Saturday, 6 February 2016

Genital mutilation – the unkindest cut of all!

By Stanley Collymore

Barbaric as this practice is, and there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it must be stopped either voluntarily or be legislatively forced to, where’s the similarly contemptible and fixated revulsion at, concertedly orchestrated chorus of vilification, and the forceful demands from this white tribe engaged in all these discriminatory assaults on those directly responsible for and/or engaged in female genital mutilation in relation to the ongoing and longstanding perpetrators and their victims – the latter more often than not still infants but all of those involved, even so, always of pre-pubescent age – of the consistent and respectively barbaric acts of male genital mutilation for equally asinine reasons based principally on outmoded superstitious dogma and effectively by all enlightened and reasonable conclusions are criminal activities intentionally committed against distinctly vulnerable minors, habitually practised by and well documented among the white brethren of Judaism adherents?

Pervasive practices far more pernicious and widespread in their barbarous execution than any act of female genital mutilation is, ever was or will be; utterly abhorrent practices too that are every bit as enthusiastically engaged, happily and universally condoned by Jewish women as they are by their controlling and misogynistic men folk whom they obsequiously and regularly endeavour to please, while the rest of their extended kith and kin white clan – irrespective of what religion that they follow: Christianity or Judaism itself or none at all usually – in typical hypocritical and double standards fashion consciously and sickeningly ignore the same travesty of justice that’s meted out to Jewish male minors but which these two-faced hypocrites much preferring to stay silent about these activities none the less incredibly high and mightily from their sanctimonious soapboxes, and furthermore in voluble propaganda mode vituperatively, insistently and prejudicially inform the world at large what a most heinous crime the carrying out of child genital mutilation is.

However, in typical white Caucasian selective manner and because these odious clowns like to keep propagating their endemically idiotic assumption that crime of any variety and Blacks per se are synonymous with each other, that female genital mutilation deemed by them to be solely a Black thing, which it isn’t, is both criminally and ethically indefensible – which I fully agree with but not for the explanations which they racially advocate – while slicing off the head of a Jew boy’s prick in marked contrast to doing precisely the very same thing to a black girl’s clit is no big deal and thus perfectly okay; well all those among you who believe that odious crap are, I honestly believe and must say, fucking sick!

And just how sick is exemplified by a United States court’s recent jailing of a Jewish mother who didn’t want her infant son brutalized in this way and refused to have him done. But her husband and their synagogue butchers thought otherwise and insisted that the child be instantly genitally mutilated. The child’s adoring and highly responsible mother sensibly still resolutely refused to comply with her husband’s demands and their synagogue’s diktat, so they sued her. The judge assigned to the case, and clearly a sympathizer of the Yiddish cause and I can’t be any more charitable than that, ruled in the husband’s favour and ordered his wife to do as he, the husband wished, claiming that it was the child’s birthright as a Jew (my interpretation) to be genitally mutilated.

Courageously this principled lady refused yet again and was summarily jailed for her principles and defying her husbands demands, and even worst as a mother for protecting her child, which when last I recently checked mothers are still meant to and most of them instinctively do. And with this absolutely caring and loving mother and principled lady in prison her husband and the synagogue’s butchers got their way. Some father eh? Which troubles me immensely and causes me to ask, what is it about this rather sick, Jewish Zionist controlled world we unhappily live in that virtually everything that smacks of principles from politics and Jeremy Corbyn to ordinary everyday aspects of our ordinary lives is typically and vitriolically denigrated or condemned by these people and their toadies, while the opposite to wholesome and mutually beneficial living for all of us is implausibly welcomed, cherished, extensively and encouragingly propagandized and, of course, enthusiastically embraced by these same people?

So to all you purveyors of hypocrisy and double standards out there there’s conspicuously no difference whatever in their barbarity and immoral conduct between female genital mutilation that’s perceived as Black and male genital mutilation that is typically white – in the same way that paedophilia is by the way – regardless of what you otherwise think or publicly say – and the only “difference” that I can possibly conceive that there is, is in your sick heads, attendant sick mindset, and the completely sickening ways that you white hypocrites deal, and bigotedly continue to do so, with both of them! So grow up, I emphatically suggest, all you purveyors of double standards and champions of naked hypocrisy and start behaving like the adults that you falsely claim to be! For seriously none but the dim-witted, intellectually challenged, gullible or the absolutely brain-dead are the least impressed by your puerile and disingenuous

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