Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pragmatic and Inspirational; key aspects of the political genius of Jeremy Corbyn!

By Stanley Collymore

“I’ve had enough of someone else’s propaganda. I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such I am for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole!” The words of Malcolm X the United States and martyred, iconic Civil Rights leader.

Now that you’ve kindly listened to those two inspirational pieces of music embodied in the videos that I posted on Tuesday 12 January 2016 I’d now like for you to at your leisure pause for a moment and imaginatively contemplate an egalitarian Britain where the innate, creative and professional skills and the positive ambitions, individually as well as collectively, of all British citizens and permanent residents are welcomingly, diligently, tirelessly and routinely encouraged, fully facilitated and industriously marketed at every possible and promotional level societally, nationally and internationally to their maximum extent and those who’re in position of these valuable attributes are universally, as is their rightful due, wholeheartedly and consistently treated at all times with the utmost respect, courtesy and unstinting support vibrantly coupled with an unmistakable and munificent appreciation similarly dispensed to them and regardless of these talented and discernibly accomplished originators’ race, skin colour, gender or social background.

And just as significantly that all of our current and future political leaders, Jeremy Corbyn excepted as he doesn’t require any lessons in this kind of conduct as he’s all too aware of what’s absolutely necessary for the genuine betterment of our country and its longsuffering people and, what’s more, is conscionably and determinedly intent on his part that they get it; the rank and file of our political class and privileged establishment elites; those who wield political power and financial influence in the UK and most regrettably unworthily so; as well as our corporate media – inclusive of both its commercial and state financed arms – whether acting individually or in concert with each other, thoroughly, responsibly for a change and enduring accept  this proposed and markedly beneficial state of affairs for the mutual and orderly progression of the United Kingdom.

Something that currently is generally not the case at all, nor has it been so for several generations now within the wider framework of British society with both the opportunity and the remit to make matters considerably better than what they were and more equitable for all concerned either corruptly, selfishly or self-servingly, or a combination of all these factors, amazingly squandered by those witlessly in charge of these crucial proceedings choosing not to step up to the plate and honourably do what was legally and ethically required of them, but preferring instead to habitually behave like the juvenile yahoos and utterly feral morons that they evidently were and their present day replacements still very much are – you just have to briefly observe them in the House of Commons to get a representative flavour of what I mean – forever looking for miniscule differences, whether these are real or not and anyway though essentially insignificant must nevertheless be hyped up out of all proportion by these odious cretins, or more often than not readily take to serving up other fish to fry that is usually of a premeditated, insidious and more sinister nature.

And by that last remark I mean calculatedly fabricated incidences to cause and energetically advance and sustain contrived tensions or tumult across vulnerable and selectively targeted segments of British society; profligately instigate and frenziedly promote pernicious acts of clandestine discrimination communally; and even concertedly and virulently fan the flames of intense hatred against those regarded as principally unfavoured, accordingly perceived as being irrelevant and therefore not worthy to be welcomed, sincerely embraced or included either from a productive or indispensable perspective, and much less so an ideal one, as the requisite constituent element demanded of and specifically needed by their perceived and deluded concept of a vitally important uni-racial and exclusively white Caucasian, British society.

And furthermore with all these aggravated negatives avidly hauled onboard their particular and spurious bandwagon and themselves based primarily on class, race, religion or social background distinctions and specifically designed and implemented to intentionally kill off what ambitions these diverse but despised groups of people had and cherished, and moreover doing so in the singular interests of a privileged and affluent minority class that methodically acquired its power, influence and ill-gotten gains at best through devious and corrupt means and isn’t by any stretch of even the most vivid imagination or in likely way representative of the population of the United Kingdom as a whole, but notwithstanding that is none the less firmly and foolishly imbued with its delusional notions of exceptionalism, an unwarranted sense of their entitlement to whatever its membership set their eyes on and covetously desire, and even bizarrely insist that they should additionally be warmly embraced and respected on the most ridiculous concept of their steadfastly held conviction in their divinely vouchsafed pre-eminence to do whatsoever they please, and additionally rule the rest of us in the process whether we go along with that or not.

Sensibly this can’t as previously be allowed to carry on continuously with no halt to it or any contemplated; and what Jeremy Corbyn, those who enthusiastically support him and together with others that likewise voluntarily do the same, consciously and caringly aware that there is something truly rotten in the Kingdom of Britain, are rationally and intelligently trying to do is put a permanent stop to this barbaric and lunatic state of affairs as well as a discernible and most offensive travesty of justice perpetrated in our country and, instead, make Britain which incidentally, let’s not forget, belongs to all of us who are its citizens and permanent residents here, and completely irrespective of what the plethora of prized idiots, self-centred and self-serving pillocks who think differently might have to say about that as they set out to further their divisive doctrine and cause by doing everything they can to create strife and disunity in our respective communities as they virulently promote and pursue this destructive agenda of theirs, is contrarily to them and what they stand for build, and from scratch if necessary, a truly equitable and meritocratic nation for everyone who lives in the United Kingdom as well as provide a durable inspiration to the rest of the world to adopt, follow and hopefully see us Brits in an entirely new and progressively positive light!

Not a pipe dream any of this if you truly believe in your own self-worth and correspondingly that of other Brits too. And therefore essentially constitutes one of the major tenets of Jeremy Corbyn’s several, and no exaggeration that Genius strategies for the major overhaul and also the comprehensive improvement on all fronts of our ethical and austerity devastated country. A Britain where people can positively dream and realistically fulfil their cherished ambitions by dint of meritocracy and an honourable work ethic. A Britain too that’s owned and run by the expressed democratic will of its people purposefully intimated through the ballot box and contingent with a free, demonstrably just and a completely transparent electoral system; and certainly not as is presently the case and has for successive decades now been perceived as an entity submissively committed to sustaining both the caprices as well as the avaricious wants and materialistic demands of the privileged few and those whom they self-interestedly decide to protect under the encompassing patronage of their appalling system of ingrained nepotism that otherwise is to the massive detriment of everyone else. And in those clear-cut scandalous circumstances therefore what on earth then either is or could possibly be wrong with Jeremy Corbyn and his many supporters, among whom you might well be one of them, determinedly and optimistically undertaking to permanently eradicate the superfluity of venomous detritus that gravely affects every aspect of British political life, its financial institutions and services, the corporate media and even British society itself, and in the process energetically and also persuasively convince the vast majority Britons to dynamically do the same!

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