Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Journey Of Discovery

By Stanley Collymore

Once we were total strangers; our individual
existences entirely unknown to each other
and our separate lives complete worlds apart;
yet from that first encounter, not by any
means the easiest of situations, has
developed an interesting and
mutually rich meeting of minds,
which has gradually led to a
harmonious serenade of reassurance
between us and an exceptionally
strong empathy of the heart.

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 July 2001.

Authors Comments:
Physical love notwithstanding its merits and importance in the lives of many people isn’t by any stretch of the imagination the only or even exclusively the one form of comprehensible love that needs to be acknowledged, accepted and glorified, as those of you who’ve gone past that stage, if indeed you were ever involved in such a simplistic state of affairs, will self-assuredly know. And therefore to fully embrace love in all its constructive and perceptible revelations and similarly to everyone who participates in them, perhaps you might like to regard this poem as an unequivocal expression of those specific sentiments.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Full Show 6/24/15: America’s Death Cult is Alive and Well

Kill the Black bastards! Then blame them for their own deaths.

By Stanley Collymore

How absolutely bloody sick can one get? Here we have Charles Cotton of the very powerful and politically highly influential US National Rifle Association (NRA) and itself the most powerful gun advocacy group in the world openly blaming the pastor of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina where Dylann Roof carried out his horrendously terroristic and racist murdering rampage and who – the pastor of that church, Pastor Pinckney I’m referring to now – was a South Carolina state senator, for his own death and those of his equally innocent fellow Congregationalists in church at the time  of their murders and collectively at Bible study.

This is what Charles Cotton of the NRA unequivocally, most arrogantly and idiotically had to say on the matter of Pastor Pinckney; that he had unwisely voted in the South Carolina Senate against a proposed law that would have permitted gun owners to carry concealed weapons with them into church and moreover do so without being required to have permits to do so.

In other words and to all logical people, among whom the quite evidently idiotic Charles Cotton isn’t one of them, Pastor Pinckney who was simply exercising his patently lawful, constitutional and democratic right in a senate debate as well as in the subsequent vote on the aforesaid matter, which Charles Cotton evidently has issues with and has undoubtedly taken great exception and offence to because Pastor Pinckney’s decision did not mirror or support his own prejudiced and venal self-interests, wasn’t only downright wrong in what he did but also, and most crucially in Charles Cotton’s own jaundiced and sick mind, had led directly to the massacre outcome in that Black Christian, Charleston church.

Additionally, Charles Cotton goes on to say this about Pastor Pinckney – who incidentally wasn’t the only senator who voted against what Charles Cotton himself and his like-minded nerds were earnestly expecting would become state law; however quite selectively it’s the Black pastor who, let’s not forget was himself a victim of that same Charleston church massacre, and no other law maker by the way in the South Carolina Senate that had similarly voted against this proposition which Charles Cotton definitely favoured and wanted to see legislated into law, that has become the brunt and distinct focus of his ire and whom he has specifically and idiotically singled out for his venomous tirade, just as he asininely selects to unwarrantedly vilify Pastor Pinckney and hold him totally responsible for what happened completely and thoroughly unaided at the hands of the white racist and terrorist Dylann Roof; stating in his markedly lunatic assertion and demonstrably in quite uncompromising terms as well that what occurred was all Pastor Pinckney’s fault.

“Eight of his church members who might still be alive,” Charles Cotton sallies forth in his quite unremitting attack on Pastor Pinckney, “are now dead because Pastor Pinckney had expressly not allowed his churchgoers to carry handguns with them into church.” Ranting on much further and more indicative of his paranoid state of mind that: “Innocent people [as if Charles Cotton actually cares about the Black dead or living for that matter, with his well-known and avowed racist views testimony to the rank stupidity endemically synonymous with this utter cretin] died because of his [Pastor Pinckney again] position on a political issue”. Where, in God’s holy name I ask you, is the logical reasoning behind any of this sinister and perfidious claptrap coming as it does from what’s conspicuously a quite profoundly intellectually challenged moron?

These Black people, whose race given the tragic circumstances in which they unwittingly found themselves in I can’t stress often enough, were murdered in a Christian church while worshipping their Lord and Saviour who while on Earth himself was a committed lifetime advocate and active practitioner of the noble tenets of peace, tolerance and forgiveness to all mankind even as he laid crucified and dying on the cross of bigots like Charles Cotton; and most emphatically, these Black victims, weren’t at some political meeting or else otherwise engaged in any secular activities that could even remotely have been construed let alone categorically asserted as inimical to their lives or else have compromised the latter in any way, shape or form. So why for the love of God should they, or anyone else come to that who’re genuine as apart from being counterfeit Christians, want against their fundamental Christian beliefs and natural instincts to be carrying concealed firearms with them into a Christian church of all places or any other place of worship?

Isn’t the real bottom line here and which is wholly symptomatic of all the garbage emanating from the feral and quite puerile discourse of Charles Cotton one that has bugger all to do with religion or even the sacredness of human life where Charles Cotton and his like-minded pack of wild pillocks are concerned but rather everything to do with greed, purblind stupidity, the completely crass and absolutely callous indifference to the genuinely conscionable and sensible opinions of others - and these themselves monstrously compounded, extravagantly nurtured and persistently reinforced by the white supremacist, bizarrely exceptionalist and unquestionably delusion notion that whatsoever Charles Cotton and his concurring, self-aggrandizing and distinctly moronic nerds at the National Rifle Association and their counterparts within the wider US gun-obsessed communities think, are disposed to believing and ludicrously wish for are always right and therefore these points of view must unthinkingly and unchallenged be thoroughly accepted by everyone else as such?

Furthermore, those who dare to differ in opinion from them consequently deserve everything they get, including being sadistically murdered in church and at prayer, and most especially so if those unmistakably devout Christian worshippers are Black; for Black lives don’t matter one jot to these people. And. Besides, the inured racist bigots with the active and willing cooperation  of the white corporate mainstream US and other western media  can, and quite reliably always will, blame the ill-fated Black victims: dead or alive, for what others, and most particularly so white perpetrators, do to them. For I reiterate, Black lives don’t matter to these white slime balls like Charles Cotton fraudulently passing themselves off in the first place as human beings and even more bizarrely in the second illustration as compassionate human beings.

For in tandem with the remarks of Charles Cotton we also have the official spokesperson of the National Rifle Association disingenuously and contemptuously muted for a rampantly pro-active and most concertedly virulent lobbyist organization that likes the sound of its own perniciously murderous voice asininely remarking in the aftermath of the Charleston church shootings that: “We don’t think this is the time for a political debate.”

But against that backdrop it’s a safe bet that if the known terrorist responsible for these patently racist atrocities were a Black man having inflicted in identical circumstances the very same and palpably traumatic tragedies on whites and not as it is in actuality a Caucasian white supremacist hell-bent, in his own words, on starting a race war, as Dylann Roof envisaged his murderous acts would provoke; and who consequently premeditatedly instigated and personally carried out what occurred in that Black, Charleston church or anywhere else for that matter, our hypothetical black assassin doing the exact same thing to whites in a white church and with every one of the myriad victims of his terrorism exclusively white Caucasian, would have automatically solicited – dead: for he most assuredly would have been gunned down by the cops and NOT allowed to live and be “apprehended” as white Dylann Roof was, or alive, if providentially for him the gods were on his side that day – a wholly different narrative, and not only from brain-dead Charles Cotton and the similarly impaired official spokesperson from the NRA but also the entire white mainstream US and other western corporate media, as well as white America in its entirety in conjunction with their equivalent in the United States’ European Union colonies and the other mainland European puppet entities that the American Empire comprehensively controls.

With the likes of David Cameron, Angela Merkel and the several other EU-US controlled puppets who continue to delude themselves that they’re “responsible” – which most assuredly isn’t the case and furthermore I doubt very much if any of them knows what the word responsible really means – leaders, and in cahoots with their various domestic political parties and especially in the case of the United Kingdom those in the House of Commons and their corresponding lawmakers in the House of Lords; the privileged, national scroungers and their entire entourage inside Buckingham Palace no less, and the utterly crass, racist and equally savage interlopers who now abusively possess and now quite arrogantly control the stolen, from their indigenous peoples, lands of Australia, Canada and New Zealand  for example, all rushing around like headless chickens and literally falling over themselves to dispatch their utmost sympathies, condolences and racial empathy with the surviving relatives, friends and the disparate, but deceitfully pretending that they’re otherwise than what they really are, communities of those whites who’d been so callously cut down within their own church while at prayer.

While at the same time wasting neither time nor opportunity to collectively vent their multifaceted, endemically bred, extensively nurtured and markedly and solidly reinforced racism not only at the black “terrorist” involved – as he would unquestionably and automatically be labelled as, without fear of contradiction by anyone in these white communities; not so, however, Dylann Roof or any other white person – but similarly each and every conceivable individual on Planet Earth who was Black. But because the victims in this specific scenario are all Black and the racist terrorist – hate crime perpetrator as these manifestly white bigots and their Black stooges that dutifully work for media organizations like CNN prefer to euphemistically regard him as – is himself white we don’t see nor hear the Queen, her Prime Minister David Cameron, anybody from his political party, the Labour Party or the Liberal-Democrats; senior representatives from supposedly Christian churches in Britain or any of their equivalent counterparts across the rest of mainland Europe sending even the mildest of condolences to the Black and deeply traumatized citizens of country they’re all very fawning allies of, and that quite conspicuously in every conceivable way they’re normally all over like an out of control rash as they most willingly and obsequiously, like the servile sycophants that they are, happily wedge their collective heads up the putrescent ass of that said country, the United States of America.

But empathizing with Niggers – as these people see them – either in the United States or anywhere else come to that, well that’s quite apparently a bridge much too far for these fine specimens of the Master Race to endeavour to or actually cross. And that’s unerringly and ironically why, and with the irony of it noticeably lost on him, we can have David Cameron and his ilk most hypocritically claiming that there are those in Britain and the rest of Europe who’re secretly condoning terrorism and extremism against these European countries and their white inhabitants.

Now let’s run that one again David Cameron, this time slowly and objectively that even a moronic cunt like you can fully and realistically grasp how way off-base you actually are! For who the fuck are you really referring to here; or put more candidly should you, if you had a bloody conscience at all, be directing your utterly puerile, totally demented and completely out of order and context very acerbic remarks at David Cameron? Yourself perhaps in combination with other patently deranged white pillocks like you across the pervasive spectra that conspicuously comprise the entirety of the white British Establishment, Westminster political class, smug owners and CEOs of the corporate mainstream media and their privileged like, that consistently and resolutely refuse to acknowledge let alone are prepared to accept that white terrorists do exist and the stark and undeniable corollary to this is, that they also plan, incite, initiate and in the process often perform the most heinous acts of terrorism.

But what the world is increasingly and disingenuously finding itself saddled with, never mind the vast quantities of empirical data to date and at hand to honestly substantiate a contrary and decisive narrative to the one that you’re dishonestly peddling David Cameron, is a rather warped account of what really is the case, coming from you and others like yourself whose perturbingly sick versions bear no similarity whatsoever, not even in the remotest sense, to the truth and what is in fact going on. Namely, that the unequivocally Zionist and terroristic mass murdering, war crimes and crimes against humanity – that the world clearly observed in the case of Libya, a state of affairs in which you weren’t just a principal but were also quite markedly so an enthusiastic player David Cameron to cite just one example of several distinctly premeditated and concerted acts of terrorism on your part, that of previous UK prime ministers, as well as other European and American leaders – have emanated as a general rule NOT from ordinary citizens in our midst who don’t racially look like you David Cameron but rather to the contrary are very much calculatedly spawned by completely arrogant assholes like yourself David Cameron that are white Caucasian and who, moreover, like to delusionally pretend to the rest of the world – lies that I’m inclined to conjecture that you even believe yourselves – that you’re the “good guys”; which most categorically you definitely aren’t but rather in effect are the real terrorists amongst us and an enormous and pervasive danger to our country.

As a condemnatory confirmation of the aforesaid here’s what Peter: white Caucasian like yourself David Cameron and who is from Essex, had to say on the matter. “Cameron’s warning of Muslims quietly condoning ISIS is nothing other than deliberate Islamaphobia. I trust he will not be saying anything about people [like himself implied] quietly condoning white racist supremacy.” So there are evidently people out there who’re not buying into the scaremongering, warmongering, racism denial, xenophobia-proselytizing, war on terror crusade and white supremacist and exceptionalist crap that you David Cameron, and your comparably white, privileged and hopelessly out of touch with reality equivalent scumbags are earnestly and mischievously for your own grasping purposes, as Tony Blair has quite industriously, successfully and discernibly in relation to himself effectively done, flogging.

And not only that! As if these activities that you and your ilk are very much wrapped up in David Cameron weren’t in themselves abhorrent enough, which discernibly they are, we had you David together with other demented white Zionist bigots rushing off to Paris to show your solidarity with a perfidiously racist and deliberately xenophobic, French magazine: Charlie Hebdo, in response to what was widely and dishonestly circulated in the western mainstream media and unquestioningly accepted by an easily manipulated and led, completely duped and by and large a most ill-informed white public as a barbaric, Islamic terrorist act, when to all observant and objective spectators quite au fait with such matters the modus operandi of this supposedly “terrorist” attack in Paris distinctly bore all the standard hallmarks of an Israeli false flag operation and in collaboration with elements of the French police and secret services intimately involved and evidently sanctioned at the highest level by officials in the French presidential office if not President François Hollande himself!

Nevertheless, despite the miniscule numbers of those who were killed you, David Cameron, still felt, like all the other terrorist-minded-political-jerks across the length and breadth of Europe and who collectively are the front men and women who supposedly “run” [nothing could possibly be more risible] the entire European continent and principally so on behalf of the Zionist-Rothschild-Empire you’re so fond of; that being the faithful Zionist that you are David you had to be present at that motley gathering and to be seen to take part in that propagandistic march through the streets of Paris. No problem on your part then David Cameron in identifying “terrorism” even when it was methodically Israeli scripted and the predicted fallout from it would purposely and fraudulently be levelled at Muslims per se, combined with cynically orchestrated public shows of grief, sympathies and insincere official, eponymous Establishment, political and media “heartfelt” condolences from the likes of the Queen and everyone else with a vested interest to sustain this elaborate charade and simultaneously preserve for the hegemonic Zionist Empire and, of course, themselves the violently instituted, unendingly savage but extraordinarily profitable and exceedingly personally rewarding for all of those involved nevertheless, the astonishingly money-spinning enterprise euphemistically referred to and widely and deviously, propagandistically trundled out to the rest of the world as the war on terror.

But a genuine terrorist act and one far removed from any false flag operation committed by a white man on Blacks; no way José! Instead what the Black community of the USA in general, along with the wider Black global Diaspora and the populace of Charleston and the rest of South Carolina in particular have disdainfully seen are concerted acts of indifference that are themselves concomitant  with a mollifying and most excusatory exhibition of intentionally and even maliciously off-loading this premeditated tragedy clearly onto the unwarranted shoulders of the innocent dead victims and their surviving families and friends unwittingly caught up in it, while perceptibly at the same time having no problem at all being stolidly and assiduously in denial of the stark reality of the actions and effect of what tragically but needlessly occurred in that Charleston, Black church.

Thus giving the unquestionably culpable perpetrator of this racist and horrendous terroristic crime a virtual pass for what he did, while ludicrously suggesting and even claiming that it wasn’t really his fault; and by doing so demonstrating quite vividly and most abhorrently that racism whenever its specifically directed at and murderously executed against Black people and others who’re quite noticeably NOT of an “albino complexion” and in the process implemented in the white controlled western world – most particularly so the United States of America, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even Zionist-apartheid-Israel for example – is still very much alive, well, kicking and massively supported both explicitly and clandestinely in the 21st Century.

And typically to those of this deeply entrenched racist and xenophobic mindset Black lives, as was very much the case during the official eras of slavery, colonialism and their subsidiary evils, don’t really matter; if at all!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

What’s the problem? They’re only dead Niggers!

By Stanley Collymore

This fine specimen of the Master Race was only exercising his inalienable right to bear arms and kill those species of the sub-human race as convention and commonsense dictates; and this is just what he did and ought to be congratulated for it, not vilified.

However, in the world of conscionable people far removed, as is humanly possible, from the rather sick one characterized above, how absolutely sickening and predictable by the western media is its dilatory reporting and generally muted response to this South Carolina church massacre of Blacks at worship in one of their historic Black churches and actively engaged in Bible study there. And what is even more horrific, if anything else can be in these appalling circumstances, is that this heinous act of Dylann Roof - whose name the world now knows but the same can’t be said for his victims who are still wilfully kept in the shadows of obscurity by the white corporate mainstream media, which had no problem in listing all the dead who lost their lives at the hands of German terrorist Andreas Lubitz – premeditatedly, callously, and unquestionably most racist in its conception and execution is calculatedly not perceived as let alone referred to by the white western media as what it actually is: an intentionally racist-perpetrated crime as well as a premeditated terrorist act.

Instead, these media outlets of “selective truths” even go to great lengths in their preference not to mention the words race or terrorism in their conspicuously subjective “reporting” and with some of them distinctly stating that it wasn’t a race crime at all never mind that all the multiple and entirely innocent victims were unquestionably Black; that the location of this racist act of terrorism was an exclusively Black church, and the evil perpetrator of what took place in it is a white Caucasian male that shouted racist abuse at the victims as he cold-bloodedly killed them; was especially well known for his white supremacist views and was actually wearing a jacket with the defunct flags of apartheid South Africa and its neighbouring state that was then white minority controlled Rhodesia; both of them, when they existed, entrenched racist entities that despite their demise and the development of black majority, democratic rule in what’s now Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa, Dylann Roof nevertheless still assiduously - even though he’s just 21 years old and would not have been at all aware of, from a personal perspective, what apartheid actually meant or represented – clings on to and worships as the epitome of what white supremacy is all about. Never mind his conspicuous idiocy in not recognizing that both South Africa and Zimbabwe are African countries and the downtrodden people there were, and still are the indigenous peoples of those lands, and the African continent where they’re located.

Considerably more insulting though on the part of the western media to the relatives and friends of those slain by Dylann Roof, as well as those whose lives were physically threatened by him in that church and every self-respecting person in the wider US Black community, is that this same white mainstream US corporate media and their counterparts throughout the west are already collectively making lame excuses for as they equally and assiduously set about downplaying the heinous crime of terrorist and racist criminal perpetrator Dylann Roof, just as they instinctively did with terrorist Timothy McVeigh and his co-conspirator Terry Nichols who were both directly responsible for the Oklahoma bombing; Anders Behring Breivik the unrepentant Norwegian terrorist and mass murder and Andreas Lubitz, the manifestly absolutely committed, mass-murdering terrorist and co-pilot on the Germanwings aircraft which he intentionally flew into the side of the Alps Mountain killing all 150 on board that plane, including himself.

But in their extremely subjective reporting the mainstream western media all went out of their way and furthermore decidedly bent over backwards to be sympathetic and even empathetic to all these white terrorists, who most ironically but rather correctly they had initially called terrorists, but that was before they knew who they really were and likewise were very much unaware of the authentic ethnicity of those responsible for those horrendous acts that they none the less quite bigotedly, and typically for them as a reflex action, had unquestioningly assumed were perpetrated by non-whites; but all that dramatically and was drastically adjusted when the true identity of the terrorists became publicly known. No more references to terrorists or mass murderers nor were the activities of these white terrorists either acknowledged or referred to as terrorist-related, since these white Caucasian perpetrators were conspiratorially by these white media outlets resolutely no longer to be classified or characterized as the terrorists that they actually were.

Meanwhile these reprehensible slime ball stenographers risibly masquerading as “journalists” and their like-minded editors specially went out of their way and jointly did everything in their power to humanize these white terrorists and mass murderers as hard-done-by-individuals unfortunately saddled with psychological problems or deep anxiety syndromes which they found they couldn’t cope with and that in turn contributed vastly to their, unusual for whites, aberrant behaviour. How very different it would all have been though if Anders Behring Breivik, Andreas Lubitz, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols for example weren’t white Caucasian; since everyone knows that the identical “tags” of terrorist, mass murderer etc would have been widely, virulently and repeatedly used and circulated ad nauseum by the western mainstream media in all its forms in their wall-to-wall coverage of those involved.

So what we actually have, as far as the white western corporate mainstream media is concerned, is a constant state of pernicious denial of even the most basic instances of reality when those of their racial ilk are involved in these kinds of murderous, terrorist atrocities, because these white media prats, and their non-white lackeys who work for them, are so ferociously hell-bent on villainously propagandizing and maliciously promulgating the so-called evils of the mote in other peoples’ – take that to mean Blacks and other non-whites – eyes and to such a ludicrous and bigoted extent that they either can’t or are most unwilling to see let alone objectively report on the monumental beam – Biblically and literally – in relation to their own and other white Caucasian barbarity!

Therefore, Blacks who kill, irrespective of how infinitesimal the number of deaths there is or the circumstances that gave rise to those killings, are branded as thugs; brown-skinned Muslims who are caught up in the same scenario must be - according to the same white prejudicial assumptions, and accordingly that’s what always happens – labelled as terrorists; while whites whose criminal activities are identical to other racial groups are and must be automatically categorized as having mental problems or in the worst case scenarios are being unhinged; but under no circumstance are they to be referred to or God forbid branded as terrorists.

The kind of asinine crap narrative that a supposedly “non-white” incumbent US president Barack Obama readily and brazenly buys into. Not afraid to publicly tarnish those Blacks in Ferguson and elsewhere across the United States, understandably protesting about the murder of Michael Brown and other conspicuously unarmed Blacks nationwide by racist white cops, prison officers, security guards and even self-appointed neighbourhood vigilantes, as “thugs” – Obama’s own description; a word that he again unashamedly used in a Black church, of all places, to publicly castigate Black men who Obama said didn’t step up to the plate of responsible fatherhood – something that’s quite commonplace to men of every race, but which selective colour blind, House Nigger Barack Obama either couldn’t see or didn’t want to acknowledge. However when a white terrorist and supremacist gratuitously assassinates several Black Congregationalists and worshipers in a well-known historic Black church in Charlestown, South Carolina as Dylann Roof callously did, castigating his Black victims with a harangue of racist abuse while simultaneously and rather asininely claiming against all empirical data to hand that “Blacks aren’t only taking over HIS [the white man’s and a distinct reference to the United States] country but also the rest of the world” – I personally wonder where the indigenous Americans, or what’s left of them after the wide scale genocide which whites have routinely subjected them to, fit into all this where the United States is concerned, or for that matter features in this perceptibly, intellectually challenged and, from a historical perspective, brain-dead white moron’s raison d’être; presupposing of course he knows what the latter is all about and does actually have one.

Which doesn’t in anyway let Barack Obama off the hook, as it were, for instead of branding what Dylann Roof did as a terroristic act and race crime he can only see it, as a sop to his white handlers and their sensibilities as a gun control problem. Really? Is that all it is Barack? Meanwhile, Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General, and FBI Director James Comey who were both all over the FIFA purported corruption case, which by the way is a politically motivated one that they’re both deeply mired in, like the bubonic plague wildly out of control, are nowhere to be seen or heard in relation to this clear-cut home-grown and domestically perpetrated terrorist act, even if one were to briefly set aside its perfidiously racist connotations.

But what radically grabbed my attention even more so than all the other things that have transpired so far is the video of the local police physically surrounding Dylann Roof’s car – let’s face facts as this is a wanted man and a fugitive on the run to another state after his multiple acts of murder - in the casual manner they were, and although very aware of what he’d done and was wanted for most extraordinarily in this white male’s case no customary aggressive gun display or the latter’s usage; nor any physical aggression meted out in any way to Dylann Roof; but as the corporate media was most obligingly and quite satisfying from their perspective all too happy to inform the world, lest it might be thought that Dylann Roof was perhaps revengefully gunned down by the cops simply for killing Blacks – by the way I distinctly noticed that when Dylann Roof was extradited from North Carolina back to South Carolina where his murders took place he was protectively wearing a bullet proof jacket; frankly I couldn’t see that being done in any Black man’s case as dead men which a Black Dylann Roof would most certainly have been don’t need bullet proof jackets or vests – any way the white corporate mainstream media was determined to inform all good white supremacists and pure-blood Caucasian racists out there and their House Nigger supporters that Dylann Roof is still very much alive and was merely “apprehended” by the police.

Would a Black individual who’d gunned down a number of whites – in a church of all places – and precisely in the identical fashion and circumstances to how Dylann Roof has quite cold-bloodedly acted throughout his terroristic and racist murdering spree, merely have been “apprehended” by the US police? Work it out for yourselves, if you can., that while Dylann Roof is still very much alive many unarmed Blacks who summarily  had their lives brutally cut short by means of extra-judicial police executions weren’t so fortunate, or were they ever given, even like 12 year Tamir Rice, the opportunity to carry on having a life.

And not even the universal, voluntary and publicly expressed statements of genuine “forgiveness” on the part of the close family members of the victims of Dylann Roof aired at his indictment court hearing in Charleston on Friday 19 June 2015 and carried live by Sky News were enough, it seems, to persuade Adam Boulton – Sky’s bigoted presenter, in a distinctly patronizing and obviously not wished for interview which afterwards he had with Martin Luther King III: the highly articulate and educated son of the late, assassinated and iconic Dr Martin Luther King and whose own Grandmother, Martin Luther King III I’m referring to, was herself brutally assassinated at worship in a Georgian Church by racist, white supremacists – to even temporarily desist from the reprehensibly asinine and profoundly insulting notion of his that the distinctly terrorist and racist killings of Dylann Roof had nothing to do with both of the former and were in effect the acts of an unhinged loner,

A question he insultingly and patronizingly, in my view and there must be others who feel the same, put to Mr King, notwithstanding the pain and grief being experienced by the relatives of the slain, the recurrence of more racist murders perpetrated against Blacks in the United States, and the very clear knowledge of what Martin Luther King III had to tragically experience as a child, as he’d said so himself on the programme, at the age of 10 and 16 years respectively in relation to the murders of his late Grandmother and father. But none of this evidently mattered to Adam Boulton whose only goal was to do what he and his ilk always do when white terrorists – which they never ever describe as such unlike their mad rush to demonize all non-whites as such regardless of the evidence in either case – go on the rampage killing Blacks and other non-whites; quickly labelling such acts as either random, not characteristic of the white community or the actions of mentally ill or unhinged individual whites who are then empathized with in a way that the victims never are; unless they’re white.

And just ask yourselves this: How many fellow whites do you know of if the boot was firmly on the other foot and Dylann Roof rather than being white was instead a Black Man who’d gratuitously and indisputably racially murdered several white people who were at prayer in a white church would themselves freely, openly and wholeheartedly - whether they were the victims relatives, understandably consumed with grief, or not - be quite willing and would actually be completely forgiving towards that Black killer? The simple and straightforward answer is NONE; and voluble vilification and revenge would be very much on the cards.

Yet this is supposedly the civilized Master Race, as it delusionally refers to itself! While the unpretentiously Black Christian and most intuitively forgiving race, despite all the several adversities heaped upon it, is ludicrously characterized by that same “Master Race” as a sub-human species of humanity! Food for thought I would say! Plus a genuine re-evaluation and correct definition of what the words MASTER and RACE separately and when connected DO actually mean.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Washington Politicizes Football. America Intends to Prevent Russia from Hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Washington’s attack on world soccer is following the script of Washington’s attack on the Russian-hosted Sochi Olympics. The difference is that Washington couldn’t stop the Olympics from being held in Sochi, and was limited to scaring off Westerners with lies and propaganda.

In the current scandal orchestrated by Washington, Washington intends to use its takeover of FIFA to renege on FIFA’s decision that Russia host the next World Cup.

This is part of Washington’s agenda of isolating Russia from the World.

This Washington-orchestrated scandal stinks to high heaven. It seems obvious that the FIFA officials have been arrested for political reasons and that the recently overwhelmingly-reelected FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, was forced to resign by Washington’s threats to indict him as well. This can happen because Washington no longer is subject to the rule of law. In Washington’s hands, law is a weapon that is used against everyone, every organization, and every country that takes a position independent of Washington.

This clears the deck for Washington and its British lapdog to take over FIFA, which henceforth will be used to reward countries that comply with Washington’s foreign policy and to punish those who pursue an independent foreign policy.

The only hope for South America, Asia, and Russia is to form their own World Cup and turn their backs on the corrupt West.

It is astonishing that Russia, Asia, and South America so much desire to be part of the corrupt and immoral Western world. Why do countries wish to be associated with evil? Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and perhaps Argentina and Brazil have learned that being in the Western orbit means putting their country under Washington’s control.

Putin, Lavrov, and China’s leaders say that being associated with the West is like being associated with the plague. Yet they still want to be associated with the West. Why do Russia and China think that their self-esteem depends on Washington’s approval?

FIFA is a Swiss-based organization. Yet the arrests of FIFA officials is based on a Washington-initiated “investigation” by the FBI. By asserting the universality of US law, Washington is asserting the authority of its police and prosecutors over sovereign countries.

Why did Switzerland, and why do other countries lay down in obedience to Washington’s assertion of the universality of its laws? Are the political leaders paid off or are they threatened with assassination or false indictments? What explains that of all countries on earth only Washington’s law is universal, acknowledged and bowed down before in other countries? Is if fear of retribution?

Possibly, but one answer is that the entire point of being a leader of a foreign country is to be made rich by kowtowing to Washington. One year out of office and Tony Blair was reported to be worth $50 million. Where did the money come from? No one wanted to listen to Blair’s speeches when he was Prime Minister. Why did Americans pay him six-figure sums to give speeches?

Putin can become rich, too. All he needs to do is to turn Russia over to Washington.

Here we are in an orchestrated soccer scandal hyped to the hilt by the presstitute media while all the real scandals go unremarked.

For example, a number of the mega-banks in the West have pleaded guilty to felony charges and only suffered fines. As Finian Cunningham has pointed out, the money laundering and price-rigging by the “banks too big to jail” dwarfs the alleged criminality at FIFA. The Securities and Exchange Commission actually issues waivers to the banks for their criminal activity. One dissenting SEC commissioner accuses her colleagues of encouraging “recidivism” by the constant issue of waivers.

Washington itself cannot be believed as not a single significant statement out of Washington’s mouth since the Clinton regime has been true; yet, Washington still parades around as the arbiter of truth.

Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. Assad did not use chemical weapons. Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program. Russia did not invade Ukraine. But Washington convinced the world that its lies were true.

It is almost a certainty that politicians up in arms over unsubstantiated charges that FIFA took bribes have themselves taken bribes. Just look at the bribes given to Congress by corporations to vote fast track for TTIP.

Can anyone name even one leader of one EU country (other perhaps than Greece at the moment) who doesn’t take bribes from Washington?

According to Udo Ulfkotte, no one can name even one British or EU newspaper that doesn’t take bribes from the CIA.

How many UN votes are determined by Washington’s threats and bribes?

Whether or not FIFA decisions are tainted by bribery, the purpose of the “investigation” is to cast doubt on the decision to hold the World Cup in Russia. The World Cup is a global spectacle and conveys prestige on the host country. Washington intends to deny this prestige to Russia. That is what the “investigation” is about.

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Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, has held numerous university appointments. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Dr. Roberts can be reached at

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