Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Death the definitive arbiter of man’s conceit!

By Stanley Collymore

Death has its own characteristic methods and distinctive
means of doing things and achieving whatever it wants,
and simply doesn’t care whether or not its specifically
targeted acquisitions, mutually or else unilaterally
acquired, actually pleases anyone or, more likely
than not, doesn’t. So it’s utterly pointless then
for any one either to waste time obsessively
conjecturing about the inevitable, stupidly
assume they can indefinitely postpone
the inescapable or, for that matter, deem they’re capable
of successfully challenging the unavoidable. Yet the
inevitability of these indisputable truths constantly
fails to register with the coterie of obsessively
grasping, persistently warmongering and the
purblind, lunatic well-heeled class; their
similarly greedy, likeminded, wholly
uncontrolled, unconscionable and
biddable surrogates ceaselessly
ready and willing not only to
indulge but also fervently
implement every aspect
of their demonstrably
odious shenanigans
and the dishonest
artifices which
they forever
in mind.

And all this reinforced by the pathetic and toadying actions
of the dim-witted, thoroughly indoctrinated, absolutely
class conscious subjugated, aspirant social climbing
and easily manipulated Plebeian masses, and all of
whom are conjoined in a self-delusional pact that
is patently oblivious to the fact that none of this
either makes any sense whatsoever to rational
human beings, or more profoundly in this
ludicrous equation that’s being proffered
that the Grim Reaper whose call it is and always was
doesn’t really give a toss what any of these utterly
self-delusional berks are up to when he regards
the time is appropriate to act; and significantly
is also totally aware, even if they aren’t, that
there’s absolutely nothing any of them or
the wealth which they’ve vaingloriously
accumulated can do –in terms that are
either clearly implausibly concrete
or plausibly negligible – to stave
off in any conceivable manner
what incontrovertibly will be
for each and every one of
them, and noticeably so,
the closing chapter and,
moreover, a manifestly
for all those involved
in this rather odious
and grasping trend
an ineluctable and
most proper end!

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 January 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
Man’s inhumanity to man is ever prevalent on a daily basis and money compounded by the obsessive pursuit of it at any cost and no matter who is dismissively and uncaringly trampled over in the process to acquire it and regardless of the means employed to get it, or how many will go hungry, homeless, be abandoned or actually die in self-serving and wholly unwarranted wars to satisfy the incessant avarice of those for whom it’s not only their sole raison d’être for existing but also their omnipotent god and just goes to show how deep the abyss of depravity is that now enfolds so many of human kind.

And who in their grotesque and obsessive greed noticeably and unfalteringly conjoined with their purblind stupidity and a shocking proclivity for ceaselessly repeating the same mistakes render them to be nothing more than brainless automatons that don’t seem to have even grasped the idea that for all their nefarious schemes and intrigues they’ve no choice but to exit this world, when the Grim Reaper dispassionately uses his scythe to effectively mow them down, as they initially arrived in it. In other words, with absolutely nothing; for not an iota of what they spent their pathetic lives cruelly and graspingly garnering, to the gross disadvantage of others, can they take with them; and all dead bodies whether of the poor or the rich, unless cremated, ultimately rot and smell the same. Worth thinking about!

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