Friday, 19 February 2016

Born white and with the sole and permanent right to rule the world? No fucking way!

By Stanley Collymore

The incumbent US Secretary of Defence stating that Britain has a right, never mind its obligations under the NPT, to upgrade its nuclear weaponry, namely Trident, because in doing so it formidably enables the United Kingdom to maintain its supposed and very delusional and to anyone with a functioning brain in their head and fully aware of the facts noticeably one way “special relationship” with the United States as well as have the capability to punch above its weight speaks eloquently for the crass stupidity and brain-dead observational unreality of those politically in charge not only in the United States but also Britain of life generally and the current state of the world specifically.

For the same sick argument can be asininely advocated for any loathsome sociopathic and psychopathic bullying bastard or bitch paedophile with substantially and therefore in their eyes unassailable influential connections, rapist, mass murderer, child abuser, gangster, terrorist or just plain evil sadist who likewise sees himself or herself as quite untouchable and with exceptionally good reason to assume that sick assumption – get the picture? The precise and ratified terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and of which Britain is a signatory, as is the US and the other officially recognized nuclear states, all of whom by the way are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), is that those countries with nuclear weapons would phase them out gradually until they were no longer in possession of such weaponry while those states obviously without nuclear weapons would be statutorily bound not to develop or have these weapons in any shape or form in their possession.

And as such each side had especially strict moral and quite legally binding obligations placed upon them: those with nuclear weapons must discard them while those without would officially and legally eschew having them. But this is exactly where the bloody hypocrisy and double standards began to be applied and particularly so by the United States, Britain and France. Having not the slightest intention of abandoning their own nuclear weapons while at the same time aggressively and massively expanding NATO that with the complete and rather unexpected collapse of the Soviet Union and against whom NATO was directed at should quite logically and morally have been disbanded the United States and Britain in particular placed the whole of NATO as well as their closest and most dependable allies like Japan, Australia, New Zealand and their Arab Bantustan entities, notoriously Bantu Saudi, under the protection of their own as well as NATO’s collective nuclear umbrella.

Furthermore, the US, Britain, the rest of NATO and the other European states hugely and clandestinely nuclear armed Zionist Israel and apartheid South Africa. Israel still retains and additionally with massive western financial assistance, military expertise and their fervent blessing regularly upgrades its own huge nuclear arsenal; and it also under the ongoing and guaranteed protection of the United States, Britain and France, all of them permanent members of the UNSC, haughtily and routinely thumbs its nose up at the IAEA the purported legitimate regulatory body that is meant to officially and impartially police the NPT as well as those member countries within the UN whether they’re signed up to it or not, but instead has preferably chosen to toadying and totally obsequiously shove its head up the ass of the United States which decides who sits on the IAEA, where its inspectors come from, and what this stooge body actually does or mustn’t do.

Moreover, to essentially, extensively and most effectively con the US taxpayers, since that’s a fundamental ingredient too of the United States self-appointed remit in all this duplicitous chicanery, into funding the discernibly illicit activities of Zionist apartheid Israel and preserve the manifestly mendacious facade that this undeniably Zionist and terrorist entity cynically, unconsciably but none the less deliberately implanted by the United Kingdom, the rest of the west and the then Soviet Union, let’s not forget, into the heart of the Middle East is without nuclear weapons. Since were Israel itself, the United States or the rest of the west to openly declare that Israel is a nuclear country consecutive US regimes religiously maintaining this obscene fiction of a nuclear free Israel would have been forced to legally pull, and certainly so in the case of the USA, the plug on the billions of dollars which the United States alone annually shells out to Israel. For US law categorically stipulates that the United States cannot or must not in contravention of the NPT fund any nuclear created state or one with nuclear clear-cut nuclear aspirations outside those already globally recognized nuclear countries which were in existence before the inauguration of the NPT; a principle that also happens to coincide with the five permanent members of the UNSC and entail the United States, Britain, France, China and the Russian Federation that inherited both its position and status within the UNSC after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and unquestionably so because it was the most important component of the former Soviet Union.

So what we presently have and most deplorably has been the case for some time now is the quite blatantly dishonest situation of the United States in criminal collaboration with Israel, the United Kingdom, NATO generally, and the rest of the west flagrantly and criminally breaking the United States’ own laws and with that country’s complicit and approving permission to guarantee that Israel by this disingenuous non-disclosure pact among these western conspirators can carry on pretending it’s not a nuclear state and inevitably get substantial amounts of money and state of the art nuclear expertise in the process  from the US and NATO countries even though it’s officially a member of NATO, as well as purpose built nuclear submarines from Germany, of all places – talk about an unrelenting guilt trip – and all this for a supposedly non-existent nuclear capacity on the part of Zionist apartheid Israel.

Little wonder then in those circumstances that the IAEA has specifically been ordered by the United States to stay well clear of Israel’s nuclear facilities which are NEVER subjected to discussion about them, absolutely no scrutiny or other form of inspection by the IAEA that is itself knowingly complicit in its obsequiousness in studiously and rather asininely maintaining the fiction too that Israel’s nuclear capacity as well as its possession of nuclear weapons are non-existent; notwithstanding the well known fact that Israel’s nuclear military arsenal is the third largest in the world and considerably greater than that of the United Kingdom!

While in marked contrast countries like Iran that categorically and meticulously plays by the legally stipulated NPT rules, is itself a willing signatory to the NPT and fulfils to the letter and merits of the law its full obligations to the IAEA that it’s a deeply and truly committed member of that body, while unsurprisingly Israel is not, is in marked contrast to Zionist apartheid Israel unconscionably hounded, persistently vilified, lied about on an outrageous and continuous basis, routinely treated like a pariah state, and most indefensibly behaved towards in a manner by the west  and the IAEA that these entities would never in a million light years conceive let alone employ against Israel. And as if this wasn’t bad enough on top of all the aforesaid additionally subjected to the most intrusive and ongoing inspections, is Iran, while always under unwarranted suspicions even though its actions are open and in the clear.

But it’s not just Iran that is treated in this way by these nuclear and unremitting bullies of the west and in tandem with the IAEA. Determined that they and strictly white only Caucasian run countries – hence the egotistical and perceptibly paranoid obsession to contain Russia and China, ostracize India and Pakistan and venomously berate North Korea for these countries having in western eyes the sheer audacity to inaugurate and institute own independent nuclear military programmes and arsenals – the west while hypocritically demanding that those it doesn’t favour or who aren’t totally white and Caucasian – basically the same people – mustn’t have nuclear weapons and must also strictly abide by all the provisions of the NPT, which the west and its friends feel they can ignore and persistently do, or else declare that their perceived God-given right of exceptionalism entitles them to strong-arm such countries and their leaders into total submission to their subjective demands, then conceitedly and without ever batting an eyelid at their egotism, the irony that stems from it or their general illicit and criminal behaviour, with incredible arrogance, massively and on a regular basis, upgrade their  plethora of nuclear weapons that they have in their possession and have no aspiration of ever giving up.

A perceptible illegality and an unquestionably uncontrolled immorality that stinks to high heaven! And was quite evident and racist in its application in the case of South Africa. For while it was perfectly okay it seems in the sick minds of western leaders for apartheid South Africa with the active and staunch support of western states and also in collaboration with Zionist Israel to have nuclear weapons backed by the very substantial sums of money poured into this project as well as all the nuclear expertise that was additionally at the willing disposal of apartheid South Africa, none the less a transparently democratically elected and majority population Black government in an officially post-apartheid South Africa wasn’t entitled to have what a minority, white racist and oppressive white Caucasian regime was amply, with the unequivocal and as well as the unconditional blessing of the same western countries fervently granted.

Notwithstanding the fact that the African National Congress (ANC) which evidently knew of apartheid South Africa’s nuclear arsenal and who assisted them in getting it although the west had openly and blatantly lied about this factual reality, had clearly stated from the very beginning of these nuclear weapons coming into the possession of the South African apartheid regime, that an ANC government in South Africa did not want a nuclear South Africa and that on democratically attaining power there the ANC would wholeheartedly, voluntarily and promptly relinquish these WMDs, the United States, United Kingdom, France and the other NATO countries that between them had worked assiduously and clandestinely with apartheid South Africa to make sure that regime had its unlawful quota of nuclear weapons, in spite of this when the ANC democratically and predictably came to power in South Africa with a massive landslide and the physical effect of an unstoppable tsunami, these identical western bastards instantaneously took to demanding – a situation wholly lost on these brain-dead, white racist prats to someone quite discernibly but somewhat futilely banging on an open door to be let into a particular building – what the now ANC run South Africa had faithfully promised and all along given a solemn undertaking that it would do and consequently had already started doing; the steadfast and voluntary discarding of the apartheid regime era nuclear weapons that it had inherited.

Quite in order Old Boy for white, savage and completely undemocratic racists even in a Black majority population country to have these unquestionably lethal weapons but democratically Blacks running a government in that same country? No way! Anyway, these South African nuclear weapons having been willingly and freely dismantled by the ANC authorities were then subsequently dispatched to the United States. Where else? So I’m not in the least surprised by the hubristic imperialistic, colonialist, racist and purblind idiocy of fundamentally ingrained cunts like Ash Carter the US defence Secretary, others of his nonsensical ilk in the United States, or the plethora of mother fucking morons that similarly we regrettably have in the UK. For what else can you illogically expect from brain-dead elements of the supposed Master Race conjoined with God’s Chosen People?

To my mind such thinking and its attendant, quite transparent to anyone with even a half functioning brain in his or her head and quite markedly thoroughbred imbecilic conduct on the part of Ash carter, his posse of neocon and Zionist idiots in the USA and correspondingly, on this side of the Atlantic, our obsequiously slavish to all US demands and whims, imperialistic inclined and colonialist “simply can’t get used to Britain no longer having an empire” privileged assholes like the Tory, Lib-Dems and Labtory Nazi Zionist right-wingers, among them pillocks like Hilary Benn, Michael Fallon and Philip Hammond together with the swarm of cheerfully cap doffing pleb morons that back them, is notably, again to anyone that can and does independently think for themselves, analogous to an inveterate criminal mafia don and mastermind: the United States in my scenario, and his sycophantic and very much so subordinate criminal accomplices – include Britain at the top of this list.

And were one to equate the whole world to a single country, having these seasoned criminals going around collectively: NATO springs readily to mind the global arena, and selectively at the behest of their principal mafia don – the United States of course in real life – purposely knocking the living shits out of those that they don’t like and additionally instituting and effectively carrying out in the process all sorts of devious crimes, abysmal atrocities and terrorist activities in those areas of that country (re the globe) that they premeditatedly targeted and whose residents (global citizens) they’ve either traumatized the hell out of, habitually displaced as refugees or else sadistically tortured and killed. Then in the process of all this heartlessly set about robbing them of whatever worthwhile, or useful to these grasping and thieving intruders, assets that their victims have in their possession to further enrich themselves as they have done numerous times in the past at the expense of others.

And in this regard it’s wholly unsurprising since all of them - these white Caucasian or stolen white occupied and led countries have been doing these kinds of vile things unrestrained for centuries! And when it comes to Britain and purportedly our precious United Kingdom and starting with England the two have consistently been at the top of this particular Premier League of larceny, thuggery and mass murdering atrocities both on a global and monumental scale diminished only on a minute level, in spite of grudgingly forced to give up their empire that cretins like Benn, Fallon and Hammond among them profoundly regret and consequently can’t come to terms with, after 1945 when the new bully boy on the block and chief mafia don the United States basically took over all proceedings and quite literally began calling the shots and has resolutely continued to do so ever since.

Still at heart though a particularly odious and thieving mass murdering country Britain like the proverbial leopard unable to change its spots and its empire loyalists distinctly in the same frame of mind but still vaingloriously wishing for because they perceive it as their exceptionalist and God-given right to be where they properly no longer should be as of right, specifically at the top table of global decision makers, in a significantly changed world from the one which Britain previously, rather self-servingly, haughtily and barbarically shaped and controlled, and although what has been left of it is still far from perfect nevertheless has all the hallmarks of meaningfully improving itself; and realizing too that the only realistic way for the UK to stay as an unwanted and out of place gate crasher, although it ludicrously sees itself as a guest, at this global top table is to tenaciously and fawningly cling onto the coattails of the USA, this is specifically what these empire loyalists  and the British authorities between them have repeatedly and pathetically done.

And like hard up “aristocrats” living well beyond their means and happy to prostitute themselves for financial gain while maintaining their counterfeit public status, the UK is similarly content to splash out money it can ill afford and despite its extensive and quite appalling history of global thievery on expensive toys like Trident to keep up the false appearances that it laboriously and with infantile incredulity to those that can see through its vainglorious façade as it persists in and maintaining the senseless pretence that Trident is an independent nuclear deterrent of its own choosing, which it patently is not  as it’s the United States with its real nuclear deterrent that effectively controls and will carry on doing so if the UK goes ahead with its rank stupidity and upgrades Trident; and the only beneficiaries of this massive fraudulent scam and consequently in all of this will undoubtedly be America’s military industrial complex, since all of Trident’s components will be exclusively American, constructed in the United States by American companies, providing jobs for US workers and the UK will simply be nothing more than an Asda or Morrisons shopper, for example, buying a product off the self.

Just another predisposed consumer in other words! Except that in the UK’s case it’ll be an enormously expensive product and a completely useless one to boot; in effect what you could best term an irrelevant Trident farce! And adding insult to financial injury and something that neither Asda nor any other supermarket across the United Kingdom, or anywhere else I imagine, can reasonably do once you the shopper have selected your chosen product, fully paid for it and left that supermarket’s premises, the United States however, and in marked contrast to any supermarket that I know of, will legally and contractually where Britain is concerned be perfectly able to prohibit the UK at all times from using Trident without the explicit permission the said USA.

And to fully get your head around that just imagine yourself walking out of Morrisons or again Asda for instance with the frozen chicken that you intentionally bought there for the family meal only to have these stores reserving the underlying right as they see it, and never mind your outright purchase of that frozen chicken, to arbitrarily inform you when, if at all, you can cook it when you take it home. Now come on and own up to what you’d really think and express. For who wouldn’t sensibly be right pissed off with that state of affairs or knowing what the terms of their future purchases at either of these supermarkets or other likeminded ones will automatically be would bizarrely still go ahead and shop there; and then insultingly to their family members or friends claim that they got an excellent deal, then ludicrously pretend that that frozen chicken is somehow theirs to do with as they please when patently it is not!

Yet incredibly you’re the very e people who’re keen to idiotically tolerate the precise intolerable situation to take place when it comes to Trident which frankly costs a darn sight more than a fucking frozen chicken! Never mind that this fictional independent nuclear “deterrent” of Britain, our country, irrespective of how serious the real life or impending circumstances are that the UK is in, and regardless of whether they’re self- inflicted or otherwise, Britain won’t be able to use - and it’s worthwhile reflecting on that - its significantly vaunted and quite fraudulently so so-called independent Trident nuclear deterrent that our US-sycophantic authorities and empire loyalists idiotically and ludicrously claim is “independent” however much it might wish to do so without the explicit say so of the United States of America. Some deterrent eh?

That’s like someone rather gratuitously and somewhat painfully at your workplace for instance kicking you in the balls if you’re a man or the crutch if clearly you’re woman and you contractually as per the terms of your employment with that company having to seek the validated permission and authorization of your company’s boss on exactly how you can react to that physical assault on you. What if, for example, your assailant is a close friend of your boss? What then? Nurse your swollen balls or pussy, grin and stoically bear while uncomplainingly thinking “hard cheese?” But most of you white Brits out there quite simply, alas, can’t get your stupid heads around the fact that you are at the end of the day just ordinary human beings like everyone else, so idiotically you egocentrically and conceitedly fall for all the glory days of the empire crap even though most of you weren’t around then, and moreover constantly delude yourselves that since you neither cannot afford to appear as nor want to be like the world’s other people who you instinctively see as inferior “natives” and therefore you must show at all times that you’re obviously superior to them and always in charge of what you’re doing no matter how incompetent you really are or might be in performing that task, you must none the less characteristically be made to look man, woman, superman or superwoman all meticulously rolled into one, and all the better to demonstrate your purported superior differences to these "inferior” global natives as well as their kind that unfortunately for you are living in your European midst!

Give over will you! For the only ones that you’re fooling are yourselves while further bankrupting the country you call home and furthermore profess to love. Trident to put it bluntly has as much credibility about it as a deterrent as the old and thankfully now discredited British tale which I’m sure many of you of a certain age are well aware of that pubescent girls and even young women before the advent and universal usage of the contraceptive pill inconceivably brought up on the rather stupid notion that if they allowed themselves to be fucked while standing up then they couldn’t get pregnant no matter how much semen their lover injected into them. Or if they immediately even if they had sex lying down purposefully squirted after that function of coition Coca-Cola up their fannies that too would do the trick of preventing them getting pregnant.

The several unmarried mothers homes across the UK then that these gullible females were sent off to to secretly and away from societal shame and prying eyes have their bastard babies out of the way and then either adopted or fostered but never to be seen again was testimony to the fact that these old wives tales like our present day Trident nuclear ones was and is still a load of twaddle also. And let me straightforwardly put this conundrum to you. Would you seriously as a female in 2016 but not on the pill or any other form of contraception seriously have someone fuck you in those outmoded circumstances; or if you’re a parent yourself purposefully have your teenage daughter or son indulging in such irresponsible and idiotic behaviour while leaving the dismal consequences of their actions in the lap of the gods as it were? In neither of these two instances it’s a safe bet to say that wouldn’t! So why them are you losing your head and all sense of reasoning, if there was any there to start with, over Trident? Doesn’t make any sense to me!

And I do know what I’m talking about; and it’s precisely why I oppose the upgrading of Trident and determinedly feel that it should be completely got rid of in compliance with the provisions of the NPT, a treaty by the way that Britain is a signatory to, and also in accordance with basic commonsense. And to counter what I have just said by you idiotically saying or even asserting that my propositions and those of people who think like me will put British workers involved with Trident out of work, how many of you would unconcernedly have either your children or underage siblings used as child prostitutes because the sex industry is a particularly lucrative one and there are those that depend on it and would grossly disadvantaged financially if it were totally eradicated. And that specifically includes all the numerous bigwigs who’re making a bundle out of it, and additionally are fully cognizant of the conspicuous fact that sex trafficking does destroy lives? For they’re the ones that emphatically and financially are deeply implicated in this trade. Well nukes likewise kill and with the capacity of doing much worse!

I voluntarily enlisted into the Royal Air Force and because of the nature of my work – I’m still legally bound by the provisions of the Official Secrets Act that I signed at the time – and I got the authentic briefing of the real consequences of a nuclear war and not just for Britain but also for humanity and our planet if we had one, and we at the frontline of any potential attack were told the indisputable facts as we would be the ones first deployed and principally fighting it. And it certainly wasn’t the Hollywood and media reality show, video games, gung ho and propagandistic bullshit that utter morons like Hilary Benn, Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon et al revel in and who’re the sort of persons that will defend you and their sick version of patriotism to the last drop of someone else’s blood – PEOPLE LIKE ME! – never their own, that of their family members or close friends who – and again unlike people like me – studiously abstain from military service of any kind as they would similarly exploit every thing in their power to avoid the plague - and like the grasping, career politicians that they undeniably are, are deeply, self-servingly and financially embedded in the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex!

That’s why they happily want to fork out billions of Pounds of our money for Trident but unbelievably can’t find the needed money to appropriately fund our beloved NHS, suitably remunerate our junior doctors, nurses, other medical and technical NHS staff, care workers, teachers, other public service workers, the exceptionally low paid in our communities and many others very deserving of decent and affordable living salaries or wages as well as provide proper working conditions and contracts for these people. And additionally provide free and suitable educational opportunities for everyone in education from a nursery commencement right through to postgraduate studies; other countries like Barbados, for example, rather successfully and with major educational dividends to show for it: a 100% literacy and numeracy rating among them, mange to do so, so why not the UK? – but who get nothing of the kind! While in the meantime evictions and poor housing have become a national catastrophe, crucially UK school children are dumbed down to such a dreadful level that they now quite embarrassingly for a supposedly developed country like Britain at the very bottom of the literacy and numeracy leagues while against the metaphorical burning of the United Kingdom our MPs in Nero fashion gamely fiddle on – figuratively as well as financially so – with glee as they narcissistically and unashamedly accept huge pay rises for themselves.

Humorously digressing a bit among this madness that I see around me, when I was in the RAF one of our Air Squadron chaps on a night out after an extensive day we had of air exercises slept with a woman he met in a bar, returned to the base early the next day and was particularly gung ho about his sexual “conquest.” However a week later while some of us were in the shower room carrying out our usual ablutions he mildly complained about a pain he was having in his penis. Under Queens Regulations (QR) all evident or potential sexual ailments and particularly with operational aircrew must be immediately reported to the Medical Officer (MO).

He knew this of course but those of us who were present when of his own volition he mentioned his condition gently reminded him of it all the same, for failure to disclose it and on subsequent discovery of it could as stipulated in QR have resulted in likely court martial for him, and as we were uniformly a well integrated and companionable flying team nobody wished for that to happen to him or come to that any of the other squadron members if the same occurred in their case. Anyway this bloke voluntarily complied with QR and went to see the MO.

As things happened the female Nursing Officer on duty at the time was a particularly close friend of mine shall we say and afterwards when we were alone together related to me what happened as she was present throughout this bloke’s medical examination. Having somewhat embarrassingly got undressed he told the MO who like my Nursing Officer friend was also female, hence is embarrassment, that he didn’t think what he’d picked up was anything that serious and was probably nothing more than a cold which his penis had unfortunately caught. To which the MO before reaching out to scrutinize this chap’s penis irresistibly rejoined: “Okay! Let’s give it a few seconds and see if it sneezes!” The factual diagnosis after all that? This chap had contracted a dose of the clap.

And the moral therein? Just because you either rather stupidly or in an obvious state of denial think that something is the case doesn’t mean that it’s so or for that matter that you’re right in your subjective assumption that that’s the case. And like this ex-RAF colleague of mine who incidentally is white and always has been, I’m Black – simply clarifying the correct situation for all you idiots out there for whom the only mental exercise you ever get and seemingly are capable of is to ludicrously jump to unfounded conclusions – you nerds who believe in the efficacy of Trident as a cast iron British nuclear deterrent, then you couldn’t be more WRONG! Your possible solution then? Wean yourselves entirely off your obsessive and neurotic imperialist habit and instead and for once try joining the real world. And should you visualize this real world you’re being asked to join as scary and possibly unwelcoming then seriously ask yourselves who made it so?

Returning to the United States mafia don and the criminal mastermind scenario that I previously referred to what Ash Carter in his markedly and demonstrably pathetically dim-witted methodology to all things and predictably in this one is doing is acting like this hypothetical mobster I’ve described – except that in Ash carter’s case he is a real live mobster – who having disastrously fucked up other peoples’ neighbourhoods for the sole benefit of himself and that of his criminal accomplices then dishonestly and barefacedly takes to complainingly shouting out and quite noticeably in the process of doing so that the world has strikingly gone quite dangerous, that his own well-heeled neighbourhood and those of his likeminded and in similar positions chums need to be protected from likely attacks – rather interestingly they never ever use the words “in retaliation” for what they’ve systematically and repetitively by any definition of that word done to others – and therefore given this escalation in criminality and terrorism it’s vitally important for the United States and its criminal gang: NATO, Britain that is always obedient to American demands, the EU generally, Israel and the rest of the white Caucasian world to logically and justifiably protect themselves by any means, again no reference to the unstated reasons for this dire situation they refer to, at their disposal including the nuclear option, and in those given circumstances the NPT can go fuck itself! However, only in relation to themselves and no one else.

And in all of this conveniently overlooking the fact that it’s they who’re entirely and directly responsible for the dreadful mess they’re complaining about; the same things that they’ve dishonestly, purposely, propagandistically, mendaciously, distinctly and unwarrantedly ascribed to others and then disingenuously attempting from their sick perspective to give much needed “credibility” to what they’re saying and the clearly lying and pernicious situation they they’ve created, industriously executed, exploited and then massively profited financially from have no reluctance at all in carrying on with business as usual. So here’s a piece of simple commonsense being preferred by me as well as my personal take on things. Have all the nuclear arsenals and a billion Tridents if you want Whitey-Dumbos but in this hubristic process just reflect and ask yourselves what kind of brain-dead cunts are you to assume that while you can have them, tenaciously cling on to them and additionally upgrade these nuclear WMDs as and whenever you wish nobody else but YOU must ever possess such weapons, and furthermore you’ll also ascribe to yourselves the self-imposed right to ensure by any means at your disposal, and which rather ironically includes the nuclear option, that these “others” who racially don’t look like you must never be in possession of them. For that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it?

Dream on white bully boys and girls; this is the 21st Century, not the 19th or even the 20th so get used to that! Trident for your information is no deterrent to BLOWBACK in your own backyard: your city centres, shopping malls, schools, recreation centres, pubs, nightclubs, bus and train stations, public transport, libraries, football grounds, sporting venues etc – get the general picture? For the all that continuing to have and obscenely upgrading Trident will do is to further encourage the utterly sick, pathetic and narcissistic morons who are for it and the likeminded nerds that that run Britain to escalate their malevolent foreign policies, particularly those that they conceive for and implement in the Global South, and which are and recurrently have been the accursed reasons and real causes in the first place for the perilous state of affairs as well as the increasingly deteriorating situation that the world at large is generally in.

And while I presume that no reasonable person or genuinely caring and objective Brit would ever malevolently wish to see Britain become like the jihadi-failed, murderous and rogue state entities which the United Kingdom has premeditatedly and most self-servingly turned Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya for example into and even now and as it has consistently been doing for the last eight years even before the outbreak of the so-called Syrian “civil war” and uprising there that were nothing of the kind but rather a well crafted and financed western terrorist enterprise with Britain at the very helm of this manifestly terrorist endeavour, as it still is, while continuing to play the standard behind the scene pivotal role on behalf of Nazi Zionist apartheid Israel and with SAS insurgents very instrumental in all this as they have been from the very outset of this manufactured Syrian crisis; if you arrogantly think that the same end result can never be achieved in Britain then frankly you “Master Race” assholes are distinctly madder than I thought you were! And I urge you to think again.

For it won’t be state players like your fixated bogeymen of Russia, Iran, North Korea or even China that you’ll be up against. And what bloody good then will Trident be to you? Are you in response to these predictable and as some would undoubtedly argue understandable blowbacks at home going to nuke Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leicester, Sheffield, Bradford, Nottingham, Leeds Central, Sevenoaks, Runnymede and Weybridge, Chingford and Woodford Green, Birkenhead, Rochdale, Whitney or even London generally? That’ll be as daft as sitting in a public room with people you don’t like and quite frankly don’t like you either and you knowing this you suddenly pull out from your overcoat pocket a hand grenade that you had concealed there and instantly threaten to remove the pin if those present don’t do as you say.

Well pull that pin! And what do you think will happen? Everyone there and not just your enemies but you yourself will be blown to smithereens. Not a clever idea in the least! And that’s the “brilliant” rationale, if you can ascribe to it any such name, that you ignorant fuckers advocate for having Trident? Crazy man! It simply won’t work, and not with people with a bee in their bonnet and who don’t give a fuck about life! Now since you’re allegedly so clever and racially superior go figure it out!

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