Saturday, 27 February 2016

How the Brit elites faking empathy with their plebs always dupe them and get away with it!

By Stanley Collymore

To be perfectly honest with you, those that actually care that is, I couldn’t help falling about and figuratively pissing myself with laughter on both reading and hearing on the so-called British mainstream media all the unconcealed claptrap about the British citizenry – my sincerest apologies for temporarily forgetting myself as the appropriate expression should be subjects, for let’s not forget that’s exactly what the vast majority of you are overwhelmingly ingrained to think you are, and frankly in your toadying, cap-doffing and intensely deferential to your supposed privileged and social betters seemingly prefer it to be that way – being extremely infuriated over what the Metro describes as your: “Outrage over £6.5m Savile WHITEWASH!

And why am I not the least bothered what the Metro or other of the British rags write or how the overwhelming majority of you think? Well to start with it’s nothing to do with any sympathy for odious paedophiles, sex abusers and their ilk across the United Kingdom or anywhere else for that matter, or that I’m a heartless and ignorant person either unfamiliar with or uncaring of the facts.

That’s not the case either but as I don’t really give a shit what you think anyway, be my guest to jump to whatever gross or unfounded assumptions that you care to have. No! My absolute distaste for all this is that we’ve all been here before on numerous occasions in relation to these patently corrupt, enormously biased and consistently massively financially beneficial for those who are selectively appointed to carry out these supposed “independent” inquiries by “unprejudiced” examiners that in reality is neither the case nor was it ever intended to be in any of these disingenuous scenarios where those who are quite calculatingly and mendaciously placed in charge of these fraudulent inquires are themselves purposely drawn from the same stinking sewers of entrenched wickedness and injustice as those whom dishonestly they’re meant to be “investigating”.

Therefore, and as such, they come to their subjective task fully armed with all the trappings and predetermined excuses that categorically constitute the indispensible parts of the undoubtedly prearranged remit for these culprits being offered, given and them accepting the job in the first place and who after their prearranged charade with its predictable and biased conclusions are arrived at, and characteristically following the customary lying caveats which are always inserted in these allegedly intensively examined but in all frankness are simply fraudulent, and as comprehensively bent as corkscrews, inquiries are finished will afterwards be then formally, mind-bogglingly, with decidedly straight faces, thoroughly propagandistically and also be untruthfully trotted out with the standard conformity of the British corporate media to a normally daft public as the definitive truth of what actually happened.

And in these drastic departures from the truth as any one could possibly get the idiot subjects in our country will be told and dutifully believe that these wrongdoings and other acts of criminality were only the evil work of the odd bad apple or so and that the impeccable management and bosses of whatever organization they either worked for or were personally involved with knew absolutely nothing at all about what was going on on their watch whatever number of decades it was uninterruptedly taking place; so in effect they’re quite commendably and “justifiably” in the clear.

This is what happened with the Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday and every other bloody inquiry that was undertaken in the United Kingdom and most incredibly was accepted by our subject pillocks and the people who ruthlessly manipulate and routinely control their pathetic and cap-doffing to their “social betters” lives! The very same privileged toffs that unfailingly are persistently selected to head these bogus “inquiries” and then return their predetermined judgment. And the Jimmy Savile whitewash unsurprisingly orchestrated by the BBC is no different from all the other such phony inquires carried out in the UK, with the quite notable exception of the STEPHEN LAWRENCE one; and just look at what happened to it; the white racist pillocks ignored it and the white politicians, privileged establishment, the police, corrupt judges and British media all callously rubbished it.

Now I - and this is the ironic bit which creases me up with laughter when I examine it and you’ll understand why if you’ve any capacity for objective analysis - am expected to emotively care about the concerted evils perpetrated exclusively by white criminals against completely, it would also seem, white victims and furthermore empathize with the latter who collectively didn’t at the time or cannot even now in 206 be bothered to give a fuck about Black British citizens per se of whom, just like the discernibly and cold-bloodedly racially murdered Stephen Lawrence obviously was, I’m also one of them and have been my entire life!

The pertinent question being: “Why should I when you yourselves are so noticeably selective about those whom you either care for or about, and they always seemingly coincide with those whose skin colour incontrovertibly correspond with your own, irrespective of whether these persons are perceived celebrities of the breed of Jimmy Savile or currently as you think “deserving individuals” of your sympathy and in my opinion discernibly misplaced in relation to this, of obligatory-disbanded-apartheid fleeing, illegal immigrants of the likes of Myrtle Cothill? Why I purposely ask again, should I in return give a monkey’s ass about what has happened to your kind, or how or why your privileged and considered social betters, the latest of them an obviously post-menopausal and unfathomably idiotic bitch called Janet Smith, love treating you with the contempt they evidently think you deserve and that your general actions give them prime cause and added reassurance that that is precisely the case?

But contrary to the presumed belief that in all probability you most likely have, I am not a heartless Nigger bastard by any stretch of your vivid white imagination and I do know right from wrong; and what Jimmy Savile and his ilk did fall squarely into the category of wrongdoing and pure evil. And what their victims suffered and probably in genuine cases - not primarily motivated by financial considerations as I still believe that an accused person is innocent until he or she in a duly constituted court of law is on the probability of all the evidence independently provided there, rigorously tested, and on thorough cross-examination a guilty verdict is arrived at then and only then is that accused person to be regarded as “guilty” otherwise he or she must in my honest opinion be declared and openly seen as innocent – are still traumatically experiencing is not only untenable but also absolutely horrendous.

The huge problem, however, with all this is not the general mechanics or the lack of them of any fair and just lawfully instituted judicial system but very much lies in the fact that the British judicial system from the police to the DPS to the court system to the judges is so fucking thoroughly corrupt and debauched; infested to the core with entrenched privilege, nepotism and injustice that getting the real criminals to court in the first place, and especially if they come from the same perceived “elite” minority of exceptionally privileged mother-fuckers that run and control our country at every level there will emphatically be no justice whatsoever for the victims, as their stories won’t be taken seriously since they themselves won’t be believed but instead will be ignored and treated with the utmost contempt; branded as fantasists or liars and quite literally be told by those they complain to and expect help from to literally “fuck off!” So how then in those extremely discriminatory circumstances can justice be fittingly dispensed if at all? So it definitely ill-behoves post-menopausal prats like Janet Smith to gratuitously add gross insult to injury with the kind of patronizing, absolutely crass and even predictably impertinent remarks that she made. But that’s the British upper class and privileged pillocks for you. Condescendingly insult you while dishonestly giving the impression that they actually care about you.

Even so, and especially because I’m fully aware of their track record I’m pre-disposed to thinking that Janet Smith like all the others of her ilk would have done very well in the Third Reich as Gestapo lawyers, judges and administrators, I don’t really have any sympathy for, empathy with, or do I in any way identify myself with those white Brits who’re professing to be very “outraged” by what anyone with a half functioning brain in his or her head must clearly have already known what the predetermined outcome – and I emphasize the phrase predetermined outcome whatever Janet Smith or the BBC might otherwise say on this matter – would be! The overwhelming majority of white Britons, let’s face it, don’t get outraged about anything that’s truthfully important, as it goes against the grain of their deeply embedded sycophancy to their “social betters” and what they manipulatively get steamed up about is invariably determined by these same social betters of theirs who then through their time-honoured and manipulative means dictate to them how they should react or behave. Idiots in other words that no sensible, rational or intelligent person would want to be associated with, and I’m not prepared in my case to break the habit of a life time when it comes to these people!

Consequently, I don’t for a single moment buy into, or would I ever embark on doing so, all the substantially propagandized and exceedingly mendacious crap about white Brits “outraged” and moreover doing so en masse over Janet Smith’s blatant piece of “criminal” fiction unreservedly and enthusiastically published by the BBC. And why do I think that? Because I intimately know the mindset of my white and fellow Brits. Now genuine outrage by them over a few of the Calais Jungle’s residents coming to Britain irrespective of how they managed to do that - and who’re holed up in Calais courtesy of the inherently imperialist and entrenched racist foreign policies of these same extremely privileged morons that control Britain at all conceivable levels, and even manifestly criminally so, is nevertheless something that categorically would be guaranteed to immediately and unpretentiously get these white Brits hackles up and quite genuinely you could say thunderously outraged. None the less when their social betters conspire and systematically do everything in their power to effectively thwart all chances of their paedophile chums ending up in court to face the consequences of their criminal actions that’s perfectly okay it appears to these same idiotic whites and who for their part see no need for outrage until the media acting in close concert with those who tell them what they should think and how to react direct them to do so.

The stuff that you cunts out there are readily buying into or else told that you must go through the motion of being especially “outraged” against. But only after the heinous deeds are long done and gone and absolutely nothing can be done about them or the criminal perpetrators involved!

And that’s NOT FICTION mindless cretins but REALITY of the kind you won’t see or read about in the British media or that Janet Smith and the BBC would ever relish serving up to you on any platter. And that of itself is a bloody outrage but you white prats are too dim-witted to sensibly realize let alone grasp! And my simple advice to you – just go away the lot of you, plebs and alleged social betters alike, and fucking well grow up. And when or if you finally managed to do so perhaps you’ll genuinely be able to decipher and also logically determine for yourselves what outrage actually is, as well as how and in what circumstances it should be authentically applied!

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