Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sow the seeds of Apartheid, reap its benefits and when it finally fails get others to bale you out!

By Stanley Collymore

In a despicably emotive and overtly one-sided article written by the Russian outfit Ruptly seemingly hoping to get brownie points from the west for doing so – beats me that however much some white Ruskies get repeatedly kicked in the ass by the west they never learn and like the purblind and masochistic morons they obviously are they eagerly all the same keep on coming back for more of the same and quite typically in Ruptly’s case – and published by RT on the 19 February 2016, the following and clearly piss-poor piece fraudulently passing itself off as objective journalism, which it quite patently wasn’t, appeared under the devious heading: “British values at their best? 92 yo widow to be deported from UK to South Africa.” No contextual evidence given by either Ruptly or RT that South Africa is this woman Myrtle Cothill’s home where she was born, raised and happily under the apartheid system there lived all of her life 92 years until post apartheid and in a conscious bid to dishonestly and illegally contravene and undermine the UK’s immigration laws  she was brought  to England by her daughter, also a South African but resident in the UK, and was subsequently discovered to be living in Britain as an illegal immigrant; a situation that seemingly matters not in the least to Ruptly nor RT and furthermore is a term it would also appear that both of them have bought into subjectively and racially only as far as it applies to and affects non-whites, just as whites to all those with this puerile mindset are NEVER foreigners regardless of where in the world that they are or originally came from. And you would of course have certainly sussed out by now, unless you are equally as brain-dead as those at Ruptly and RT that are responsible for this travesty of misreporting relative to Myrtle Cothill’s story whose name we know because she’s WHITE that she’s obviously also WHITE herself!

So the deliberately chosen words in her case of “deported” and “to South Africa” are clearly and intentionally disingenuous and more appropriately should instead have been something along the lines of “White illegal immigrant to the UK sent home to South Africa.” But that most assuredly wouldn’t have had the desired dishonest effect that the racists at Ruptly and RT had in mind and wanted. And distinctly no different from Fox or CNN Ruptly and aided and abetted by RT in publishing this piece of misleading crap opted wholeheartedly for the racially emotive and calculatingly headline grabbing garbage that was then presented to you and the rest of the world. So here’s my response published almost instantaneously in tweets then but now codified in article form with the attendant advice that you impartially judge for yourselves the difference in approach between Ruptly and RT’s versions and my own.

Would there have been the same outcry I ask myself if this 92 year old woman wasn’t white? And the red herring that he father fought for Britain whenever that was is just that! Scores of thousands of South African whites, and most notably so the Boers who to every man, woman and child determinedly detested the British: a legacy going back to and stemming principally from their terrible incarceration in concentration and death camps created by the British and under the “leadership” of Winston Churchill, and were indisputably the first such organized death and concentration camps anywhere in the world and were methodically created during Britain’s Boer War in South Africa and subsequently became the identical form of barbaric incarceration and cold-blooded slaughter that Germany openly admitted it copied from the British and likewise methodically employed in its two initial holocausts in the then German colony of Southwest Africa, now independent Namibia, and particularly so on Shark Island (check it out for yourselves); two holocausts that occurred at the commencement of the 20th Century and long preceded the one in Europe (circa 1939-45) where identical concentration and death camps were likewise extensively used across the European mainland – supported Nazi Germany, these South African Boers, for personal reasons of hatred against the British as well as cultural and linguistic ones. For let’s not forget that the Dutch are a Germanic race of people and their language is a variant of German, and as for the South African Boers they are simply Dutch by another name.

Furthermore, the Germans even had their own constituted South African military unites, SS Gestapo and death camp South African contingents. Just as they also established their own specifically created Britische Freikorps, the so-called British Free Corps that was made up of white volunteers who were British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and Americans – let’s not ignore the relevant fact that over 33 million Americans are of German descent and before the Pearl Harbour instigated false flag operation that the then US President and some elements within his administration cunningly devised to duplicitously lure the Japanese into imprudently attacking this American outpost in Hawaii convinced that they would get away with it because the perceived isolationist Americans were resolutely against getting involved in what would become World War II that said most Americans remembering their colonialist and British past were unfalteringly pro-German in relation to World War II which they then saw as another colonists enterprise on Britain’s part, hence their marked unwillingness to get involved. However, Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour and consequently America’s pride as a nation spectacularly changed all that as the US President and most of his administration had hoped it would and accounts for the United States eventual though reluctant participation in World War II.

So these whites that joined forces with the Third Reich and were all Nazis to the core – no pun intended here as it was too bloody serious and odious a matter to make light of – and who served in similarly constituted SS Gestapo units and as military personnel and death camp operatives for the Nazis was hardly unsurprising under the circumstances, while the Irish openly claiming to be neutral as regards this European war weren’t in the least so but were instead staunch and clandestine allies and supporters of the Germans; presumably so under the sick pretext that my enemy’s enemy, distinct a reference obviously to Britain, is my friend!

Predictably so great was this Irish irritation to the UK’s regime and political establishment that Winston Churchill belligerently, as was his personal won’t, wanted to declare war on Eire but was grudgingly persuaded not to do so by rational heads in the military fully aware of the added danger of an already military hard-pressed Britain needlessly fighting an extra war directly on its doorstep with Ireland while at the same time quite seriously and publicly opening up old historic and antagonistic wounds in Ireland specifically and within the UK itself where millions of Irish people or of Irish descent live generally, and with the United States not yet in the war and Britain earnestly hoping to persuade the Americans to change their position and participate in the war these sane pragmatists against Winston Churchill’s yearning to attack Ireland were exceedingly fearful of him alienating many Americans and most especially so creating an American-Irish backlash that would scupper all hopes of the Americans ever entering Europe’s war; so Winston Churchill’s obsession to rein in Eire or worst attack it were discretely shelved.

Meanwhile, millions of non-white “colonials” as they were routinely perceived as by white racist Britons, effectively most of the UK’s population: over a million volunteers from the Indians sub-Continent alone, the largest single military contingent ever in history, and still is so, from any one country to be engaged in warfare, hundreds of thousands of Black Africans and Caribbeans, huge numbers of African-Americans and other non-whites, all of them with extraordinary reasons historically and racially to wish Britain the greatest ill-will possible in the entire world and sincerely hope that Germany literally knocked the living shits out of the UK none the less freely buried their justified hatred towards Britain and quite altruistically – my Dad, other Barbadian and Caribbean relations among them – and voluntarily came to the assistance of the United Kingdom when morally and in every other reasonable and distinctly conscionable sense they had no earthly or heavenly reason, come to that, to do so!

Why not? Because they were categorically and even more so under the murderous jackboot, and had been persistently so for centuries of enforced slavery, imperialism and colonialism among a plethora of other British intentionally instituted, reinforced and massively profited from, first that of England and then subsequently the United Kingdom barbarities which far outstripped those of Germany towards its victims in terms of time (1939-45) or intensity – hundreds of millions of Blacks heartlessly died during slavery alone under the auspices of British imperialist and colonist rule – ever were! Post-war these non-whites individually as well as collectively, those of them who lived and whose lives weren’t needlessly sacrificed on the altar of Britain’s political and military aggrandizement that is, went back voluntarily to their respective home countries expecting a much better life there than what they earlier had and were solemnly promised would be the case by a most desperately up the proverbial creek without a paddle Britain that needed their help to win its war but which immediately reneged on all of its promises to them when the war finished and Britain found itself on the victorious side; something that wouldn’t have happened without the massive help of these people whom it now saw fit to unfeelingly betray and as a result carry on with business as usual in the colonies and in many instances of doing so with a determinedly re-invigorated and hubristic colonialist intensity.

And many infamous and heartrending examples of Britain’s duplicity abound in for example India, Kenya and Malaysia to name just three such cases that unquestionably showed what a bunch of utterly loathsome scumbags consecutive British authorities and their largely idiotic, cap-doffing, class indoctrinated and white plebeian populace generally were then and in 2016 still very much are! But at the same time and specifically from a Caribbean perspective these very same authorities were carrying out a most carefully choreographed charm offensive that would quite duplicitously turn out in the end to be nothing more on these white Britons’ part than a desert mirage and for these Caribbean folk an unwarranted nightmare wilfully created in the hellhole of white British wickedness. A situation where the British regime had Enoch Powell – him if you remember of the Rivers of Blood speech infamy that would come much later – purposely travelling to the British” islands in the West Indies and entreating the locals there, those who were veterans of World War II as well as others to either return to post-war Britain or initially make for themselves that crucial, life-changing journey in relation to their own future and likewise that of the United Kingdom by helping to rebuild and be a part of a prosperously envisaged “Mother Country.”

And just as they had readily done in the case of Europe and the white man’s war falsely and propagandistically termed World War II significant numbers of Black Caribbeans positively responded to Britain’s desperate and official request but on arriving in the United Kingdom quickly discovered that they were drafted into doing jobs which were very low paid or that several self-centred and idiotic whites – quite noticeably and rather pathetically nothing has changed relative to that regard during my life time where such well-established pillocks are concerned – considered beneath them; and all this diligently carried on against the common backdrop of institutionalized and societal racism which was itself coupled with unconcealed discrimination which was in turn directed at these newcomers, who most ironically had been formally invited and consequently individually recruited to migrate to Britain. And as if that wasn’t bad enough there was also the additional problem, wilfully created, of these migrants being generally forced in what were already difficult circumstances for them to find suitable and affordable accommodation, as numerous white landlords were rather reluctant on racist grounds to have them as tenants or even as bedsitters against a background of mushrooming signs openly displayed and saying: “No Niggers, No Irish, No Dogs!” And quite fearful that white locals in a backlash would vote them out in local elections many local councillors also took a conspicuously racist and politically self-serving stance by not offering these migrants council houses.

However, amidst all their intentionally enforced – just like slavery – tribulations these mainly Black Caribbeans did an absolutely superb job above and beyond the call of duty in terms of what was commonly or even specifically required of them. Nevertheless with Britain, thanks to their massive assistance and sterling contributions back on its feet again these Caribbeans were again both officially and at community levels seen as what was always deeply ingrained in the mindset of the vast majority of white Britons and perpetually trotted out whenever this fixated bigotry of theirs needed a manufactured opportunity to release itself as “useless and unwelcomed Niggers”; and now with Britain seemingly well and truly on the mend likewise and additionally considered as superfluous to requirements; and although legitimately British “subjects” lawfully entitled to be in the United Kingdom in any circumstance but more so as they were specifically invited in by the British government, were nevertheless deemed as not really beneficial to Britain and therefore their presence in the UK should be circumscribed or even dispensed with altogether.

Completely aware of the blatant idiocy and bigotry of the white British plebs and their trade union, cap doffing and aspirant social-climbing leaders while himself absolutely hell-bent on wholly utilizing these deeply ingrained bigotries, unreservedly appalling and unequivocally pathetic failings of the white plebeians plus a combination of his self-serving antics to launch himself as leader of the Tory Party and additionally as prospective prime minister of Britain Enoch Powell perfidiously embarked on his premeditated, villainous Rivers of Blood speech assault against the very people whom he’d personally travelled to the Caribbean and pleaded with them to come to the UK and actively assist in the rebuilding of post-war Britain. Bluntly one couldn’t make stuff like that up and be expected to be taken seriously let alone believed, but Enoch Powel was; and which just goes to show what a bunch of ignoramuses significant numbers of the white British populace are and who’ll basically believe anything told to them and which comes from their supposedly social “betters”. That’s how entrenched the British class system was and lamentably still is.

Come one let’s be both frank and brutally honest here! During his life time and up to his, and from my personal perspective, deserved death Enoch Powell was perceptibly no friend of the white British, working class, trade unionists, their professed “leaders” or the broad-spectrum white scum that liberally, like ravenous locusts, infest the landscape of the United Kingdom; but like the Tories then and now Enoch Powell obviously and cleverly knew how to wind up these toadying social climbing, cap doffing, class obsessive and indoctrinated morons like a clockwork orange and in the process totally exploit their prejudices for his personal benefit; something which the ruling, political, financial and establishment classes throughout the UK assiduously nurture, as they’ve always done, for their own selfish ends and invariably at the detrimental expense of those same white ignoramuses and class-fixated plebeians. And give him his credit where it was due Enoch Powell was an adept past master at this determinedly insidious and wilfully pernicious behaviour.

In the meantime, in direct response to what was white working class and easily manipulated cretins, social climbing, cap doffing and bigoted trade unionist asshole leaders and their quite dim-witted followers - still the identical situation in 2016 – taking to the streets in response to the intensely  colonialist, imperialist and distinctly racist drumbeat of a principal Tory moron who also hated their guts in the same virulent manner that he evidently detested Blacks, West Indians and most particularly Barbadians, who’re exceedingly perspicacious psychologically and intellectually and don’t relish in the least giving others the opportunity to accuse them of being where they’re not wanted or even allowing such a situation to develop in the first place but even so bewildered far more by the manifest folly of these asinine elements of white trash totally incapable of seeing the proverbial woods for the trees than the actual and unsurprising betrayal of them, these Caribbean folk I’m again referring to, by Enoch Powell, took the hint and left Britain in their droves. Not only firmly rendering to Britain the two-finger salute but also with their multifaceted skills choosing to migrate instead to Canada, the United States or just returned home to the Caribbean and from where they decisively demanded and got their much deserved independence from Britain.

So obviously and rather unintentionally Enoch Powell and his white moronic supporters did these people a massive favour while unconsciously as well driving a few permanent nails into the coffin of a British Empire that soon afterwards would have its fate irrevocably sealed, as joyfully for many across the globe it was fittingly and not in the least regretfully finally and permanently laid to rest. A deeply traumatic effect for the empire loyalists and their racist ilk undoubtedly who with their empire irretrievably gone are only now gradually waking up to the realization that no longer having non-white “colonials” to experiment upon and wantonly abuse as was so customary in the past it’s now the plebeian whites in their midst and others like them at home in the United Kingdom that the political classes who obviously consider themselves as “born to rule” exceptionalists compounded by their conspicuously delusional notions that whatever political colours they might choose to wear they nevertheless have the absolute right to and can therefore assiduously utilize these lesser than themselves whites as their “captured” guinea pigs for their financially boosting experiments variously conducted under euphemistic terms like for example “austerity.” And who one might well ask are the principal victims of all this? The same trade unionists and white pillocks of the ilk that took to chairing Enoch Powell and his ilk to the rafters as they publicly paraded behind them and who ostensibly even at this late stage are too brain-dead to learn from their past mistakes or sensibly acknowledge their wilful errors.

One other piece of information that you should know. Having exploited India for everything it was worth, wilfully destroyed its textile industry that was well-renowned so as to supplant it with the new one that the British authorities envisaged being in the UK, wanted to be there and subsequently had established in Lancashire and other parts of the North of England at the permanent and truly disastrous expense of India, and in spite of the sterling service that India had rendered to Britain in two world wars the UK was nevertheless diametrically opposed to this jewel in its supposed crown gaining its independence and freedom from colonist Britain, and none more implacably opposed to India justifiably achieving its plausible ambition than Winston Churchill himself who not only patronizingly but racially referred to India’s iconic and independence campaign Mahatma Ghandi as “a half-naked little fakir!”

And so filled was Winston Churchill with hatred to the notion of his precious and colonialist Britain finally having to relinquish its non-white empire that when the United Nations was in the process of being set up and the other two principal players and architects in this landmark scenario the United States and the Soviet Union both eager to have as wide a membership of the UN as possible it was a distinctly acerbic Winston Churchill that in his racist, imperialist and colonialist rant insidiously and perniciously reinforced by his well-known eugenicist and white supremacist bellicosity – the same white sickness incidentally that India and the rest of the non-white world and most principally Britain’s non-white empire had successfully fought against in World War II, made several sacrifices in the process of doing so and paradoxically that Britain itself had supposedly gone to war against Germany’s Third Reich to combat and hopefully vanquish – that adamantly insisted, and sadly had his way in those UN formation negotiations, that the United Nations  and these are his words: “Must NEVER be a forum for subject peoples!”

Consequently with Britain still for the time being at least any rate very much in possession of its empire that these purported “subject” peoples having industriously, willingly, exclusively voluntarily, courageously and altruistically risked life and limb for and with several of them also dying in the process to save Britain’s ass and de facto its empire, it’s not rocket science for even dim-witted white racists in 2016, the general white populace or anyone else for that matter anywhere not to be able to work out for themselves who precisely it was that Winston Churchill wanted the United Nations to be for and who therefore should and must in his very warped view comprise its membership. And that’s how the UN was created and remained for some considerable time; an essentially white Caucasian comprised and run body looking out for and accordingly after principally white perceived interest; and in those specific regards it won’t in the least be either wrong or mistaken to honestly say that in 2016 and a new century nothing has changed.

For it’s a mindset that’s still politically and socially ingrained in the skulls of huge numbers of white Brits. Hence your idiotic stance on Trident and your equally doltish obsession that the UK: now a second-rate global entity, MUST indefinitely retain its permanent seat, quite ludicrously so because it was a founder member of the United Nations and consequently as part of a discernibly hubristic “war winning elite” had unchallenged fashioned the rules to massively favour those involved at the time on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) but with no such position or status for truly global players like India or Germany: Europe’s major political and financial powerhouse, and in Germany’s case and very much unlike that of the UK a country that doesn’t own or desire a single nuclear weapon, even though India itself and very much so to the chagrin of Britain and the US is unofficially a nuclear state in comparison to obviously to their perceived and exceptionalist, “official” standing.

Therefore in my view, and I dare say in any logical analysis of the situation in hand regarding Myrtle Cothill, it’s bloody disingenuous to say the very least that since her father allegedly as a white South African fought for Britain in whatever war he supposedly did so for that reason alone his daughter should accordingly be allowed the automatic right of residency in the UK and in the due course of things too unquestionably be unreservedly permitted to unchallenged live in Britain regardless of her illegal immigrant status, conveniently overlooked, or how she came to be in the United Kingdom in the first place, when it’s patently apparent to all but the brain-dead or obstinately bigoted that none of these puerile fuckers claiming or even insisting on Myrtle Cothill’s supposed right to be here that is itself compounded with the conveniently employed by these same prats in violation of her “human rights”: the very same human rights by the way that they have scant regard for however justified their application are when those who invoke them or have them invoked on their behalf look nothing like them, would grant in a month of Sundays in identical circumstances the same concessions to any non-white who likewise hailed from overseas and furthermore did truthfully fight for Britain in any war. Far less so any of their lawful offspring of whatever gender they were who wilfully contravened and knowingly abused the UK’s immigration laws to illegally settle in Britain.

And you know perfectly well all of you whites out there who solely on bigoted reasons alone are screaming for Myrtle Cothill to stay in the United Kingdom that what I’m actually saying is the truth. So frankly there’s only one acceptable conclusion which any sensible and logical person can draw from your selective and highly dishonest outcry and I’ll honestly spell it out for you, since you haven’t the bloody guts to say it yourselves – it’s because Myrtle Cothill is WHITE! And consequently and purposely ignoring her illegal immigrant - strange how with your sort only some people are immigrants whether they are or not, while noticeably in your warped minds others that evidently fit that definition aren’t (I suggest you look up the word immigrant in a good dictionary, assuming of course you know what a dictionary is) – status, in your entrenched bigotry can therefore empathize and hypocritically identify with her and her “cause” while doing so in a bullish manner that you wouldn’t contemplate or embark on were the person involved a non-white individual. However making sure that your prejudices are disingenuously wrapped up in your bogus humanitarian and human rights crap so very typical of ingrained white hypocrisy. Now I don’t mind at all you doing what you’re doing, freedom of expression and all that sort of thing, but at least have the courage and decency to be open and specific about your reasons and intentions. So come on, own up and be upfront with your prejudices instead of acting like gutter snipes that you clearly are!

Now I don’t know how Myrtle Cothill’s daughter who is also a white South African came to be living in the UK, why she’s actually here or initially chose to leave her elderly mother and as her sole child it’s being widely reported left Myrtle apparently to fend for herself in South Africa and particularly so now it’s being bandied about that Myrtle Cothill will have no one to look after her if she’s sent back to her home country, let’s not forget, of South Africa. Well who looked after her when her daughter up sticks and moved to Britain? Are these very same persons now all dead or suddenly refused to shoulder this “burden” any more? These are all very pertinent questions for which truthful answers are required and adjudged in an objective state of affairs. But I can guess why Myrtle Cothill’s daughter shot off to Britain!

Significant numbers of whites who routinely and prejudicially enjoyed and without batting an eyelid or troubling their individual conscience – if they ever had one in the first place – to the very utmost of their capacity the discernibly one-sided privileges that were racially granted to them under the enormously iniquitous system of apartheid and very much so at the brutal and often murderous expense of South Africa’s indigenous Black population and who themselves had no problems in acquiring additionally to their white South African passports others from countries like Britain, other EU states, and the stolen and now white “owned” and controlled countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina for example. White South Africans that in tandem with their so-called white kith and kin had no problem either in dominating indigenous Blacks in their own country but at the same time regarding it as their right to be an integral part of some hypothetical conglomeration of white Caucasian civilized lands abroad where they could quite literally come and go to as they jolly well felt like, and invariably did without hindrance or inconvenience, while at the same time lording it over the “natives” in their own lands and where these “natives” not only didn’t have any say in what went on in their own countries but then, as is still very much the case, also couldn’t travel to these white preserves abroad.

Myrtle Cothill and her daughter I’m thoroughly convinced, and nothing will persuade me to change my mind on this matter would have known this; moreover they both enjoyed the full benefits of apartheid and while those of us in the much vilified Anti-Apartheid Movement by racist whites of the ilk of Margaret Thatcher and others of her kind knew of and respected the noble stance taken by conscionable white South Africans of the stature of Jo Slovo and Ruth First who paid with her life, murdered by the apartheid regime then, for standing up for the legitimate rights of Blacks in South Africa and the institution of a democratic and non-racist South Africa for all its peoples I never once heard during that time nor have any of my Anti-Apartheid Movement colleagues of Myrtle Cothill who is 92 years old and very much older than me and was clearly around – apartheid officially ended in 1994 – or for that matter her daughter ever standing up and denouncing apartheid, for my straightforward supposition is that like the overwhelming majority of white South Africans then they were far too bloody well involved in maximizing the benefits of apartheid for their own selfish ends and didn’t give a shit about those that were under the jackboots of this most iniquitous system because like all selfish bastards they never expected it to end. But it did end, didn’t it? For nothing lasts forever, not even odiously evil systems like apartheid and the British Empire!

And in finally experiencing its long over due demise the belated loss of official apartheid placed several of these dim-witted or else implacably ingrained racists in a very difficult situation of their very own choosing. For rather than pragmatically and even sagaciously congratulating themselves that they had a good time while apartheid lasted and at least try and adjust to the new state of affairs that had arisen, these completely thick-headed white morons belligerently decided they most definitely weren’t going to have any of that and in their droves purposefully chose instead and in conjunction with the available assistance of their white conglomerate passports and the guaranteed welcome they fully expected, were warmly promised and then got in these white controlled and so-called developed countries – developed in what sense still puzzles me: bigotry, hypocrisy and double standards probably? – made their homes there. For no way were they going to consciously demean themselves in their view by living in a politically democratic South Africa run by its majority population and with legally enshrined guaranteed rights for all its ethnic minorities. So for these bigots the only logical thing to do was to up sticks, quit South Africa and head for a white country like Britain.

This despite knowing that the white “natives” in these white demographically constructed, dominated and exclusively white run countries weren’t going to wait hand and foot on them in the same way the Black natives they were intentionally abandoning had consistently and enforcedly done in relation to themselves for centuries and outstandingly in South Africa’s case under the good old system of white minority run and strictly enforced apartheid. Even so to those with this profoundly entrenched mindset it was all infinitely better this inconvenient sacrifice they were making than having to live under the aegis of a democratically instituted South Africa run by Blacks and where everyone in the country was impartially presumed to be equal under the law. What an utterly reprehensible prospect these bigoted whites thought!

And it wasn’t simply average whites who thought this way, acted accordingly and in tandem with their racist inclinations. Thousands of South African Jews who were barely tolerated in South Africa and only so for demographic white reasons by their non-Jewish white “citizens” to inflate the white Caucasian number within the body politic of South Africa extensively and perceptibly peopled by millions of indigenous Black Africans left for Israel taking their racist apartheid doctrine fully conjoined with their ingrained Zionist Nazism and inbred Stockholm Syndrome propensity for inflicting on others what they obsessively claim that others have routinely inflicted on them, with them and substantially in the process helping that Middle Eastern and fraudulently established entity to further and quite heinously subjugate this time the indigenous Palestinians whose country had similarly been stolen from them.

Simultaneously the English Cricket Board (ECB) wholeheartedly welcomed South African cricketers to migrate to England and industriously worked on the process of incorporating these cricketing turncoats into become representatives no less of the official English cricket team. In fact there were so many South Africans at one time in the English team that the ECB so accustomed previously to being in charge of “losers” and itself conditioned to be a losing entity made sure that with the influx of all these talented white South African cricketers there would be little chance of “indigenous” English players making it into the England team, and the policy of the ECB - so used in the past to overseeing English cricket teams that were perennial losers and now seeing and fully prepared to grasp this God-send to break free of that losing streak - was such that home-grown and genuine English players now recurrently overlooked by the ECB seldom in these new circumstances featured in their deliberations when it came to selecting the supposedly “national” English Cricket Team that was really more of a South African outfit than it was an English Cricket Team!

All things considered these South African crickets were after all players who’d played cricket at the very highest level of the sport – namely test cricket I’m referring to – and while happy when apartheid ruled supreme in South Africa to represent what they viewed as their country, namely apartheid South Africa, and likewise proudly regard themselves as South Africans - albeit WHITE South Africans – now in a distinctly democratic as apart from a white minority ruled and run apartheid South Africa  these players had no interest whatever in representing the new South Africa devoid of exclusive white privileges for white Master Race bigots like them. And England generally and the ECB specifically were quite happy to have them just as racist Britain did in the case of Zola Budd! For those of you too young to know who she was or those of you with very convenient memories I strongly suggest you Google and Wikipedia research this info for yourselves!

Interestingly enough Britain has always racially tinkered with its immigration laws to ensure that while it can “legally” keep out non-white natives from contaminating its shores whites generally won’t have any problem whatever in getting into the UK no matter where they hail from. For example how many of you purblind racists out there as well as average members of the white public know that the enormously successful racehorse trainer and also trainer of the Queen’s horses is a white BARBADIAN or as Barbadians fondly call themselves Bajan who was born, bred, raised and educated in Barbados; that his entire family comes from Barbados as did generations of them who likewise like him and other Bajans were born on that tropical island paradise, educated and still live there, those who’re obviously not deceased. However, Enoch Powell and the trade unionist cretins that took to the British streets in support of him wouldn’t have wanted Sir Michael Stoute as he is now out of the UK and still wouldn’t. Yet Michael as he’s fondly regarded by all fellow Bajans, who still visits his birthplace Barbados and sees himself as much a Bajan as every other Barbadian, is likewise a migrant to the UK as were other Barbadians and Caribbeans invited here to Britain by the UK government but who happen to be BLACK! Michael has evidently made his contribution to Britain as have his Black Caribbean compatriots so where’s the logic in overlooking some while calling for the expulsion of others? Just goes to show that you white bigots aren’t as clever as you think you are? But that’s no surprise whatsoever to Black folk like me and who’re not in the House Nigger category as we knew that all along!

Anyway while previously it was easy for the white racist British establishment to say that if you were born outside of the United Kingdom but had a parent who was British born – Cliff Richard or Joanna Lumley - that then entitled you to permanent residency in the UK and also UK citizenship, correction as that should be a UK subject as officially none of us are citizens, with a growing number of non-whites able to qualify on that basis the racists in the House of Commons and consecutive British regimes felt they had to change the existing rules and with nifty work and loads of disingenuousness from toadying civil servants who’re equally as vile as their masters they collaboratively hurriedly brought into effect the “Grandfather Clause” to again disadvantageously encumber Blacks and other non-whites while at the same time most clearly and decisively, they thought, disproportionately favour whites. But that disingenuous ploy eventually hit the buffers as many non-whites in Britain and certainly among those from the Caribbean that stayed here are fourth generation Brits.

So not mincing my words these white politico-racists and their manipulated camp followers are well and truly fucked up as are their immigration laws; for however they try to slant them to favour whites the ploy untimely ends up biting their asses. For it’s patently clear that while they’d dearly love to warmly welcome Myrtle Cothill with open arms to Britain even though she’s undeniably an illegal immigrant the incumbent Tory regime and its likeminded fellow imperialist parliamentarians who are all about show rather than substance know full well that were they to simply cave in to their racist instincts as well as those of members of the public they’ll be certainly seen for the racists and blatant liars that they are. For how can they on the one hand debar the legal spouses of and the children who were conceived in that relationship by distinctly born and bred British husbands, several of whom are white, from coming to let alone settle in the UK not only because these female spouses and their children were clearly born outside Britain but adding insult to injury prohibiting them too on the specious grounds that these British husbands don’t earn the quite arbitrarily stated sum of money which these politico-mafia deem that they should in order for them to bring their wives and families into Britain and consequently have a normal family life which they’re ruthlessly being denied but nevertheless have an inalienable right to?

Yet in marked contrast any privileged white man or woman from the UK can marry whoever they want to from abroad, and lots of them do, and bring those foreign individuals as well as any kids they might have by someone else into Britain without hindrance. Where’s the justice in that? Throughout this brazenly manufactured charade surrounding Myrtle Cothill who was quite happy it seems to have lived in and enjoy the benefits of apartheid South Africa and in all probability would have cheerfully continued doing so if it hadn’t ended knowing full well that there were Black South Africans whose everyday existence was far worst than anything she could remotely have contemplated for herself then or now, much is talked about in terms of her human rights. Didn’t these Blacks also have human rights? And don’t the spouses and legitimate children of British husbands and fathers whose only crime was to fall in love with someone that doesn’t fit the criteria set by the political mafia of precisely the kind of persons these men, who are heartlessly denied a genuine family life or else are cold-bloodedly turned into involuntary “refugees” from the land of their birth, also have human rights? Go think on that when you dishonestly try to soft-soap the rest of us with your subjectivity and bias over Myrtle Cothill!

Sensibly if Myrtle Cothill has no one to properly look after her in South Africa and her UK based daughter is both financially able and also willing to do so and Myrtle is no burden on the British state, then with the identical criteria that white racists and politicians readily and quite scathingly apply to every non-white person who wants to live in Britain and assuming that Myrtle Cothill then fully meets all these stringently stipulated requirements impartially carried out in respect of herself, then I personally have no objection as I wouldn’t in anyone else’s case regardless of who they were or where in the world that they came from who like Myrtle Cothill wanted to live in Britain. For I firmly believe that our immigration laws just like all our other laws MUST be applied impartially and consequently don’t subscribe to or will I ever do so to the demonstrably absurd notion that ONLY whites and nobody else have human rights and therefore this woman Myrtle Cothill and an apartheid beneficiary all of her life must be allowed to stay in Britain because she’s WHITE! Steve Biko and Ruth First also had human rights that were completely ignored and brutally curtailed both by apartheid South Africa and racist Britain working in tandem with each other!

Meanwhile the Ruptly and RT article coupled with all the fucking soft soap predictably being peddled by the hypocritical and double standard cunts around are simply that! And shame on you RT not for reporting Myrtle Cothill’s story but for willingly and obsequiously pandering to and then even worse in my view for deliberately regurgitating all the white sanctimonious, farcical and thoroughly subjective shit that you’re peddling coupled most noticeably with the far from objective stance that you’ve bigotedly taken in relation to Myrtle Cothill ethnically – namely that like those of you who’ve written and are pushing this piss-poor article evidently like she is are also white. Well, there’re other people in this world in case you’ve ignorantly NOT figured that out you pillocks at Ruptly and some of you – fortunately at present just a minority so far with the same mindset – at RT!

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