Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Real love versus the fanciful and widespread notions of what love is supposedly all about!

By Stanley Collymore

People usually prefer to gossip a lot about hypothetical
relationships without really expending much if any
serious thought at all to what they’re actually
doing, or for that matter, even for a solitary
moment, bothering to consider the likely
outcome of their speculative musings,
let alone constructively contemplate
on the possible ramifications of their bewildering actions:
namely, what they’re casually, usually quite senselessly
and indefensibly thinking and saying whenever they
glibly, irresponsibly and uniformly, basically for
emphasis sake effectively, talk about emotions
that they either amorously or might otherwise
carnally feel obliged to and then purposely
and wantonly, as their first and only
hopeful move, attribute to love.

Yet most bizarrely and quite ironically too those who’re
the most clamorous and readily given to pontificating
at every turn on, doing so in contradiction of their
own dismal and wholly ineffective situations
in relation to love itself and, moreover,
invariably taking to openly, unasked
for and noticeably ad nauseum
expressing their subjective
and basically off-limits views about love relative
to others whose personal circumstances they’re
barely cognizant of if at all familiar with, are
the very ones who’ve no problem it seems
in arbitrarily deeming it their inalienable
right and specific duty to automatically
deliver allegedly expert advice and
assistance on how all those other
persons should in conformity
amorously manage their
own individual lives.

Seeking genuine expert guidance in relation to a love
difficulty whether this has been occasioned through
unadulterated innocence, gullibility, exasperating
frustration or scrupulously nurtured ignorance
is one thing; however, having unwarranted
counsel, from whatever source, recklessly
thrust down the throats of others who’re
willingly, or more fittingly coercively, prepared to
accept such actions or not is another matter and
mustn’t be tolerated let alone succumbed to
in any condition. For it’s your life, and
proper and requested advice aside if
and when you genuinely need it,
to determine how you live it is
therefore and should always
be your resolutely decided
and sole decision alone;
personal and likewise
quite embarrassing
mistakes made

For if at the spurious behest of others you wilfully
choose to disallow yourself the right to be who
you really are in all matters precisely relating
to yourself and afterwards to submissively,
specifically and quite significantly too
be doing so in relation to all affairs
pertaining to love; what is the
point then of pretending that you honestly know
what love is all about when effectively there’d
be no reality to any of that or anything else
you’re either thinking or actually saying?
Since, in effect, this unsound redoubt
of yours will inevitably render you
as nothing more than a sinisterly
predetermined, considerably
controlled and, unhappily
as it’ll surely turn out
to be, a discernibly
vulnerable, and
an enormously
and a most

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 December 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
Regardless of whom you are or how clever you consider yourself to be no one person or even a collective of such individuals have the full mastery of love, and in my opinion never will. For love is as complex a subject matter as any specific subject matter could ever be, since it impacts in a diversity of ways, at some time or other, on every aspect of our human emotions whether we intend for this to be the case or not.

That said, there are certain guidelines one should follow, plus the genuine acknowledgement too that comes from learning from mistakes personally made or that one has observed others having made, and through those processes ensuring that you successfully get through if not managing however to fully master the complexities of love. So if anyone should in earnest tell you that they know all about love or have the answers to love’s multifaceted problems, just politely ask them to go and see a good psychiatrist.

However, for all that, I’d much prefer the complexities of love any day of the week than the mundane aspects of a situation where you knew precisely how things will turn out and everything will be completely immersed in blanket conformity. Personally, I can’t think of anything more boring. But then each to his or her own!

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