Saturday, 16 January 2016

In the deviant realm of Queerism manning the Dykes is not an apt alternative either!

By Stanley Collymore

What a queer carry on! Forgive me but I always thought, a misconception it has now most rudely turned out to be although I’m not completely surprised, that the House of Commons was supposed to be all about politics and legitimately serving the genuine interests of MPs constituents basically and our nation the United Kingdom foremost, and not there to operate as a licentious hotbed of sexual deviants, or for that matter establishing dubious sexual records.

That said these Sodomites can apparently guarantee their weird but evidently for them pleasurable pastimes by using their position as MPs to pass laws to defend, secure and pertinently reinforce their weird and sick tendencies and in the process quite factually cover their asses while doing so; as in the democratic society which they’re ostensibly in that’s apparently fine since it’s permissible for them to act that way. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right in any ethical sense or rational interpretation.

Just so long as their hubris associated with their queer behaviour does not extend to or enthusiastically spur them on into thinking they can then force their unnatural conduct down my throat as something normal, which I’m most wholeheartedly convinced isn’t the case nor has it ever been and rationally explains why societies, progressive as well as backward-looking ones over millennia have opposed these acts of sexual deviance, and forcibly go on further to conscript me into either thinking or behaving as they do, or both, far less so join their ranks physically or supportively is a no-brainer as far as I’m personally concerned.

For I can and will decidedly, openly, unapologetically and unconditionally state here and now, or at any other time, that that won’t ever be permitted by me to ever happen in this life I’m living, any other that these perverts and I however unlikely might find ourselves inopportunely settled in in the future, or in a billion years and counting: and that fundamentally is the bottom line of it as far as I’m personally concerned.

Little wonder then that sexual and political bullying is not only rife but also pandemic among the vast majority of these perverts who not only use it as a means of exercising their warped sexual tendencies that these queers and testosterone tom dyke types can’t or are transparently incapable of implementing through the customary God-given and profoundly natural process of heterosexual activity but in addition view their twisted behaviour as an effective method of being fast-tracked into positions of responsibility which they’re wholly and permanently unsuitable for or else as a bullish and coercive mechanism of self-servingly or self-centredly propelling themselves up the slimy and slippery pole of obsequiousness to senior positions either in their respective political parties or into government if their particular party happens to be the incumbent regime in power.

The disturbing offshoot of all this being that these chronic deviants neither individually nor jointly between them have any interest in or intention ever of tackling deep-seated and menacingly societal perversities like paedophilia, rampant child or domestic sexual abuse, rape, necrophilia, animal sex and all the rest of it, as in their warped, sickeningly repulsive and evil minds such conduct and much worst are standard acts of supposed human demeanour where they are personally concerned.

And moreover is conduct they not only proselytise at every opportunity afforded them or that they can formulate for themselves but deep inside their innately troubled and sick minds would not only dearly love to see but similarly, like the all-pervasive and thoroughly insidious cancer that they ragingly represent, have us all coercively and legislatively compulsorily enmeshed in their psychological and distinctly physiological sickness as well!

And one other further bone I’d like to pick with these people. At the primary and also the grammar schools that I cheerfully attended in Barbados we had remarkably skilled teachers that intuitively and professionally instilled in us the essential requirement for appropriately and effectively expressing ourselves in whatever language we used and that most especially related to English the national language there. And I most fondly recall how even at primary school we were actively encouraged to use our dictionaries an invaluable and actively encouraged tool for all of us pupils to unearth and research a minimum of five new words every day, and a most pleasurable exercise we found it too, and then go on to demonstrate how effectively and impressively we could employ those new words in general class conversations and also written English compositions to the supreme joy and utter satisfaction not simply of ourselves when we pulled it off successfully that was invariably the case as we all of us wanted to competitively outdo our fellow classmates so we really applied ourselves most diligently and with parental and any other assistance which we could gather together to assist the task in hand, but similarly acquire the commendation of our highly supportive teachers and Headmaster as well.

And unsurprisingly at the 17th Century established and prestigious Grammar School I afterwards attended the educational ethos garnered at primary school wasn’t only the same but was also considerably consolidated and continuously reinforced. There I had a most accomplished, exceedingly knowledgeable and markedly communicative and a demonstrably effective English Master, Mr Kenneth G. Doughlin, who consummately impressed upon every one of us whom he eruditely and empathetically taught, as did the other Masters and Mistresses with their own students, the unadulterated beauty of expressing ourselves coherently, in a measured manner and in a way that did immense credit not only to ourselves and our innate abilities but also in acclaim to the ethos of our school the Alleyne School whose Latin motto is and has always been: “Allis Non Sibi” – For Others Not Ourselves!

Without doubt Mr Doughlin who was likewise a classic scholar and taught us Latin as well as Greek, I was indeed fortunate that this incredible man of multiple talents and a close friend of my family and who was himself at school with my Mum and Dad also happened to be my geography teacher, and in relation to the subjects that he taught he was my teacher for all of them throughout my grammar school career. But in addition to all that his teaching techniques were absolutely outstanding just as they were to all of us he taught compellingly enthralling! And it was he who distinctly stimulated my love for and explicitly encouraged me and several others I personally know, including my oldest sister and her husband, to become teachers and lecturers themselves as well as Headteachers or Principals of the educational establishments where they work.

And I always fondly remember a conversation I had with Mr Doughlin all those years ago when having affectionately complimented me on an English assignment of mine that he’d marked and handed back to me he said these words, which I then and have subsequently permanently engraved in my mind: “Remember when you write or else record something Stanley to always paint a picture of what you see and are describing and do so consistently in a manner that effectively conveys what you want to express, so that if someone in a million or even a billion years after you have long vacated this earth comes across it they’ll nevertheless be able through your portrayal of what you saw, wrote down or recorded be able to vividly and accurately experience what you  delineated then.” I’ve never forgotten either his words or his altruistic encouragement and I never shall as long as I draw breath into my body! And furthermore this notable Gentleman has been the impeccable role model and mentor that I’ve complimentarily and also extensively utilized as my preferred standard modus operandi throughout my entire teaching and lecturing careers.

Other things that Mr Doughlin and I discernibly have in common is his marked dislike of what he described as the wretched laziness of those who quite frequently and most incompetently use the English Language in an incoherent and intolerable manner and often either because of their lack a truthfully literate education excruciatingly employ the same repetitive and meaningless adjectives constantly; prime examples of which are “like” and “nice”. And like him I too detest these weird types taking already well established words in the English Language with a positive etymological pedigree and prostituting them for their own sick and perverse purposes. A typical example of this being the word “gay!” What’s gay about sexual perversions he caustically questioned irrespective of whether it’s a man or a woman who is involved in these abnormal and carnal modes of conduct? My sentiments entirely! Queer likewise is a word which his own generation and preceding ones happily used to aptly describe how they felt either physically or psychologically; now that too has become corrupted.

Which poses the obvious question if these “bullers” or “wickers” the derogatory terms that the residents specifically of Barbados and in some other Caribbean Islands where homosexuality is still legally a criminal activity are so bloody clever and intelligent as they delude themselves that they are why the hell then can’t they conjure up their own new and distinctive words to illustrate their deviant sexual proclivities instead of them consciously usurping decent and already functional words in the English Language to depict them? And in the process causing confusion for everybody!

But they’re not as clever as they delude themselves they are and desperately want you as well to go along with that fundamentally bogus notion in relation to themselves and which an increasing number of ordinary Brits are cottoning on as being absolutely and insultingly absurd. And that’s exactly why so many of you are so justly castigatory of these so-called TV presenters that unwarrantedly grace your television screen and also invade electronically the privacy of your homes. There are complete dunderheads and it’s precisely why I voluntarily and happily quit, as I’ve said often in previous articles and tweets, the English “Education” System in 1980 and instead went off to Germany to live and work there in theirs, as I could intuitively see then the impending dumbing down, which is now rampant across the entire UK, of our own educational system and I’ve never once regretted that decision. And when that is loathsomely compounded by the House of Commons with its farcical and abhorrent record of being the parliament in the complete world with the largest number of queers, dykes and utterly confused-sexuals not knowing which way to consistently turn sexually, and then append to that these totally sick and sickening MPs advocating that 16year olds should be given the right to determine their gender yet ironically studiously barring them from voting in any British referendum on whether or not the UK should stay in the EU, a matter of great significance one would have though to these 16 year olds future, what can one honestly say but “God give us strength!”

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