spirited off to Israel to give that rogue state its fraudulent credibility as a Jewish nation routinely get killed and are universally discriminated against by these Ashkenazi fraudsters and their utterly disreputable rightwing fascist bastards conspirators who emigrated from Russia like the ravenous and destructive locusts that they are to this stolen Palestinian country that they’ve jointly and with generous western help and military hardware including the acquisition of nuclear weapons turned into the veritable cesspit that it is!

So if you want my straightforward opinion and since it’s my article and not yours I’ll give it, these people who are given everything on a platter that they want or desire while at the same time unendingly demanding more and more like insatiable gannets don’t deserve anything as I see it as they already control and manipulate every bloody thing from the banks, the stock exchanges of the world, the hedge funds, the corporate media, the English FA, some of our major football clubs, the BBC we’re enforcedly made to finance but whose Zionist propaganda and fabricated lying stories masked as dependable news items and editorials are characteristically dictated and directed from Tel Aviv, to the Hollywood film industry and its propaganda machine which in films habitually typifies these people as saints who are maliciously and persistently hard done by and everyone who justifiably sees them differently as sinners and ironically “anti-Semites” but they would wouldn’t they? Well please feel free to count me and my German partner in that specific category if you want to, for we don’t actually care as we both know who the authentic Semites are and who are the fraudsters. And as far as the former are concerned we don’t have a solitary anti-Semitic bone in our bodies. As for the fraudulent ones and their campaigners well from the both of us you can simply go fuck yourselves!

What next a statue to Greville Janner: a Yid and arch-Zionist all his life, in Trafalgar Square or even possibly renaming that iconic area after him? You shamelessly eulogized him all his life as you similarly did with Jimmy Savile and even honoured them with a peerage and kinghood respectively. How many more that are currently being officially protected or else lurking in the closet doing what they are repulsively good at?

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