Monday, 14 March 2016

An unfair victim of others’ accursed austerity blues!

By Stanley Collymore

I didn’t ask to be born and don’t remember being asked
my opinion as to whether or not I really wanted to be
here; but I am! And having arrived and with this
earthly dwelling, how long for is still unclear,
involuntarily my home, I’ve none the less
done everything which was required of
me and rather factually, even if I do
say so myself, a darn sight more
than many who’ve positively
ended up much better off
economically than me!

Now those aren’t emotions from a heart that’s eaten
up by anger, bitterness or callous jealousy, just a
natural concern that in this climate of severe
belt-tightening and relentless austerity it’s
usually conscientious and hardworking
persons like me who’re left to carry
the can while suffering the harsh
consequences of unbecoming poverty, which
certainly can’t be right in a society whose
government and our elected MPs while
not practising what they preach yet
talk incessantly of us being in it
together and falsely insinuate
it’s all about fairness and
their warped notion of
alleged impartiality
and the equality
of opportunity.

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 March 2016.

Author’s Thoughts:
The good and hardworking people of Reading Berkshire have been hit with swingeing austerity cuts that will affect their entire community and these are undoubtedly very perverse and unnecessary penalties that will affect some of the most vulnerable people in this extraordinarily outstanding cosmopolitan Berkshire community and not least so those with disabilities who have been marshalling their forces to protest against these Tory Nazi calamities being callously imposed on them.

Of course they aren’t the only ones across the United Kingdom who these exceedingly privileged Tory Gestapo headed by the ruthlessly ambitious George Osborne and, as he enthusiastically aspires to being and Boris Johnson permitting, the succeeding Fuehrer to David Cameron of the Fourth Reich except that this time it isn’t located in Germany but instead is very much implanted within Britain, have adversely and rather uncaringly affected in this way, and even a cursory check of what is going on will clearly show that it’s the less well off conjoined with the evidently disadvantaged and not the well heeled, who continue to do rather nicely thank you, that are being concertedly targeted by these incompetently privileged, unashamedly self-serving, thoroughly narcissistic, graspingly hubristic and discernibly egocentric detrital elements of humanity.

And how do they manage this? Quite easily as it happens, by playing on the fabricated and wilfully induced fears instigated by them and which they ensure continue to beset significant numbers of the brain-dead and easily manipulated oiks within our societies. People, who invariably can’t think for themselves, jump on any bandwagon that rather disingenuously and outright lying they’re told by these same privileged prats is in their best interests. And principally among their targets and victims are migrants and refugees who are on their way to Britain, these British numbskulls are told, to scrounge off the UK and take their local jobs. Never mind that it would be contradictory to do two completely opposite things at the same time but when you’re devoid of basic commonsense you’ll believe anything and even overlook in the process what has caused the refugee and migrant crises in the first place.

The utterly heart-rending tragedy being that ordinary decent, enormously hardworking and deserving people across the length and breadth of Britain are being sucked into this quagmire of deception when they really shouldn’t be as it has absolutely nothing to do with them and is not of their making or choosing. Meanwhile, the well-heeled continue to be exempt from these swingeing austerity measures. An utterly maddening situation being, and as I perceive it, is that if the imbecilic camp followers and supporters of these Tory Nazis and their accomplices were the only ones being affected I wouldn’t care one jot as they’re principally to blame as well; but they clearly aren’t thus leaving the decent and praiseworthy residents of Reading and others like them across the United Kingdom to bear the full brunt of these evil travesties being inflicted on them. And how sickening that every Tory MP within Berkshire and where Reading is located fervently voted for these debilitating cuts to be introduced against the most vulnerable in the UK while it was the Labour MP who did the honourable thing and voted against them.

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